Choosing the best products for our beloved pet dogs require an understanding of their unique behavior. Just as we try to understand the needs of our kids, if we have any, we also need to understand the needs of our pets. First, it is imperative that we recognize the fact that they are very social and that they thrive on the companionship that we bring. Second, we need to understand the temperaments and behaviors of each breed of dog as these can have an impact in the choice of products that we eventually give to them. Third, we must understand their fundamental needs: food, water, shelter, exercise, training, and care and affection. If we understand these enough, then choosing the best products becomes a walk in the park since we already know what our dogs need. Based on this understanding, we can then choose products that have features that address these needs. If the feature doesn’t address any need at all, then it’s clearly not the best product for your pooch. Of course, there are certain brands that have clearly established the reputation in the canine products industry. These form the foundation of our selection process for the best products for dogs.