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ChomChom Pet Hair Remover (2022) Review

Internationally recognized as the best pet hair remover in the world, the ChomChom pet hair removal tool is perfect for all pets and homes. Better than the standard lint roller, with a high-quality brush for hair removal and a storage compartment for collected hair to save constantly having to pull the collected hair from the roller.

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The Chomchom Roller uses a cylindrical short, plastic-bristled brush as the main pet hair remover. They have based it on the premise of a lint roller but with the ability to simply dispose of the collected hair without having to strip away sheets of adhesive-covered paper. The hair is deposited into the attached disposal compartment by a three-brush system – this works with two strips that run along the top and bottom edge of the roller that is covered in the same plastic bristles as the main roller. These brushes sweep the hair away from the roller and deposit them into the attached chamber for later disposal.

The thing to remember with the ChomChom roller is that it is not made to be rolled continuously in a line, as it does not rotate 360 degrees. Still, it has a stopped, which means it can only be moved backward and forwards until the stoppers hit the plastic strips at the top and bottom. This motion is to be repeated, applying as much pressure as you feel is necessary to remove the offending fur effectively.

Build Quality and Durability

ChomChom has designed a pet hair remover that is made to last. The casing is made of durable plastic that can withstand rigorous use over a long period. The roller’s bristles are long-lasting and reusable to avoid repurchasing the product. Media reviews have remarked on their experience with this roller and the durability and longevity of ChomChom thanks to the materials used during its manufacture.

Most pet hair removers offer you the choices of either lint rollers made up of a central grip and slot-on roller that can fall away from the handle as you use them or lint brushes that quickly wear down and need constant manual clearing. ChomChom has designed a product that does not have any of those problems.

The only possible drawback in the ChomChom dog hair remover layout is that the waste hair compartment can be easily opened if the handle is held too closely towards the top.

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How Does it Work?

The ChomChom hair remover stormed social media with its simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly construction, becoming popular with TikTok and Youtube. It is loved as a perfect replacement for the vacuum and is something that can replace the requirement for link roller or lint brushes.

The device uses a shallow plastic-bristled brush as the central cylinder, rotating back and forth (NOT in a full circle) to pick up the loose hairs and deposit them into the waste chamber.

This particular model has been designed with two strips along the top and bottom edge of the central roller, which are tools to help remove the hair from the roller and move it to the compartment at the back of the device. These two strips are lined with the same bristles found in the center, so they effectively brush the hair from the main roller backward through the device and deposit it onto the waste hair compartment to dispose of.

To dispose of the waste, simply press the trigger at the top of the handle to open the chamber, and tip the unwanted hair into the trash.

How to Use ChomChom Roller

The information provided for how to use the device explains that you need to roll the dog and cat hair remover back and forth repeatedly. The technique gathers the pet fur from the couch and deposits it into the collection chamber. Media reviews have additionally stated that in their experience, the best way to use the Chom Chom is to press firmly against the furniture or fabric you are attempting to clean and roll it rapidly for a more effective result.

Cleaning Performance

ChomChom has successfully gained a reputation for being one of the best options available for pet hair removal because of the sheer amount of hair it can remove from a surface in a matter of seconds.

Where most dog and cat hair removal products need constant manual clearing to be able to continue, the Chom Chom removed the necessity for manual cleaning. This results in a device that can be used over and over again before even needing emptying.

Some house interior areas can be particularly troublesome when attracting the hair of dogs and cats, such as couches, which need vacuuming constantly. However, as long as the device is used properly, meaning a firm amount of pressure and rapid motion for the full effect, it will save you the trouble of constantly messing around with a vacuum.

Size (Portability)

Fortunately, the ChomChom is made to fit into a car glove box for easy travel and easily fit into a drawer or cupboard for general storage until needed.

Unlike lint rollers, you don’t need to worry about it sticking to anything or getting ripped or damaged during storage, it can just be put to one side until it is needed to clean fur off of your furniture or to generally clear fur from around your home. For protecting your furniture from pet-related damage, check out our review of furniture covers for pets.

Maintenance (Cleaning & Washing)

As many people know, fur can be a source of a lot of muck and dust, which this product picks up and stores while clearing your home.

Lint rollers ordinarily use sticky sheets of tape that collect the dog hair, peeled away layer by layer. The Chom Chom doesn’t have any wasteful elements and is emptied via the fur-catching waste compartment. Simply flip the lid, and tip the unwanted fur into the trash.

If longer hair or fur has been cleared using the Chom Chom roller, it may need to be removed by hand. In this case, simply use your hands to gently pull the long hair from the brush bristles in the center of the device.

If your pet’s fur is wet or dirty when cleared up, the product may collect dirt in the waste-fur chamber. The information about the product advises using warm water and a sponge to clean dirty areas. Use a gentle wiping motion, and try not to submerge the device in the water while cleaning. A sponge or wet kitchen towel should do the job.

Other Considerations

Illustration of ChomChom roller cleaning a dog's hair off the mattress.

Pets with extremely long hair may be slightly more difficult to clean up after using the ChomChom, this is due to this product spinning as you use it and causing the long hair or fur to become entangled. The rollers can be cleaned easily enough, but the hair must be removed manually.

Every cat and dog will react differently to this device, so it would be prudent to introduce it to them before using it fully. If your pet were to have a negative first experience with the ChomChom, it may affect their response in the future and cause a negative association.

You will need to be aware of how you are gripping the ChomChom as you use it, as an incorrect grip too high up the handle can potentially cause the waste-fur compartment to open. This is from the experience of one or two previous ChomChom users who have knocked the button during use.

Comparison Table

ProductPriceTool TypePortable Disposable ElementsFur/Hair TypesWashable
ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover$24.95Roller BrushYesNoAllYes
Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless Dog & Cat Hair Remover$19.95BrushYesNoAllYes
Evercare Pet Plus Giant Extreme Stick T-Handle Pet Lint Roller$7.99RollerYesYesShortNo
Scotch-Brite Pet Lint Brush$4.99BrushYesNoAllYes
Frisco Cat & Dog Hair Lint Roller$4.28RollerYesYesShortNo

The Competition

As ChomChom is very much a design of its own, it’s difficult to compare it with similar products, so the best choices tend to be the standard hair-removal products such as lint rollers and brushes.

The starkest differences in this comparison are between the ChomChom and the lint rollers, where the Evercare Pet Plus Lint Roller and Frisco Pet Hair Lint Roller are both of a similar price to one another. They are significantly cheaper than ChomChom.

This is because you are effectively paying for the start-up kit, in which you receive the handle and lint removal tape rolls, which will need regular replacement. The lint roller proves a more cost-effective tool in the short term but more expensive in the long term. However, the cheap price reflects the convenience of a lint roller. Because the tape does not require much pressure to be used and lint rollers are quite compact, they are better suited for quickly removing hair from clothing as you head out the door. However, lint rollers are sticky with no way to cover them for storage, meaning you usually need a designated space to keep it when it is not being used so that it does not stick to anything else or get ripped.

Comparatively, the ChomChom roller shared many similar attributes to the Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover and the Scotch-Brite Pet Lint Brush. The ChomChom central roller utilizes the design of a lint brush and recognizes it as the most effective and long-lasting solution to pet hair removal. The Lilly Brush is not far off the ChomChom roller when it comes to price, but it requires constant emptying by hand and is, therefore, more time-consuming. The Scotch-Brite Brush is much cheaper. However, it also needs to be cleared by hand and will be more likely to redistribute the animal hair across your clothes or onto the carpet. See our article on lint rollers for pet hair to see how it stacks up to the competition.

How Much Does the Chom Chom Cost?

The pricing of the ChomChom reflects its reusability and lack of need for refills, sitting at around $25.

Of all choices available for pet hair removal, the ChomChom is something that will last without creating unnecessary environment-damaging waste. In the long run, it works out much cheaper than any alternative options on the market.

Key Features

  • Has a 100% reusable brush roller that does not need to be replaced and will not run out.
  • Can be used for beds, couches, car seats, low-pile carpets, blankets, comforters, and much more.
  • The ideal eco-friendly choice is due to the lack of waste, such as paper or tape, which usually ends up in landfills.
  • Has a built-in hair collection chamber, which is easy to empty once it is full.
  • Hairs are collected into the compartment as you roll without manually clearing the brush.
  • The entire device fits easily in a car glove compartment, making it suitable for traveling.

Consumer warning: When purchasing online, always be careful to check the product you are ordering is the correct brand, as some companies will imitate a well-known brand to scam customers out of their money.


    No need to manually clean the brush – all hair gathers in an easy-to-empty compartment.

    Eco-friendly, no paper sheets or tape to be discarded.

    Hassle-free design is quick and simple to use, ideal for a busy household.

    No batteries required, simply open the cover and start rolling.

    Works out cheaper than purchasing constant refills for a standard lint roller.


    The position of the release button for the pet hair compartment is positioned in a way that it could be accidentally triggered if the ChomChom roller is held wrong.

    The rapid bath and forth motion needed to use the roller properly makes it difficult to use on curtains and loose clothing.

    Not the best pet hair remover option for deep-pile carpets as the brush can’t properly reach the depths of the material.

    Not quite as effective for dogs with long shaggy hair due to the hair-gathering mechanism clogging up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the ChomChom roller is designed for cat and dog hair, it is not the ideal tool for the job with human hair, as human hair is generally much longer and can become tangled in the brush mechanism. This being said, if the hair you are trying to remove is short, it should be able to do the job quite well.

Yes. The ChomChom pet hair roller is designed to predominantly work on furniture surfaces, as the sturdy construction can be a little bit awkward with anything that may have more shape. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work with clothes, however.

Reviews of the product have shown it being used for clothing as well as furniture, it is best used when the clothing is worn because using it while the clothes are laid out can just result in the fabric being dragged around instead of being cleared of fur.

Yes! The ChomChom animal hair remover has a one-year warranty from its purchase date. The ChomChom warranty covers any defects that were pre-existing from the manufacturing process. You can easily apply for a refund as part of their money-back guarantee by filling out a form online or calling the company directly and speaking with their customer services department.

The Chom Chom pet hair remover can be purchased from Amazon and Chewy. Alternatively, you can purchase it directly from their website.

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