The Best Dog Poop Bags (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 5, 2020

Dog poop bags are indispensable part of managing the fecal wastes of our dogs whenever we take them out to relieve themselves in places other than our home. These are also signs that we are responsible members of our communities as we do not let our dogs contribute to land, air, and water pollution by simply dumping their wastes on open ground. It also helps minimize if not prevent the transmission of disease-carrying germs present in dog poop. But, like all things, dog poop bags are never created equal. That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to pick the best one for your canine friend. We’re going to start off with a listing of what we consider to be the best dog poop bags in the market today.

The Best Dog Poop Bag


earth rated dog poop bags
Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

If we’re going to merely rely on positive consumer reports about dog poop bags, the Earth Rated pet waste system is clearly at the top. It comes in fresh lavender scent so you’ll feel a lot more confident about picking up the droppings of your pet. While the company says that its bags are specifically designed for Earth Rated bag dispensers, a lot of folks actually find it to fit other brands of dispensers as well. Each roll of earth-friendly dog waste containers is designed with exceptional leak-proofing so you can lock-in the nasty liquids coming from your pet’s poop inside the bag. This also helps keep the odor locked in.

And while the Earth Rated is made of thicker and tougher materials, you’ll find comfort in the knowledge that it’s essentially made of earth-friendly substances. There really is no arguing about the merits of the Earth Rated. Perhaps, throwing in a dispenser into the pack will make it even more attractive.

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Compatible with standard dog poop bag dispensers

Thicker, leak-proof, and tougher, eco-friendly design


  • Brand: Earth Rated
  • Model: BIO270
  • Weight: 1 pounds


amazonbasics waste bags
AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags

For pet parents who want absolute value in their purchases AmazonBasics is offering its own take on pet waste management system. The big plus of the AmazonBasics product is that it already comes with a bag dispenser complete with a leash clip. You don’t need to buy another attachment for your dog leash as it already comes prepackaged. Perhaps what is really appealing to most pet parents is its price. A 900-count standard AmazonBasics dog poop bag will only set you back for about 3 cups of White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. The only downside is that the AmazonBasics does look like the black plastic bag we put our household garbage in. At least, you can think of its design as keeping with your other waste disposal systems.

Leak-proof design

Durable and thicker construction

With poop bag dispenser and leash clip

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: 100360
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


With easily-detachable poop bags coming out from standard poop bag dispensers, Pogi’s Pet Earth-Friendly Poop Bags is one of the most sought after pet waste management tools in the market. It’s completely biodegradable utilizing the latest EPI technology that helps ensure you’re caring for the environment every time you dispose of these bags. It is also available in a baby scent-like powder fresh scent so you won’t feel yucky and icky after picking up your pet’s poop. It’s also completely leak-proof ensuring you won’t be leaking any of those liquids that may come from the poop. Pogi’s may not appeal to everyone especially those who prefer unscented products, but looking at the consumer raves it deserves a spot in this list.

Biodgradable EPI plastic technology

Easy tear-off design

Fits standard poop bag dispensers

Powder fresh scent

  • Brand: Pogi’s Pet Supplies
  • Model: PPBAGS30
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds


If you think AmazonBasics is offering you absolute value, you’ve got to check out Gorilla Supply’s Pet Waste Pickup Bags with Free Dispenser. For the same price, you get an additional 100 bags to make the count to a thousand. Also, you get to choose between black, green, and blue to add variety to your waste management system. Gorilla Supply’s waste pickup bags utilize the EPI plastic technology’s renowned oxo-biodegradable feature. This should help you feel more at peace with your contribution to keeping the planet safer. Gorilla Supply is also throwing in a pet poop bag dispenser that comes with an integrated clip you can easily attach to the handle of your pet’s leash. Now, that is clearly a great value.

EPI oxo-biodegradable plastic technology

BPA-free, durable construction

Poop bag dispenser

  • Brand: Gorilla Supply
  • Model: 1000-BL-POOP-W-D
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds


downtown pet supply poop bags
Downtown Pet Supply Dog Poop Bags

Pet parents looking for more fun, more colorful alternatives to the conventional dog poop bag, then Downtown Pet Supply’s Dog Pet Waste Poop Bags makes its claim as being the hippest and trendiest containers you can ever put your dog’s waste in. Some come in solid colors while others come with adorable paw print designs. Get the rainbow colored edition and you’d be the talk of your neighborhood as you pick your pet’s poop with these colorful bags. Each plastic container is designed to be extra-durable, although perforations have already been integrated into each bag to facilitate easier tearing off of individual units. It’s also perfect for those who dislike scented products. Like the others in this list, Downtown is also throwing in a neat, bone-shaped poop bag dispenser.

Leak-proof dog poop bags

Unscented, easy tear-off design

With free dog poop bag dispenser

  • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply
  • Model: 180-RainbowPaws-bag
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces


Designed to be 13-microns thicker than ordinary pet poop bags, the PET N PET Dog Poop Bags are destined to become an enviable tool in pet waste management. The heavy-duty construction of the bags coupled with their excellent leak-proofing also help provide peace of mind for those who need to pick up humongous turds from large and giant dog breeds. Perhaps what is very interesting with the PET N PET is the inclusion of a thin antimicrobial film on the surface of the poop bags. This allows for a more hygienic picking up of dog poop while also ensuring that the odor-causing bacteria won’t be wreaking as much havoc as they could.

PET N PET also features the same EPI plastic technology for more efficient oxo-biodegradability. It is perfectly safe for those with sensitive olfactory organs as well since it comes unscented and free from potential allergens. It may come out more expensive, but it sure is worth it.

100% oxo-biodegradable EPI technology

Heavy-duty, leak-proof design

Easy tear-off, unscented design

With antimicrobial film

15-microns thicker

  • Brand: PET N PET
  • Weight: 4.05 pounds


Simple, strong and leakproof, the Bags on Board dog poop bags are a proven solution for efficient waste management. They’re double sealed and quite thick and as a result, easy to use as nothing escapes them, including odor. They’re also larger than standard bags (these measure 9 x 14 inches), so they’re quick and simple to tie too. The Economy Pack comes with a whopping 315 bags – 21 rolls with 15 pet waste bags per roll – so they’re quite affordable as well. Importantly for scent-sensitive pet parents, all bags are scent-free, which coupled with the fact they trap the odor really well, makes for pretty neat and comfortable to use poop bags. The only downside? They’re not biodegradable.

Leakproof design

Large and easy to tie

Double seal for odor trapping


  • Brand: Bags on Board
  • Model: 3203940040
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds


Like the Bags on Board, the Pets N Bags Earth Friendly Dog Poop Bags comes out as a rather expensive pet waste management system. However, the good news is that a dispenser is already included in the package, something that Bags on Board doesn’t provide. The coating is designed to be was water-resistant as possible to help keep odor inside while also preventing liquids from gaining entry into the poop bag. Pets n Bags poop bags are completely allergy-free and should be safe for those with highly sensitive noses. It doesn’t offer any other color or design, however. As such it may not appeal to those looking for variety in their dog poop bags. Nevertheless, its oxo-biodegradable design makes it a great and eco-friendly solution for your pet’s wastes.

100% oxo-biodegradable dog poop bags

Easy tear-off design

Unscented, allergy-free

Water-resistant coating

Dog poop bag dispenser with adjustable strap

  • Brand: Pets N Bags
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds


shopping lion dog poop bags
ShoppingLion Dog Poop Bags

Made with EPI technology, with a leakproof design, the ShoppingLion dog poop bags are durable and convenient to use. This is mostly thanks to the attractive dispenser that comes with the bags, and a clip that you can attach to your dog’s leash, your belt loop, backpack… basically, anything that’s convenient for you. Since they’re made with EPI tech, the bags also minimize the environmental footprint which is always a huge plus. That said, the manufacturer does not claim they’re actually biodegradable. This package comes with one dispenser with a metal clip-on and 1040 bags, so you and your pup will be set for a long time.

Made with EPI technology

Durable and functional

Comes with a dispenser


  • Brand: ShoppingLion
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds


For eco-conscious pet parents, biodegradable poop bags are a must-have. The Eco-Clean waste disposal bags are a perfect choice as they’re earth-friendly and biodegradable (compliant with ASTM D695-04), yet very strong and easy to use. These bags are also leakproof and easy to pull off, making dog walking as stress-free as one could hope for.  The Eco-Clean poop bags are, as expected, completely scent-free which is a plus for dog owners with sensitive noses. Importantly, they’re also thick and tough for sanitary handling, with enough space for tying a knot. On the flip side, they don’t trap odor as well as other bags, but since they’re 100% biodegradable and otherwise of excellent quality, we don’t consider that a deal breaker. As a bonus, they come with a handy dispenser.

Biodegradable bags

Leakproof design

Tough and thick

Dispenser included

  • Brand: Eco-clean
  • Model: poopbag24roll
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

Best Dog Poop Bag Buying Guide & FAQ

Dog poop bags are indispensable tools for managing our pets’ wastes every time we lead them outdoors to defecate. While dog pooper scoopers allow us to pick up these canine waste materials without having to reach down for the poop, not all of us feel the need for such a contraption. Sometimes picking up dog poop with our hands is more efficient than using a poop scooper since we’re able to achieve better control of our hand and finger movements. That said, it is imperative that we know how to choose the right dog poop bag. And this is what this buying guide and FAQ are for.

waste bags for dog poop

Why You Need Dog Poop Bags

There are many reasons why you need dog poop bags. First of all, it is part of your responsibility as a pet parent to properly dispose of your dog’s wastes. This is particularly applicable for those walks in public areas where your pet will be relieving itself. Even if your pet were to defecate in your backyard you will still need a poop bag to put the dog waste in. Just think of a pet poop bag as a nifty and hygienic way to handle your pet’s wastes.

That being said, the second reason for using dog poop bags is to minimize contaminating the ground upon which these wastes are dropped on. While it is true that once your pet has pooped on the ground some of the bacteria and other germs that may be present in the feces could already be starting to leach onto the soil. Picking these up with a poop scooper should help reduce the risk of contamination, not to mention land pollution. But in case you don’t have a poop scooper then you’d have to pick the waste up with your hands. Nobody wants to pick up dog poop with their bare hands. It is for this reason that you’d want to use dog poop bags.

Third, most local communities today come with ordinances related to the management of pet wastes. Using dog poop bags to dispose of your pet’s waste is a sign of following the laws of your community. More importantly, however, is that you’re actually showing respect for your neighbors as well as other individuals and families who may also be using the same public space upon which your pet has pooped on.

The Convenience of Dog Poop Bags

Dog poop bags are definitely more convenient to carry especially those that come with their very own dispensers. You can simply attach these to your dog’s leash and you’ve got a waste management system that is ever-ready when your dog is simply raring to go. It’s a lot better and more efficient than keeping several pieces of ordinary plastic bags in your back pocket.

Plus, you’re contributing to the global effort for a cleaner and greener planet. As we will explain later on in this article, many of the pet poop bags today are made of oxo-biodegradable materials. These are different from simply degradable products. Biodegradable products are a lot friendlier to the environment.

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Different Types of Dog Poop Bags

There are plenty of options in the world of pet waste management. To help you decide which one is the best for you, here are the different types of dog poop bags you may want to learn about.

  • Biodegradable dog waste bags

These are made of biodegradable materials that are broken down into safe substances such as water and biomass, among other things. They don’t leave any harmful chemicals that can leach into bodies of water or even contaminate the soil. These are one of the most sought-after poop bags around.

  • Flushable pet waste bags

As the name suggests, these are pet waste management tools that can be easily flushed in your toilet. These can still be considered as eco-friendly bags as they don’t get to pollute bodies of water. They also easily disintegrate, too so they won’t clog up your toilet and your sewage system.

  • Compostable dog poop bags

These are special types of eco-friendly dog poop bags that can be thrown in together with your other organic waste matter. These are specially designed for compost pits.

  • Paper bags

Pet poop bags that are made of paper are a good choice for those who want something eco-friendly. The good news is that paper bags are very easy to source. Unfortunately, these will only work with firm, solid pet stools. If your pet is diarrheic you’ll find picking the stool up can be quite messy as the liquid can easily soak up the paper bag.

  • Pooper scooper bags

If you have a pet poop scooper these are your best options. Technically, these pet waste bags can be biodegradable, compostable, or even flushable, depending on the brand that you’re going to buy. Suffice it to say, it all depends on your dog pooper scooper whether it accepts such bags into its mechanism.

  • Standard plastic bags

For those who have plenty of standard plastic bags in their homes, these can be great alternatives to eco-friendly materials, too. Unfortunately, since these are not really biodegradable, you’ll most likely be contributing to land pollution.

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Poop Bag

In choosing the right dog poop bag it is important to consider quite a few things. Here are some of them.

  • Eco-friendliness

Topping the list of considerations is eco-friendliness. As much as possible the pet poop bag you’re going to buy is made of eco-friendly materials. This helps minimize the impact of throwing our dog’s waste in the environment. And while household wastes can be treated at waste management facilities, you can do your share by using only environmentally-friendly bags.

  • Capacity

Bags come in different sizes. The larger the breed, the larger is the turd. This also means you need a larger bag to put its waste in. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to tie the open ends of the bag to seal it off.

  • Leak-proofing

All pet poop bags should be leak-proof. This is to make sure that when you do dispose of your pet’s poop liquids will not be leaking out from the bag. You may also want to have a bag that is waterproof to help prevent moisture and water from the environment getting inside the bag.

  • Durability

Plastics are more durable than paper bags especially if you’re dealing with rather moist feces. Also, the weight of the turd can affect the overall integrity of the bag.

  • Ease of use

Pet parents prefer dog poop bags that come in rolls as it is a lot easier to get one bag at a time. Make sure, though, that it comes with perforations so you can easily tear one from the rest.

Best Dog Poop Bags FAQ:

Q: What is a ‘biodegrable’ or ‘degradable’ dog waste bag?

A:  Some folks confuse degradable for biodegradable as being essentially the same. Degradable materials, as the name implies, can be broken down into tiny bits and pieces of its original material. In other words, the principal substance is not necessarily broken down into safer chemical components. Additionally, degradable bags require prolonged exposure to heat or UV radiation for them to decompose. Although recent advances in oxo-degradable plastics now include chemical additives to hasten the rate of decomposition, these are still not considered as safe for the environment.

On the other hand, biodegradable bags are those that can be broken down into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide. These decompose very quickly, leaving nothing in the ground after only several months. These are called biodegradable because living organisms like bacteria and fungi are the ones doing the actual decomposition of the bags. These bags are mostly made from plant-based materials.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of dog poop?

A:  Regardless of the type of dog poop bag that you are going to get, there will always be an impact on the environment. Using a poop scooper only addresses the issue of actual handling or picking up of the dog poop. The pet waste will eventually have to be managed somewhere else. Compostable, biodegradable, and flushable dog poop bags may offer eco-friendly solutions, but they still don’t address the main issue – your dog’s poop.

Pet feces contain a variety of microorganisms and chemicals that can contaminate the soil, facilitating the transmission of diseases. Minimizing contact between dog poop and the ground is, thus the best way to get rid of dog poop. It is for this reason that water-soluble, flushable dog poop bags are preferred since these can be flushed straight in the toilet. This is sent to a water and sewage treatment facility which effectively renders the pet waste as safe.

Using composting bins that are especially purposed for dog wastes only can also be a great way to manage your pet’s poop. You can also bring your pets’ wastes to a composting facility, preferably one that accepts such kinds of wastes.

If you live in rural areas, you can actually bury your dog’s feces not less than 5 inches underground. Just make sure the area where you’re going to bury it is far from water sources as well as your vegetable garden.

Q: Are all dog poop bags flushable?

A:  Not all dog poop bags are flushable. Only those that are made with water-soluble materials are deemed to be flushable. That is why it is important to always check the material constitution of the dog poop bag that you are buying to make sure that it can be flushed down the toilet. Being labeled as biodegradable doesn’t automatically count as flushable.

Dog poop bags allow us to manage our pets’ wastes in a more effective and safer manner. We contribute to a cleaner environment while also highlighting our responsibility as pet parents. Our list of the best dog poop bags should help you zero-in on what you think is the best and most appropriate for your pet and budget.

Our Top Pick

After trying out dozens of different poop bags, we came to the conclusion that the Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are one of the best for the price. Mind you, all products featured on our Top List are quality waste disposal bags, but these particular bags came out at the top because they’re one of the strongest we’ve ever tried. They’re also made of earth-friendly materials (the packaging and roll cores are recyclable), which is always a nice bonus. Another great thing about these bags is that they’re lavender scented which makes the whole poop and odor business much easier to deal with. Of course, if you have a very sensitive nose, this may not actually be a plus, however, it’s worth noting that these bags don’t have an overwhelming scent – they’re perfumed just enough to disguise the odor. Finally, the Earth Rated bags are very easy to open, which, coupled with the fact they’re slightly longer than other brands, makes them super-easy to use. One of the best dog poop bags on the market, hands down!


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