Best Dog Water Bottle to Keep Your Canine Hydrated

As any dog owner will know, one of the most crucial aspects of owning a dog is making sure that they always have fresh water available to them. Just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated, both at home, and when they’re out and about. Whilst keeping fresh water on hand at home is a breeze, ensuring the same can be said during long walks or trips to the dog park/beach is not as simple.

One product designed to combat this problem, and keep your dog hydrated no matter the situation, is the dog water bottle. These handy devices are specially designed for dog hydration on the go. Check out our comprehensive buying guide, and top 7 picks for the perfect water bottle for your beloved dog.

Highwave AutoDogMug

Highwave AutoDogMug

XUANR Portable Small Dog Water Bottle

XUANR Portable Small Dog Water Bottle

Fast and Easy Portable Dog Water Bottle by Tuff Pupper

Portable Dog Water Bottle by Tuff Pupper

Best Dog Water Bottle Buying Guide

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Why Dog Water Bottles Are Handy

A hydrated dog is a happy and healthy dog. When you’re out and about with your dog, fresh water isn’t always easy to come by, and its very easy to forget that most dogs don’t want to wait until they get home to have a good drink. This is why having a dedicated water bottle for your dog is so important.

With a dedicated water bottle, you’ll remember to take water with you whenever you go out and make the drinking experience much easier for your four-legged friend. While some dogs will drink from almost anywhere, others prefer the convenience and ease of drinking from a bowl or water fountain. The attached systems that come with most dog water bottles make it very pleasant for your dog to drink.

It’s also handy to have a good quality water bottle for the assurance that your dog is consuming safe water. Many products come with devices to ensure the water is safe and are sometimes recyclable. This means that you waste less water and ensure that there are no contaminants, either in the water or on the bottle itself.

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What Makes a Good Dog Water Bottle

There is plenty of variance amongst the top water bottles for dogs, which while great for product choice, can make it much harder to choose the right one for your pooch. When choosing a dog water bottle, there are five big things that you should keep in mind; capacity, portability, durability, safety, and design.

  • Capacity – There is little point carrying around a heavy water bottle that is far too big for your dog, or one that is far too small. Getting the right capacity is key to making sure the bottle is going to fit your needs and your dogs. Multiple dogs will need a much larger capacity bottle, while small dogs will only need a little water. Bear in mind the duration the water bottle will be used for when selecting the right one for you.
  • Portability – The best dog water bottles should be very portable, after all, you may be carrying them around or relying on them for hours at a time. A good portable water bottle should be leak-free, or close to, have a strap or attachment for easy carrying, and fit in most standard-sized cup holders.
  • Durability – A poor-quality water bottle that will let you down after a few weeks or months is certainly not ideal. The bottle material and attachments should be strong and built to last, especially since they’ll be used by your dog on a regular basis. Always look for hard-wearing or flexible materials that can deal with the wear and tear of regular use.
  • Safety – As your dog will be drinking from the bottle, it needs to be pet-safe. A good bottle should be made from approved materials that are safe for your dog to consume water from. Cleanliness is also a key point in safety, little nooks where germs can fester will not only make the bottle difficult to clean but potentially put your dog at risk.
  • Design – The design plays a part in each of the key elements that make up a good water bottle, but also for the practicality of the bottle and how willing your dog is to drink from it. If the bowl or nozzle is the wrong size or shape, you dog may not enjoy drinking from it. Similarly, the water bottle should be easy for you to use. If you have multiple dogs that you need to keep hydrated, a bottle that gives you control over water release, or one where the water can be retracted, can be very beneficial.

How to Clean a Dog Water Bottle?

The cleaning regime of your dog water bottle will all depend on the type of water bottle it is, the additional attachments, materials, and the size of the water bottle. For most pet water bottles, there are three main parts that will need cleaning; the exterior, interior, and attachments.

  • Water Bottle Exterior – The exterior is the easiest to clean. Normally just a mix of warm water and soap will do the trick when removing dirt, grime, or water stains.
  • Water Bottle Interior – When cleaning the interior, it is important to make sure that you get to all the little nooks at the bottom of the bottle. Using a bottle brush can be of great help when reaching the very bottom and ensuring a deep clean. Soap and water will normally suffice, although a very small amount of disinfectant can be used as long as it is completely removed.
  • Attachments –  All attachments should be cleaned separately, and you need to make sure that you clean all the nooks. Depending on the type of attachment and the material, this could be very quick or a lot more intense. If the bottle has a tube, then it is essential to clean the grime that can build-up inside.

Importance of Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

A dehydrated dog can very quickly become an ill dog, something that no dog owner wants for their beloved pet. The risk of dehydration grows when your dog is outside and being active, such as on hikes, walks, or at the beach, especially when it’s hot outside. Dehydrated dogs may lose their appetites, get dry gums, lose the elasticity in their skin, have sunken eyes, or even suffer from depression.

If you dog doesn’t drink enough water, it also won’t get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy; it may have trouble digesting food, and it won’t be able to properly cool down –which can be incredibly dangerous. From problems with their joints, to organ damage from sustained dehydration, there are countless vital reasons why your dog should have constant access to clean and fresh water, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

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