Why You Need a Shelter Dog In Your Life

Why You Need a Shelter Dog In Your Life

Whether you are single or have a family, there is always an advantage to having your pet. A dog or a cat adds something extra to your life, which is why more and more people are deciding to add a furry one to their family.

While most people associate having a four-legged family member with additional work, it is also important to note that pets also take care of their owners. First, many people are not getting enough exercise, and having a dog to walk daily gives dog owners a reason to leave the couch and move around. This will improve their overall health, especially when the dog is active, loves regular walks, or likes to play with humans.

The physical and mental benefits of having a pet are also confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Owning a furry friend can contribute to lower blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol levels. Emotional benefits include decreased loneliness, especially since dogs are known to be loyal and loving to humans.

Adopt, Not Shop

Veterinarian at animal shelter checking health of dogs

In the past, the natural thing to do if you wanted a pet was to head to the pet shop and buy a puppy or a kitten. There are still many who choose to find their new furry companions this way, but this is not just the only way to do it. A much better route is to go to a shelter and adopt a dog.

There are many misconceptions about shelter animals that should be broken. One of them is that these animals are normally unwanted or unmanageable dogs or cats that cannot be trained anymore. This is wrong, as shelter pets were also lost or needed to be rehoused due to owners passing away or moving out of state. Many of them are already domesticated, even trained, and just looking for a new human to love them. The reason why they ended up in the shelter has nothing to do with their health or temperament.

Below are 10 reasons to convince you to adopt a shelter dog instead of buying one.

Why Opt for Adopting from the Animal Shelter?

shelter dog

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You Will Save Lives

Animal shelters are overcrowded everywhere, with around 6 to 8 million dogs waiting to be adopted yearly. Unfortunately, when these centers are overcrowded, there is no other choice but to resort to euthanizing a lot of them.

When you adopt a shelter dog, you are saving their life. Moreover, you are freeing up space and other resources for another animal to be housed in that center. Thus, you are eventually saving more than just one life. Unfortunately, these shelters work on limited resources but have to provide a huge service to society. Without them, these abandoned animals will be roaming the streets and possibly threaten health and safety.

You Will Have a Variety of Options

Young woman in dog shelter playing with dogs an choosing which one to adobt

Depending on your interest or lifestyle, you might particularly want an adult dog that is already trained, for example. Plus, puppies are known for being too energetic and thus require a lot of attention and time for training, which not everyone has the patience for. Whatever characteristic you are looking for, you are more likely to find it in a shelter compared to a pet store.

There are pet finder websites where you can search for these preferred attributes. Because there are millions of dogs in shelters all over the country, it is not impossible to find the one that fits perfectly with you and your home.

It is All About Finding the Right Match and Not About the Profit

Let’s face it, pet stores want to make money, and they are not as concerned about understanding you and your needs. If you go to one of them, you might be convinced by a sales pitch to pick whatever dog they have. This is one of the reasons many of these pets from the stores eventually end up in shelters because the owners realize in the end that the dog does not fit in their lives.

People working in shelters have spent a lot of time and effort rescuing and resuscitating these abandoned animals, so they are more likely to be emotionally concerned about finding a forever home. Moreover, they will know every dog’s personality, quirky traits, and special characteristics, so you know exactly how the dog is when you adopt it. So, if you have little kids or babies at home, they know which of their pups will be a great addition to your family. They use screening methods to find the right match.

Get a Purebred Dog for Less

Young adult woman holding adorable dog in animal shelter

There is more than one way to get a purebred dog other than going to a breeder. There are also quite a few to be found in animal shelters, so if this is what you prefer, make sure to call or search the shelters in the area if they know a purebred dog available for adoption.

You Do Not Need to Worry About What Kind of Dog You are Bringing Home

While some stray animals end up in animal shelters, it does not mean that these are wild dogs you should be scared of. In some cases, they are house pets that got lost and were never picked up by their owners.

An animal shelter is the best place to find a safe and healthy dog to bring home. These centers have professionals who check their health and treat whatever illness they have. They are also normally revived after living awhile on the streets. While finding a dog or cat with an existing condition looking for a home is possible, owners will be informed of their health beforehand. Moreover, they will not be cleared for adoption if they are unsuitable to live with a family.

You Avoid Normal Pet Store Dangers

The man affects the dog

Today’s domesticated dog types are specifically bred, but genetic issues caused by inbreeding may occur in certain situations. Unfortunately, many pet stores obtain their dogs from what is referred to as “puppy mills”. These people are more concerned about producing more pups and not about any health risks that may occur with inbreeding. Without your knowledge, you might bring home a dog with genetic defects that manifest in many health issues.

You will most likely find mixed-breed dogs in a shelter, but the risk of genetic problems is much lower because they come from a more diverse gene pool.

You Might Save On Some Costs

When you adopt a shelter dog, you might already end up with one that has been spayed or neutered or might have had vaccinations already. These centers might also have done medical tests to ensure your new dog’s health. If not, some of these shelters offer discounts or even do these services for free to encourage people to adopt.

You Do Not Have to Train Your Dog

Woman choosing dog from animal shelter

In many cases, adopted dogs have already been house-trained, so you save a lot of time and effort having to do it yourself. This means saying goodbye to accidents on your furniture. These older dogs will also be easier to integrate into your home as they have been part of a family.

You Set a Great Example

Some people might have doubts or concerns about adopting a shelter dog, but seeing how great it has turned out for you and your family might encourage them to do the same. It is time to make adopting the norm instead of the exception.

You Will Be Rewarded with Love

Last but certainly not least, you should adopt a shelter dog because of the unconditional love that awaits you. These pets are just as capable of affection and love as pet store animals, and those that have gone through hard times will appreciate you much more. After being abandoned, these pooches are looking for their forever home and will be happy finally finding it. Just think of all those cuddles you will get and that look of full trust you will receive from your adopted pup.

As the saying goes, you cannot buy love. You might, however, find it by bringing home a shelter dog today. This is especially true for those with so much love to share, even for pups that no one wants. While only 10 reasons have been listed above, there are certainly more reasons to adopt instead of shop. So if you want to add a four-legged creature to your family circle, this is the perfect time to head to the nearest animal shelter.

How to Prepare for Your New Arrival

Happy young couple at dog shelter adopting a dog

  • Make sure you have all the supplies your dog will need to be comfortable, such as bedding, a quality collar and the correct type of leash, a water bowl or fountain, and toys to keep them entertained. Provide some chew toys to keep them entertained if you have a puppy.
  • Pet-proof your home by ensuring anything is out of the way, such as cleaning products or toxic chemicals and tying up loose cables. You may wish to consider using products such as dog gates or electric dog fences.
  • Set up an area for your pet to go to, such as a dog bed or dog crate, with a dog blanket and some toys so they can quickly learn that this is their space.
  • If your shelter hasn’t provided a vaccination, schedule an appointment with your local vet for your new arrival to be registered and have a health check-up. Our guide to puppy shot schedules might come in handy.
  • Give your pet time to settle in at home and let them adjust naturally, and make sure all the family members use the same commands, so your dog doesn’t get confused.

For all things pet related, make sure you check out our range of guides and advice for pets by visiting MyPetNeedsThat.com

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