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The Best Dog Boots (Review) in 2020

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QUMY Dog Boots

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RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

YAODHAOD Anti-Slip Dog Boots

YAODHAOD Anti-Slip Dog Boots

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Nicole Ellis
Published 23:18 pm

In the wild, canids have been known to cover massive areas of rough terrain and inhospitable wilderness without ever needing 2 pairs of shoes to protect their paws. However, just because they don’t wear shoes doesn’t also mean they can’t. Canine footwear serves two fundamental purposes. One is to protect your furry friend’s paws and the other one is to protect your very own floor and other surfaces at home that you may not want your pooch to scratch. And if these footwear will make your pooch stand out in the crowd, then that would be a welcome plus. Functional or aesthetic or both, it is important to buy only the best dog boots for your doggie. We’ve researched the market for some of the best and we’re sharing them with you in this article.

The Best Dog Boots


QUMY Dog Boots
QUMY Dog Boots

Whether you’re looking to protect your dog’s paws from hot asphalt when walking or rugged terrains when hiking, the QUMY dog boots are a great choice. Made of tough, waterproof fabric, with anti-slip soles that provide an excellent grip on slippery ground, these little boots are as comfortable and durable as they can be. Thanks to their unique fabric, which is both flexible and tough, plus resistant to water, the boots can be used in all weather conditions, including wet and dry, hot and cold situations. They’re secure and adjustable, with a wide split seam top opening, which makes them not only comfy but easy to put on your dog’s paws too. And if you and your furry buddy like night walks? No problem, the boots have reflective Velcro straps which help keep you both visible and safe.

Tough, waterproof fabric, all-weather appropriate

Flexible and comfortable

Anti-slip soles for a firm grip

Velcro straps for night safety

  • Brand: QUMY
  • Model: QUMY
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces


RUFFWEAR Paw Wear for Dogs
RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

If you and your pet are fans of outdoor adventures in extreme weather conditions, check out Ruffwear Grip Tex Dog Boots. Made of durable material that is both tough and flexible, these boots blend performance with comfort like no other dog shoes. They are rugged and resilient thanks to the non-marking Vibram outsoles, which makes them perfect for hiking and running on rough terrains. At the same time, they provide plenty of comfort thanks to the flexible, breathable mesh that keeps the paws dry and clean, even during those super-hot summer days. Importantly, the shoes are also easy to slip on dog paws as there are adjustable Velcro straps. Bonus: these also have a reflective rim, which helps keep you and your pooch safe during night walks.

Rugged and resilient fabric, perfect for summer adventures

Breathable mesh keeps paws dry

Non-slip soles provide stability

Velcro straps with reflective rims

  • Brand: RUFFWEAR
  • Model: P15202-447200
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


HiPaw Breathable Mesh Dog Boots
HiPaw Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

Breathable, secure and comfortable, the HiPaw dog boots are perfect for summer adventures. Made of dual mesh material, which lets the air circulate no matter where the roads you and your pet are taking, these little boots prevent dog paws from becoming too hot and muggy. The inner of the toe cap has extra nylon which helps make the boots more durable, while the soles are made of a rubber material. The rubber not only helps protect your dog’s paws from sharp rocks, hot asphalt, broken glass and other uncomfortable things, but improves balance too as it’s non-slip. To further help make outdoor walks comfortable, HiPaw boots have flexible cuffs which keep debris out. However, the boots are suitable for indoor use as well, as they stay secure even on slippery hardwood floors (bonus: they’re great for excessive paw licking!).

Breathable, comfortable material, ideal for summer

Extra nylon for durability

Rubber non-slip soles

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Brand: HiPaw
  • Model: GX0005BlackL
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


The LONSUNEER Breathable Dog Boots that stay on day in and day out especially inside the home or even in the backyard is a great way to protect pets’ paws from the various surfaces of everyday things. Its outsoles are not rubberized and while these are made of faux leather these won’t offer your doggie ample protection against sharp objects, rocks, and thorns. It can also provide you with sufficient waterproofing. It’s perfect for indoor use, nonetheless, as well as a casual stroll around the neighborhood, at the park, or even in the beach. As long as you don’t let your mutt wear it over rocky terrain or spiky bushes, it should be just fine. It comes with a fully breathable mesh fabric secured by flexible Velcro straps. If it’s comfort that you want for your furry pal, this is one of your best choices.

Faux leather soles with breathable mesh fabric panels

Fully adjustable Velcro straps

Lightweight and comfy design

  • Brand: LONSUNEER
  • Weight: 0.3 ounces


Pawz Water Proof Dog Boot
PAWZ Water-Proof Dog Boots

Some of the best dog boots can be quite expensive, so if you need pet shoes for occasional use only, it may not be wise to go for the ultra-durable, ultra-pricey options. Instead, focus on decent but budget-friendly dog shoes that don’t break the bank. The Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots are a great choice as they’re pretty comfy, easy to slip on and durable. Best of all? They’re actually disposable and reusable. This means they offer the best of both worlds: they’re waterproof and suitable for all weather occasions, plus 100% biodegradable and environment-friendly. So whether you’re looking for paw protection for your dog when nature walking in winter, or running on hot asphalt in summer, these booties are a good choice. Since they have no zippers or straps, they’re also super quick and easy to put on. However, it should be noted that you need to be careful with the size, as if even slightly too small, they’ll be difficult to get off your dog’s feet.

Rubber material, disposable, reusable boots

Waterproof, suitable for all weather occasions

100% biodegradable

Easy to slip on

  • Brand: PAWZ
  • Model: 1031
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces


These are not dog booties for winter snow or even for a deep puddle of rainwater for the simple reason that they don’t provide sufficient waterproofing for the entire surface of the Ultra Paws. However, it does allow your pet to walk and run effortlessly on ice, slippery floors, or even hot surfaces as its outsoles have been designed for optimum traction. The Velcro straps come with foam cushion to help provide for a more secure yet more comfortable fit on your pet’s feet. The Ultra Paws is easy to put on thanks to a split seam opening. Unfortunately, it is priced rather steeply and, compared to the My Busy Dog, its limited features surely don’t justify the hefty price tag. Some would still consider it as great footwear for senior dogs, however.

Superb traction

Skid-resistant and flexible soles

Secure Velcro straps 

  • Brand: Ultra Paws
  • Model: 303D-RL
  • Weight: 7 ounces


If you’re looking for dog snow boots for your pooch, you’ll love the one provided by My Busy Dog. This one comes with exceptional water resistance and anti-slip rubber soles to help provide your doggie with superior grip on ice or even on slippery floors and loose rocks. The point is that its rubberized outsoles will help keep your doggie’s paws firmly planted on the ground regardless of the type of surface it is on. The same rubber soles will help protect your doggie’s paws from thorns and even the hot pavement while keeping the paws relatively warm and dry even if your pooch wades in a puddle or walks right through mud.

The My Busy Dog also comes with a reflective Velcro for added safety in low light conditions. You can consider the My Busy Dog canine winter shoes as an all-terrain footwear for your outdoor-loving mutt, making it the best dog boots for winter and all year round.

Rugged, non-slip, waterproof, sturdy design

High quality sewn fabrics

Easily adjustable reflective Velcro straps

  • Brand: My Busy Dog
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


The HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoe is famed for being one of the waterproof dog boots you would find on the market today and is ideal for any breed or size of dogs. Due to the usage frequency of dog boots, a good one must be able to last considerably long – an important trait of any good pair of boots, whether they are rubber dog boots or leather ones. This is what differentiates the best waterproof dog boots from the rest. The Haveget Dog Shoes is one of such best boots, featuring the best water-resistant material to keep your dog’s feet always dry and warm both indoors and out.

These pair of boots also boast of a simple yet rugged design, with its soles designed to be slip-resistant and to encourage better traction; what’s more, it has an easy to use a velcro strap to keep the boots firm. They also come in a bright orange color, and though you would love to get it for your dog due to its rather stylish appeal, the color is also perfectly ideal for visibility particularly when the weather gets dark.

Furthermore, as the HaveGet Dog Boots comes in various sizes, ranging from XX-Small to Large, be sure to choose a size that best fits your pet and also accommodates your dog’s weight as well. Another great feature that makes these pair of dog boots the most ideal for your dog is that they fare well in any kind of weather, and as mentioned earlier, are super durable.

Features water-resistant material to ensure paw dryness and warmth; also ideal for any kind of weather

Slip-resistant soles for greater traction and stability

Comes in various sizes for any kind of dog

Easy to slip onto the paw and also to take off

  • Brand: HaveGet
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces


Comfortable, secure and budget-friendly, the Petilleur Dog Shoes are perfect for hiking, running and other outdoor sports. They’re made of soft Lycra fabric, which is comfortable, flexible and breathable, making them a good choice for spring and summer adventures. Thanks to their rugged and waterproof soles with anti-slip properties, the booties provide balance on all terrains and protection against dirt, mud, stones and other uncomfortable conditions. While the soles are waterproof, bear in mind that the shoes themselves are not. This is typically enough for most dogs even when walking on very wet or snowy roads, but is not ideal for deep snow or deep water. On the plus side, the Petilleur booties are easy to put on thanks to adjustable, long Velcro straps.

Soft Lycra fabric, breathable and flexible

Anti-slip soles provide a firm grip

Waterproof soles offer decent protection against water

Adjustable Velcro straps

  • Brand: Petilleur
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


The LLNstore brand of dog boots has all the qualities that make for all-round, high-performance boots for your dogs. Even if your pet loves to drag its feet often, you can trust these pair of adjustable boots to keep your dog’s paws safe whether at home or outdoors.

Not many dog boots guarantee ultimate comfort like this pair and being tried and tested, you are sure to get your dog feeling really comfy and cool whether at home or put on a hike. And with paw protection and wind resistance (two of its features that made this pair one of our picks), these boots feature soft and breathable material for your dog’s comfort. These LLNstore Adjustable Reflective Anti-Slip Windproof Shoes have soles that are specially designed for better traction and slip resistance, especially on surfaces that are quite smoother than usual and the adhesive for the boots are certified hypoallergenic.

They also have a firm grip and with its rugged design, they do not slip off easily. You can rest assured that your dog’s paws would not get injured when used on various surfaces, ranging from wood to thorns.

Probably one of the best winter dog boots you can find out there, the LLNstore is made of high-grade cotton for keeping your dog’s paws protected and warm at all times. Overall, it comes in 3 main sizes and in bright blue, black and red colors, and is easy to slip on, featuring a cool and easy to use straps.

Perfectly designed to keep your dog’s paws warm always – features high-grade cotton

Provides great stability and traction using slip-resistant soles, ideal for various kinds of surfaces.

Water and wind-resistant design features reflective strips to enhance visibility at night

Holds firm to paws and does not get off easily.


Not many small to medium-sized dog booties can boast of style and class like this pair from Winsoon. If you love to have your dog suited up with near matching outfits especially during the winter, you may want to consider the WINSOON-Australia Antiskid Skidproof Protectors; it features just about the best qualities and has the right material you can trust to give your doggie the maximum protection and warmth it needs.

One feature we would love to highlight if you need a reason to consider this Winsoon boots for your dog is that they feature velvet lining to protect against snow romps dogs are known for. Even for tougher weather conditions and harsher surfaces, this pair of dog boots offer skid-resistant, rubber sole construction to do justice to your doggie’s traction and stability on grass, asphalt, snow, rocks or sand. Additionally, the water-resistant soles have just about the right materials to keep water and wet conditions far from your pet.

What’s more, the boots also come in sizes ranging from one to five, and whilst this covers most dog paw sizes, it is important to get the right measurement for your dog’s paws so you can make an informed buying decision. Also mentioned earlier, the cuteness of these pair of boots is one of its qualities we just can’t have enough of; with its eye-catching colors of dark or light brown, black and pink making them the perfect fit to match any outfit.

Water rubber made soles for better and firm traction

Inner lining made of wool to ensure warmth

Slip-resistant material giving it a firm grip on your dog’s paws

Ideal for cold or warm weather and also for various surfaces

  • Brand: WINSOON
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


If you are looking for just about the right pair of dog booties to keep your pet from occasional slips and slides and to shield its delicate paws from hard, thorny or wet surfaces, then the KoolTail Traction Control Dog Boots is your best bet. It guarantees ultimate comfort and stability, using soft and comfy material to keep your dog protected inside out.

The KoolTail socks come in two main designs, one patterned like a bat and the other with paws. Both of these designs add an extra dimension to the boots, and if you are a fan of style, these boots will surely offer that well-needed glow to your dog’s outfit. They also come in attractive color choices of a standard black as well as a blend of black and orange with five main sizes. You may, however, want to get the accurate measurement for your dog’s paws so you can choose the best fit for your pet.

The KooTail is also a great choice to consider if your pup loves the outdoor life. The material used in construction is built to resist water making it safe for your dogs to play outside. These socks also are ideal hiking boots for your dog, particularly especially if you are a pet owner who likes to take your pup on occasional hikes.

Specially designed to keep your dog from slipping and skidding on various surfaces

Water-resistant material and sturdy soles or greater traction and a firm grip on any surface

Features easily detachable straps for easy use

Comes in 5 various sizes and is a great fit for a variety of dogs

  • Brand: KOOLTAIL
  • Model: KD05_XL
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


The Petacc Waterproof Dog Boots is another great choice for an anti-slip and anti-slide pair of boots you can trust to give your pet dog the firmness and stability to move about and romp without trouble. These Petacc shoes feature soft sides, and for wet conditions and surfaces, it has waterproof soles to keep your dog’s paws dry and warm always. You don’t have to worry much about your dog getting injured from thorns and sharp grass, asphalt, rocky and other harsh surfaces, as it offers protection against those as well. They are also pretty lightweight and offer lots of flexibility for your pup whether at home or outdoors on a romping spree

What’s more, the soles of the Petacc are made from high-quality PVC material, with the inner of the shoes featuring warm and comfortable material to do the needful.

These paws durable dog boots feature adjustable and reflective Velcro straps designed to ensure ease of slipping it on or off. The top opening of the boots is wide enough to make wearing them easier. What’s more, the boots also come in an attractively bright red color as well as in two other black shades that are ideal for dog paws sizes ranging from four to eight.

Wide top opening for easy opening and closing, using crossed Velcro straps for convenience

PVC made slip-resistant rubber soles to keep your dog from falling or slipping

Water-resistant material works to protect dog paws from wet conditions

Ideal for dogs with larger paws

  • Brand: Petacc
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces


The Xanday Mesh Dog Shoes is a no-nonsense maximum paw protector designed to give your pup the comfort and flexibility for indoor and outdoor adventures. They provide maximum comfort along with the freedom to walk or play around; this is thanks to its lightweight nature making it easy for your pup to lift its foot. The shoes are designed with state-of-the-art mesh fabrics that offer absolute comfort and breathability. It also features sandwich netting to keep your dog’s paws safe from harmful rocks, asphalt, thorns, broken glass, etc.

Additionally, the soles of the Xanday also feature sandwich netting that works to keep your pet’s paws dry all the time, and is ideal for prolonged use as it does not wear off easily. It also features convenient straps to make putting them on or off very stress-free. And as with most quality doggie boots, the straps are also reflective, adding extra security for your dog when out at night. Furthermore, the soles of the boots are also designed to keep your dog firm on any kind of surface, with its anti-slip and anti-sliding feature that guarantees maximum traction to ensure your pets can walk confidently on hardwood or tiles floors without the risk of falling or slipping.

These dog boots are also waterproof and even work well in colder weather. The typically comes in sizes ranging from one to eight, and in colors black and red. If your pup loves to make an occasional fashion statement, this stylish Xanday paw protectors is just the right fit.

Designed with water-resistant materials for maximum paw protection

Sturdy soles designed for greater traction and stability

Easy to slip on and off, lightweight and flexible

Comes in 5 different sizes, easy to clean (hand wash)

  • Brand: Xanday
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces


The Yaodhaod Dog Shoes is a great option for pets who love an occasional adventure, as it offers solid protection for your dog’s claws. It features soles made of soft and flexible granules, as well as a good slip-resistant effect that also provides traction to give your dog’s paws maximum protection. No doubt, these premium paw protector boots are also easy to wear, featuring an adjustable strap with reflectors for safe use in darker conditions. What’s more, the boots are also spacious and can accommodate even larger paws and the lining is made of soft, comfortable material designed to guarantee maximum comfort and protection for your dog.

Additionally, the soles of these paws durable dog boots are made of high-grade materials to give your dog greater traction on any kind of terrain and come with breathability that is second to none. No doubt, your pup will receive that extra comfort and flexibility to keep its paws aerated always. If you are looking to get a convenient and all-weather pair of boots that is lightweight and easily washable, you should consider the Yaodhaod Dog Shoes as they also great winter dog boots too.

Soft inner lining ideal for claw protection,

Features soft granule soles with slip-resistant effect for better traction on all kinds of surfaces

Adjustable and easy to slip on strap for convenience, straps feature reflective material for night vision and for darker conditions

Durable material for prolonged use

  • Brand: YAODHAOD
  • Weight: 1.1 ounces

Best Dog Boots Buying Guide

Buying dog boots is the same as buying human boots. The size of the dog’s feet is the single most important consideration when buying a pair of dog boots. It may be fashionable and ultra-protective, but if it doesn’t fit your pet’s feet, then everything else is for naught. Other buying considerations can include the type of material used in its manufacture, the security of its closure, the level of comfort it provides to the feet, and the weatherproofing and overall protection it affords mutts. However, these are not the only things that will have to be factored into your decision. That is why we’ve prepared this comprehensive dog boots buying guide to help you narrow down your choices. 

dog wearing boots

Uses and Benefits of Dog Boots

Experts say that not all dogs really do need such contraptions as this can get in the way of their natural instincts. For example, dogs are better able to run on their naked feet than if they are wearing these shoes, regardless of how well-designed these footwear are for improving traction. The tactile feedback from the ground surface is simply not there and this can somehow confuse the pooch.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that canines cannot benefit from such accessories. For the most part, there are a variety of reasons why people put on footwear on their doggies’ feet. These can be generally classified in the following.

  • Protection against extremes in environmental temperatures 

Temperature extremes can be quiet a concern among dogs. An unusually hot summer day will often spell oven-baked pavements as well as sand. While the footpads of pooches are relatively thicker than those found in humans, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t feel the heat of these surfaces anymore.

Likewise, if you have a canine breed that is not particularly adapted to the icy cold conditions of winter, then there is a chance that they will also experience some problems on their feet. This is, of course, often in addition to the risk of injuring the feet in cases where there is sharp ice sticking out from the ground. Obstacles that may be buried in snow can also be stepped on by canids and this can lead to injuries if they don’t have adequate protection for their feet.

As absurd as it may seem, putting boots on your doggie’s feet can help provide for a more comfortable walk on very hot or even very cold weather conditions.

  • Protection for an injured feet 

If your canine friend happens to have an injury on its feet, you will also need to protect this against further injuries. More often than not, there will be a bandage wrapped around the injury itself. You need to protect this bandage from getting loose because of your pet’s scratching or even chewing.

This is critical as the bandage and the medication underneath it can help speed up the healing process. In some cases, the dog boots can come with extra padding to further provide ample shock-absorption. This helps limit the worsening of the existing injury. Just look at it as a more fashionable way to wear a cast.

  • Protection on harsh terrain 

Booties can help protect your pet’s feet against pointed or sharp objects on certain terrains such as rocks, broken shells, glass shards, and the like. So if you’re taking a walk down the beach and there are broken twigs or sharpened edges of seashells, these won’t injure your pet’s feet. Hiking in the woods can also be risky for your pet as there can be a lot of debris like sharp twigs, ragged rocks, and others that can injure the feet. Rough bits and other debris can also be prevented from getting in between the pads, too. That is why you may also want to put on booties on your pet’s feet.

  • Protection for your floors and other surfaces 

Whether you want to admit it or not, having booties on your pet’s feet can help you feel more at ease about the integrity and safety of your couch, sofa, beddings, and even floors which can all be scratched by your pet. Even if you don’t have a pooch that is a tenacious scratcher, the mere fact that it will be picking up dirt and debris outside your home and bring these inside can also somehow bring harm to your floors and other surfaces. At least, having booties on will help you retain the integrity of your furnishings.

  • No need for constant cleaning of your pet’s paws after coming from the outside 

If you went out for a stroll on a drizzling afternoon, chances are your pooch will be picking up plenty of mud, dirt, small rocks, twigs, and debris through its paws. Before you let them inside your home you will have to wash their feet and dry these completely. It can be a worthwhile activity, but for most of us, it’s very inconvenient. If your pet wears boots every time it ventures outside, then you don’t have to fret about cleaning up its feet later on. You can simply remove the boots and let your furry pal in.

  • Enhanced canine appearance and style 

Canines that wear boots really look adorable. This is especially true if the footwear they are wearing has been customized to match their overall getup. It really is a great way to improve their appearance and boost the ego of their pet owners. 

How to Measure and Pick the Right Dog Boots

One of the most important things that you need to do before you purchase a pair of dog boots is to make sure you get the right size. Here, we will describe the steps for you to choose the best-sized footwear for your pooch.

  1. Get a blank sheet of paper and have your pooch place its paw on it.
  2. Try to lift the opposite paw so that your dog’s weight will shift towards the foot that is on the paper. This is to make sure that the paw is firmly planted on the paper.
  3. Get a writing utensil and draw an outline of your pooch’s paw, making sure you accurately draw the figure. Alternatively, you can draw a line that marks the leftmost edge of the paw and another line on the rightmost edge. This constitutes the width of the paw. For the length of the paw, you will need to draw a line just at the level of the tip of the paw’s longest nail and another one at the back of the paw.
  4. Get the measurements of both the width and the length of the paw using a ruler. You can measure it in inches or even in centimeters.
  5. Once you have taken the measurements, you will need to compare your pet’s foot measurements to the sizing chart of the doggie shoes you are planning to purchase. Make sure not to generalize these measurements as different brands will often come with their own sizing charts. That means a small size on one brand may already be considered as medium size by another brand, and vice versa.

Additionally, it is perfectly okay to allow for an additional quarter inch from your measurements as you wouldn’t want a really tight fit for your pooch’s feet.

How to Put Your Dog Shoes On

Knowing how to put dog boots on your pooch is equally important as knowing how to choose the right size for them. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an utter piece of junk. Here are the steps on how to put your dog shoes on your pooch.

  1. Make sure your pooch is standing whenever you have to put on its booties. This is to help ensure that its feet are well inserted into the space intended and to secure it properly.
  2. Open the top of the bootie to its fullest extent. If there are straps, make sure that these have been either removed or unfastened.
  3. Carefully insert the paw of your pet through the opening. Use your finger to assist in sliding the foot through. If the bootie’s upper is tall enough, then you will have to insert the pet’s dew claw as well, otherwise, it will be largely uncomfortable for the pooch.
  4. Raise the opposite leg so that your mutt’s weight will shift to the leg where you put the bootie on. This will also aid in the proper placement of its feet.
  5. Try running your finger through the bootie to ascertain the proper or correct placement of the foot especially at the front portion of the boot.
  6. Let your canine friend stand and try to assess the placement of its foot inside the bootie. You can lightly squeeze the toe portion of the bootie.
  7. Once you’re certain that the foot is in its correct position, you can lower the opposite leg and secure the opening with its strap.
  8. Tuck in any excess fur or hair that may be protruding outside the bootie. This gives it a neater appearance while also minimizing dirt and debris from clinging onto these excess hairs.
  9. Close the shoe and proceed on putting on the rest of the shoes. 

Tips to Get Your Dog Used to Wearing Dog Boots

It is one thing to put dog boots on your canine friend. It’s a different matter having it get used to wearing these shoes. Here are some tips to help you make your dog get used to wearing footwear.

  • Train your pooch 

Like all things new, it is imperative to break in the process of wearing and using these booties on your pooch. You simply cannot expect them to start enjoying the walk with the footwear the very first time you put these on them. Patience is a virtue that all responsible dog owners So be ready to train your pet slowly and one step at a time. 

  • Start with thin boots 

We did mention that the absence of tactile feedback from the ground to their paws can be unsettling for pooches. As such, you can start with boots with relatively thinner soles. These may not provide you with adequate protection but it’s a good start to get your pet really acquainted with the bootie.

  • Start with the two front paws 

One of the helpful tips that we’ve found is to put on the footwear on the front paws only, leaving the rear fully bare. This is to slowly acclimatize pooches to the sensation of having the feet, not in direct contact with the ground surface.

  • Don’t forget positive reinforcement 

Praising and giving treats to your dog can go a long way towards making it comfy in its shoes. The thing is dogs love to please their human masters. And if they can associate your praises or your treats with wearing the shoes, then they’ll be more than happy to oblige you.

  • Engage in your pet’s favorite activity 

This is a lot similar to using positive reinforcement. Incorporating activities that your mutt love the most while wearing its booties can help reinforce the notion that the footwear IS equivalent to fun and fulfilling activities.

dog boots

  • Persistence is the key 

As we have already said, dogs don’t really like putting on shoes. As such, it will take a while before they get used to it. This is where tons of patience and persistence can be exceptionally handy.

Dog shoes are fast becoming an important accessory for pooches. These provide protection not only for their feet but also for your furniture and other items at home. It is therefore important to learn how to choose the best dog boots for your pooch especially its correct size. It is equally important to learn how to put these on and how to encourage and acclimatize your pet into loving its shoes.

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Nicole Ellis
Nicole Ellis
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