The Best Dog Crate Covers (Review) in 2021

Jarrett Gilpin
Published March 26, 2018

Your dog’s crate is like your beloved pet’s home. However, there are certain types of dog crates such as wire crates that do not provide ample protection from the elements as well as privacy and security for your pet. If you have one of these kinds of dog crates, then you really need a dog crate cover. These especially-designed dog crate covers come in different materials and features offering different levels of protection, comfort, privacy, and security for your dog.

As much as possible you need to pick the best one for your beloved hound. We’re listing some of the best dog crate covers in the market to give you a head start.

The Best Dog Crate Cover


midwest home for pets crate cover
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Cover

Designed specifically for MidWest dog crates such as the Life Stages, Ovation Trainer, and iCrate, among others, the Quiet Time Wire Dog Crate Cover from MidWest Homes for Pets is a pretty straightforward cover for wire dog crates that is both affordable and exceptionally functional. Just think of the Quiet Time as a drape you can put over your dog’s crate with each side fully capable of being opened. The downside, though, is that you will need to place the loosened flaps over the top of the crate. Don’t worry about these rolling down as they can be secured with Velcro straps. So, if you wish to provide complete privacy for your pet so that you’ll be creating a den for it, then you simply have to draw all the flaps down and secure them with the hook and loop tabs.

The Quiet Time is made of water-repellent, durable polyester. Unfortunately, once you close all the flaps down ventilation may suffer as it doesn’t come with mesh panels. The only spaces where air can possibly enter are the spaces in between flaps and those from under the crate. Nevertheless, the Quiet Time Wire Dog Crate does a good job of protecting your pet from the elements, giving it privacy, and helping it to feel more secure in its makeshift den. It’s fully machine washable and dryable, too, unlike other products that you need to wash cold and hung dry. If the friendly under-$20 price doesn’t please you, you’d still want to give it a try because MidWest is offering a 12-month warranty.


Made of 100% heavy-duty, water-repellent polyester

All sides can be easily opened for increased ventilation

Secure hook and loop tab mechanisms

Machine- washable and -dryable

1-year warranty

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: CVR-42
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces

Durable and all-season appropriate

Simple design, easy to use

Provides a dark, safe sleeping environment

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Easy to wash


May be too basic-looking for some


There are several reasons why the Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover is well-accepted by pet parents. First, the custom-fit fabric material used in its construction is water-resistant and heavy duty, thanks to the double-stitching provided at the seams. Second, the front and top panels easily roll up and back for greater ventilation.

The side panels come with mesh windows complete with roll-up flaps or shades for greater control on both your dog’s need for ample ventilation and its inherent need to feel secure inside its den. Third, the top panel of the Precision Pet comes with a dedicated hole for inserting the handle of the crate.

This makes it super-easy to transport or carry the crate without exposing the entire top of the dog crate. Precision Pet also guarantees their work, although you only have 30 days to really put it to the test. The Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover may be priced higher than the Quiet Time but with the added features, it’s worth spending a few dollars more.

Multiple openings: top, 2 sides, and front

Constructed of water-resistant, heavy-duty fabric with reinforced stitching

Top panel crate handle insertion

Heavy-duty zipper mechanism

Roller shades on mesh windows


30-day guarantee

  • Brand: Precision Pet
  • Model: 3600-36012
  • Weight: 1 pounds

Strong all-season cover

Indoor and outdoor appropriate

Proper ventilation

Easy to wash



The sizing seems a little off, so extra care is necessary when comparing measurements


Molly Mutt’s Crate Cover is the most expensive in this list. While it sure can add to the overall aesthetics of your interior décor owing to its really fabulous and awe-inspiring style themes, we’re not really sure if this is enough reason for it to be prized about 3 times the Quiet Time, considering that the latter comes in with greater functionality as all side panels can be opened easily.

The Molly Mutt dog crate cover is, nevertheless a good choice if you’re after style more than the functionality. The front panel can be easily rolled up and secured to provide sufficient ventilation for your pet. Other than that, there’s really nothing much that can clearly differentiate the Molly Mutt. It needs to be washed cold, too, and hung dried. At the very least, you’ll get 17 different stylish patterns to choose form.

Made of 100% cotton

Roll-up entrance on 2 sides

Snap-on closure

Machine washable

Available in multiple sizes, colors and patterns

  • Brand: Molly Mutt
  • Model: cc35c
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds

Stylish, attractive design

Soft and comfortable

Plenty of airflow

Easy to wash


Suitable only for well-behaved dogs as it’s lightweight and thin


explore land dog crate cover
Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

The Explore Land dog crate cover is made of strong 600D polyester Oxford cloth, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. This also makes the cover windproof and able to block most of the light no matter where the kennel is placed, so it’s perfect for anxious dogs or pups who struggle with light sleep. Importantly, the cover is also breathable, but this is mostly due to the mesh window which ensures there’s enough ventilation. This same window is adjustable so you can control how much airflow and visibility there is. The design is convenient too, as there are two entry points with zippers which can be used together or separately.

The Explore Land dog crate cover comes with plastic toggle locks for extra security, which you can adjust and secure if your pup is in the habit of pulling the covers. The material is also easy to clean as you can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth when needed. Although durable, the cover is not waterproof, so it’s not suitable for outdoor use.

Made of polyester

Windproof and light-blocking

Adjustable mesh window

Sewn-in zipper on top for easy carrying

Plastic toggle locks

  • Brand: Explore Land
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

Durable and breathable

Easy to clean

Provides a dark, safe place for sleep


Although strong, the material is definitely not immune to scratches and tears


petsfit crate cover
Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover

This dog crate cover from Petsfit combines the utilitarian design of the Precision Pet with the affordability of the Quiet Time. Multiple panels can be opened giving your pet greater comfort. And when it comes to providing your dog some privacy without necessarily suffocating your pet inside, the Petsfit polyester crate cover comes with mesh windows that provide partial privacy.

Made of high-quality Oxford fabric, the Petsfit polyester crate cover is simply perfect for those who prefer to keep their dog crate covers simple and unpretentious. The top panel also comes with a zippered opening for inserting the dog crate handle. The Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates is a great choice for those who are on a rather tight budget yet still obtain the fundamental purpose of having a dog crate cover.

Waterproof and windproof design

Top-opening panel

2 side-opening panels with hexagonal mesh windows

Roll-up front panel; other variant comes with front and rear rollup door panels

Constructed of extra-durable 600-denier Oxford fabric

Rear zipper mechanism for greater fit

30-day guarantee

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Weight: 3.79 pounds

Strong and durable

Indoor and outdoor use appropriate

Lots of airflow

Easy to carry, good for travel

Blocks light really well


One entrance only may be a problem for some


avanigo dog crate cover
AVANIGO Dog Crate Cover

Looking for an affordable but comfortable kennel cover? Check out Avanigo’s dog crate cover for wire crates. Constructed of durable polyester that is windproof and waterproof, this cover can withstand continuous indoor and outdoor use with no issues. Thanks to its simple but convenient Velcro design, one you install it, the cover stays securely in place. Speaking of installation, the cover is really simple to fit over wire kennels, but there is only one entrance – at the front. While this may be a minus for some, it’s a plus for others as the cover offers more security this way. Also, there’s enough ventilation as the front opening can be adjusted.

As a bonus, the Avanigo dog crate cover is machine washable and dryer friendly – highly convenient when you’re dealing with muddy paw prints and bathroom accidents. Since it’s made of dark, durable oxford polyester fabric, the cover has good lightproof abilities, which is important for anxious dogs. Although quite strong, the cover is on the lightweight side which makes it unfit for travel.

Made of polyester

One (front) entrance

Adjustable front opening

Waterproof and lightproof

Machine washable

  • Brand: AVANIGO
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

Easy to clean

Provides a dark, safe environment

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use



Very lightweight, not suitable for travel

Looks a little cheap


mr you crate cover
Mr.You Pet Crate Cover

If you need a great-looking but super-durable, all-season appropriate kennel cover, the one by Mr.You is a great choice. Made of a blend of polyester and cotton on the outside and microfiber fabric on the inside, this cover is both strong and soft in all the right places. Mr.You Pet Crate Cover is also sunproof and good at absorbing heat, as well as waterproof, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The external side of the cover has a non-fading silvery layer for reinforcement, which makes it quite thick and strong and suitable for travel.

The pet crate cover allows for easy access to front, side and rear of the crate as it comes with a whopping five folding flaps. These can all be adjusted for more or less ventilation and sunlight, so your pup can feel comfortable at all times. On the down side, there are only two models available.

Blend of polyester and cotton

Soft microfiber fabric on the inside

5 possible entrance points

Lots of ventilation

Sunproof and waterproof

Machine washable

  • Brand: Mr.You
  • Model: 400
  • Weight: 41 pounds

Durable and thick, suitable for travel

Comfortable and warm

Easy to clean

Stylish, convenient design


Only 2 available sizes


If you own a strong but somewhat uncomfortable dog kennel, the right crate cover can make a world of a difference in terms of comfort for your pet. The Pet Dreams cover and bedding is perfect for this as it’s incredibly soft, plush and cozy yet secure. This cover has ties in all corners that can be attached to the kennel and hidden under it. The fabric itself is not only comfortable and soft, but breathable too, which translates to a warm and cozy den but never a hot and stuffy one. The design is convenient as well – there are three openings in total – one on the front and one on each side – so you can use whichever one is easier at the moment. There are also snaps to keep the panels closed and light out when your pup wants some privacy for sound sleep.

Best of all? This is a 3-piece set so you get a foam bumper, crate pad and a dog crate cover in one. As a bonus, the pads are reversible so you don’t have to wash them very frequently and when you do you can just toss them in the washing machine. The only downside is the price – one of the highest on our list!

Soft, durable twill fabric

3-piece set: cover, foam bumper and pad

3 entrance points

Reversible and machine washable

Snaps on each panel for adjustability

Blocks the light well

  • Brand: Pet Dreams
  • Model: 13121
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Incredibly soft and comfortable

Promotes a sense of security and coziness

Easy to clean

Plenty of airflow



Not suitable for outdoor use


If you’re looking for a proper crate set for your dog, the MidWest Homes for Pets Starter Kit is a fantastic choice. Featuring not only a crate cover but a crate itself, a pet bed and two bowls, this set is a must-have for new dog parents. The kennel has a two-door design and comes with a divider panel that allows you to adjust the crate to your growing puppy. It’s sturdy, safe and leak-proof, with slide-bolt door latches for security. The cover slips over the crate quickly and easily and allows entrance from multiple sides. It’s made of polyester so it’s machine washable as well.

As a bonus, the set comes with a soft fleece bed that fits perfectly inside a crate, but can work as a standalone bed too. It, too, is machine washable and easy to maintain as it resists wear and pilling. Two Snap’y Fit food and water bowls are included too, which can be securely attached to the crate in a matter of a few seconds. They’re made of stainless steel, so they resist odor well and are easy to clean.

A dog crate, cover, bed and 2 bowls set

Secure, adjustable 2-door crate

Polyester cover, entrance on multiple sides

Fleece bed, polyester-filled bolsters

2 Snap’y Fit bowls, stainless steel

The cover and bed are machine washable

1 year warranty on all items

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 1524DD-KIT
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds

The ideal starter kit for new pet parents

The cage is sturdy, secure and adjustable

The cover is durable, easy to wash and provides a sense of safety

The bed is soft, comfortable and easy to wash

2 easy-to-clean bowls are elevated for better digestion


Although sturdy, the cage is not suitable for powerful dogs or chewers


Made to protect dogs from the elements, including wind, rain and harsh sunlight, the kennel cover by Pet Spaces is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. With multiple mesh windows and a front entrance, the cover offers plenty of ventilation, as well as visibility as the roll-up door is adjustable thanks to Velcro straps. Although lightweight, the cover does a good job at blocking the wind and light, which makes it a good den protector for when you’re camping with your pup. That said, it’s not insulated, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to camp in fall and winter.

The Pet Spaces kennel cover is easy to clean, as it’s washing machine safe. It also keeps its shape throughout multiple washing, so it’s long-lasting too. The zippers allow for sizing flexibility but you should be careful using them as some customers note they’re on the fragile side.

Durable, water-resistant fabric

Front entrance design with velcro straps

Mesh windows for ventilation

Drawstrings for flexible sizing

Indoor and outdoor suitable

Machine washable

  • Brand: Pet Spaces

Durable and protective

Good at blocking sunlight

Good ventilation

Easy to clean


The zippers feel a  little flimsy


Made with durable 420D polyester with PVC coating, the HiCaptain’s cover is one of the most versatile dog kennel covers – it’s durable, windproof, waterproof, good at blocking the light and surprisingly resistant to tears and scratches. That said, it’s definitely not 100% chew-resistant. It’s designed with two entrance points – one in the front and one on the side – with roller shades that you can adjust for better ventilation and visibility. There is also a mesh window which provides airflow even when the doors are closed. To ensure a proper fit, the cover has toggles at the corners that you can secure tightly if your pup has a habit of pulling the covers.

Since the HiCaptain crate cover has a PVC coating, it’s not advisable to wash it in a washing machine. Instead, you can clean it with a soft brush when needed. There are four sizes available and one color – tan – which should make finding the right fit for your pet’s crate pretty easy.

Made of polyester with PVC coating

Wind, sun and water-resistant

Two entrance points

Mesh window for ventilation

Not machine washable

  • Brand: HiCaptain
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds

Pretty durable and sturdy

Easy to fit and use

Plenty of airflow


Not machine washable


Last but not least, the Iconic Pet kennel cover is made of a strong, waterproof 600D Oxford fabric with PVC coating, and features zippers on all four sides for easy access. The cover is protective, comfortable and all-season appropriate, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the zippers, you can adjust the visibility and ventilation according to the needs of your pet, but even if you close them all, you can open the mesh window for better airflow. Because it’s durable and adjustable, the cover works for a variety of dog kennels, including wire, wood and plastic crates.

The Iconic Pet cover also looks stylish – with a combination of blue navy and gray colors, it complements any home décor, especially the contemporary style. Because it has a PVC coating, it shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine. If it needs a little tidying, you can just brush it with a gentle brush.

Made of polyester with PVC coating

Four entrance points

Wind-resistant and water-resistant

Zipper doors are secure and adjustable

Indoor and outdoor appropriate

Not machine washable

  • Brand: Iconic Pet
  • Model: 51590
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds

Very durable and all-season suitable

Creates a sense of comfort and privacy

Plenty of ventilation



Not washing machine safe

Best Dog Crate Covers Buying Guide & FAQ

If you’ve ever bought a cover for your car, then you know that picking the right cover for your dog crate is not as easy as it looks. There are certain factors that you need to consider, but mostly these are all related to how well you understand the reasons for using a dog crate cover. With that said, here’s a little guide to help you gain a better understanding of what dog crate covers really are and what you need to be looking for when picking the right one.

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What are Dog Crate Covers?

As the name implies, dog crate covers are pieces of fabric that are placed over certain types of dog crates, but most especially wire types since these are your archetypal dog cages. The materials used in the dog crate covers can vary depending on the manufacturer although polyester is a favorite option because of its durability and comfort for your pet dog.

Why Use a Dog Crate Cover?

There are several reasons why a dog crate cover may be necessary. First, it simulates a dog den when fully covered. Dogs in the wild, as well as ancestral canines, are known to spend hours inside caves as a means of protection. If they have young puppies, the den also helps protect their young from both the weather and other animals that might prey on their puppies.

Second, and this is directly related to canine den behavior, is associated with canine anxiety. Certain dog behaviors such as chewing and barking are generally associated with canine anxiety. Just like humans, anxiety can come from almost anywhere. When dogs are anxious, they don’t know why. They only know that they have to bark, chew, or display other behaviors we may not want them to show. Providing a dog crate cover allows them to feel more secure and less anxious.

Third, dog crate covers can also be used as a means to manage highly reactive dogs. There are dogs that aren’t really suited to sudden changes in their surroundings. As such, they may display certain behaviors that we deem unacceptable. Dog crate covers help by reducing their access or view to whatever it is that is that makes them jumpy.

Fourth, if you have a dog that really cannot sleep in full view of others having a dog crate cover usually works. At the very least, you’ll be promoting undisturbed sleep for your pet.

Fifth, if the temperature drops you can be sure your dog will not freeze inside its crate with the cover on. It also works to protect your dog against the wind and other natural phenomena that may be thrown your dog’s way.

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covered dog crate

Features to Look for in Dog Crate Covers

As we have mentioned in the beginning, there are many kinds of dog crate covers. Picking the right one for your pet is like picking the right cover for your bed, to put it simply. However, there are certain features that we believe you should really look for.

  • Durable construction

It would simply be a waste of money if the dog crate cover suddenly rips apart at the seams the first time you put it on. That is why it is important to look for products with double-stitching. Check the material as well so that you can be sure you’re getting a dog crate cover that is going to last many years.

  • Mesh panels and other mechanisms that improve ventilation

While it is true you want to cover your pet inside its crate, but is your dog comfortable being covered up? Dens always have an opening on one end. If you have to close all sides of the cover, then how will you provide adequate ventilation? The answer is in the presence of mesh windows or other systems that can help provide for ample air circulation inside the dog crate.

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Some dog crate covers can be thrown right into the washing machine and tumble-dried without having to worry about any loss in fabric integrity. Unfortunately, there are also those that may require washing by hand and with the use of a certain temperature of water. These may also need to be air-dried and should not be placed in your dryer. Technically, it’s up to you which one you will prefer: convenience or good ‘ol yet tedious washing by hand.

  • Design

Some pet parents love to adorn their dog crates with lavish and fancy-looking covers. Others would prefer keeping it simple. The choice is actually yours.

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Dog crate covers are important for all dogs living in wire dog crates as it gives them a sense of security, safety, and comfort. It is, therefore imperative that you know how to pick the right one for your canine friend.

You may also want to check out our review of the best dog crate mats.

Best Dog Crate Covers FAQ:

Q: Should I cover my dog’s crate at night?

A: Whether you should cover your dog’s crate at night entirely depends on your pet’s preferences. Some dogs enjoy the privacy and darkness so would greatly benefit from a covered crate. Others like having a view and may get nervous or afraid if they have to spend a night in a completely covered kennel. That all being said, covering a crate does reduce stimulation and creates a more comfortable, secure place for sleeping. For this reason, it may be a good idea to try covering the kennel for a few hours while your dog is inside so you can see how they react – if they appear comfortable, feel free to cover the crate overnight.

Q: Will a dog cage cover keep my dog warm?

A: Dog crate covers come in various fabrics and designs – some are made from insulating materials, others are constructed of thin and lightweight fabrics. So, how well a kennel cover will be able to keep your pup warm depends first and foremost on its build materials. Besides this, where you keep the crate also matters – if you’re keeping it in the house, the cover will most likely be able to keep your pet warm no matter what it’s made from. Where the build materials become very important is in the outside conditions. If you plan to use the cover in cold, rainy environments, a thin and lightweight cover won’t do – your pup will need a thick, water-resistant and well-closed cover to keep them warm, possibly an insulated one if the temperature is very low and is snowing.

Q: How do I wash dog kennel covers?

A: Most pet crate covers are washing machine safe, so all you have to do is wash them separately on a delicate cycle. Of course, it’s always best to follow the instructions on the product itself as some covers need to be hand-washed, while others shouldn’t be washed at all (i.e. those with PVC coatings) but brushed with a gentle and dry brush.


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