About Us

MyPetNeedsThat is a free resource for pet parents and pet lovers alike. Our team consists of veterinarians, animal trainers and experts, full-time researchers and writers, and of course, animal lovers and pet owners. Our goal? To help animal owners around the world care better for their pets so they can be healthier, happier and live longer.

Our Mission

MyPetNeedsThat is dedicated to animal welfare. By publishing pet care news and pet product buying advice, our mission is to create a better world for both animal owners and animals themselves. We believe that pet health and well-being can and should be improved through proper nutrition, lifestyle and veterinary care, but at the same, we would also like to make pet care as hassle-free as possible for pet parents. This is why we exist – to make your life, dear reader, as well as your pet’s life easier and better.

Our Research Process

Because we deeply care about animals, we want only the best for them. To ensure excellence in everything we do, we employ a rigorous research process. When we write about a certain pet care topic or product selection, we first have one or two members of our team – who are already experienced at a given subject – delve deep into the topic, so they can be on top of all trends and possible updates.

Then, they read and take into account various consumer reviews available on the Internet, so they can have a more balanced opinion on a subject. Finally, they consult with several veterinarians and animal experts to ensure all facts are checked. We believe this process creates the best results, both in pet care advice and product recommendations and that it allows our readers to choose the right products consistently.

Our Expert Review Board

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Travis McDermott is a small animal veterinarian that has been practicing for nearly 15 years in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. McDermott was born and raised in the great State of Texas and grew up on an emu farm raising chickens and pigs for 4H and FFA. He attended Texas A&M University for both undergraduate and DVM studies.After graduation in 2006, Dr. Travis McDermott started practicing at Tropicana Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, NV. In 2012, he took over as hospital director of Durango Animal Hospital – one of the largest veterinary hospitals in Las Vegas. Dr. McDermott treats dogs and cats as well pretty much any exotic animal that walks in the door. His interests include surgery, dental procedures, and ultrasound, but his main passion is endoscopy. Since becoming a veterinarian, Dr. McDermott has served as a board member and president/chair of both the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association Political Action Committee and currently serves on the board of the Viticus Group (formerly Western Veterinary Conference).

Stacey A. Bone
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

I graduated twice from the University of Missouri with a degree in Biology in 2003, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. I began my professional veterinary career at Tropicana Animal Hospital in Las Vegas. After 2 years, I moved to St. Louis, securing a position as a small animal veterinarian at a progressive multi-doctor practice where we performed ultrasounds, CT scans, complicated surgery, and dentistry, and myriads of other advanced veterinary diagnostics and treatment. I have always had a passion for ultrasound, senior pet health, oncology, and dentistry. During my practice, I realized that there was a massive need for products for senior pets. Seeking to address this need, I founded Pawtology which is a company dedicated to creating and curating products for senior and special needs pets. Through Pawtology, I created The Senior Pet Podcast, writing a number of blogs to educate people on senior pet health and diseases. In 2019, I transitioned out of full-time practice to take a consulting job with Hill’s Pet Nutrition where I educate veterinarians on the importance of using nutrition to treat disease. I continue to “keep my skills sharp” by providing assistance and expertise at small animal practices in St. Louis.

Notre Dame Security Officer Vapor Wake Detection Dog Handler

Jarrett, the security officer, and Toxi, his vapor wake dog, work tirelessly to help keep students, teachers, and the public safe on the Notre Dame campus. To help Toxi remain focused, healthy, and happy in his stressful job, Jarret feeds him only top-quality foods and treats. Fun toys are also a must-have as even security dogs need to have some fun in their free time. Aside from protecting the public, Jarret also enjoys sharing his expertise on canine care and diet to help other dog owners keep their pets healthy and content.

Former Special Forces Canine Handler/ Current SOC Canine Handler

A former Special Forces Canine Handler, Destin Benoit has extensive knowledge and experience with military canine training. He has worked with multiple military dogs in the most stressful places and situations in the world. Currently, Destin is a SOC Canine Handler, aiding in the protection of US diplomats abroad.

Our Editorial Team

Mladen Martinovic

In addition to being Editor-in-Chief at MyPetNeedsThat, Mladen is a loving husband and pet parent. He has always had a passion for taking care of animals. He strives to share the knowledge he has gained over the years to create a place where pet parents can learn practical tips and get credible information to help them take care of their furry friends.

Mariana Cabrera

When Mariana was growing up, her household included furry family members!  She is the proud pet parent to an eight-year-old Maltipoo named Moka who has been with Marina since she was two months old.

Mariana studied Communication at the Ibero University in Mexico City with a specialty in broadcasting. After she graduated, she continued gaining knowledge in all aspects of program production.  In 2018, she joined Lola Digital Media, supporting the growth initiatives and ongoing projects, and eventually joined the My Pet Need That team.

Sherrie Smith

Sherrie E. Smith is a Writer and Producer, with 31 years of experience working in the Entertainment Industry for companies like E! Entertainment, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, Disney, and CBS.

Sherrie comes to My Pet Needs That with tons of Industry knowledge that covers everything from Set Design, Technical Production, Directing, Producing, Writing, Acting, Editing, Casting, and enough insider trivia to make you blush! The most important takeaway from all that Entertainment experience is that fur babies help you maintain your mental, physical and spiritual health. And they make you laugh!

Our Writers

Dr. Sharon Parry holds a Ph.D. in public health and provides content for global clients on the subjects of science, health, pets, and a whole lot more! She also happens to be an experienced small animal Mom, providing a loving home for many rabbits and hamsters. Sharon was proud to volunteer as a foster parent for guide dog pups – leading them through the early stages of their training until they were ready to take on their important role. 

Happy to spend hours updating her knowledge on pet health, behavior, and, nutrition, she is fascinated and in awe of our furry friends. Sharon’s family currently shares their home with three rabbits and a Syrian hamster. Although the latest edition to the family, a Cockapoo pup, is taking up all of her attention right now.

Eloise Hands is from England, a mother of one, and a lifelong animal enthusiast. Coming from a family of pet lovers, Eloise grew up with two cats and a dog, which she walked every day the moment she got home from school. As soon as she got a home of her own, she began to plan for her first pet and found herself a beautiful Malamute/Akita puppy, which she decided to name Nala. Through raising the pup, which is a cross between what is considered to be two of the more difficult breeds, Eloise learned all the tips and tricks to handling a stubborn pooch! But she wouldn’t have Nala any other way. Eloise supports Dog’s Trust and loves taking her dog Nala for adventures around the local lake, up to the biggest and best hiking locations.

Hailing from a classic working-class background in a run-down part of Manchester in the UK, Wendy has been surrounded by animals her whole life – a couple of them even falling into the four-legged-and-furry category. She got her first degree from UEA in English and Culture and is currently completing a dual- award Masters in Nursing and Social Work at Edge Hill. She loves talking and discussing the biology and socioeconomics of anything and everything. It seems appropriate that she found an outlet through writing.

You can find her rambling to anyone and everyone who’ll listen about pets, healthcare, and pet healthcare.  When she’s not doing that, you can spot her playing video games and lifting heavy things in the gym. Oh, and learning. She should absolutely put that, in case her advisor is reading.