About Us

MyPetNeedsThat is an online platform that is created and run by pet-loving individuals with the sole purpose of providing both newbie and seasoned pet owners with exceptional products, tips, and pieces of advice that will help them better care for their respective pets.

Pet Parenting in the New Age

Caring for pets requires dedication and commitment as well as a clear understanding of the unique attributes of various kinds of pets. Far detached from their natural habitat or from their ancestors in the wild, these domesticated animals we now call pets heavily rely on us to take care of their inherent needs. While some may not agree with the way we pamper our pets, most of us do actually treat these docile creatures as members of our family. As such, we would do anything to ensure their welfare. This is the hallmark of being a pet parent in the new age.

MyPetNeedsThat, You, and Your Pet

MPNT firmly believes that we can work together in providing a more comfortable, more meaningful, healthier, and safer existence for your pet. Likewise, we believe that you, too, deserve a hassle-free and worry-free caring of your pet. It is for these reasons that we have committed ourselves to providing pet lovers everywhere all the information they will need to become more successful in caring for and establishing a more positive relationship with their pets.