Best Dog Backpack Carriers (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

Dog backpack carriers offer exceptional carriage convenience for both you and your dog. You can comfortably carry your pet right on your back, freeing your hands to carry other things or to hold onto railing and other stuff, while giving your canine friend the rare opportunity to come with you in this all-important travel. Choosing the right dog backpack carrier is crucial if you don’t want to suffer from backaches after or if you don’t want to unnecessarily stress your pet. That is why we’ve done our research to bring to you 5 of the best dog backpack carriers used and well-loved by many pet parents.

I-GO2 Sport Roller Backpack for Cats and Dogs by Pet Gear

I-GO2 Sport Roller Backpack by Pet Gear

Comfort Dogs Carriers by Petsfit

Comfort Dogs Carriers by Petsfit

Premium Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats and Small Dogs by PetAmi

Premium Pet Carrier Backpack by PetAmi

Best Dog Backpack Carriers Buying Guide

Buying the best dog backpack carrier can be intimidating since you’re actually looking at a cross between a traditional backpack and a dog travel crate. The idea, of course, is to choose one that is of the perfect size for your pet. However, there are also certain features that you really have to include in your shortlist of dog backpack carriers. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, read on.

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How to Measure Your Dog for a Backpack

One of the most important aspects of buying the right dog backpack carrier is getting the right size. Most manufacturers of dog backpacks already provide the dimensions of their products that usually take into consideration the length and height of dogs. However, it is still important that you know how to measure your dog for a backpack.

To obtain its length, place a tailor’s tape measure along your dog’s back with one end of the tape measure on the base of your dog’s neck. Stretch the tape measure up to the base of its tail. Write this down.

To get the height of your pet, place one end of the tape measure on the floor and extend it all the way to the level on top of your dog’s shoulders. Do this while your pet is standing on all fours.

In both height and length measurements give an additional allowance of about 3 to 4 inches so that your pet will be comfy inside the backpack carrier.

How to Choose the Right Dog Backpack Carrier

Knowing the size of your dog can help you choose the right dog backpack carrier. However, this is not the only thing you have to keep in mind because there are other things that need to be considered. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the right dog backpack carrier.

  • Comfort

Features that provide exceptional comfort for your pet should always be considered. Just like buying a pet crate, the dog backpack carrier should also not feel like prison for your pet. This should feel like an extension of its home. As such, it should be comfortable as much as possible. Features you may want to look for include soft and padded lining, mesh window panels, and the like.

  • Versatility

If you can use the dog backpack carrier in other ways aside from being a dog carrier, then you’ve hit the jackpot. This is also one of the fundamental reasons why the I-GO2 is considered as one of the best since it allows you extended versatility in its use. Of course, if you need something more straightforward then it should not be a problem as well.

  • Lightweight

Your dog is already quite a bunch. If the backpack itself is already heavy, you’re going to burden yourself carrying both the backpack and your dog. So make sure you understand the different lightweight materials used in bag construction.

  • Durability

It’s actually a no-brainer that you choose a dog backpack carrier that your dog can use until it reaches its golden years. Your dog won’t be getting any bigger especially if it has already attained its breed standard size. So make sure the seams are double-stitched at the very least and that the panels are made of sturdy materials.

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Desirable Features of a Pet Backpack

To help you narrow down your choices some more, here are some of the desirable features that you might want to have in a pet backpack.

  • Padded shoulder straps

This is a must especially if you are going to carry your dog on your back the whole day. The wider and more padded the shoulder straps are the better are these when it comes to distributing the weight off of your shoulders.

  • Mesh panels

For your pet it is a must that the bag has mesh panels for it to feel comfortable inside. This is to allow for better ventilation for your dog.

  • Safety straps

You don’t want your pet to be bouncing around inside the pet backpack as you walk. Having a hook attachment for securing your pet’s collar should help make the ride more secure for your doggie.

  • Pockets

Traveling with your dog means bringing along some of its pet essentials like dog water bottle, doggie toys, and even dog food. Rather than packing all of these inside your own bag, having storage pockets on the dog backpack carrier means you can free your bag’s pockets for your own stuff.

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  • Built-in wheels

It is okay to carry your dog on your back for several hours. But if you’re looking at extended carriage times, you’d definitely go for a bag that you can easily turn into a trolley. This should come in handy in certain places like airports, malls, and other similar places.

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Traveling with pets is one of the most enriching experiences any pet parent can ever have. Dog backpack carriers provide exceptional convenience when carrying dogs over long distances or for exceptionally longer periods of time. It is crucial to pick the right size of dog backpack carrier before you start considering the other factors in your buying decision. And with these 5 best dog backpack carriers we’ve shared with you, you now have a heads-up on what to look for.


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