10 Best Dog Christmas Outfits this Holiday Season (2019)

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There is no better way to enjoy the festive Christmas holiday celebrations with our respective pooches than to dress them up in their best getup or even to keep them warm especially on those chilly nights of the winter season. We have always been known for making our dogs as extensions of ourselves, giving them items that we personally love and use. So while everyone is gathered around the Christmas tree trying to open up their presents, our pet canines can also join in the fun with these 10 best dog Christmas outfits. And if in case you have a visitor dropping over or a guest for the holidays, we’re pretty sure these costumes will literally be the star of the show. If not, they can always wear some of these as part of their everyday winter clothing.

Best Dog Christmas Outfits

Dog Christmas Outfits Buying Guide

Picking an outfit for your pooch to wear this Christmas holiday season should be relatively easy. But, in case you’re having difficulty on where and how to start you can always rely on our dog Christmas outfits buying guide to point you in the right direction. Before making that purchase, you need to look at these three parameters since these are crucial whenever you’re buying a doggie outfit.

dog christmas outfits buying guide

  • Size 

Like any other wardrobe, getting the correct size is very important. This will help you identify the most appropriate clothing for your pooch. We’ll have a more detailed presentation of this in the succeeding section.

  • Comfort

When we talk about comfort we’re essentially talking about the materials used in the fabrication of the doggie outfit. Many of today’s doggie wardrobes come in different fabrics, but mostly polyester since this material provides exceptional smoothness and durability. You will also have to consider the weight of the costume. Heavy ones will simply be uncomfortable to wear.

  • Safety

The safety of a dog costume is an important consideration. There are quite a few safety hazards related to doggie costumes that we’ll be dealing with in the succeeding sections. 

How to Pick the Right Christmas Outfit for Your Dog

Deciding on the right Christmas outfit for your dog requires an understanding of a few basic things. Of course, these are just general guidelines that you can somehow modify to suit your dog’s needs. The important thing to remember is to choose an outfit that is right for the season, safe, and will not in any way restrict or impair their movement. Here is how you can pick the right Christmas outfit for your pooch.

  • Always get the correct size 

Of all the considerations you need to carefully evaluate, size ranks tops when it comes to the right outfit. A costume may look absolutely stunning and elegant, but if it simply doesn’t fit right, then it will still look ridiculous on your dog. For instance, if it is too baggy and loose, your hound will look more like an emaciated pooch. If the outfit is too tight, there will be some health and safety implications, not to mention risking your pooch appearing too fat or obese.

As such, it is always imperative to take the most accurate measurements of your dog. This is not really difficult. You only need a cloth tape measure and a good understanding of how to take length and circumference measurements and you’re good. The reason why a cloth tape measure is preferred is that it allows the device to conform seamlessly to the shape of your pooch’s body. Whatever you do, don’t use a steel tape measure. As long as it is flexible, then it should be fine.

There are two very important measurements you need to take.

  1. Body length 

The first is your dog’s body length. Get the tip of your tape measure and place this at the region slightly above the area where its neck meets the shoulder bones. This is the base of its neck. Now run the tape measure towards its tail and terminate at the region where your dog’s back meets the base of the tail. This is the length of your pooch’s body and the measurement can be a basis for the length of the outfit that you want to take for your pet. Many dog owners prefer the length of their canine clothes to be several inches short of the base of the tail while some would go the entire length.

  1. Chest circumference

The second measurement you need to take is your dog’s chest circumference, also known as its girth. This is quite easy to measure. Just look at your dog from the side and take note of the widest section of its chest. This can usually be seen just behind its front legs forming an inverted hump towards its belly.  Wrap your tape measure around this widest part of its chest and take the measurement. Make sure to leave about one or two fingerbreadths in your measurement so that it will not be tight. This will also allow your pooch exceptional movement.

There is another measurement that you may want to take although this is completely optional. The collar size is often taken if you are going to purchase an outfit that includes a collar such as a sweater and the like. To measure this, you need to locate the base of your dog’s neck. You can try moving your hands along the back of its neck and locate that part where it meets its back, usually located just a few inches above its shoulders. Just like measuring its chest circumference, you can wrap the tape measure around the base of your dog’s neck to determine the collar size. Again, leave a finger or two fingerbreadths in your measurement as an allowance so the clothing will not constrict your pooch’s neck.

  • Consider every day wear 

While it is the holiday season, you may want to look at a design that your pooch can also wear on a daily basis or perhaps even on special occasions. You clearly don’t want to purchase something that your dog will only be using for a day or even a few days every year.

  • Choose something that will not restrict their movement 

One problem with some pet costume manufacturer is that they’re more focused on the style of their creations and not necessarily on the comfort of the pooch that is going to wear it. Unless you expect your pet dog to be just sitting in a corner while everyone is having fun, then getting an outfit that will not restrict their movement is an absolute must. That is why you also have to check the overall construction of the outfit especially at the joints. Make sure the design will not impair your dog’s ability to move.

  • Always go for something that is safe 

Be careful about doggie garments that come with small removable objects or items that can be easily removed by your dog. Just as a dog’s comfort level is important, so is its safety. Having a doggie outfit that comes with removable elements may increase the risk of choking in dogs. 

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tips for safe pet costumes

Tips for Safe Pet Costumes

One of the most important considerations when buying items or products for your pet dog is safety. You might think that a dog’s outfit is generally safe. Unfortunately, there have been incidents in the past where a particular dog got injured because of such costumes. As such, it is imperative to observe these tips for safe pet costumes.

  • Always teach your pooch to learn to love its outfit 

The very first thing you can do to ensure your pet’s safety is by training them to love their outfit. This is crucial since some dogs are known to be not really fond of having fabric on their bodies. It takes getting used to, actually. So, be patient in teaching your hound to accept the costume as a normal part of its being. You don’t want it fighting with its wardrobe, shredding it in pieces, and risking injury.

  • Make sure the costume you buy is free of choking hazards 

There are quite a number of doggie costumes that come with very small components. These can be considered safe insofar as they don’t get detached from the costume. Unfortunately, knowing that some dogs are very tenacious when it comes to certain things they can chew on, they can easily remove these attachments and risk choking on them. Even if your dog is not known for destructive behavior – chewing on things – it is still better to err on the side of canine safety than be sorry afterwards.

  • Don’t ever leave your pet unattended while it is wearing its outfit 

Most of the doggie incidents related to pet costumes occurred while the human master was not looking. While we are not necessarily saying that you need to fix your eyes on your pooch every time they are wearing a costume, what is critical is that you have active supervision over their use. This is especially a concern among pooches that are rambunctious or are simply very active. So, make sure to supervise them whenever they’re on their costume.

  • Recognize minimum and maximum age requirements for such costumes 

Experts don’t generally recommend costumes to puppies and elderly dogs. Puppies are small and are quite rambunctious with their behavior more on the raw side. They are still in the process of learning the ropes of canine behavior and obedience training such that they may not fully understand yet what you are telling them not to do. Elderly pooches, on the other hand, typically have a host of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems that may be exacerbated by the wearing of costumes, not to mention sensoriperceptual problems. A senior dog with osteoarthritis may already be in pain because of the inflammatory joint process. Letting it wear constricting clothing may make the symptoms a lot worse.

  • Steer clear of doggie costumes that are heavy 

Sure your dog is strong as it is muscular. However, this doesn’t give you the right to burden it with additional weight. This is especially true for costumes that come with headpieces. These costumes should not be too heavy so as to cause discomfort to your pooch. The idea about costumes for the holidays is for your dog to have fun. If you give it something that is heavy, then it is not fun at all. This can hamper with its ability to move or even its focus and concentration. Lack of focus is one of the key ingredients to accidents.

  • Make sure the costume allows sufficient movement 

We have already discussed above how limiting your pooch’s movement is not a good idea. Dogs will always be on the go, whether it is running across the room or walking casually from room to room entertaining your guests. Now imagine if it has a costume that limits the range of motion of its joints, then movement will be rather challenging. Rather than walk, your pooch will be confined to a corner in your house while everyone else is having a great time. How cruel is that? Worse, your dog might take matters into its paws and shred the costume altogether because it firmly believes that the costume is getting in the way of its freedom. So, be careful when choosing the right size of costume for your pet.

  • Take your cue from your pet 

Dogs cannot verbalize their complaints. They cannot tell you that the costume is making it difficult for them to breathe or move. They cannot complain that the outfit is way too heavy for comfort or that they don’t like the design. Well, they may not complain to you verbally but they can surely show you their anxiety, frustration, and even disgust with the costume that you made them wear. It is therefore, very important that you brush up on your knowledge of what canine behavior will constitute a ‘complaint’ or that something is amiss. Generally, these can include but not limited to whining, scratching, restlessness, barking, and even staying inside its dog crate or den.

It is always fun to see our pet hounds wear the costumes or outfits we bought for them. By making sure that we get the correct size, provide the best comfort, and ensure their safety, we know that our pooches will love us for what we have done for them. Of course, we also need to train them to learn to love their outfits and to always supervise them while they are wearing these garments. Safety is such an important aspect even in pet clothing. With these best dog Christmas outfits, you can be sure that the materials used in the fabrication are all safe, provide exceptional comfort, and elicit tons of praises from your holiday guests.

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