The Best Raised Dog Bowls (Review) in 2021

Last Updated April 30, 2020

When it comes to feeding all dogs are different, not only in their preferred foods, but also in how they eat. Some dogs struggle when their food bowls are on the floor, and many more can benefit from having their bowls raised. There are many raised dog bowls on the market, all offering different heights and types of stands, so how do you know which is best for your beloved pet? Our panel of pet experts and dog lovers have put together this list of the best raised dog bowls to help you make the right choice for your dog.

The Best Raised Dog Bowl


Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder
Pet Zone Designer Raised Dog Bowls

Comprised of two stainless steel bowls and a sturdy plastic frame the Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Pet Feeder is the perfect answer to feeding time for dogs of all sizes. The elevated feeder is adjustable meaning that you can use the same feeder as your dog grows, without worrying about staining their neck and joints. The feeder collapses flat for easy transportation and storage. It includes spill ridges to help keep your dog’s food where it should be and non-slip feet to prevent it from sliding across the floor as your four-legged feed tucks into their dinner.

Includes two stainless-steel, rust-proof feeding bowls that are dishwasher safe

Helps to reduce strain on your dog’s neck and joints and reduces bloating

The pet feeder can be set at three different heights

Collapsible for easy storage and transportation

Non-slip feet prevent movement while your dog is eating

  • Brand: Pet Zone
  • Model: 2550012793
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds


FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs
FOREYY Raised Dog Bowls

The Foreyy Raised Pet Bowls are an incredible feeding apparatus made for cats and dogs. We love the simple, modern design of this feeder and much appreciate the amount of detail put into its construction. The Foreyy feeder is made from the highest grade of stainless steel, making it highly durable and very resistant to heat. It comes with two bowls made from bamboo, seated on an elevated stand that prevents spillage of their content. The Foreyy feeder has its legs designed and built from anti-slip materials, which prevent sliding of your pet while they feed. There’s no risk of injury with this product, and your pet is assured of enjoying its meal to the fullest. Pet owners and trainers recommend this raised dog bowl highly because of its long lifespan and exceptional quality. It has several positive reviews from across the globe and its one of the most sought after products in the market today.

Bamboo elevated food and water bowls

Anti-slip feet

Two stainless steel bowls

Water resistant

  • Brand: FOREYY
  • Model: FDEB-NEW-002
  • Weight: 2 pounds


PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls
PetFusion Elevated Dog Bowls

Available in two different heights the Elevated Pet Feeder in Premium Solid Wood by Pet Fusion is made from responsibly sourced natural pine. The wood is covered with several layers of water resistant seal to keep the feeder in top condition and to make it easy to clean. Plastic inserts help to stabilize the two stainless steel food bowls, while anti-slip feet ensure the feeder stays still while your canine companion is eating.

Available in two separate heights – 4” and 10”

Includes two stainless steel food bowls that each hold up to 24oz in the 4” version

Helps improve digestion and reduce strain on your dog’s neck and joints

Water resistant seal creates an easy to clean surface

Non-slip feet prevent movement while your dog is eating

  • Brand: PetFusion
  • Model: PF-BH2
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds


The Dogit Elevated Dog Bowl is a great dog feeder for finicky eaters. This unit is made with only the best and safest materials to ensure that each meal provided is free from chemicals and additives that may affect the health of your dog. The Dogit feeder is a dishwasher safe unit made with from stainless steel. It features a removable set of bowl inserts and features a free feeding design which prevents food served from getting stale. This system encourages your dog to eat comfortably at its own pace, without tasting stale or dry food. The Dogit feeder is also well suited for dogs with joint problems or muscle issues since it prevents all forms of bending. If you require an anti-rust feeder for your home, the Dogit feeder is the best for you.

Removable stainless steel insert

Height 17cm (6.7″).

Dishwasher safe

Ideal for large dogs, older dogs or dogs with muscle or joint problems

  • Brand: Dogit
  • Model: 73752
  • Weight: 2 pounds


The Elevated Bone Feeder Raised Dog Feeding Station from Our Pets is available in four different heights to meet the needs of all breeds of dog. The bone shaped table is made from sturdy plastic and includes two removable stainless steel feeding bowls. The table includes spill ridges to help stop food and water from spilling onto your floor while your dog is eating.

Available in four different heights – 4”, 8”, 12” and 16”

Includes two stainless steel, dishwater safe feeding bowls that hold up to 5.5 cups each in the 12” feeding station

Helps improve digestion and reduces strain on your dog’s neck and joints

Spill ridges prevent food and water from spilling on the floor

Plastic surface is easy to keep clean

  • Brand: Our Pets
  • Model: 2000011492
  • Weight: 2.65 pounds


Pet owners will love the ProsperDog Pet Feeder. This is a unit designed for use by both dogs and cats. Its versatility has provided it with several customers all across the globe, with a lot of positive feedback coming in from most of them. This feeder is an excellent product manufactured to cater for all your pets feeding needs. It is an easy to clean model made from high quality and environmentally safe materials, designed with an elegant theme to blend into any interior without much effort. This feeder is ideal for medium to small sized dogs and cats, with each bowl holding about one quart of food. The raised design of this pet feeder keeps insects away and also prevents the food from spilling when your pet brushes past it.

For small to medium dogs and cats

Cat food bowl with stand

Elegantly designed

Easy to clean and hygienic

  • Brand: ProsperDog Pet Products
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds


The IRIS Small Elevated Feeder by IRIS USA, Inc, is a uniquely designed elevated feeder that comprises a feeding station and food storage container, which sits under the feeder. The airtight storage keeps your pet’s food safe and fresh, while the two stainless steel feeding bowls sit at the right height for your dog. The feeding station snaps into place with two snap-lock latches and the bowls are removable for easy cleaning. The rubberized feet on the base of the storage box prevent scratches to your floor and stop the feeding station from moving and sliding.

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Available in small, medium, and large sizes

Includes two stainless steel bowls that can be removed for cleaning and hold up to 2-quarts each in the larger size

Includes an airtight storage compartment with snap-lock latches that keeps food fresh and safe

Improves digestion and helps to reduce neck strain in your pet

Rubberized feet prevent the storage box and feeding station from sliding and damaging your floors

  • Brand: IRIS USA, Inc.
  • Model: 300343
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds


The Double Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Cat / Dog bowls comes in five sizes and so is able to accommodate the needs of most pets. The stand is created from high-quality wrought iron, complete with non-skid feet at the base of each leg to reduce the risk of the feeder moving. The feeder includes two removable stainless steel, powder coated bowls that are scratch, chip, rust and fade resistant. The dishwasher safe bowls sit in the frame surrounded by a silicone rim that provides rattle free feeding for a better experience for both pet and owner.

Available in five sizes from x-small to x-large

Includes two stainless steel, powder coated, and dishwasher safe feeding bowls; each bowl holds up to 6.25 cups in the large version

Rattle free rim provides a better dining experience for your pet

The wrought iron frame is hard wearing and durable

Provides digestive and joint support for your dog

  • Brand: Platinum Pets
  • Model: 13655
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds


Made from BPA-free injection molded plastic, the Bergan 88142-P Elevated Double Bowl feeder is ideal for older dogs and those that have difficulty bending. It comes with removable legs, so you can change the height if needed or store the item when not in use. The feeder includes two stainless steel removable bowls that each hold up to 6 cups of dog food.

Available in medium, large and x-large

Includes two stainless steel removable bowls that each hold up to 6 cups of food in the large version

Suitable for older dogs and those that have difficulty bending

Includes removable plastic legs

Made from BPA-free molded plastic

  • Brand: Bergan
  • Model: 88005
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


Neater Pet Brands
Neater Pet Brands Neater Feeder for Dogs

If your dog is a messy eater and you want to avoid having food all over your floor, then the Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog feeder by NEATER PET BRANDS is the elevated feeder you need. It is specifically designed to be kick proof and spill proof and has a built-in reservoir to capture spills and stop them ending up all over the floor. The high back and side prevents food scraps from escaping and the lip at the front also reduces spills without preventing easy access to the food. Extended legs can be purchased separately to further increase the height of the feeding station. Non-slip feet come as standard with the feeder to ensure it stays where it is meant to be.

Available in small, medium, and large

Includes a lower reservoir and filter feature to separate spilt food from liquid and make cleaning easier

Supports better digestion

Includes non-slip feet

Includes two stainless steel feeding bowls

  • Brand: Neater Pet Brands
  • Model: 231
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds


The Healthy Pet Diner Elevated Feeder by Our Pets is made from robust plastic and designed in a shape that adds to its sturdiness, making it harder for your dog to tip over while they are eating. The feeder includes two stainless steel bowls that are removable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. One of the bowls can be replaced with any two-liter water bottle to provide a constant stream of fresh water.

Available in three different heights – 4”, 8” and 12”

Includes constant fresh water feature by replacing one bowl with a two-liter water bottle

Includes two stainless steel feeding bowls that are dishwasher safe and each hold up to 5.5 cups of food in the 12” version

Design aids digestion and reduces stress on your dog’s joints

Made from durable and sturdy plastic

  • Brand: Our Pets
  • Model: 2020010409
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces


We introduce to you the Dazone Raised Dog bowls, the perfect product to store all the treats and foods of your dog. This is a model designed by dog lovers which features the use of only the best, high-grade materials. The Dazone feeder features two bowls made from stainless steel which are well suited for holding the food and water of your pet. The feeder has a sturdy metal frame that prevents the content of your bowls from spilling and also prevents insects from attacking the food. We love how straightforward it is to set this pet feeder up; what’s more, the functional build allows your dog to eat without bending excessively. The Dazone is an excellent unit for your dog and your home and any dog training space.

Two stainless steel bowls

Perfect for water food or treats

Steady metal frame

Five parts and install easily

  • Brand: DAZONE
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds


Premium Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder
Pawfect Pets Raised Dog Bowls

Do you want a bowl with a straight forward design for your dog? Your best option is the Premium Elevated Dog and Cat Pet Feeder. This is another unit designed for use by both cats and dogs. It features a spill-proof and slip-free design that enables your pet to feed comfortably without any issues. The premium pet feeder is exceptionally durable and will last several years thanks to its high-quality stainless steel build. It features two separate feeding bowls and is very affordable for secure purchasing. The use of stainless steel ensures the containers don’t rust and contaminate your pet’s food with corroded metal. We encourage pet owners to take the health and feeding of their canine and felines seriously, starting with their feeding bowl. Get them the Premium pet feeder and watch your pet transform into an enthusiastic eater.

Extra two stainless steel bowls.

Perfect for small dogs and cats

Easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Leak-proof – attractive design

  • Brand: Pawfect Pets
  • Weight: 3 pounds


The EZ Reach Diner from Petmate offers ergonomic feeding for your canine companion to support their digestive system and take the pressure off aging neck joints. Made from durable plastic the feeder includes two removable stainless steel feeding bowls. The design includes cut out handles to make the feeder easier to transport.

Available in Medium and x-large

Includes two removable stainless steel feeding bowls; each holds up to 12 cups in the x-large version

Easy grip cut out handles make the feeder easy to move

Made from durable and sturdy plastic that is easy to keep clean

Supports your dog’s digestive system and removes excess pressure from neck joints

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 23479
  • Weight: 1.18 pounds


This elevated pet feeder differs from others as it only contains the one feeding bowl. The Ethical Pet Spot Hi-Rise Single Diner is designed for medium, large and giant dog, with the 8-cup stainless steel bowl standing 15” from the floor. The bowl stand is made from lightweight, durable wire. It is easy to move, while the bowl is removable, naturally bacteria resistant, and dishwasher safe.

Elevated feeder allows the feeding bowl to stand at a height of 15”

Includes one stainless steel removable bowl that holds 8 cups of food and is dishwasher safe

Promotes healthy digestion in larger breed dogs

Lightweight wire frame is easy to keep clean

Stand snaps together in a tool free design

  • Brand: Ethical Pet
  • Model: 5857
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

Best Raised Dog Bowl Buying Guide & FAQ

Our list shows a wide array of raised dog bowls, all with their own specific features and benefits. However, there are some key elements that are present in all the best raised dog bowls and in this part of our buying guide we explore these elements in more detail. We also explore some of the questions that elevated dog bowls may raise and provide answers that hopefully help you in your decision-making process.

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dog food bowl

What to Look for in an Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated dog bowls differ in many aspects and there are some key features that you need to consider before you make your final decision on the right one for your pet. The main things to look for in such feeding stations include:

  • Height

Elevated dog bowls are available in a range of heights and it is important to get one that is the right height for your dog. If it is too low then they will not gain any benefit from it, if it is too tall then it may add to, rather than reduce, the stain on their neck and joints. To ensure the bowl is the right height get your dog to stand upright and measure their height from the floor to the front of their shoulders. Experts such that you should then subtract seven inches from this measurement to get the height of the feeder you need.

  • Stability

The raised dog bowl that you choose needs to be stable and durable. If it is easily knocked over or moves while your dog is eating, then it will reduce the effectiveness of the feeding system and cause a lot of mess. Choosing a raised dog bowl that has non-slip feet helps to keep the system still while your dog is eating and helps to prevent scuffing and scratching on your floors.

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  • Cleanliness

Removable and washable feeding bowls are a must. The best raised dog bowls include stainless steel feeding bowls that are dishwasher safe and reduce the risk of bacteria growth over time. The material that the stand is made from is also important durable molded plastic is easy to wipe clean as are metal stands. If you choose a wooden stand then ensure that it is sealed with a water proof sealant to make cleaning easier and eliminate the risk of liquid and particles of food being absorbed into the wood.

  • Number of bowls

Dogs need a source of fresh water available at all times. This is even more important if you feed them dry food. Most raised dog bowls contain two bowls allowing for food and water to be available at the right height. If you choose a one bowl system, then you need to consider where you are going to place their water.

  • Bowl size and shape

The size of the bowl you need depends greatly on your dog’s eating habits, as well as their face shape. If you feed your dog smaller regular meals, then you can use a smaller bowl. However, deeper bowls are recommended for larger dogs and those with long snouts. For snub nose dogs a shallow bowl may be more appropriate.

Why You Should Use an Elevated Dog Bowl

Many pet owners wonder how relevant elevated dog bowls are. These products, however, feature a construction that offers many benefits to both dogs and their owners, some of which have been provided below. If you’re second-guessing the purchase of an elevated dog bowl, be sure to keep reading.

  • Stability

As compared to elevated dog bowls, non-elevated bowls for feeding are more prone to skidding and spillages. Most elevated bowls are constructed with the balance in mind; thus, their design includes non-slip insets that keep the dishes in position while your pet feeds. What was once a noisy and messy eating space will be transformed almost immediately into a quiet and clean eating environment.

  • Accessibility

If you want to provide your pet with easy access to its food and water, getting a raised dog bowl is the best option. Not only are these models easy to access for feeding, but their position also helps facilitate easy and quick digestion, as the transition of food from the mouth to the stomach is made more accessible. If your dog experiences health issues with its esophagus having raised feeding bowls will also help them feed easily. Having a weak or enlarged esophagus often leads to the accumulation of food in an abnormal manner, preventing it from moving down to their stomach.

  • Improved Posture

Non-elevated bowls are tough to use mainly because they cause your pet to stand and bend their necks in an uncomfortable position, for long periods. Eating requires the maintenance of a proper posture, which often works wonders for large dogs. Having elevated dog bowls makes your dog’s eating times comfortable and more enjoyable, and thus, they are recommended for dogs suffering from medical conditions such as arthritis. Elevated dog bowls are excellent also for older dogs who due to their aging bodies, find it difficult to feed on non-elevated containers.

Elevated Feeders and Bloat in Dogs

One of the life-threatening conditions experienced by large dogs is bloat, which is also referred to as GDV. This is a medical condition in which veins in the abdomen are blocked due to bloating of the stomach. Such bloat often leads to a drop in the blood pressure of your dog, which ultimately affects the operations of other internal organs. Bloat is caused by drinking too much water before or after a meal or gobbling food. Some symptoms of bloat include a swollen or hard stomach, labored breathing, and vomiting.

Some studies have proven that using elevated dog bowls increases a dog’s risk of bloat, but other studies conducted have found no direct correlation between the two. With the right answer still a mystery, dog owners are encouraged to find the best ways of preventing bloat in their dogs, such as delaying any physical activity until 30 minutes after meals, scheduling meals and training fast eaters to munch on their food at a reduced pace.

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Best Raised Dog Bowl FAQ:

Q: What material are elevated feeders constructed of?

Most elevated dog bowls are constructed from high-grade stainless steel. This material is choosing because of its high resistance to rust and its durability. The stand for the feeders is made from hard plastics with others being made from hardwood.

Q: How do I determine the correct height?

The top of your elevated dog bowl must be at the same level as your dog’s lower chest, to prevent them from lowering their necks or stretching upwards. Before you purchase a raised bowl, the first thing to do is measure your dog. Be sure to have him standing, and measure from the floor beneath its front paws, up to the top of your dog’s shoulders. After measuring, subtract 6 inches from the measurement.

Q: How do I determine the correct bowl size?

The find out the ideal bowl size for your dog, you need to fill its current feeding bowl with water and match its capacity to that of your preferred elevated bowl.

Q: How do I clean the elevated feeder?

Keep all feeding apparatus of your pet clean always by using a damp sponge and warm water. After wiping down the elevated feeder with this, you can dry it with a clean towel. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scouring powders as these tend to scratch the surface of your feeder.


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