Are the daily ‘woofs woofs’ driving you barking mad? If so, why not consider a dog silencer? Sometimes referred to as anti-barking devices or anti-bark collars, these devices are perfect for anxious or overstimulated dogs. If you are in the market for the best dog silencers, you cannot go wrong with our list of mufflers, as they are great recommendations and an easy solution for your dog’s barking issues.

Our Selection of The Best Dog Silencers

1 DogRook Dog Silencer

DogRook Dog Silencer
Key features:
  • No shock collar
  • For all sizes of dogs
  • Seven sound levels
  • Ultrasonic

There is a dog silencer designed like no other on the market. If you seek a device that reduces your dog’s barking drastically, the DogRook Dog Bark Collar is the best device for you. This is an exceptional device used by many dog owners and trainers on its excellent design. It makes use of seven different sound levels and vibrations, each of which is harmless to both dogs and humans. The DogRook collar helps you teach your dog how unwanted barking can be, by beeping and vibrating whenever your dog begins to bark. It is meant for correcting and improving your dog’s behavior, encouraging development and growth.

The DogRook collar is well suited for dogs of all sizes, from small to medium and even large dogs. It is an ultrasonic bark collar designed to work only for the dog on which it is placed; thus, it doesn’t react to the barking sounds of neighboring canines. The strap of this device is highly durable and can be adjusted for ultimate comfort. An additional feature of this unit is its high resistance to water, which allows for your pet to play around any water source without any issue. The DogRook company seeks to make all your training sessions simple and more effective via the production of a wide range of devices, one of which is this collar. They promise 100% satisfaction; thus, if any customer isn’t satisfied with their service, they are at liberty to make a return with no questions asked.

What others say about it:

I bought this product because I ended up moving next to a doggy daycare place. So obviously there are lots of barking heard throughout the day, and my 2 y/o lab would bark back all day long by the windows. I placed this collar on him and followed the directions, and within a couple of days, I realized my pup chilling by the window, not barking, just hanging out and even sleeping while the dogs outside were barking away! I’m very pleased by this purchase and would recommend it 100%.

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  • Delivers human sound; safe for humans
  • An exceptional addition to any décor
  • Easy to mount
  • A costly brand
  • 100% money-back warranty
  • Some dogs don’t respond well to the ultrasonic sounds created
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2 SportDOG Brand NoBark Collar

SportDOG Brand NoBark Collar
Key features:
  • Programmable
  • Silent partner technology
  • Three unique modes
  • Submersible

Our second silencing product under review is the SportDog NoBark Control Collar. Put a stop to incessant barking of your dog by getting this device for your training sessions or daily use. It is a programmable unit designed by fellow dog lovers to detect the barks of your dog and offer a perfect bark control system that is unique to your little one. It makes use of the Silent Partner Technology to filter out all other noise and focus only on your dog’s unique barking, to avoid any false corrections. There are ten static stimulation levels used by this device, and they work together with its three selectable operation modes to ensure accurate correction. The static stimulation levels determine the ideal bark control method to apply to your dog, with a significant consideration placed on his temperament, for more effective training and correction.

The SportDog collar is highly submersible and waterproof for up to ten feet. It is suitable for canines of all sizes, with neck sizes ranging from 5” to 22”. For operations, the collar makes use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last for up to 200 hours after a full charge and you will see the low battery indicator signal when charging is required. What’s more, the design of this collar was implemented with serious consideration for all weather types and seasons, a feature that supports the brands promise of designing gear the is usable all the time.

What others say about it:

This bark collar works great with all of our dogs. We have a couple who bark non-stop, but when we started using the collar, they learned quickly how it works and now they don’t even need the collar turned on for them to behave. Just the simple fact of wearing it will keep them from obnoxiously barking.

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  • Vibrant design
  • Wide acoustic ranges up to 50 feet
  • Special ultrasonic sounds for dogs
  • Overly pricey for its design
  • Costly with the purchase of batteries always
  • Operations may not apply to all dogs
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3 Doggie Don’t Bark Control Device

Doggie Don't Bark Control Device
Key features:
  • Training aid for dogs
  • Anti-shock device
  • Human operations
  • User-friendly

The Doggie Don’t device is an anti-barking equipment manufactured with inspiration taken from the company’s own experience fostering dogs. This dog repellent is a handheld device built to act as a training aid and bark control for your dog. It helps reduce the occurrence of nipping, barking, jumping, whining and biting, and even leash aggression. It produces over 100 decibels of noise, which comes off as a loud buzz to dogs, stopping them in their tracks while they act stubbornly. The operations are extremely humane and don’t pose any form of shock to owners and the pest themselves. It is ideal for use on various dog breeds and fits perfectly onto dogs of all sizes. Besides its operations on bark control, the Doggie Don’t device can also be used for personal protection for yourself and your pet if you feel threatened by an aggressive animal.

We recommend this dog repellent because it is easy to operate and requires no particular skill. It uses a simple push-button system and is powered by two replaceable lithium batteries. The compact design of this silencer makes it a joy to carry around, especially when it is worn around your wrist with help from the included wrist strap. Modify all the unwanted habits of your dog humanely with help from this training aid, and watch as your pet transforms into an exceptional pet with excellent practices and actions.

What others say about it:

This product was recommended by my dog trainer and it works with out causing problems with my dog or cats. It took to time to get my dog to stop barking at everything outside. He now alerts me to what is going on outside with out barking uncontrollably. Follow the directions that come with it and you will have a calm happy dog.

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  • Safe for use on dogs
  • Flexible services
  • Enhanced safety thanks to a reflective trim design
  • High-end product
  • Bark detection chip isn’t efficient
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4 MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent
Key features:
  • Sound meets a wide ranging distance
  • Easy to use operation
  • Sound is only heard by dogs
  • Very small and easy to carry
  • Comes in 4 different colours

The MODUS barking deterrent has some incredible reviews, with customers stating that some of their dogs behavior changed almost instantaneously. With such a wide range covered – up to 16ft – it’s a great choice for those looking to train their dogs in the great outdoors. And, being so light and small, it’s easy to bring along almost anywhere. Indeed, this is a product that works brilliantly for a wide range of different dogs, regardless of size. That being said, it is not suitable for young puppies and older dogs.

The major downfall to this particular option is that the light does not stay on when the product is in use. For most, this hasn’t been an issue, but there have been some buyers noting that their ultrasonic barking deterrent has been working in the background, when not being used by owners. This has led some dogs to becoming understandably upset by the noise. As such, we’d recommend double-checking the device is switched off, after training, to avoid confusion.

What others say about it:

My dog barks when other dogs approach. The first time I used this, it worked instantly! I am so happy that we discovered this training tool! She also charged the television whenever she saw animals (funny but gets annoying). Again, she stopped instantly once we started using this. LOVE IT

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  • Very lightweight
  • Smaller than many other competitors
  • Excellent battery life
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Light may not turn on when activated
  • Not suitable for dogs under 6 months
  • Not suitable for dogs over 8 years
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5 First Alert Dog Silencer

First Alert Dog Silencer
Key features:
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Safe sound waves for dogs only
  • Highly effective silencer at up to 15ft
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries

The Bark Genie from First Alerts is an exceptionally fantastic handheld device with the power to transform the unwanted habits of your dog. This bark control device works excellently on all dog breeds and utilizes safe ultrasonic sound waves which can be heard only by your canine. It can be used in and around your home or on the go having been made with a compact structure with lightweight materials. This all American-produced electronic device is one of the most trusted units on the market today. It is identified as one of the best dog silencers on the market and can boast of hundreds of sales since its launch. It produces a human sound that deters your pet from undertaking certain activities, offering a form of distraction.

The bark genie device uses four AAA batteries, and these can be changed whenever it is deemed necessary. It is one of the many devices manufactured by this brand for pet owners and trainers as a pet training solution. They ensure that every product they launch has undergone proper testing and is accepted by professional trainers as a capable device.

What others say about it:

This is a TEN! The incessant barking at the window and when the doorbell rings stops immediately when you press the button on this magic silencer. It will get to the point of hat when you even reach for this, the barking will stop. Get one!

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  • Introduces intrigue to your home
  • Simple to mount
  • Highly effective ultrasonic waves
  • Extremely expensive
  • Doesn’t work on deaf dogs
  • Other more innovative designs
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6 Zelers Sonic Bark Deterrent

Zelers Sonic Bark Deterrent
Key features:
  • Anti-barking device
  • Water resistant
  • Works at up to 50 feet
  • Compact design

If you have a dog who loves barking regularly, we encourage you to purchase the Sonic Bark Deterrent, a barking control device. This is a unit manufactured with care and precision to make use of the infamous ultrasonic sound system which emits a gentle sound that distracts your dog each time he attempts a noisy barking session. The functionality of this unit is impressive, with its extensive operation range reaching up to 50 feet, a feature that allows for both indoor and outdoor usage. When using this device indoors, manufacturers advise that you use the Level 1 and work your way up, as and when it is required.

We love this Sonic Bark Deterrent simply because it is a well-designed and operates as it should. The design makes it possible to mount or hang it on your wall, a tree or fence with ease, to stop more than one dog from barking.

What others say about it:

I mounted the devise and turned it on and like magic the crazy barking at the fence line was over. I used the low setting and have not had to turn it up. Absolutely recommend this. Buying a second for the neighbors dogs.

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  • Blends effortlessly with any home décor
  • Humane and affects only dogs
  • Offers better control of barking
  • The range is too short
  • Expensive model
  • Ultrasonic correction is not received well by all dogs
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7 GoodBoy Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

GoodBoy Small Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar
Key features:
  • Rechargeable collar for small and medium dogs
  • Works on vibrations – no shocks or prongs
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Weatherproof

If you have a small or medium-sized pooch who is prone to excessive barking, then it might be time to check out this amazing anti-bark collar by Goodboy. This pick is perfect for smaller pups and the brand pride themselves on ultimate safety and comfort. The collar works by vibrating when your dog begins to bark and thus gently aims to rectify their behavior. It doesn’t utilize shocks or spikey prongs and thus won’t harm your beloved pooch or make them feel afraid. This collar is lightweight and adjustable and will fit comfortably around any pup whose neck circumference is between 5 and 19 inches.

This unit is also weatherproof and can, therefore, be worn on outdoor adventures. The specialised sensor is encased in a plastic case and thus remain protected. The cute design is simply paw-fect for any pooch who likes to be the centre of attention and this pick certainly boasts an eye-catching exterior. This sensor is rechargeable, and a special cable is included. Simply pop it on charge when your pup is having a snooze or snuggling you on the sofa, and it will be ready for a new day of adventures. Follow the user training manual to ensure that you understand how the collar works and can utilise it to get the best possible

What others say about it:

Great for the price. Only had to use a few days for training now just showing her the collar stops unwanted, excessive barking. Battery seems to last a long time as I only used a few hours a day on car rides.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Lovable and adorable design to match your dog’s lifestyle
  • Provides both sonic and vibration corrections, but not static correction; safer for pooches
  • Fully waterproof casing, excellent for outdoor, all-weather use
  • Can be used on dogs weighing as light as 6 pounds
  • Friendly on the budget
  • Won’t fit dogs with neck circumferences wider than 19 inches
  • Will not prevent or deter other dogs from barking
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8 Brellavi Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Training Equipment

Brellavi Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Training Equipment
Key features:
  • Inaudible to human ears
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in flashlight

This item is designed to not only help you with training your dog, but to also act a deterrent to other dogs in the neighbourhood. If you want an added touch of protection when out and about, or have a neighbor with a particularly aggressive dog, it may be worth opting for this product from Brellavi. The high-pitched sound cannot be heard by our ears – but it certainly seems to work on dogs!

Reviewers note just how quickly and easily their dogs respond to this device, with many praising how light and easy it is to bring along with them, when out and about. Similarly, the built-in flashlight works for those who want to walk their dogs after or before work, while still training and remaining safe.

However, there is no definite on and off button with this choice. Which means it can be easy to accidentally bump your transmitter and confuse your pup. It also doesn’t have rechargeable batteries, and requires a 9V battery to operate. So, do stock up if you decide that this is the right choice for your needs.

What others say about it:

I had little confidence that this would put a dent in my dogs excessive barking. I was wrong. It took a couple of days, but she has calmed down with the barking tremendously. Now I can usually just say “no bark” and she we usually stop without using the device.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Training and deterrent mode
  • Very wide range of up to 50ft
  • Built-in flashlight for late walks
  • Non-rechargeable
  • No on/off button
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9 MODUS Bark Control Device

MODUS Bark Control Device
Key features:
  • Ultrasonic sound device
  • Emits high frequency sounds
  • LED lights
  • Utilizes replaceable AAA Batteries
  • Works for barking, digging, fighting, pulling, and eating unsafe foods
  • Wrist strap included

This ultrasonic sound device might just be the perfect choice when it comes to all your training needs. If you want to deter your dog from barking, digging, fighting, or eating foods that might be unsafe, then it’s time to give this device by Modus a try. This product is able to emit a high-frequency sound of 25 kHz. It is able to get your dog’s attention without hurting their ears or those of anyone around them. This model has a vast range and can effectively control your pooch from up to 16.4 feet away. Thus, you don’t have to be in the same room as them in order for this silencer to work effectively.

The device is small and lightweight and easily fits in the users’ hand. No prior training or dog-behaviour knowledge is needed to use it safely. Simply press the button and hold it down. For user-ease, it also comes with a wrist strap and four replaceable AAA batteries. Thanks to an LED light, you can see when the batteries need to be changed. When your pup responds positively to the device, always remember to praise them and give them a treat. This is a great device if you’re passionate about positive reinforcement training and users have commended it for its incredible results, noting that it is a truly remarkable training device for pooches.

What others say about it:

This was recommended by our daughter and we gave hers a try and the results were immediate and fantastic. From a dog with uncontrollable barking at the tv, any sound outside or when on a walk to a quiet girl. She is still not happy with noises and the sound of dogs, but she does not bark uncontrollably. Worked perfectly for us and so glad we found this device.

Read more buyer reviews at

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Best Dog Silencer: Buying Guide & FAQs

Cute barking dog not aggressive on leash

Choosing a dog silencer requires an understanding of a few basic things. While we have shared with you 9 of the best dog silencers in the market, you may want to search for your own. In doing so you may need to consider the following items before you make that decision to purchase one.

Maximum effective range

If you’re entertaining the idea of getting an electronic bark deterrent, the maximum effective range is an absolute must. It should be able to provide wide-ranging coverage. Most of the products today have a range of 50 feet, although there are some that can reach up to 200 feet possibly even more.

Sensitivity levels

These gadgets are activated by the distinct sound of a dog’s bark. As such, these should be sensitive enough to register a dog’s bark and not be accidentally set off by a loud noise in your neighborhood. For example, if your neighbor happens to have a V12 under the hood of his car, this can create a rather loud noise that can set off the device. For your dog, it will be puzzled as to why it is hearing an ultrasonic noise when it is simply resting in its bed. Thus, the device should have sensors that are specific to a dog’s bark.

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Remote control feature

Collar types of anti-bark device units are also defined by an effective range. Unfortunately, once they are out of range, you simply cannot provide a correction anymore. This is where a remote control mechanism can come into play. You might want to give this a shot if you want such a device.

Ease of use

Regardless of the type of dog barking silencer, you choose it should be fairly easy to use. It should also not require too much maintenance. If it is battery-operated, then replacing or recharging the batteries should also be simplified.

What is a Dog Silencer?

Cute beagle dog lying on the grass and barking

A dog silencer is a gadget that is composed of two fundamental parts: a sensor and an actuator. The sensor gathers auditory signals that resemble the bark of a dog. When one is registered in the sensor, it activates the actuator mechanism to produce a reaction. Depending on the type of dog silencer, the action can be in the form of an ultrasonic frequency sound that only dogs can hear. In collar types of devices, the action can be in the form of either vibrations or electrostatic shocks. Experts and most dog owners don’t recommend using the shock as a means of correction. While these may not hurt the dog, it is still classified as an example of aversion training. If a dog barks within the effective range of the gadget, it activates the device to let out a correction to get the pooch’s attention. This stops the barking. Unfortunately, we all know how adaptable dogs are. Using this every now and then can numb them from the correction.

Types of Dog Silencers

A dog wearing a bark collar in a backyard with the house in background

There are different types of dog silencers in the market. Each one comes with its own distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are some of the more common types.

Electric shock controllers

These are almost similar to your electronic dog collar that delivers a premeasured electrostatic discharge to startle your pet if it barks. As we have already said, most canine experts do not recommend the use of electric shock no matter how safe manufacturers claim it to be. These are classified as part of aversion training where the dog learns punishment and not necessarily the positive or desirable behavior.

Sound sensitive controllers

As we have mentioned above, there are devices that are sensitive to “any” kind of sound. As much as possible you need to avoid these as they will register almost every other sound, triggering a corrective action that your pooch will be so baffled as to why it is being given such a scream.

Vibration sensitive controllers

Compared to sound sensor controllers, those gadgets that come with vibration-sensitive mechanisms provide a more on-dog control of barking. Since these gadgets are made part of a pooch’s collar, whenever it barks it creates vibrations that get registered in the device’s sensors. This triggers the corrective action so that the pet will stop barking. The only problem with this technology is that it is dog-specific. If your pooch is exchanging barks with another dog, you can make your pet stop but not necessarily the other dog since it doesn’t have a vibration-sensitive controller.

If you need help finding reliable anti-bark collars, take a look at our buying guide for support and recommendations.

Ultrasonic controllers

These gadgets let out a specific acoustic frequency that only dogs will hear. The only problem with such devices is that it doesn’t take into account the changes in hearing acuities of dogs as they move across the lifespan. Puppies generally respond best to ultra-high frequency sounds while adult canines can easily respond to audible blasts. If the device has a feature that allows it to be set to the correct frequency, then it will be an excellent choice.

Lemon sprays

There are also devices that squirt a fluid that contains lemon or some other natural substances that dogs are known to be especially averse to. This is instead of delivering shocks, vibrations, or ultrasonic sounds. The only issue with these devices is that they can be quite messy since the spray can get onto your carpet, furniture, and even beddings. You will have to take care of the smell later on.

Pet tag silencers

Sadly barking is not only the noise that you may want to address. Just as your keychain can produce distracting noise inside your pocket or purse with every movement, so do the tags on your pet’s collar. This can be quite annoying especially if you have a baby who simply needs to sleep in the afternoon. This is actually not your pet’s fault because it is actually you who put the tags on its collar. As such, you can try using dog tag silencers to help organize the pet tags so they won’t be hitting each other.

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Benefits of Dog Silencers

Small brown dog lying on the bed by the girl using laptop and barking

You have to understand that dog silencers offer temporary relief from the incessant noise created by canines. It is only temporary since dogs have the uncanny ability to adapt to correction levels employed. The device may work now, but use it very often and your pooch will simply shrug it off as nothing more than a temporary distraction.

It should be remembered that, unlike us humans, canine species lack the capability to communicate in terms we really understand whatever it is they are trying to communicate. Barking, in this sense, is one of their ways of communicating to you something. It could be a threat, a longing for attention, or simply boredom. There are many reasons why canines bark. As such suppressing this instinct is often considered as not a good sign of pet ownership. What is more important is to train our canine friends when it is okay to bark.

That said, when used judiciously with sensible canine obedience training, these dog silencers can provide a variety of benefits.

Better control of your pet’s barking behavior

Use it wisely and your pet will learn when to bark and when not to. Just make sure that you understand the principles of canine obedience training so that you can optimize this particular benefit.

You’re able to sleep more peacefully at night

Most people, don’t mind a dog barking in the middle of the day. But if it is in the dead of the night, it can be a real nuisance since all you want is to be left alone in your bed without any distracting noise. Using these devices can help you secure a more peaceful and restful sleep at night.

You’re doing a great service to your community

Just as you would like to get some much-needed sleep at night or whenever you feel like it, your neighbors actually feel the same way. While you really cannot make your neighbor do the same thing to his dog, at any rate, you’re doing your part to keep the neighborhood a lot more pleasant and peaceful especially at night. You also don’t have to worry about getting complained about by your neighbors.

Improves your relationship with your pooch

It may not be evident at first but teaching your dog when and when not to bark simply strengthens the owner-pet relationship. It knows that you are there teaching it the best possible behavior of a good dog and pack member. This instills trust that dogs will value for the rest of their existence.

Dog silencers will never work if you don’t train your pet. They essentially go hand-in-hand. When choosing the right gadget for your pet’s barking, it is important to look at the various features that the product has. It is also important to understand the different types of dog silencers so you will be more confident in choosing the right one. If any, these 9 best dog silencers can get you started on the right track.


  1. Should I Use An Anti-Barking Collar To Treat My Dog’s Barking Problem?, RSPCA Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog silencers are designed to hinder only a percentage of your dog’s barking and not all of it, despite how irritating the feedback may be. The sound produced from these silencers can be piercing; thus, your dog needs to have a fully capable hearing system in place for it to be effective. That being said, puppies under one year of age are not to experience vibrations or feedback from dog silencers.

Pet owners are always advised against this because at this stage, the hearing faculties of your puppies are now developing. Dog silencers are well suited for older, more mature dogs who have fully developed hearing systems in place to withstand the high frequencies. We advise that pet owners consult their veterinarians before attempting to use a silencer on their puppies.

The level of effectiveness of a dog silencer is exceptionally high, as it most often comes with varying degrees of frequency. This device features a high-pitched sound, meant to penetrate easily through a myriad of materials to get to your pet. The level of permeability, however, is limited to specific materials, and users of the device must note this. Traditionally, a dog silencer is not designed to penetrate solid objects such as walls, fences, windows, and shrubs. This means that you cannot use this device within a fully enclosed space, as your canine will not receive the frequency if it’s located in a different area.

There are different kinds of dog silencers on the market concerning battery usage. Some models are rechargeable; thus, there is no need for constant purchasing of batteries. The other model of dog silencers uses changeable batteries which often operate for up to a week before they must be changed. The need to change your batteries is primarily dependent on how often you use your device for training. If you train your dog a lot, you will have to change it every week, but as the training sessions reduce, your batteries may last longer, with a lifespan of two to four weeks. Another determinant of battery lifespan is the weather, regularity of device activation, and battery quality.

The frequencies produced by dog silencers are uniquely designed to attract their attention only; thus, it is highly unlikely that other pets will be affected. There are some ranges; however, that may be detected by nearby cats; therefore, knowing the frequency to operate with is critical.

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