9 Best Dog Silencers To Help Train Your Canine (2019)

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Dog silencers are fantastic tools to get your dog’s or your neighbour’s pooch’s attention to stop it from barking or from creating any unwanted noise. It is one of those gadgets that you can use, as its name implies, to ‘silence’ a dog or its tag, albeit not permanently of course. In this guide we share what our research has shown to be the nine best dog silencers today.

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Best Dog Silencers
best choice bark collar

Bark Collar by Casfuy

premium pick dog silencer

Sonic Bird House Bark Control by Dogtek

affordable dog silencer

ThunderCover Dog Tag Silencer by ThunderShirt

Dog Silencer Buying Guide

Choosing a dig silencer requires an understanding of a few basic things. While we have shared with you 9 of the best dog silencers in the market, you may want to search for your own. In doing so you may need to consider the following items before you make that decision to purchase one.

  • Maximum effective range

If you’re entertaining the idea of getting an electronic bark deterrent, the maximum effective range is an absolute must. It should be able to provide a wide-ranging coverage. Most of the products today have a range of 50 feet, although there are some that can reach up to 200 feet possibly even more.

  • Sensitivity levels 

These gadgets are activated by the distinct sound of a dog’s bark. As such, these should be sensitive enough to register a dog’s bark and not be accidentally set off by a loud noise in your neighborhood. For example, if your neighbor happens to have a V12 under the hood of his car, this can create a rather loud noise that can set off the device. For your dog, it will be puzzled as to why it is hearing an ultrasonic noise when it is simply resting in its bed. Thus, the device should have sensors that are specific to a dog’s bark.

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  • Remote control feature 

Collar types of anti bark device units are also defined by an effective range. Unfortunately, once they are out of range, you simply cannot provide a correction anymore. This is where a remote control mechanism can come into play. You might want to give this a shot if you want such a device.

  • Ease of use 

Regardless of the type of dog barking silencer you choose it should be fairly easy to use. It should also not require too much maintenance. If it is battery-operated, then replacing or recharging the batteries should also be simplified.

dog silencerWhat is a Dog Silencer?

A dog silencer is a gadget that is composed of two fundamental parts: a sensor and an actuator. The sensor gathers auditory signals that resemble the bark of a dog. When one is registered in the sensor, it activates the actuator mechanism to produce a reaction. Depending on the type of dog silencer, the action can be in the form of an ultrasonic frequency sound that only dogs can hear. In collar types of devices, the action can be in the form of either vibrations or electrostatic shocks. Experts and most dog owners don’t recommend using the shock as a means of correction. While these may not hurt the dog, it is still classified as an example of aversion training. If a dog barks within the effective range of the gadget, it activates the device to let out a correction to get the pooch’s attention. This stops the barking. Unfortunately, we all know how adaptable dogs are. Using this every now and then can numb them from the correction.  

Types of Dog Silencers

There are different types of dog silencers in the market. Each one comes with its own distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are some of the more common types.

  • Electric shock controllers

These are almost similar to your electronic dog collar that delivers a premeasured electrostatic discharge to startle your pet if it barks. As we have already said, most canine experts do not recommend the use of electric shock no matter how safe manufacturers claim it to be. These are classified as part of aversion training where the dog learns punishment and not necessarily the positive or desirable behavior.

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  • Sound sensitive controllers 

As we have mentioned above, there are devices that are sensitive to “any” kind of sound. As much as possible you need to avoid these as they will register almost every other sound, triggering a corrective action that your pooch will be so baffled as to why it is being given such a scream.

  • Vibration sensitive controllers 

Compared to sound sensor controllers, those gadgets that come with vibration sensitive mechanisms provide a more on-dog control of barking. Since these gadgets are made part of a pooch’s collar, whenever it barks it creates vibrations that get registered in the device’s sensors. This triggers the corrective action so that the pet will stop barking. The only problem with this technology is that it is dog-specific. If your pooch is exchanging barks with another dog, you can make your pet stop but not necessarily the other dog since it doesn’t have a vibration sensitive controller.

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  • Ultrasonic controllers 

These gadgets let out a specific acoustic frequency that only dogs will hear. The only problem with such devices is that it doesn’t take into account the changes in hearing acuities of dogs as they move across the lifespan. Puppies generally respond best to ultra-high frequency sounds while adult canines can easily respond to audible blasts. If the device has a feature that allows it to be set to the correct frequency, then it will be an excellent choice.

  • Lemon sprays 

There are also devices that squirt a fluid that contains lemon or some other natural substances that dogs are known to be especially averse to. This is instead of delivering shocks, vibrations, or ultrasonic sounds. The only issue with these devices is that it can be quite messy since the spray can get onto your carpet, furniture, and even beddings. You will have to take care of the smell later on.

  • Pet tag silencers 

Sadly barking is not only the noise that you may want to address. Just as your keychain can produce distracting noise inside your pocket or purse with every movement, so do the tags on your pet’s collar. This can be quite annoying especially if you have a baby who simply needs to sleep in the afternoon. This is actually not your pet’s fault because it is actually you who put the tags on its collar. As such, you can try using dog tag silencers to help organize the pet tags so they won’t be hitting each other. 

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silencer for dogsBenefits of Dog Silencers

You have to understand that dog silencers offer temporary relief to the incessant noise created by canines. It is only temporary since dogs have the uncanny ability to adapt to correction levels employed. The device may work now, but use it very often and your pooch will simply shrug it off as nothing more than a temporary distraction.

It should be remembered that, unlike us humans, canine species lack the capability to communicate in terms we really understand whatever it is they are trying to communicate. Barking, in this sense, is one of their ways of communicating to you something. It could be a threat, a longing for attention, or simply boredom. There are many reasons why canines bark. As such suppressing this instinct is often considered as not a good sign of pet ownership. What is more important is to train our canine friends when it is okay to bark.

That said, when used judiciously with sensible canine obedience training, these dog silencers can provide a variety of benefits.

  • Better control of your pet’s barking behavior 

Use it wisely and your pet will learn when to bark and when not to. Just make sure that you understand the principles of canine obedience training so that you can optimize this particular benefit.

  • You’re able to sleep more peacefully at night 

For most people, they don’t mind a dog barking in the middle of the day. But if it is in the dead of the night, it can be a real nuisance since all you want is to be left alone in your bed without any distracting noise. Using these devices can help you secure a more peaceful and restful sleep at night.

  • You’re doing a great service to your community 

Just as you would like to get some much-needed sleep at night or whenever you feel like it, your neighbors actually feel the same way. While you really cannot make your neighbor to do the same thing to his dog, at any rate, you’re doing your part to keep the neighborhood a lot more pleasant and peaceful especially at night. You also don’t have to worry about getting complained of by your neighbors.

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  • Improves your relationship with your pooch 

It may not be evident at first but teaching your dog when and when not to bark simply strengthens the owner-pet relationship. It knows that you are there teaching it the best possible behavior of a good dog and pack member. This instills trust that dogs will value for the rest of their existence.

Dog silencers will never work if you don’t train your pet. They essentially go hand-in-hand. When choosing the right gadget for your pet’s barking, it is important to look at the various features that the product has. It is also important to understand the different types of dog silencers so you will be more confident in choosing the right one. If any, these 9 best dog silencers can get you started on the right track.

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