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Cats are one of the earliest animals that have been domesticated by man. In fact, in many ancient civilizations such as Egypt, cats are venerated. We don’t really need to worship them today. However, we do need to provide them with the best possible care. To help us in caring for our feline friends, it is a must that we understand the unique behavior of these pets as they provide the basis for the selection of the most appropriate products for them. From toys to beds, carriers, litter boxes, and water fountains, as well as many others, these products are carefully selected based on how well these are able to help cats realize their being. We know for a fact that cats are unlike any other pet. Our understanding of their unique behaviors and temperaments allow us to formulate more or less representative screening parameters. Only those products that meet these initial screening criteria will go through the succeeding steps of thorough research and evaluation. Obviously, considering the manufacturer’s reputation is also needed as there are those who really strive for quality and safety. Choosing the best products for cats thus, entail a very meticulous process that starts with an understanding of our cats.

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