things cats hate - what to avoid doing

Things Cats Hate: What to Avoid Doing

If someone does something we don’t like, our reaction is simple: we tell him or her to stop. Cats don’t have that luxury, though. Of course, they will probably do their best to run away from the situation, but it is better to avoid doing something that your pet hates to begin with! After all, while cats may be cute, playful and relatively low maintenance, they are also very specific creatures – they know what they like and they know what they don’t like. With that in mind, read on to discover more about cats’ pet peeves.

things cats hate


There is only one place to begin, and this is with change. Cats don’t like new environments. This is something you will quickly realize if you move home. Once you relocate, don’t be surprised if your cat starts to sniff every corner of your new house, rubbing its face into them. They have a need to check out every change or every part of a new territory. It is important to let your cat explore any type of change at his or her own pace.

Being Stared at

If you have ever tried having a staring competition with your cat before, you will have probably noticed that it did not go down very well. Cats don’t like this because it is a sign of dominance, and they certainly don’t like being dominated. They will either react by showing their annoyance or by displaying fear.

Low Temperatures

It’s fair to say that cats are certainly not fans of the winter. They like it warm. Ice and snow are, in fact, harmful, as a cat’s coat is not designed to protect it from the cold. On the contrary, it is for protection against extreme heat, as cats have extremely delicate skin.

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Certain Smells

There are a number of different smells that cats do not like. This includes eucalyptus, as well as certain plants. Plants that are on the blacklist include lemon, thyme, geranium, and lavender. Aside from this, other smells that cats dislike include soaps and deodorants, pepper, pine, banana, and citrus scents. Also, just because your cat likes to eat fish does not mean that he or she likes the smell of it once it has gone off. Just like humans, cats do not like anything out of date. Once they have finished eating fish, don’t leave it sitting there, and never try to serve them something that has gone out of date. Not only will they dislike it, but also you could end up making your cat ill. Moreover, needless to say, cats certainly do not like the smell of a dirty litter box. You wouldn’t want to go near a bad-smelling bathroom, would you? Well, the same applies to cats. They do not want to go near a dirty litter box either.


Have you ever noticed that most cats seem to frantically run away and hide whenever they hear a car pulling up? The same sort of reaction happens if there are footsteps on the deck or a knock on the door! Most cats just don’t like other people or other felines, as you will discover more about later in the post.

Taking Medication

No cat likes having liquid antibiotics or pills thrust down their throat. Luckily, you can now get medications that can easily be disguised in their food. Whether this is the case or not, giving your cat the medication it needs cannot be skipped.

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Too Much Attention / Not Enough Attention

Having a cat is like being in a difficult relationship. If you don’t give them enough attention, they’ll get an attitude. If you give them too much attention, you will be deemed clingy. Cats only want a certain amount of attention. They are not like dogs – they will lap up every bit of attention you will give them. If you follow your cat around, pick them up all of the time, and force them to endure endless amounts of petting, they are not going to thank you for it. So, how do you know when to give your cat attention? Don’t force it. If they want a bit of love, they will let you know, either by rubbing your leg or meowing incessantly. On the other hand, if cats are left alone for too long, they can suffer from separation anxiety, so it really is important to get this difficult balance right. If you neglect to show your cat any love, this can result in accidents outside of the litter box as well as destructive behavior.

Other Cats in Their Territory

If there is one thing that cats are, it is territorial. Unless it is a housemate or a relative, cats aren’t a friendly bunch. They don’t really like being in the company of other felines. This is when their territorial nature and animal instincts start to kick in. They see other cats as their competition – their competition for attention, treats, and food. As naturally solitary creatures, they don’t take kindly to another feline coming into their territory.

Nail Cutting

In most cases, cats will resist their owners’ attempt to trim their nails. However, if you have gotten your pet used to the trim from a young age, you may be one of the lucky ones that have a cat that tolerates this.

Stale Food

You are probably thinking, well, who likes stale food anyway? However, if you have ever had a dog, you will know that they eat anything! Cats are fussier. They will turn their nose up at food that has been sat there for too long. If you are feeding your cat the right amount of cat food every day, there should not be this problem, as there won’t be anything left in their bowl when you feed them. Try reducing their portion size and see if it makes any difference. Either way, make sure any leftovers are chucked away after around 30 minutes. You should also make sure their next meal smells fresh by giving the bowl a good scrubbing before serving up their food.

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Aggressive Petting

Cats are big softies really, even though they like to pretend to be rough and tumble predators. If you pet your cat too aggressively or too hard, you are going to cause your cat to get agitated and it will probably come at you with its claws. This is because a fight response is triggered within your cat because the harsh petting has over-stimulated it. Be gentle at all times!

Getting Brushed

Brushing a cat can be a difficult task. While some cats may tolerate being brushed, especially if you have trained them from a young age, there are those who will attempt to flee whenever you come near them with a brush in your hands. Remember what we said: cats are very particular about what they do and do not like.

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cat hates another cat on her teritory

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Loud Noises

Another thing that cats dislike is loud noises. Of course, some loud noises are simply unavoidable. Nevertheless, a loud noise can make your pet feel like he or she is in danger. Be it a loud party, a honking car horn, or a firework, your cat is likely to bolt if there is an audible noise about. In fact, sometimes all it takes for your cat to get spooked is a sneeze.

Tummy Rubs

When it comes to belly rubs, dogs and cats are at completely different ends of the scale. While dogs love nothing more than having their bellies rubbed, cats hate it! This is because their predatory instincts kick in and they feel vulnerable. You will often see a cat get defensive if you start to rub their belly. Don’t be surprised if your cat starts to attack your hand. If you want to avoid a few painful scratches, you would be better off staying away from their stomach altogether.


You’re probably already aware of this one! After all, cats just hate getting wet. Luckily, they do a pretty good job of grooming themselves, so you don’t have to worry about bathing them like you do with dogs.

Car Journeys

Last but not least, if there is one thing that most cats hate, it is going on a car journey. Cats are creatures of habit, and so they hate when any type of change takes place. They like to have their own routine and their own territory. However, it is not just the change of scenery that cats struggle with. They are also prone to motion sickness, and the anxiety of the whole experience may be a reason alone for them to throw up.

So there you have it: some of the most common things that cats hate. If you can avoid the different things that have been mentioned above, you can ensure that your cat has a pleasant life and that you don’t end up annoying it without realizing.

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