The Best Cat Litter For Kittens (Review) in 2021

Last Updated December 4, 2020

With their large and piercing blue eyes, inquisitive nature, and gentle purrs, it’s not a wonder kittens are such popular family pets. Our nurturing instincts are brought out by their sleepy and sensitive character. But however much we love and adore them, so many of these adorable fur balls seems to harbour a strong dislike to doing their business where they should: a litter tray!

So, how can you gently coax your kitten into using their litter box in order to protect your carpets from all sorts of messes? The answer to all your litter box problems lies within our handy guide. We’ve compiled ten of the top litters specifically designed for kittens’ needs in the hope that you’ll find the product suitable for your pet-friendly household.

The Best Cat Litter For Kitten


Made from the fibrous and renewable material of the walnut shell, Naturally Fresh’s cat litter is regarded as an advancement in the world of cat litter. These non-GMO walnut shells contain no harmful ingredients but neutralize odors just as successfully as traditional cat litter.

If you believe that this product couldn’t get any better, just wait until we tell you that Naturally Fresh’s biodegradable cat litter is manufactured in a 100% solar powered plant, too. The company couldn’t be more serious about protecting your kittens as well as the environment through sustainably producing their reputable, non-toxic litter.

100% biodegradable cat litter made from walnut shells

Made from the fibrous material of walnut shells

Absorbs three times better than normal clay, pine, or corn-based litters

Litter is low-tracking

  • Brand: Naturally Fresh
  • Model: 22007
  • Weight: 13.92 pounds


If you’re an environmentally conscious individual and are looking to change your cat litter, Yesterday’s News’ cat litter is an incredibly sustainable choice. Made out of recycled paper, the company exhibit their strong values through securing and maintaining partnerships with environmentally conscious suppliers and running paper-collection programs in local communities.

As Yesterday’s News’ cat litter is non-clumping, kittens won’t wreak havoc on their insides by accidentally swallowing a piece. In fact, it’s likely that you won’t even notice that your kitten was in their litter tray by virtue of the low-tracking formula that keeps this litter inside the tray at all times. For such a low price, you just cannot beat this environmentally friendly cat litter alternative.

Recycled paper means this formula is exactly 99.7% dust-free

Gentle paper pellets are soft on kittens’ delicate paws

Yesterday’s News partner with environmentally conscious suppliers

Recommended by veterinarians across the US

  • Brand: Yesterday’s News
  • Model: 00047557210063
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds


Do you own a problem cat who hasn’t grown out of thinking that their litter box is optional? Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract litter is bound to be the solution for you. Blended with a natural herbal scent that entices cats back to the litter box, your cat will be sure to return due to the comfortable texture and optimal particle size.

The medium-sized grey clay minimizes litter tracking around your home, so say goodbye to vacuuming every single evening and hello to your comfortable sofa! And once you’re comfortable, you won’t take any deep breaths to be met with a mouthful of dust and smelly cat odor but rather the calming herbal scent that will make your home smell delightful.

Hard clumping litter is easy to scoop up

Entire litter box only requires replacing once a month

Suitable for difficult cats as well as kittens

Company offer a money-back guarantee

  • Brand: Dr. Elsey’s
  • Model: 47185
  • Weight: 40 pounds


Fresh Step’s clumping clay cat litter contains a subtle Mountain Spring fragrance that covers smelly litter boxes with ease. Impressively enough, the fragrance is paw-activated, meaning that the occasions when it’s most required are when it’s the strongest.

This cat litter’s ClumpLock technology facilitates natural clumping, thereby helping pet owners scoop up waste quickly and easily. Plus, changing the litter won’t generate the same unbelievable amount of dust you most likely experienced with lesser cat litters in the last – Fresh Steps guarantee that their clumping cat litter is 99.9% dust free.

Ammonia Block Technology ensures your home is odor free for ten days

Natural Mountain Spring fragrance is paw-activated

ClumpLock technology means owners deal with waste for less time

Recommended by cat behaviorists

  • Brand: Fresh Step
  • Model: 4334692629
  • Weight: 14 pounds


“Smell less, clean less, buy less” is World’s Best’s motto; and we can certainly see why thanks to their unscented clumping cat litter for kittens. Regarding odor control, this all natural litter contains no harmful chemicals or artificial perfumes within it and breaks down all litter tray odors naturally with all-natural plant materials.

Made from whole kernel corn, this type of clumping litter lasts so much longer than conventional litters, meaning that you’ll buy less and save money overall. In fact, World’s Best claim that for four cats, a bag of this clumping cat litter won’t have to be replaced for thirty-three days plus, whereas a two-cat household can survive on the same bag for sixty-seven days or more.

Septic-safe cat litter available in four different sizes

Unscented World’s Best cat litter lasts two times longer than other brands

Long-lasting litter is suitable for multiple cats

Litter can be flushed, as it’s proven safe for sewer systems

  • Brand: World’s Best
  • Model: WB00612
  • Weight: 28 pounds


Combining baking soda, corn, and plant extracts together to create odor control you’ve only dreamed to be possible, Arm and Hammer’s clumping litter is the answer to your kitty litter problems. In fact, you’ll notice the difference in quality in comparison to lesser litters as soon as you pick it up from the store, as a bag of Arm and Hammer’s litter conveniently weighs 50% less than clay litter.

This litter for kittens is designed to tolerate multiple cats and kittens at once and stands apart from the others due to its natural clumping action. Plus, given that automatic litter boxes work well with high-quality clumping litter such as Arm and Hammer’s, delighted customers have reported that it works like a charm when paired with a litter box.

Combines baking soda, corn, and plant extracts to facilitate optimal odor control

Arm and Hammer’s odor is light to carry and pour

Hard clumping guaranteed thanks to the inclusion of a plant-based clumping agent

Made from 100% natural corn fibers

  • Brand: ARM & HAMMER
  • Model: 033200020189
  • Weight: 18 pounds


Another kind of Dr Elsey’s fantastic cat litter has caught our eye and made it ono our top ten list; their Kitten Attract clumping clay cat litter. Although this litter sells for half the price compared to our premium pick, it’s just as irresistible. Engineered with a kitten-specific natural herbal attractant and texture, the company have designed their “Kitten Attract” especially for kittens between eight weeks to one year old.

Even the texture and granule size of the soft, clay pellets were designed specifically for cushioning kittens’ delicate paws. What’s more, Dr Elsey don’t want to see any pet parent out of pocket, which is exactly why they’ve placed a money-back guarantee on their kitten-safe litter. Although unsurprisingly, the company don’t find that many owners return their exceptional kitten clumping litter!

Kitten litter size is shaped to protect kittens’ delicate paws

Works well in mechanical and sifting litter boxes

Natural herbal attractant is designed specifically for kittens

Superior odor control works to cover multiple cats’ smells

  • Brand: Dr. Elsey’s
  • Model: 003015
  • Weight: 20 pounds


Tofu cat litter certainly hasn’t been sitting on the shelves of pet stores for long, but it’s kicking up quite a buzz amongst cat owners everywhere. And for good reason, too; offering unbeatable odor control, Petnf’s Tofu litter absorbs waste in as little as 1.5 seconds, sucking up odor at the same time.

The fine particles measuring two millimetres are formulated specifically for a kitten’s tiny paws. Another major perk Petnf’s cat litter offers is instead of having to trail smelly litter out to your trash bin in the dark, Petnf’s tofu litter is that biodegradable that it can simply be flushed down the toilet.

Natural cat litter made from multiple environmentally friendly ingredients

Kitty litter guaranteed to absorb waste in 1.5 seconds

Fine particles are ideal for protecting kitten’s small paws

Biodegradable formula allows tofu cat litter to be flushed down the toilet

  • Brand: PETNF
  • Weight: 10.25 pounds


Wanting to know once and for all whether lightweight litter is any better for tracking than regular litters? Fresh Step’s lightweight litter is regarded to be one of the best litter for kittens out there for this very reason. The all-natural charcoal in this clumping litter activates upon contact, immediately locking in smelly liquid before it stinks out your home space.

With Fresh Step’s unscented clay litter, you’re guaranteed ten days of odor control without any chance for nasty bacteria to grow on the litter, thereby promoting a nasty stench throughout your house. Free from any added fragrances and dyes, no wonder Fresh Step’s clumping litter is recommended by vets for kittens everywhere.

Activated charcoal included in Fresh Step’s formula is all-natural

Fresh Step’s kitty litter deemed to be 30% lighter compared to other brands

Ammonia Block Technology keeps nasty kitten odors contained

  • Brand: Fresh Step
  • Model: 17544
  • Weight: 9.4 pounds


As our final best cat litter for kittens, we’ve decided not to review a complete kitten litter after all, but Dr Elsey’s litter attractant. This 100% bio-degradable formula entices kittens and troublesome cats towards their litter box rather than deciding to carry out their business on your lovely cream carpet!

Compatible with premium clumping clay litter only, Dr Elsey’s attractant can be used in a litter box and contains zero perfumed deodorants or chemicals either. Although we understand that you may be skeptical of what’s often known as Dr Elsey’s “magic formula”, why not try it out to see for yourself? We doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Corrects inappropriate elimination in adult cats and trains kittens

Biodegradable attractant facilitates natural clumping

Attractant is compatible with any clap or clumping litter

  • Brand: Dr Elsey’s
  • Model: 920
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds

Best Cat Litter For Kittens Buying Guide & FAQ

How to Select The Perfect Litter for Your Kitten

Feeling defeated by the sheer amount of cat litter for kittens available to buy, each bag offering different features? Not to worry. We’ve garnered three questions to point you in the right direction when shopping for the kitty litter for your feline.

Is the litter you’ve got your eye on compatible with a litter box? Low-dust and low-tracking premium litter work best with litter boxes (that’s all the kitten litters reviewed in our product selection, by the way). Low-quality litter won’t work nearly as well – if at all.

What size are the pellets? Cat paws are exceptionally sensitive. Containing an abundance of nerve receptors, felines are even able to feel vibrations through their paw pads that help them hunt for prey nearby. However, cats paws’ enhanced sensitivity, unfortunately, means that they’re extraordinarily tender when in contact with high temperatures, pain, and pressure. That’s why your cat will certainly appreciate it if you buy them litter that feels soft on their paws, thereby encouraging them to use their litter tray more often.

Is the litter you’ve chosen scented?: Cats are known for their pernickety nature and tend not to take kindly to strong scents. To this end, many cats and kittens alike will instantly turn their noses up at scented litter. If you believe that your no-nonsense cat may be one of these fussy felines, it’s best to stay on their good side and invest in a non-scented kitten litter that suits them.

Tips for Training Your Kitten to Use the Litter Box

Thankfully, most kittens will want to eliminate in litter as loose granule substrates are more appealing for them to urinate on than other surfaces. However, to avoid any nasty accidents, it’s still important to teach them where to do their business as soon as they’re welcomed into their new home.

Introduce them to the room that the litter box lives in: Ensuring that your kitten and litter box become acquainted upon your kitten’s arrival shows them that this room is an important place that they’re safe in. Once your kitten has ventured into this room, close the door and encourage them to pick up scents they can associate with this space.

Become perceptive of your kitten’s behavioral tendencies: Although some kittens take to their litter box like a fish takes to water, others take a while to figure everything out. Therefore, becoming used to the behaviors that your kitten exhibits when they need to go is vital for protecting your carpets! If you notice your cat start to sniff, circle, paw at the floor, or frantically look around the room for a secluded space, gently pick them up and place them in their litter box to jog their memory of how to get there – and, importantly, to save your carpet!

Never punish your kitten if they don’t succeed in reaching their litter tray: As always, positive reinforcement is the only way to train your kitten to successfully do their business in their cat litter box. Any form of negative reinforcement will only discourage them further from using their litter tray.

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Kitten at Home

Best Kitten Litter FAQ:

Q: Do kittens really need special litter?

A: Just like human babies, kittens enjoy discovering the feel of items with their mouths. Therefore, any cat litter containing toxic chemicals or fragrances wouldn’t be good for a kitten’s delicate intestinal system if swallowed. Therefore, yes – kittens require litter that has been designed with the utmost care to suit their dainty paws and bodily sensitivity for their young age.

Q: What kind of litter is the best for kittens?

A: Over at My Pet Needs That, we believe that the world is natural and biodegradable litter is ripe with promise. From walnut shells like Naturally Fresh’s litter to wheat, there are so many to choose from. A major benefit is that this type of litter is sustainable and environmentally friendly, too. If your kitten ages under four months, however, stay away from natural and biodegradable clumping litter. We’ll explain why below.

Q: Is clumping litter dangerous for kittens?

A: Although kittens who age over four months can tolerate clumping litter, experts believe that younger kittens should use a softer litter over traditionally sharp litter pellets. As kittens are inquisitive creatures who are always searching for a new place to explore or an object to eat, they are known for taking a fancy to clumping cat litter when it becomes stuck on their paws – after all, it takes kittens a while to figure how to groom themselves properly. Upon ingesting, clumping litter pieces are large enough to cause intestinal distress or blockages in small kittens. This is largely due to clumping litter’s inclusion of sodium bentonite that is reputed to expand up to eighteen times larger than its original size with moisture.

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