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The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs (Review) in 2020

Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set by Lobeve

Lobeve Dog Toys Gift Set

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

Pet Blanket for Dogs by RZA

RZA Pet Blanket for Dogs

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Jarrett Gilpin
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Christmas conjures images of gift-giving. And since our dogs have become important members of our families, they do deserve to receive the best Christmas presents for dogs in 2019. In case you’re wondering what holiday gift to present to your beloved pooch, allow us to help you decide by starting off with this list of the 10 most adorable, most useful, and most appealing Christmas presents you could ever give to your pet dog.

The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs


Kids all over the world want the best toys they can get on Christmas Day. Even Santa prepares his long list of gifts centered on kiddie toys. So, why not give your pooch a complete set of toys to keep it happy and contented the whole year round? That’s what Lobeve’s Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set aims to accomplish. These dog Christmas present ideas are as symbolic as the toys for children.

We all know how doggie toys can play a role in their well-being. The Lobeve gift pack comes with interactive toys and squeaky toys to help stimulate their curiosity and sharpen their intelligence. It also features rope toys, Frisbee toys, and even toy balls to help in their having fun and the continuing development of their physical skills. Of course, there are also rope toys that allow pooches to play tug as well as chew toys which help satisfy their need to chew on things while also improving their dental health. With the Lobeve pack, you can look ahead to a more satisfying year for you and your pooch.

10 different dog toys

Includes interactive toys, rope toys, chew toys, dog toy balls, squeaky toys

Meticulously designed for optimum canine wellbeing

  • Brand: LOBEVE
  • Weight: 1.96 pounds


Dog chews may hardly be considered as great Christmas gifts for dogs. However, knowing how important oral and dental health is, maybe it’s time to give them a treat that they can truly appreciate. The Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog Stocking is a fantastic gift set that comes with premium quality rawhide to promote canine dental health.

It also comes with candy cane shaped chew toys to augment the very rewarding experience of having to chew on an excellent quality rawhide. The other good thing is that the Ranch Rewards gift set actually comes in various presentations of rawhides such as the classic bone shape and cookies. At least, you can help your pooch indulge in something it has been raring to do all year round.

Premium rawhide dog chew

Additional candy cane-shaped dog chews

Comes with Christmas stocking package

  • Brand: Ranch Rewards
  • Model: RR309 18
  • Weight: 13.1 ounces


These dog collars from Blueberry Pet may only be designed for the holidays but we honestly think they’re so adorable that they can make for a great all-year round collar. However, you may want to remove the bow tie attachment to help make it as a non-Christmas dog collar.

As Christmas presents for pets, these Blueberry Pet dog collars can really usher in the merry mood of the holidays, thanks to the use of really vibrant colors in combination with the iconic characters and icons of Christmas. As the name suggest, there are actually 14 different patterns to choose from. Get all 14 and you can make your own 14, not 12, days before Christmas countdown.

Christmas holiday-themed design

Complete with bow tie attachment

With polyester webbing

Gold-coated metal D-ring

  • Brand: Blueberry Pet
  • Model: DCL104RDM
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


Everyone loves cookies. Even our pooches would definitely want to have a taste of these delectable goodies. You can always bake your own canine cookie goodies but considering that you might not know the ingredients that are great for your dog, the Miles Kimball’s Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies should be a great treat.

These dog Christmas gift ideas contain 50 of the most delicious, pet-safe baked goodies made of human-grade ingredients. Our only lament is that there really is no indication what kind of ingredients is included in the making of such goodies. One thing we can be sure of, though, is that these are freshly baked and are immediately shipped upon your order. That being said, it does have its own expiration date so you’d have to take note of it.

Features 50 different cookie treats

Made of human-grade ingredients

Comes in a lovely gift packaging

  • Brand: Miles Kimball
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces


Does your pet shed a lot? Well, you can get it a deshedding brush that effectively removes loose fur. However we’ve found a much better solution and one that will free you from having to focus on your pet’s shedding. The RZA Pet Blanket is one of those dog Christmas present ideas that is simple yet truly functional. Made of 100% fleece, this 60 by 39 inch blanket is primarily designed to cover and protect your couch, sofa, carpet, or even bed from your dog’s excessive shedding.

Like magnets, the fabric attracts the loosened hair so your furniture and upholstery will remain pet hair-free. The good thing is the the RZA is also soft and comfy your pet canine won’t have qualms lying and resting on it. It comes in a beautiful paw print design, too. So, go on ahead and treat your pooch to a warm and cozy blanket while protecting your upholstery and carpet this holiday season.

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Made of comfortable, soft, and warm fleece

Fully machine washable

Versatile application

  • Brand: RZA
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces


First and foremost, the ZippyPaws Holiday Chimney Burrow Squeaky Plush Hide and Seek is an amazing dog toy. However, these funny dog gifts have another purpose for their being: to help stimulate the curiosity of your canine pet and enhance its intelligence and trainability. Made of pet-safe materials, the Chimney Burrow comes with two plush reindeers that happen to accompany an equally plush Santa as he attempts to enter a house by scaling down the chimney.

It’s a whimsical interpretation of the classic Santa arrival in homes during Christmas Eve. The thing is that you can place Santa and the reindeers through the chimney to stimulate your dog’s natural tendency to hunt or search for things. These can really be great puppy Christmas gifts since early puppy training is more effective than starting them as adults.

Interactive puzzle design

Made of dog-safe materials

Ideal for medium and small dog breeds

  • Brand: ZippyPaws
  • Model: ZP112
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Next year you no longer have to worry about your dog becoming bored while you’re away. Simply get this amazing Christmas present for pets from Furbo and you can wirelessly control the dispensing and tossing of doggie treats to your dog regardless of where you are. The Furbo is a piece of technology that integrates state-of-the-art imaging with wireless connectivity for optimum control. It’s more like a smart camera that comes with a 160-degree wide angle view in 1080p full HD video resolution.

It also comes with night vision capabilities and a 2-way speaker system that is made even more sophisticated by an advanced bark detection system. Once it detects bark from your dog, it sends notifications to your mobile device through the Furbo app where you can view and connect with the camera, speak through the speaker system, and dispense a treat to calm down your canine pet. It may not really be an exclusive Christmas gift for dogs but it surely can make your life and that of your pet a lot easier when you’re apart. 

160-degree wide angle full HD 1080p camera

With night vision capabilities

With eco-friendly bamboo wood cover

With fully integrated bark sensor, microphone, and speaker

Works with Alexa

Wireless control of treat-tossing mechanism via mobile device apps

Easy to set up

  • Brand: Furbo
  • Model: 001-01WHTOA-1
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds


Giving Pedigree’s Dentastix as Christmas presents for pets is perhaps one of the most thoughtful things you could ever do for your pooch. This is because the relationship between their general wellbeing and the state of their dental health is undoubtedly strong.

Dentastix are no ordinary dental chews, however, as each X-shaped chew contains proteins, fats, moisture, and fiber to provide additional nutrition to your pet dog while cleaning its teeth of plaque and tartar. This is especially helpful during the holidays as your pooch will also be getting a lot of doggie treats from almost every other member of your family. Your canine friend should have an excellent system of keeping its dentition healthy throughout the season and the whole year.

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With triple action formulation

X-shaped doggie dental chews

Contains a minimum of 8% and 1% protein and fat, respectively

Contains a maximum of 18% moisture and 4.5% fiber

Available in 5 delicious flavors

  • Brand: Pedigree
  • Model: 10162393
  • Weight: 1.72 pounds


Dogs are predators. Even though they may look like very docile creatures, their predatory drive is still very much ingrained in their genes. That is why getting the Outward Hound Holiday Hedgehog Squeaking Plush Toy makes for useful albeit funny dog gifts this Christmas.

The furry noisemaker will help drum up the curiosity in your dog, enabling it to use its brain determining how best to play with the plush hedgehog. Not to worry since this plush toy is made of pet-safe materials so even if your canine friend decides to chew on it, it should still be safe. The Outward Hedgehog is a great toy, giving your pet hound endless fun.

Made of soft yet super-durable materials

With built-in squeaker

  • Brand: Outward
  • Model: 18632111
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


While the Sub-Gift Christmas Stocking for Dogs only comes with a handful of doggie toys compared to the Lobeve Gift Pack, it nevertheless makes for a great gift for members of the canine family in your household.

The Christmas stocking contains a few toys like squeaky playthings, a toy ball, and even a knotted rope made of green and white cotton fibers. At any rate, it should make the holiday season a lot more meaningful for your furry 4-legged friend. 

Includes a variety of pet-safe doggie toys

Packaged in iconic Christmas stocking

  • Brand: Sub-Gift
  • Model: KL14777
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Best Dog Christmas Presents Buying Guide & FAQ

By now you should already have your Christmas gift list. And if you are mulling the idea of giving something to your pooch, then you’ve come to the right place. We already gave you 10 of the best rated canine products to give as Christmas gifts for dogs. And if there is none that aroused your interest, then read on as we will help you explore the many gift options for your pooch.

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Dog laying under christmas tree with presents

What Should You Get Your Dog for Christmas?

Playing the role of Santa Claus to your pet pooch this Christmas is a very noble deed. Not everyone goes out of their way to look for interesting, fashionable, and very useful presents that will show their pets just how much they treasure the company they have given their family through the years. You can never really question the loyalty and companionship that your dog brings. It doesn’t question your motives and will never complain even though it is on the receiving end of a bitter punishment. When it is sick, it won’t beg you to bring it to the veterinary clinic. Instead, it will attempt to weather the storm on its own. They love you with all their heart. It’s time to show them just how much you appreciate them and their love for you and your family.

Here are some of the things that you can get your dog this Christmas. Understand that these are general categories of stuffs that you can get for your pooch. Some of these you may already be giving all year round. You can thus, give them something that will truly up the ante.

  • Doggie toys 

Just like kids on Christmas Day, dogs, too will love doggie toys. And there is quite an ocean to choose from. However, it is imperative that you choose only those that can provide your dog not only fun and excitement but also intellectual and mental stimulation. Just as kids can benefit from puzzle toys, so do dogs as their natural tendency to hunt can be harnessed and be put to the test. Sharpening their mental skills and intelligence can help in ensuring more successful and more effective canine obedience training.

It is equally important to choose doggie playthings that are safe and free from components that might endanger their wellbeing. Steer clear of toys and playthings that are infused with harmful chemicals and other toxic substances that can undermine your dog’s health. You also need to steer clear of doggie toys that come with small parts that can be easily detached and risk choking your dog. You may be ensuring fun times but if your dog swallows these components, you’d end up looking at a medical emergency.

  • Canine comfort accessories 

Who doesn’t want to live in comfort, free from pain? Even dogs would love to lead their lives in absolute bliss, if only that were possible. While no one can actually provide a heavenly abode to their pets, you can always make life more comfortable for them. This Christmas why don’t you think of items that can make them feel more comfy?

You can give them a plush cooling bed if you happen to live in warmer climates or something with a warming mechanism if you’re located in a cold environment. Understand that pooches don’t have a very efficient system of regulating their body temperatures, often relying on their panting behavior to release excess heat from their body. So, if you can provide your pooch with a bedding or a blanket that allows it to regulate its body temperature a lot more efficiently, then your canine friend will forever be thankful. Since we’re already talking about comfort beddings, you might as well throw in a comfy pillow.

Also included in this category are smart dog camera devices that allow you to ‘talk’ to your pooch while you are away. This way, you can soothe it and reassure it that everything will be all right. This also helps address separation anxiety in dogs.

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  • Dog chews and dental chews 

If you haven’t given your pet dental chews or doggie chews yet, now’s the perfect time to give in to their chewing behavior. Dogs love to chew. It is in their genes and you really cannot take this away from them. The only thing you can do is to help them redirect their chewing behavior from being destructive to something more acceptable. This is where dog chews come in. You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to dog chews. There are rope toys, rawhides, bully sticks, and other toys that are designed specifically to help dogs act out their chewing instincts. There are even dog chews that serve as treat dispensers so they get to enjoy the treat while chewing on these toys.

You can also give your pet a dental chew which is technically the same as a dog chew except that the former is specifically designed to remove food particles and debris from the gum line and teeth surfaces as well as help remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup. These chews typically have ridges or nubs that serve like the bristles of your toothbrush, making sure your pooch is able to clean its teeth properly. It’s also a win-win situation since your dog is also satisfying its inherent need to chew.

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  • Feeding and drinking accessories 

Nutrition and hydration is an important aspect of pet care. Without food and water, life simply cannot continue. That is why some of the best gifts you could ever give to your pooch this Christmas holiday season are those that relate to feeding and drinking.

Let’s start with drinking accessories first. You can provide your canine friend with fully automated water dispensers or pet drinking fountains to give them fresh, clean drinking water all the time. The continuous flow of water helps prevent water stagnation which can facilitate the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms. Many of these gadgets also come with a variety of filtration systems to help keep the water clean.

Then there are feeding stations or kibble dispensers. These come fully automated that they dispense dry kibbles in predetermined amounts within a given time frame. Of course, you can always give them more ordinary food bowls. Just make sure to get either a ceramic or stainless steel as these are generally more hygienic than plastic. Moreover, they are more resistant to chewing.

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  • Training accessories 

Dogs love spending time with their masters. If there is anything else they love more, then that would be pleasing their human masters. That is why they are very easy to train compared to other pets or animals. The fact that dogs are very social and love nothing more than to please us, they are more than ready to learn a new trick or two just so they will feel valued and appreciated.

That being said, you may want to invest in training accessories such as training clickers, training collars, dog leashes, and body harnesses among others. Doggie treats can also be classified as a training tool since these strengthen positive reinforcement techniques.

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man giving present to his dog

What are Good Toys for Puppies?

There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas for dogs. But what if you have a puppy? We all know that puppies are like children. And like children, puppies learn a lot about their world through play. That is why toys play a very important role in puppy development. This is of course in conjunction with good nutrition and plenty of loving care from our part. But really, what are good toys for puppies? Here’s a look at some of them.

  • Interactive toys 

Known as canine puzzle toysinteractive dog toys help develop the intelligence particularly the problem solving skills of puppies. Unfortunately, majority of this kind of playthings are designed for adult dogs. As such, it is important for you to make sure that the interactive toy you’re getting is designed specifically for puppies.

An interactive toy is heavily predicated on stimulating the hunter instincts in dogs. It is believed that dogs are natural hunters and that they carry in their genes this natural behavior to be curious and nosy about things that may be considered as ‘prey’. You should understand that there are no humans to give dogs food in the wild. As such they have to fend for themselves by hunting or searching for food. Today, dogs rely on their human masters for their sustenance. This doesn’t mean that the hunter’s drive has already gone extinct.

Interactive toys stimulate these instincts to help enhance the problem solving abilities of dogs. If started early as pups, they will be a lot easier to train. As we all know, a well-trained puppy will grow up to become a highly prized model dog.

  • Teething toys 

Some people actually think that it is absolutely ridiculous to provide puppies with teethers because these are essentially reserved for human babies. But the point is that puppies, too, undergo teething process which is also characterized by sore and inflamed gums as the permanent tooth is slowly replacing the deciduous one. It is for this reason that teething toys are important. Not only are these critical in helping reduce the symptoms associated with teething, but it also helps provide a non-destructive outlet for the pup’s chewing behavior. However, it is critical to choose teething products that are made of only the safest materials.

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  • Plush toys 

If you’re a fan of plush stuffed toys, chances are your pet puppy has been eyeing this for weeks. True enough, in the eyes of a very young dog, plush toys instantly trigger their innate hunter instincts. Plush stuffed playthings, especially those that resemble prey like mouse, squirrel, hedgehog, and even raccoon, do look like the ones dogs hunt in the wild. They feel almost the same, too. And if so happens that these playthings also make a squeaking noise, then all the more that your pup’s predatory instincts will go into overdrive. Feeding their innate hunter instincts can help puppies with their training as many of the training techniques are based on the inherent nature of pooches to hunt.

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  • Tug toys 

In case you haven’t noticed, puppies love to bite and pull on things. They’ll latch their tiny teeth onto almost anything and then pull it with all their might. This is where tug toys can come in. you will have to be quite choosy as to the kind of tug plaything you’re going to buy. Just make sure that it is not too large for their small mouths to fit. It should also be made of safe materials without the possibility of chemicals leaching. Remember, your pup will be using its tiny mouth to tug on this gadget so you’d better make sure that it’s tough and it’s safe.

  • Fetch toys 

These types of puppy playthings are excellent for improving their physical development while also honing their skills in obedience training. Very young pups may not be able to play with fetch toys in a manner that we like and as such these playthings are best reserved for pups that have already begun their obedience training as it requires understanding of the ‘come’ command. Nevertheless, balls, sticks, Frisbees, and other similar toys can really make for an entertaining and fun afternoon for any breed of pup.

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Christmas Stocking Treats Ideas

If you’re thinking of having a Christmas stocking dedicated solely for your pet, then you have to think of objects that you can place into this cloth container. These must be small enough to fit inside the stocking yet big enough to be appreciated by your pooch. Here are a few ideas for Christmas stocking treats.

  • Home-baked cookies 

Why buy when you can show your pooch just how much you love it by baking your own take of a dog-healthy cookies and biscuits? Just make sure that you use only ingredients that are considered to be safe for dogs. Also, make sure not to use any form of trans-fats as these are generally not good for your pooch.

  • Commercially available pet-safe cookies 

If you’re not really good at determining what a dog-safe ingredient looks like, then you’re better off with commercially available cookies. Check the manufacturer’s reputation for any history of product recalls, though.

  • Rawhide variations 

Rawhide is a very versatile doggie chew that you can use as part of a Christmas stocking treat for your pet. You can make peanut butter lollipops with rawhide as their sticks or you can buy some of those candy cane-shaped and colored rawhides. You can also get a premium quality rawhide and dress it up in an adorable design before putting it in the stocking.

  • Bully sticks 

These dog chews made from bull penis make for a great doggie treat. They may be expensive, though; however, they are valued for their lack of chemical additives and preservatives. They last longer than other types of dog chews too.

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  • Himalayan dog chews 

Made of cow’s or yak’s milk that has been turned into a really hard cheese, Himalayan dog chews are perfect treats because they taste really good, easily digestible, free from preservatives, and are really long-lasting.

Take this Christmas holiday season to show your appreciation to your pet dog by giving it some of the most unique and most useful Christmas presents you could ever give. From gifts for adult dogs to toys for puppies and even stuffers for your Christmas stocking, there are plenty of options for you. The point is to always get a gift that is safe for your pet and is appropriate for its age and health status. With these 10 best Christmas presents for dogs, you’re this much closer to finding the best gift for your pooch.

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