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5 Most Loyal Breeds of Dogs

Every now and then we read or hear stories about a dog being reunited with its master. There are stories of pooches that travel thousands of miles, cross oceans and continents, just to be home with their recognized masters. There are stories of military dogs that show their emotional side, if ever there is such a thing, whenever their human masters fall in combat, seemingly grieving by the wake of their ‘friend’. We’ve seen dog movies inspired by the tales of many of these dogs and we really cannot help but wonder if what we perceive as canine loyalty is really a genuine trust placed by our dogs on us or is it because they know we bring them food. Before we attempt to explore the answer to this question, let’s first try to look at the 5 most loyal breeds of dogs. Understand that this list is in no particular order and that our choices are based solely on our own personal assessments.


akita inu

If you’ve seen “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”, then you know why the Akita is simply one of the most loyal breeds of dogs on the planet. Fiercely faithful and loyal, Hachiko symbolized the meaning of dogs being man’s best friends. You can never really expect a friend to return to a train station every day until its last breath just to see you come home. That’s Hachiko, the Akita. This dog is extremely loyal to its family and very wary of strangers. It is very alert, responsive, and exceptionally courageous, too. Just imagine Hachi braving the snow for many years just to wait for its friend and you’ll understand why the Akita is perhaps the most loyal breed of dog anywhere.

Great Pyrenees 

great pyrenees

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog or simply called the Great Pyrenees, is an affectionate yet superbly fearless pooch that will defend its human master regardless of circumstance. It is strong-willed, too, fully capable of persevering through adversity yet is still able to display a certain level of patience that no human being or only a few other pets can match. It’s confident and rightly so because it knows that it is highly valued by its family of humans. Despite its hulking size, you can always count on the Great Pyrenees to be extra gentle especially around children. The Great Pyrenees shares this inherently lovable and adorable nature with another royal guard dog, the Kuvasz, making them two of the world’s most loyal and family-friendly pooches.

German Shepherd 

german shepherd

Most people are quite afraid whenever they see a German Shepherd, especially when it is in its alert stance with ears pointing straight up, its hind legs well planted on the ground, and its forelegs ready for a sprint. It has a very fearsome reputation as the best service dog for those in the military as well as in law enforcement. They are very intelligent, making them so fun to teach and train. Part of their natural intelligence is their curiosity, making them especially alert at things and circumstances that they have not been trained for. This makes them very protective of their master and his family and property. The German Shepherd is very courageous as it is obedient. It will run through a burning building to save someone else. It’s confident in its skills. Teach a German Shepherd well and you’ve got a companion that will never leave you even when the times get rough. When it comes to loyalty, there is no comparing a well-trained German Shepherd.

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There’s no questioning the trainability of a Beagle. They’re a hunter’s best friend. They’ve got a nose that is so acutely built for sniffing out game. It is for this reason that they are highly valued. Remarkably, they are not only great as hunters; they can be exceptionally loyal companions, too. They’re very amiable and even-tempered although they can have a really stubborn and highly independent streak. But this simply highlights their intelligence. If you don’t give them plenty of exercise of even play with them, their penchant for excitability can be a real concern. However, train them well and you’ve got a gentle yet determined pooch that will love nothing else than to cuddle up to you.

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border collie

The list of loyal breeds of dogs will never be complete without Lassie, the Collie. If there’s one word that best describes this breed, then that would be intelligent. In all of the stories ever written about Lassie the Collie, she is seen saving lives. You’d really have to be a smart dog to pull such a feat. But intelligence is not only a Collie’s greatest asset. It is also very friendly, albeit exceptionally protective of its family. It may be gentle, but do its family wrong and you will learn that the Collie’s intelligence is simply immeasurable. This makes it a great loyal dog. 

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Do Dogs Really Show Loyalty?

Now, that we’ve taken a look at the 5 most loyal breeds of dogs, it’s time to answer the question, “Do dogs really show loyalty?”

All dogs have the inherent capacity to be loyal to their master. Why? Dogs, if you remember, are pack animals. They have a social structure that is largely similar to the social relationships we have as humans. In the wild, they trust their pack leader. They follow the leader’s commands and they work together as a team. They show their loyalty to the pack by protecting the interests of the group and not the needs of any particular dog.

That being said a well-trained dog can also be made to show loyalty to you and your family. The trick is to be the leader of your pack and that includes your family and your pooch. If your doggie senses that you’re not really in control of your pack, it won’t trust you one bit. Training your pooch, tending to its needs, and showering it with love and affection will not only cultivate loyalty from your pooch, it will also foster trust and fidelity.

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