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The Best Dog Chews (Review) in 2019

Best Bully Sticks All-Natural Dog Chews

Best Bully Sticks All-Natural Dog Chews

KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

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Dr Tracy Douglas
Published 14:50 pm

If there’s one thing dogs love doing, it’s chewing. Given the chance, they’ll chew anything – newspapers, carpet, even your favourite pair of shoes! Even if your pet is well behaved in every other department if they don’t have anything to chew, it’s likely they’ll end up taking it out on your belongings. They aren’t trying to be naughty, chewing is a completely normal and natural thing for a dog. It’s how they interact with new surroundings and environments, and it’s often something that they will grow out of.

While it might be a source of annoyance to us, chewing is useful for a dog in a number of ways. For example, puppies will chew as a way to ease and relieve the pain they feel caused by teething. And for older pooches, chewing regularly can keep their teeth and jaws strong and free from plaque and tartare. On top of this, chewing can help your dog deal with separation anxiety, boredom and frustration.

The Best Dog Chews


We all want the best for our dogs, and this includes the best food possible. Too often, we hear about the awful offcuts of meat that go into our dog’s treats and food. No one wants to eat that, not even a hungry pup! However, there are plenty of all natural, healthy dog treats that your pooch will enjoy and you can rest assured won’t be causing them any harm.

These meaty sticks are made from one hundred per cent all natural, free range, grass fed beef. Boasting essential vitamins and minerals to help your dog live their best life, Supreme Bully Sticks are great for keeping their teeth clean too. Because of their specialised texture and shape, these sticks are able to scrape unpleasant tartar and plaque away, promoting good dental hygiene.

One great thing about these protein packed treats is that unlike most rawhide chews, they are fully digestible and safe for your dog to eat. They are also free from nasty chemicals, hormones and additives, so your dog can chew away without any adverse effects.

  • Brand: Best Bully Sticks
  • Model: 25
  • Weight: 1.25 Pounds


Although we wish we could, we don’t have time to play with our beloved pets all day long. Most of us have jobs, families and general errands around the home occupying our time, so there are times when our dogs are left to entertain themselves. This is where challenging, stimulating toys can come in extremely handy. Toys that keep your dog’s mind busy are perfect for days when you have limited time to spend with them are, and one that keeps them for chewing your shoes too is even better!

If your pooch doesn’t already have one of these brilliant KONG dog toys, they are definitely missing out! This ingenious chew is rendered from a strong and durable rubber, so is guaranteed to last your dog for years to come. Recommended by vets and dog trainers from all over the globe, it can be used for a variety of different kinds of play. One of its special features is the fact it has a hollow centre, which is ideal for stuffing with your dog’s favourite treat, making it a brilliant training tool. Working out how to get to the treats will also keep your dog entertained and stimulated.

This particular version is designed for average level chewers, however, there is a wide range of KONG varieties available, from small dogs to heavy chewers. Whatever your dog’s needs, there’s a KONG that’s just perfect for them!

  • Brand: KONG
  • Model: 41938
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces


Ever wanted to introduce your dog to the vegan trend? There are many plant based dog treats on the market, which provide a low calorie, low fat alternative to most meaty options. Although these are great for treats during the day, do keep in mind that your dog needs to consume meat as part of their main meal in order to get their daily intake of protein.

If you are looking to dabble in the vegan dog diet, look no further than VeggieDent Dental Chews! Made from one hundred vegetable-based ingredients with no animal proteins, these tasty chews are ideal for dogs who need to watch their weight due to their low calorific value.  Designed in a special z-shape to maximise the removal of plaque and tartar as your dog chews, giving your furry friend these as part of their daily routine can improve their dental health and freshen their breath. Perfect for doggy kisses!

  • Brand: Virbac
  • Model: 015103
  • Weight: 2.45 Pounds


Destructive chewing can be a nightmare, and it sometimes can feel like there’s no answer to the problem. Your dog chews everything in sight, from trainers to sofa legs, nothing is safe from their biting, chomping fangs! The best option of chew toy in this situation is one that is flavoured, designed to entice your dog away from your possessions and keep them entertained for a long as possible.

This chew toy really packs a punch with its irresistible scent and flavour. Choose your dog’s favourite flavour from bacon, peanut or chicken. Best of all, these chews are infused with real meat and nut flavours, so are sure to distract your doggo from your brand new trainers! It’s crafted in a ‘dog-friendly design’ that helps your furry pal get a good grip on the chew. Though they might taste amazing, be sure your dog does not try to eat these toys, they are not edible!

  • Brand: Benebone
  • Model: BNE-002
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces


If you really want to give your dog a huge treat, look no further than this massive chew! Created by intertwining eight different kinds of bully stick, the Monster Braid tastes great, is the perfect shape for chewing and lasts even longer than a traditional chew.

Made from 100% beef bully sticks, this all natural chew contains no additional hormones, no chemicals and no artificial ingredients. It’s crafted from extra large beef pizzle, which means that even the most insatiable chewers will struggle to chomp this up in a hurry! Not only that but the manufacturers, PawStruck, offer a 30 day guarantee if you and your pup are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Brand: Pawstruck
  • Model: FBA_MBBS09-001
  • Weight: 5.6 Ounces


Are your pooch’s teeth looking a little worse for wear recently? If you think your dog’s dental hygiene leaves a lot to be desired, it’s always a good idea to book an appointment with the vet to get them thoroughly checked and if necessary, properly cleaned. But is there anything we can do at home to maintain and keep our pet’s teeth in good condition without the help of professional equipment? The answer could be as simple as picking out the right kind of chew toy.

This durable chew will help keep they clean and fresh whilst simultaneously entertaining your dog for hours on end! The uniquely rendered nubs and ridges on this durable ring are perfect for cleaning teeth, preventing plaque and reducing the build up of tartar. Combine this with regular brushing, and you’ve got a recipe for sparkling gnashers! With a delicious flavour your dog will adore and satisfying texture, this chew toy is ideal for larger dogs of over 50 pounds who are known to be aggressive chewers.

  • Brand: Nylabone
  • Model: NCF315P
  • Weight: 9.1 Ounces


Bring your special friend a unique and all natural treat. These tasty chews are made from an ancient recipe cheese derived from the Himalayas, containing ingredients such as yak and cow’s milk, salt and tangy lime juice for a unique and refreshing flavour. Each chew takes months to cultivate and have been lovingly baked for your dog’s enjoyment!

What’s even better about this snack is that it’s really two treats in one. Once your dog has finished with the chew, take the leftover chunk, soak it in water for five minutes, then pop it in the microwave for forty five seconds and allow it to cool for an additional two minutes. The result? A delicious puff treat your doggy will love!

  • Brand: Himalayan Dog Chew
  • Model: HMYN-YELOW
  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces


For man’s best friend, nothing beats a good old rope tug! A firm favourite for small and large dogs alike, these timeless toys can be used for a multitude of different methods of play, including solo chewing, throwing for a game of fetch and of course, tug of war. These kinds of toys are particularly good for dogs who indulge in excessive chewing, as they tend to be durable and last for a long time.

This classic toy has been transformed into an ultra strong and long-wearing tug, perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Featuring three thick knots for texture and a braided cord for durability, this rope toy is guaranteed to withstand even the toughest of chewers. As your dog plays, the fibres of the rope will gently floss their teeth, keeping them clean and healthy. What more could you ask for from a simple dog toy?

  • Brand: MAMMOTH
  • Model: 017774
  • Weight: 7.8 Ounces


Dogs are descendant from wolves, and while your pampered poodle may seem like a far cry away from a wild, moon howling wolf, there are still many instincts and traits that are innate within them. One of these is the desire to chew on animal parts and bones, which is why a natural antler chew is a great choice for a pooch who just loves to chew. In the wild, wolves would attack their prey and no part of their carcass would go to waste, including hooves, antlers and bones. Antlers for dogs might seem a bit odd to us, but your special friend is guaranteed to love them! Trust us, it’s in their nature

With this all natural chew, it’s all in the name! Your dog will love chowing down on these premium elk antlers and, (unlike many processed, dyed options) with no residue or odour to speak of, you’ll love it just as much! With a choice of sizes ranging from small to extra large, there’s an antler to suit every shape and size of dog. The antlers are selected from Grade A Premium raw elk antlers and are accessed for their weight, colour, shape and density. They are then carefully sorted, weighed, cut, sanded down, inspected and sealed into vacuum packed bags for maximum quality and freshness.

  • Brand: Pet Parents
  • Weight: 22.7 Grams


Keeping our dogs healthy is one of the most important priorities for many pet owners, and although we love to spoil them, most treats contain large amounts of fat. Sure, it might seem harmless offering your dog a treat when he performs a trick or after his meal, but in actual fact, too many fattening treats can result in obesity. Put it this way, would you give your child a chocolate bar every time they did something cute? Probably not. The key to selecting treats that our dogs will enjoy yet contain the lowest amount of fat possible.

We all want to give our dogs the most natural and healthiest option we can and with these low-fat dog chews, not only can we keep our pet’s health in check, they can also enjoy something tasty and fun. These cow ear chews are made from free range, grass fed cattle and boast no bleaching or chemical treatments. Offering a great, safer alternative to traditional rawhide, these chews won’t splinter or irritate your pooch’s digestive system. The tag line of this product is ‘so good, your dog won’t want to share’, so be sure to pick up a few packs to avoid sibling rivalry over the chews!

  • Brand: Best Bully Sticks
  • Model: FBA_Bes-1362
  • Weight: 1.25 Pounds


Dogs who chew to excess need a toy that can keep us with them, and of course, is completely safe. The last thing you want is for your pet to bite straight through a cheap chew toy and swallow a small part of it, leading to possible digestive issues and even choking. A long lasting dog chew is just what you need in this situation, and KONG provides some of the very best out there.

Another classic toy by KONG – sure to become a firm favourite in your doggy’s repertoire! Just as tough and hard-standing as the original KONG, the Squeezz chew includes an additional squeaker, making playtime and even more enjoyable experience for you and your dog. It’s easy to grip shape makes it perfect for your dog to have fun solo and with other dogs. The squeaker is recessed within the toy, so you’re dog won’t be able to reach it and accidentally swallow, keeping them safe from harm.

  • Brand: KONG
  • Model: 292773- Emerald
  • Weight: 8.8 Ounces


As has been previously mentioned in this article, rawhide dog chews are not as dangerous as some would have you believe and with proper supervision, can be used as a treat to both entertain and educate your dog. A good rawhide chew will discourage excessive chewing around the home and can also be a great tool to help make your teething puppy a little more comfortable. Just be sure that your dog does not ingest the rawhide, as this could cause stomach upsets and nobody wants that for their pup!

These yummy chews are made with real peanut butter and are flavoured naturally with wholesome vegetable and hearty chicken. A safer choice if you do not want to try rawhide but want to keep your dog’s incessant chewing in check, this chew sticks are fully digestible and are enriched with essential minerals and vitamins, perfect for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Chewing regularly also helps to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene.

  • Brand: SmartBones
  • Model: SSPB00237
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces


Keeping your dog from chewing everything they shouldn’t sometimes seem like an impossible feat. From furnishing to your favourite shoes, they just can’t seem to keep away from your prized possessions. Putting them outside is not the answer, opt for these tasty rawhide chews from Dingo!

With real chicken jerky twisted throughout, this delicious rawhide chew is ideal for pooches who just can’t stop chewing. The scrumptious taste is sure to keep your pet away from your belongings and the unique twisted shape makes a challenge out of reaching the meaty core, encouraging your dog to continue chewing it for longer. Its size means it is perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes and all varieties of breed.

  • Brand: Dingo
  • Model: P-45022
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces


It’s no secret that dog’s love to chew, but on rare occasions, this common (yet slightly annoying) pass time can become quite dangerous. If you’ve ever had your dog destroy a stuffed toy or pillow with their chewing antics, you’ll know that the stuffing goes everywhere. Not only can this create a horrific mess, but it can also pose a choking hazard for your pooch. If swallowing, the stuffing can become lodged in your dog’s throat, or even do damage to their digestive system. Every dog lover will surely agree, this is not an ideal situation.

Luckily, the folks at Outward Hound have come up with an ingenious solution – stuffing free plush toys. This colourful snake toy has no extra fluff which means no mess and no danger to your dog, just good fun! It’s ‘invincible’ squeaker means that even if your pooch punctures the toy, it will keep on squeaking! It also boasts a super strong layer known as the ‘chew shield’, meaning it will last your doggy many more chews to come.

  • Brand: Outward Hound
  • Model: 32138
  • Weight: 9.1 Ounces


Many veterinarians stress the importance of keeping our dog’s teeth clean and promote brushing them regularly, but have you ever actually tried to brush your dog’s teeth? Chances are unless you got them used to the idea from puppy hood, they are not going to take it lying down! The more you try to force them, you could be causing further anxieties, lack of trust and perhaps even a phobia for life. The last thing we want as pet parents is to make our fur babies feel afraid of us, so how can we keep their teeth gleaming without putting them through unnecessary trauma? Enter Milk Bone Brushing Chews!

These tasty little treats are just the thing for getting your dog to keep his teeth clean without the toothbrush and are just 99 calories per bone. They are vet recommended dog chews have received the seal of acceptance from the Veterinary Oral Health Council for tartare control and have been clinically proven to be as effective as brushing with a toothbrush. With 22 essential minerals and vitamins, including calcium which is known for supporting strong bones and teeth, you’ll never have the battle of the brush with your dog again!

  • Brand: Milk-Bone
  • Model: 1-00-79100-00085-9
  • Weight: 1.25 Pounds


PawStruck Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs

For some dogs, a soft, chewy toy just isn’t enough. They want to get their teeth into something just a bit tougher – literally. When their chew toys no longer satisfy their chomping urges, they begin to move on to harder materials – such as the wooden legs of your dining table. Your first instinct may be to scold your pet, however, it’s not their fault, they just need something that will fulfil their needs sufficiently. PawStruck have released a range of all natural cow hooves – yes, you heard that right – cow hooves! It might sound strange to you and I, but for a dog, this is the perfect chew straight from nature. Keep in mind that dogs are descendant from wolves, who would have no issue chowing down on their prey’s hoof. This instinct is still alive and well within them.

Sourced from free range, grass fed cows, these chews are last longing and are made with no artificial ingredients, added hormones or chemicals, so you can be sure it’s healthy and safe for your pet. In addition to being a tasty roasted chew for your best friend, these hooves also promote great dental health by aiding in the removal of plaque and tartar, helping to keep gums healthy. A great alternative to rawhide treats, each hoof is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being baked, to ensure a tasty yet low odour chew that will please both your dog and you!


There’s nothing quite like a warm, hearty soup. Wholesome, comforting and truly heart-warming, a good broth can make even the rainiest of days seem brighter. What if we could treat our dogs to the exact same scrumptious feelings and taste? Well now we can! Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones are just like the bones used to flavour a broth and make a brilliant treat for your best friend.

Ideal for any size dog whether bog or small, these soup bone chews are savoury and long lasting with a tender, meaty core that guaranteed to satisfy your pooch’s taste buds. They are made using real beef and have absolutely no meat by-products or artificial flavours, so you can be sure your doggy is getting the very best! Unlike traditional rawhide chews, these bones are incredibly digestible for your dog and won’t splinter or create a mess. These are perfectly safe dog bones for chewing your pet is sure to adore them. These safe for chewing bones are a great choice for any breed, size and age of dog.

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  • Brand: Rachael Ray Nutrish
  • Model: 4502210313
  • Weight: 12.6 Ounces


Did you ever read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a child? Inside Willy Wonka’s magical plant of sweets and chocolates galore, there was one candy that was particularly fascinating – the everlasting gob stopper. How did it work? What did it taste like? Was it truly everlasting? These queries and more were the subject of many childhood discussions. Unfortunately, we may never know the answer to these burning questions, however, our dogs might!

Say hello to the Everlasting Dog Treat, courtesy of the canine world’s answer to Willy Wonka himself, StarMark. Just as the name suggests, these chews are highly durable and guaranteed to last your dog through a whole lot of chewing. Featuring a tough texture just like real bone, your dog will be occupied for hours. Better still, the specially designed dental ridges will help to keep their teeth clean and tartar free. Available in a range of flavours such as chicken, hickory, liver and even vanilla mint, there’s a chew to suit every doggy’s taste. Why not put the Everlasting Dog Treat to the test? It also makes a great puppy teething toy.

  • Brand: StarMark
  • Model: TCETLC
  • Weight: 8 Ounces


It’s all happened to us at least once – we’re taking our dog for a walk in the park when we decide to indulge in a little game of fetch. We throw the ball for our pooch and they sprint away, in search of that coveted, precious tennis ball. However, upon their return, instead of bringing bring the ball you through, your dog has inexplicably required a huge tree branch, brandishing it with pride. Sadly for your doggo, you can’t fill your home with dirty branches from the local park, but we might have just found the next best thing!

The DogWood Real Wood Chew looks, smells and tastes just like a real tree branch and is much safer as it won’t splinter and cause damage to your dog’s mouth or insides. With a natural woody smell and flavour to attract your pooch, they’ll never want to bring home a grimy tree branch again! Strong and dense, this chew will satisfy your dog’s chewing urges and will aid in curbing any destructive behaviour.

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 066656
  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces


If you have a larger breed dog who just can’t get their excessive chewing in check, it can become very frustrating for both you and your pup. You might find your possessions get in the way of their chewing urges and thus, this results in a severe telling off for your poor doggy. Your damaged items may be upsetting for you, but being punished for something they find completely natural will leave your pet feeling confused and unhappy.

Break this unhealthy and unhelpful cycle by treating your dog to this Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Chew, a long lasting toy favoured with delicious peanut butter. It’s extra large size will keep you big friend satisfied and will discourage even the most aggressive chewer. Specially designed for dogs of fifty pounds and over, its raised bristles will help to keep their teeth and gums free from tartar and plaque.

  • Brand: Nylabone
  • Model: NPB105P
  • Weight: 6.2 Ounces

Best Dog Chews Buying Guide & FAQ

Dogs are natural chewers. From puppies, to seniors, to small, medium and large-sized adults, dogs chew to preserve their dental health and to keep boredom at bay. And if they have no proper dog chews, toys or treats to clean and sharpen their teeth on? No problem, your shoes, bags, even wallet will do. No matter the breed or age of your pet or how well-behaved he is otherwise, chewing is unavoidable. So, to help your pet keep his teeth and gums healthy and strong, and your possessions remain intact, dog chews are a must-have.

But how to choose the right chewie? From puppy teething toys, to rawhide bones to dog dental chews, there appear to be countless of similar products on the market, making the search for the right one(s) difficult and rather confusing. Luckily, you’re in the right place. In this buying guide, we cover everything you need to know about dog chews, toys and treats that help improve canine dental health and mental well-being. We also answer some of the frequently asked questions at the end of the article, so make sure you stay tuned until the end!

Things to Consider When Choosing Dog Chews

To purchase the best dog chew for your pup, it’s important to consider a few things first. For instance, if you have a large breed pet that chews on things until they get practically destroyed, you’ll need a different dog chew than your neighbor with a small-sized, gentle-at-chewing pooch. So, when buying a dog chew, pay attention to the following things.

  • Your Dog’s Chew-Personality

If your pet tends to bite off and swallow things from time to time, make sure you purchase a chew that’s large, tough and firm, such as a rubber toy or a bully stick. If you have a dog that’s on the opposite spectrum, meaning she usually just nibbles on things, you have many more options – from stuffed toys to tennis balls to rubber toys, almost anything goes here. For aggressive chewers, or “destroyers”,  you want ultra-durable, firm chewies such as rawhides or bully sticks.

  • Durability of the Toy

No matter the chew-personality of your pet, it’s important to pick a quality, tough dog chew. There are two major reasons for this: one, you want a chew toy that will actually stimulate your dog’s gums, and two, you want something that your dog won’t be able to bite off and swallow. As a bonus, a durable, tough chew toy will last longer. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go with the hardest, toughest dog chew out there; in fact, unless your pet is one of the “destroyers”, we’d advise against it. Ideally, the toy should be both strong and soft – it should give a little when you press it with your finger, but still remain quite firm. If this is too many details for you, no worries. What’s really important is to look for reputable brands that have at least a couple of years of experience of making quality pet toys and chews.

  • Entertainment Value

Dog chews are toys after all, and as such, should entertain your pup and stimulate his imagination. Generally, it’s a good idea to look for chews that are either bouncy, have interesting shapes or different flavors, or all three. You know your pet best and what excites him the most, so look for toys that offer distraction and are actually fun to chew on.

Golden Retriever Puppy chewing

Why Should You Give Your Dog Chews?

While your dog’s chewing habits may not be your favorite thing, all dogs need to chew. In fact, chewing is an important part of being a canine! Not only does this practice help strengthen your pet’s teeth and gums, it also stimulates her brain and imagination and provides pleasure. Of course, letting your dog chew on whatever she can get her paws on is a recipe for disaster. But safe dog bones for chewing, tasty toys, antlers for dogs and other kinds of chewables? Perfect.

  • Chewing is natural

In the wild, dogs regularly feast on bones from their prey. Both fresh and stale bones provide nutritional benefits, plus help promote healthy teeth and gums. Since wild animals don’t brush their teeth or use dental treats, regular chewing helps to naturally clean teeth and strengthen gums. On top of this, chewing actually provides pleasure to dogs and helps relieve tension and aggression.

  • Improves dental health

As mentioned, chewing on bones is great for wild dogs’ oal health. But unless you own a wild dog, you need to find a way to help your pet clean his teeth and stimulate his gums. While brushing is always an option, not every pet parent has the time for that. That’s where chewies come in handy. Research has shown that dogs that regularly chew have less plaque build-up than dogs that do not. How is this possible? It’s actually quite simple – the mechanical action of chewing takes care of stuck-in-the-teeth food, plus helps to stimulate gums, leading to better oral health in general.

  • Provides mental stimulation

Besides physical activity, all dogs need mental exercise too. Chewing is perfect for this – by concentrating on one thing for a long period of time, dogs exercise their brain power. This is also a fantastic way to manage your pet’s hyper-active and/or aggressive behavior. Instead of chewing on your chair legs, slippers and kid toys, your pet will focus all of his chewing urges on one, safe thing – dog chew. Likewise, by providing your dog with a proper toy, you’ll be able to curb constant barking. Furthermore, because it’s a natural urge, chewing actually provides satisfaction and comfort. Pets that cannot exercise their chewing habits feel deprived, even depressed.

Types of Dog Chews

There are hundreds of different dog chews out there, but when it comes to pure basics, the number of chewies is actually small. It’s good to familiarize yourself with different kinds of dog chews because this can help you pick the best product for your dog.

Bully Sticks

Made of the pizzle of the bull, a bully stick is tough, natural and tasty for dogs. Many pet parents swear by these chewies as they can be offered on their own or stuffed into certain interactive toys. Dogs of any breed, age or size can chew on these treats as they’re made of natural ingredients, are actually nutritious and packed with protein. If your dog doesn’t eat rawhide, bully sticks are an excellent alternative. However, like most chewable treats, they too come with certain safety risks. Some pets can choke on the end piece (although rare, it is something to note) or break a tooth. And if you purchase from cheap, shady brands, it’s possible to get a bully stick contaminated with bacteria too.


  • Natural
  • Nutritious and tasty
  • Non-greasy
  • Tough, can withstand lots of chewing


  • If not careful, choking or tooth breaking (rare)
  • If not purchasing from reputable brands, bacterial contamination

Edible Chews

Similar to bully sticks, edible chews such as cow hooves, rawhide, hard cheese chewies, etc, are like long-lasting, chewable treats. They’re made out of tasty ingredients and can be nutritious (depending on the chew), so most dogs absolutely love these. The downside of course, is that they can be high in calories and lead to weight gain if used too frequently. Another minus is that they’re one of the shortest lived chews you could buy. Also, like bully sticks, some of the edible chews can be contaminated with bacteria.


  • Delicious
  • Nutritious and natural
  • Different shapes and flavors


  • High in calories
  • Some can be greasy
  • Short-lived
  • If not purchasing from reputable brands, bacterial contamination

Rubber Chews

Rubber chews are some of the safest dog chew toys, provided they’re made of quality materials of course. Because they’re made of rubber, they last a very long time, plus are fun to chew. If you’re interested in purchasing this type of a chewie, our advice is to look for something that is firm enough to withstand serious chewing, but also soft enough to have enough “give” when you press it (this is especially important if your dog has sensitive teeth). The downside of rubber chews is that they’re indigestible which means if your pet manages to bite a piece off and swallow it, you need to take him to the vet fast. Also, they’re typically not as inviting as edible chews as they lack flavor.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Come in various shapes
  • No extra calories
  • Can’t damage teeth


  • Indigestible
  • May not be as fun as edible chews

Rope Toys

Ropes that dogs can chew on are a good option if you’re looking for a simple, calorie-free, non-greasy chew. Although they’re generally safe, you need to have a special kind of chewer in order to use them – nibbler. Gentler chewers, or dogs that never actually bite off pieces of chewables, can use rope toys with no issues, however, “destroyers” are advised to stay away from them. This is because swallowing strands of rope is highly dangerous. Naturally, swallowing any indigestible objects is dangerous, but linear foreign bodies are particularly tricky as they can saw through the intestines, causing a lot of pain. But, if your pet is rather gentle with his chewies, ropes can be a good option.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • No extra calories


  • Indigestible
  • If swallowed, can lead to serious consequences
  • Not as fun as edible chews

Dog food in dog bowl

Beneficial Ingredients To Look For

Whether you’re interested in edible chews, rubber toys or ropes, it’s important to look for products made of quality ingredients/materials.

  • Edible Chews

Edible chews such as safe rawhides, bully sticks, very hard cheese chews, etc, have nutritional value. Often, they will contain quite a bit of protein and fat (depending on the chew), which is generally a good thing, but it can be a problem if the ingredients are of low quality. It’s best to look for natural and as wholesome ingredients as possible, including chews made of real beef, chicken, etc, or real antlers, hooves and so on. Preferably, look for high protein, low-fat chewies that also contain minerals and vitamins.

  • Non-Edible Chews

When it comes to rubber, rope and other materials, the most important thing to pay attention to is whether or not the toy is durable and firm. If flimsy, it’s highly likely your furry friend will be able to rip off a piece and maybe even swallow it. Saying that, rubber and nylon toys are some of the safest, vet recommended dog chews, so there’s usually nothing to worry about here. Still, it’s important to purchase well-designed and well-built chewies that can withstand lots of chewing without damaging your dog’s teeth.

Speaking of things and ingredients to look for, what are some of the things you should avoid in dog chews?

  • Chews high in calories

Because most dogs have daily chewing habits, it’s important to pick chewies that are not high in calories. You’d be surprised how a little chew here and there can add up the calories! This is especially important for already overweight dogs – if you insist on using edible chews, make sure you purchase ones that is as low in calories as possible.

  • Chews high in sodium

Another thing to look out for is an excessive amount of salt. Lots of bully sticks and other edible chews contain a lot of sodium, which in a nicely balanced diet is not much of an issue, but can be if the diet your pet eats is already pretty high in salt. Likewise, if your dog has poor kidney health, it’s wise to stick to low-sodium toys, or skip edible chews altogether.

  • Too small and too big toys

It’s vital to choose the right size chew for your dog. Too small toys are a choking hazard, while very large chews force your pet to keep her jaw in all sorts of uncomfortable positions.

Best Dog Chews FAQ:

Q: How do I know which dog chew to choose?

A: With so many different dog chews on the market, finding the right one for your furry friend is not easy. However, if you focus on the most important things – your dog’s personality, his size and the quality of the chew itself – choosing the right chewie will be a piece of cake.

  • Your dog’s chewing personality

Dogs as chewers could be divided into three categories – nibblers, destroyers and inhalers. If your pet is a nibbler, softer chews are a good choice, including edible toys, stuffed animals, etc. Destroyers need tough, firm objects such as rawhides and bully sticks, while inhalers similarly need firm and preferably one-piece chews such as rubber toys.

  • Size of your pet

While every dog is different, the general rule is to use small chewies for small dogs and big chewies for big dogs. This may require a little bit of experimentation though as some dogs have smaller/bigger jaws than usual.

  • Quality of the chew

Finally, it’s important to consider the materials/ingredients of the chew toy. Some dogs prefer bouncy, highly durable rubber toys that you can play fetch with, while others love tasty, chewy treats the most. If your dog has never used a chewie before, it’s not a bad idea to purchase two to three different products and see what he likes best.

Q: How often can I give my dog a chew?

A: Because chewing is a natural practice for canines, all dogs should be offered chews regularly to support their dental health and mental well-being. Ideally, you should give your dog a chew toy, whether edible or not, every single day for a limited amount of time. Generally, an hour to hour and a half is more than enough for your pet to clean his teeth, soothe his gums and sharpen his mind, so we would suggest limiting the chewing to that time frame. Saying that, how often and how long you should offer a chewie to your dog also depends on the chew itself. If rubber, rope or otherwise inedible, feel free to give it every day, for as long as your dog wants it. If edible, however, especially if high in calories, offer the chew every other day and limit the chewing time to less than an hour.

Q: Should I supervise my dog while he’s chewing a rawhide treat?

A: Regardless of the chewie you choose to purchase, it’s recommended you supervise your dog during her chewing-time. All dog chews, whether rawhides, bully sticks, rubber toys or ropes, have certain safety risks, which you should try to minimize as much as possible. Of course, you can’t (and shouldn’t) watch your pet’s every move like a hawk, but you should never leave her unsupervised whilst chewing. Like all animals, our furry companions can be unpredictable and clumsy, so it’s important to monitor their chewing practices and guide them if necessary (this is especially true for beginners and aggressive chewers).

Another important tip is to take a peek at the chewie itself from time to time. Often, dogs will chew off bits and pieces of their toys, shrinking them in the process. Small chews may pose a choking hazard (especially for large dogs!), so throw away any toys or treats that have lost their original size and shape.

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Very small cute dog with chew treats

Our Top Pick 

Although we love all the chews on this list, the Supreme Bully Sticks from Best Bully Sticks have taken the top spot as our favourite pick of them all. These meaty treats will keep your doggy entertained and satisfy all of their hunger pangs and chewing urges all in one great product. A dog chew that can be safely consumed, they act as a great training tool for young dogs.

With a scrumptious taste that any dog would go crazy for, these healthy dog chews are just the thing to keep your chew-crazy furry friend away from your throw cushions! If your pup has separation anxiety, be sure to leave them with plenty of chews to go through so they can release their stress in a non-destructive and completely safe way.

From occasional to seriously aggressive chewers, there’s a toy, treat and chew for every dog out there. Whether your goal is to help your teething puppy find some comfort, calm the anxiety of an antsy young pooch or you want to stop your fully grown dog’s bad chewing habits in their tracks, selecting the right kind of chew is the first step to keeping everyone, pets included, in your household happy.


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