5 Best Dog Water Fountains to Keep Your Pooch Hydrated in 2019

Water fountains offer a lot more enticing way for dogs to drink compared to ordinary drinking bowls and rollerball-tipped faucets. These drinking stations provide a much cleaner and safer drink for pooches because of the continuous flow of water, preventing the formation of sediments in the bottom of the pan and keeping the drink tasting fresh and clean as ever. Selecting the best dog water fountain shouldn’t really be difficult. However, in case you’re having some issues zeroing in on the most appropriate for your canine friend, then have a look at our list of the 5 best dog water fountains.

Best Dog Water Fountains
Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain by PetSafe

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain by PetSafe

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain by PetSafe

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain by PetSafe

Dog Fountain by isYoung

Dog Fountain by isYoung

Dog Water Fountain Buying Guide

Picking the right pet water fountain for your pooch should be a pretty straightforward endeavor. You only need to make sure that the water is circulating through the system and you’re good to go, right? Add a touch of something elegant and you’ve got a dog water fountain that looks more like a décor than it is an automatic dog waterer. Sadly such is not the case if you really want to provide safe drinking water for your pet. The only way you can ensure you’re getting the right product is to spend a little bit more time in finding out some of the essential elements of a good pet water fountain.

  • Materials used

You have quite a handful of choices here. The three most common materials used in pet fountains include stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic or vinyl. Stainless steel and ceramic are quite pricey although they provide exceptional properties when it comes to safety and hygiene. Plus the look of either ceramic or stainless steel can definitely add to the appeal of your home. This is not to say that a plastic water fountain for dogs cannot be as elegant. They can, too. Additionally, they will also cost less than stainless steel or ceramic. However, to really optimize the advantages of plastic pet waterers you will need to make sure that it doesn’t contain BPA or any of the other harmful chemicals that are often used in the manufacture of such products.

  • Filtration mechanism 

Two of the most common filtration systems in such products are charcoal and carbon filters. Most people think that these are essentially the same. While it is true that charcoal contains carbon, it also has residues of oxygen and hydrogen since it is typically made from pyrolyzing wood. It is this unique molecular structure of charcoal that gives it its amazing adsorption capabilities. This allows it to attract pollutants and other microscopic debris in the water as a means of filtration.

Carbon, on the other hand, is an element just like oxygen and hydrogen. By itself carbon doesn’t have any intrinsic filtering properties. However, we have found that many manufacturers have come to use the terms ‘carbon’ and ‘charcoal’ filters as one and the same. They are branding their products as containing carbon filters, not charcoal, since the idea of using a byproduct of wood pyrolyzation is simply unnerving to most people. Carbon, it would seem, offers a ‘safer’ profile for the product.

What this essentially means is that products that are labeled as having carbon filter are essentially talking about activated charcoal filters for the simple fact that there is no such thing as a pure elemental carbon filter.

  • Noise levels 

You may also want to get a product that will not create too much noise. This is important as the sound of the motor running can interfere with the restful sleep of your pooch. It is therefore, critical that you look for a unit that has a quiet operation. Also, the splashing of water can be quite annoying, unless you’re going to turn it as a soothing sleep aid. If not, there should be a mechanism where the fall of water can be broken to facilitate a gentler flow.

  • Ease of maintenance 

As much as possible the various components of the device should be easy to remove, clean, and reassemble or replace. If it can be cleaned through your dishwasher then that would definitely be a big plus. 

dog water fountainWhy is Water Important for My Dog?

All living organisms require adequate fluids to function. Cells work best if they are in a liquid environment that sustains life. Nutrients and other important chemicals are better transported to and from these cells, ensuring optimum health for any living organism, including us and our beloved pet dogs. Inside the dog’s body are a series of chemical reactions that require fluid to occur. Without this watery environment, many of these chemical reactions simply will not take place. If this happens, then our pooches will not be able to utilize the various nutrients that you have given them through their food.

Water is also important in the regulation of body temperature for which dogs are not really good at. For humans, if our body gets too hot, we perspire to get rid of the excess heat. Dogs don’t perspire. They pant. As they pant, they are slowly releasing carbon dioxide and moisture into the outside air. This helps them lower their body temperatures. Unfortunately, this is often fast enough to help lower down their body temperatures to more physiologically normal levels. As such, they will require plenty of water especially after an intense physical activity, play, exercise, or coming from under the sun.

In a word, water is an element that all organisms need to survive, including our dogs. While it doesn’t contain calories or any nutrient value whatsoever, it provides the framework upon which the calories and the nutrients found in food are utilized by the body. Without water, life simply ceases to exist. 

How to Get Your Dog to Drink Water

We now know how important water is to the health of your dog. We should, thus do everything we can to help our dogs drink plenty of water. Here are some tips for you to consider.

  • Place several water bowls or drinking fountains all over your house, especially in areas where they frequent. However, just make sure that this is not located in the same area where they usually eat as well as eliminate. You don’t want to drink in your toilet, too, do you?
  • Make sure your pet will be able to drink without having to strain its neck reaching for the water in the dish. That is why a water fountain is ideal since the spout is already located at a high enough position so your dog doesn’t have to bend extremely low to drink.
  • Add some natural flavoring in your canine friend’s drink. It can be chicken or beef flavored broth or even the fluid from a can of tuna. This helps provide a more enticing flavor for your pooch, making it want to drink more. Alternatively, you can also add ice cubes into the bowl. Nothing beats refreshingly cold drink especially on a hot day.
  • If you’re not using a water fountain, make sure to change their water at least every 2 hours to prevent it from going stale and providing your pooch with fresh, clean water. It is for this same reason that water fountains are very useful as it minimizes frequent water changes or replacements.
  • Clean your pooch’s container. Over time, sediments can form at the bottom of the dish which can make the drink quite unpalatable. Additionally, the interaction between the microorganisms in your pooch’s mouth and the watery environment can facilitate the growth of microbes in the bowl itself. So, you’d have to clean it thoroughly in between drink changes. Thankfully, with dog water fountains, you don’t have to do this very often.
  • Consider giving your pooch wet or canned dog foods as these typically contain 70 to 80 percent moisture. You can also give dry kibbles, although you might want to add some water in it since these types of dog food only contain about 10 to 15 percent moisture. You can also try giving them treats that are rich in water such as watermelons. Just don’t give the seeds and the rind, though.

pet water fountainEveryone needs water to survive, even our dogs. Dog water fountains are preferable to conventional bowls as these provide safer, healthier, and more hygienic drinking water for our pets. It also minimizes the hassle of frequent changing of the water and its eventual cleaning. Choosing the right dog water fountain is easy. You can start with our list of the 5 best dog water fountains or adhere to some of our tips on the selection of an appropriate device for your dog. Ultimately, it’s down to how you can get your dog to drink as much as it possibly can.

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