20 Best Christmas Presents for Dog Lovers in 2021

Last Updated November 5, 2020

Usually, we show our love for our friends at Christmas time by attending nights out and drinks. In many states currently, however, it’s becoming more and more difficult as time marches on to envisage a situation in which celebrating in person would be possible.

So, what type of Christmas gift should you get your friend this holiday season to show that you truly care about them and their loved ones? You really can’t go wrong buying a gift for their dog. Whatever your friend’s tastes, we’re bound to have something to suit them in our Christmas gift guide. Containing many unique gift ideas, these gifts are the perfect way to show friends that although you cannot be with them in person, you’ll be with them in spirit.

20 Gifts for Dog Lovers


This holiday gift isn’t just for Christmas, but will come in handy all year round. Connecting directly to your mobile device, Wyze’s Pan Pet Camera allows you to check up on your best friend from your room when they’re in their favorite sleeping spot halfway across the house.

Offering a dog lover high speed horizontal and vertical panning at 110° per second, it’s impossible to fault Wyze’s real-time 108p HS live stream. Every dog lover will be particularly delighted by the chance to tell their best friend that they’re a good dog through the audio – and the delight you’ll feel watching their excitement at hearing your voice come from the camera is priceless.

Camera rotates horizontally and vertically so you can follow your pet across the room  

Two-way audio feature allows you to tell your pet to “get off the couch” from the other side of the house 

Real-time 108p HD live stream provides a crystal-clear picture 

  • Brand: Wyze
  • Model: 211735
  • Weight: 1 pounds


A typical dog Mom and Dad will notice when hanging up the kid’s stockings on the mantlepiece that one of their babies’ stockings is missing – their furbaby’s. That’s why Frisco has crafted for your family this Christmas a cute holiday dog stocking, complete with a green paw on the heel so guests will immediately know who’s stocking it is.

Made of durable polyester, it’s more than likely that your dog will consider their stocking as a Christmas gift in its own right, which is why Frisco have made its outer lining soft and plush for them to cuddle up against after an exhausting Christmas morning opening presents!

Green festive-colored accent paw on the side distinguishes dog stocking from the kids’  

Red faux satin and white faux fur trim epitomize the festive theme 

Built-in loop allows stocking to hang up beside the others 

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 160060


If your dog’s health matters to you more than anything, FitBark’s second edition water-resistant dog activity and sleep monitor is the perfect gift to put your mind at ease this Christmas. Pairing this device with apps compatible with all iOS and Android platforms, you’ll be able to set activity goals, track if Fido’s getting enough sleep, and even compare your dog’s health to other dogs.

The feature that we believe sets FitBark’s dog gift apart from others is its waterproof design – a well-needed perk for dog owners who’s pup loves to swim more than anything. With such an exceptional standard of durability, this nifty device can sync with your own to offer years of fitness training together.

A dog’s everyday physical activity can be tracked, allowing you to discern whether they’re healthy  

Lightweight and waterproof design means your pup can exercise with their monitor even in wet and windy conditions 

Health issues can be identified and therefore responded to early on 

  • Brand: FitBark
  • Model: 141592
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


As dog owners ourselves, we know there’s nothing dog-lovers enjoy more than the chance to speak about their pets. With Frisco’s personalized “Woof” coffee mug, however, your work colleagues will be the ones to initiate the pet conversation after they catch a glimpse of your adorable dog on your personalized mug. 

After your coffee break, this ceramic coffee mug can be put in the dishwasher alongside your other colleagues’ without impacting the quality of the design in any way.

Manufactured from ceramic with a shiny finish 

Ceramic photo mug is dishwasher-safe

Boasting a capacity of eleven fluid ounces

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 219815
  • Weight: 11 ounces


If you’re more likely to be found on a hike with your rather than in the office, Frisco’s stainless steel thermos is even more practical than the cup detailed above. If you’re heading off to the mountains with a coffee or tea in hand, this customizable thermos will remind you during the hard parts of the climb that your dog is by your side, even if they happen to be miles ahead of you on the hike!

Personalized thermos made from durable stainless steel  

Complete with clever logo that will make others laugh on the back and your pup on the front! 

Holds a commendable 25 oz. of liquid 

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 219786
  • Weight: 25 ounces


If you’ve been scouring your dog-loving friend’s home for potential holiday gifts to gift them this Christmas to find that they own every dog-related gift imaginable, Design Imports’ dog potholder gift set a rare find, even in dog-lovers’ homes. The embellished potholder, made with 100% cotton, is head-resistant so your friend’s hands will be protected when handling hot dishes and pans. Paired with the cotton dishtowel, your friend will be reminded of their love for their dog, even when partaking in mind-numbing household chores.

Heat-resistant potholder protects hands from hot dishes  

Waffle dishtowel cleans up spills effectively  

Both items are 100% cotton and machine washable to guarantee durability 

  • Brand: Design Imports
  • Model: 232212


If your dog can’t contain their excitement on walks to the point that they often lose their way, having been caught up in the excitement of chasing a squirrel, Cube’s Shadow Bluetooth Tracker beats other Christmas gifts for dog walkers hands down. All a dog mom or dad has to do is download the Cube Tracker app on their phones, attach the Cube to your dog’s collar with the sturdy hoop feature, and then they’ll be able to track where their dog has ended up within 200-feet.

Bluetooth tracker works effectively with the Cube Tracker app to track location 

Tracker boasts a 200-foot range so you can see how far your dog is from you 

Others can download the app to trigger to request an update on trackers latest location 

  • Brand: Cube
  • Model: 194751


Let’s face it; as much as we love our dogs, owning them is hard work – especially during the holiday season. That’s why, when contemplating what to get a dog lover for Christmas, you should consider Pearhead’s beer glass set that are capable of holding sixteen ounces of bottled or draft beer. This way, as your friend relaxes after a crazy day of holiday madness, the amusing phrases plastered on the front of these glasses like “Bark If You Like Beer” will remind them how worthwhile it is to have a fluffy best friend

Glass bar set perfect for combining two passions in life together  

Glasses able to hold sixteen ounces of bottled or draft beer  

Fun phrases in bold black print will entertain guests 

  • Brand: Pearhead
  • Model: 233341
  • Weight: 16 ounces


Christmas gifts for dog lovers that help them out all year round are hard to come by; which is why Arf Pet’s automatic feeder is selling out fast. As the average dog Mom and Dad have jobs and responsibilities outside the home to attend to, this automatic feeder can distribute up to four meals a day so your pup isn’t left starving at home. And so they don’t miss you, Arf’s automatic feeder even allows you to record a meal call for your pet so your dog knows you’re thinking about them.

*Warning: In no way does owning this machine give you the right to leave your dog at home alone for hours on end. Please remember that every dog needs quality time with their owner.

LCD clock and display allows you to choose the exact time that your pet can enjoy their dinner 

Magnetic lock lid keeps pesky pet from trying to access their meal early 

Sixteen cup capacity makes feeder ideal for multi-pet households 

  • Brand: Arf Pets
  • Model: 112029
  • Weight: 4.63 pounds


Frisco are back again; this time to boast about their double walled tumbler. Emblazoned with the entertaining slogan “All We Need Is Paws”, you also have the option to personalize the tumbler with both your friend’s pet’s name and a photo of them together. Its printing should last for years to come (depending on how much your dog-loving friend cares for their tumbler).

Double-walled tumbler keeps drinks warm for longer  

Text is customizable, so your pet’s name can be included  

Clear plastic lid allows user to see how much liquid they have left to drink 

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 219774
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds


If any dog lover you know has recently lost their pet, Pearhead’s dog collar frame will be the most meaningful holiday gift they receive this holiday season. Boasting a rich espresso wood finish to go with any décor, the opening slots are designed to display various sizes of dog collars so no dog Mom or Dad winds up disappointed.

As every individual has a favorite spot in their home, Pearhead offers users several options; to hang the frame on their wall with the mount or displaying it on top of your tabletop with the hanger. Undoubtedly, these frames allows dog lovers to honor their pet’s memories while learning to cope with their loss.

Decorative frame crafted from rich expresso wood to blend in with any classy interior design  

Hanger inclusion allows frame to mount easily on the wall 

Accessible opening slots are generously shaped to allow many sizes of collars to fit 

  • Brand: Pearhead
  • Model: 116176


Putting your Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition for a family. But we believe it can’t really be complete without the furry member of your family’s inclusion.

Old World Christmas’s glass tree ornament isn’t any run-of-the-mill Christmas decoration. This mouth-blown fine glass ornament is 100% hand-crafted using tried and tested techniques firstly developed in the 1800s. The finished product is exquisite; a timeless creation that can be passed down through the family generations.

Glass corgi ornament is crafted using traditional techniques dating from the 1800s 

Hand-painted to attain an exquisite finish  

The perfect way to include your Corgi in your holiday celebrations 

  • Brand: Old World Christmas
  • Model: 131989


Invest in a rewarding relationship with your pup this Christmas with the help of Kyra Sundance’s step-by-step guide to puppy training. The detailed training guide is the ideal Christmas gift for dog owners who have just bought themselves a puppy; containing full-color photos for each and every trick.

Consisting of simple to complex tricks, Kyra Sundance’s book will be your friend’s go-to guide for all problems puppy-related. They can even create their own personalized training schedule to keep them on track!

Training instructions are presented in full-color photographs 

Book covers basic commands to advanced tricks  

Tips for creating your own personalized training schedule  

  • Brand: Kyra Sundance
  • Model: 133456
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds


There are few things purer in life than when your dog runs at full speed to great you giddily at your door after work. Design Imports’ dog doormat will get you excited to see your best friend before you even open your front door. Featuring the words “home is where someone runs to greet you” and a silhouette of a dog, Design Imports’ product constitutes a durable gift to award a dog owner.

Made from natural coil to grab loose dirt and debris from your feet 

Back of doormat is covered in durable PVC to keep it secured to the ground as you wipe your feet 

Classy colors keep doormat bright and cheerful at your door 

  • Brand: Design Imports
  • Model: 123142
  • Weight: 4 pounds


As COVID surges around the globe, the most popular gift ideas in 2020 are those that can be enjoyed at home. Frisco’s personalized photo puzzle is the perfect way to keep entertained when stuck indoors.

Comprising of 252 unique puzzle pieces, all you’ve got to do is pick one image your friend cherishes of their pet (this certainly won’t be too too difficult!) and Frisco will take care of the rest, producing an impressive high-quality puzzle image.

252 different puzzle pieces make for a challenging but rewarding puzzle experience 

Personalized puzzle experience can include any special photo of your pet 

High-quality image clarity guaranteed  

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 250827
  • Weight: 1 pounds


When you’re expecting, you want to tell the world. Pearhead’s perfect sign is an incredibly special way to announce your pregnancy on social media by including your fur baby. Featuring the most adorable message ever – “Mom and Dad are getting me a human” – friends and family will ooze over the special photo of their favorite dog.

This sign features an adjustable silky ribbon to hang around your pup’s neck and even includes chalk so you can start writing your due date on immediately!

Comes with white chalk so you can fill in the due date immediately 

Ribbon for hanging around your pet’s neck is adjustable to their size 

Company guarantees fast delivery 

  • Brand: Pearhead
  • Model: 163475


If you’re still completely stumped as for what to get your dog-loving friend for the holidays, Chewy is here to rescue you with their handy eGift Cards. As one of the largest American online retailers, dog lovers can decide for themselves what they feel their dogs would be delighted to find in their stocking this Christmas.

The beauty of Chewy’s gift cards is their lack of expiration date. What’s more, depending on how much you’re able to spend on your family or friends for Christmas, Chewy’s eGift card is able to be purchased in four different amounts up to one-hundred pounds.

Gift card can be personalized designed depending on the occasion 

EGift card can be bought in four different amounts 

No expiration date or hidden fees to speak of 


Do you have multiple dogs and get confused every time what food or water bowl is which when filling them up? With Frisco’s ceramic dog bowl, owners will never be confused again.

Boasting a capacity of thirty-nine ounces of food or water, these bowls are perfect for medium and large dog breeds. If you have fallen in love with these bowls but you own smaller dogs, we recommend purchasing it anyway – up to two pet photos can be included on this dog bowl for small dogs to share!

Plaid pattern looks vibrant on top of white ceramic design 

Bowl appropriate for large dogs and multi-pet homes  

Suitable for medium and large dog breeds 

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 249441
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds


As customers’ favorite dog bed of 2020, Frisco’s rectangular bed typifies what comfort means. Filled to the brim with premium loft fiber, this dog bed is lined with faux linen so your dog will enjoy a deep sleep every night. Older, medium-sized dogs in particular are the perfect pooches to benefit from this ergonomic dog bed, given its lower front entry design.

Two-tone fabric design boasts stylish faux linen outer fabric 

Loft microfiber interior provides the perfect resting place for even the fussiest of dogs 

Ergonomic design suitable for senior and arthritic dogs thanks to lower front entry 

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 234948
  • Weight: 8 pounds


We saved one of our favorite products for last – there really aren’t many pet bandanas out there designed specifically for Thanksgiving. Emblazoned with stylish Hanukkah stars, Frisco’s bandana is able to fit around any dog’s neck – whether that neck is small, medium, or large. And if you want to go the extra mile in personalizing your pup’s bandana, you can personalize it with their name, too.

Bandana can be personalized with your dog’s name for Hanukkah

Available for Small, Medium, and Large neck sizes 

Design can be personalized with a single line of text

  • Brand: Frisco
  • Model: 242801

Our Top Pick

Although it’s difficult to choose between our unique selection of Christmas gifts on offer, our top pick has to be Wyze’s Pan Pet Camera. A nifty device that connects directly to your mobile, Wyze’s camera’s horizontal and vertical rotation grants a dog owner the ability to track their pup across the room by just accessing their phone app. Plus, if you check your mobile device and find your dog up on the couch they’re not allowed on, the two-way audio feature is perfect for telling them off with. Alternatively, if you miss your perfect pup and simply want to tell them you love them, this camera makes it possible.

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