Best Gadgets Every Dog Owner Needs in 2021

Destin Benoit
Published October 18, 2017

Every serious dog owner will tell you that caring for your pet today is made easier, more convenient, and a lot safer if you equip yourself with only well-thought-out, independently-tested, and customer-approved gadgets. While these dog stuff or items are not intended to replace the tender loving care and affection that only dog owners can provide, these can nevertheless enhance the way we care for our pets, make it a lot more comfortable and stress-free for them, and a lot more convenient for us, too. As such, we have scoured the market for the best gadgets every dog owner needs to help make being a pet parent a lot more meaningful for you.

Best Gadgets Every Dog Owner Needs


furbo dog camera
Furbo Dog Camera

If you firmly believe in a smarter home, then you really have to get the Furbo Dog Camera. Technically, it is a wireless pet camera that allows you to view your pet from anywhere around the globe. Its camera system comes with full HD resolution and even night vision capabilities so you can easily view Fido even in the dead of the night. Live stream viewing is made even more pleasing and all-encompassing with the built-in wide angle lens of the Furbo. Here’s an even more fascinating feature in this dog stuff. The Furbo comes with a 2-way audio complete with a barking sensor that automatically notifies you on your smartphone if it senses or ‘hears’ barking in your home. This way you can check what’s going on and calm down your pooch with your soothing voice. And if it won’t stop, you can easily command Furbo to toss a treat to your pooch. Of course, you can always do this even without it barking. Read in-depth review

HD quality video camera with wide angle lens and night vision capabilities

Barking sensor with smartphone notification

Treat tosser feature

Full wireless capabilities

Compatible with Alexa

  • Brand: Furbo
  • Model: 001-01WHTOA-1
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds


petcube camera
Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera

If the Furbo comes with a treat tosser, the Petcube has an entirely different mechanism of keeping your pooch well entertained while you’re away. The Petcube, being one of the best dog gadgets, beams pet-safe laser that you can easily and seamless control with your smartphone. And if you’re too busy at work, you can simply program the Petcube to automatically play laser light with your pet at designated times. You can also interact with your pooch via the built-in 2-way audio system. It detects sounds or noise created by your pooch. You can then check out your mutt via Petcube’s 1080p HD quality video camera that comes with a full 138-degree wide angle lens, night vision capabilities, and up to 3x of digital zoom so you can have a closer look at what’s going on. The Petcube is your pet’s personal exerciser and communications tool with you.

1080p HD camera with wide angle lens, 3x digital zoom, and night vision

Sound detection technology

2-way audio system

Human- and pet- safe laser beam plays

Wireless capabilities

  • Brand: Petcube
  • Model: PP211NV5L
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds


whistle dog gps
Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Keeping an eye on your pet can be downright frustrating especially if you have a pooch that has a knack for escaping its crate and wandering in the neighborhood. However, nothing can be more worrying than having a pet get lost in the park or in an area that you’re not really familiar with. That is why you need to put the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker on your pet’s collar. This dog stuff gives you the ability to monitor and track the whereabouts of your pooch regardless of where you are. The system sends out alerts and notifications informing you that your pet has just gotten out of your home. The app comes with interactive maps to point you in the right direction to where your doggie is.

Full wireless connectivity with mobile devices

Lightweight and compact design 

  • Brand: Whistle
  • Model: 100-30502-01
  • Weight: 0.96 ounces


There is nothing more frustrating than coming home to find your carpet and your upholstery filled with hair from your pet’s shedding. With the Furminator deShedding Tool you can easily address the problem by spending a few minutes with your pet and running the Furminator down its skin and coat. This deshedding dog stuff has been shown to reduce shedding by as much as 90 percent. This means you will have 90% less frustrations when you do come home. It’s very comfortable to hold and comes with a Furejector button that easily cleans and removes shedding from the Furminator. It’s one of the best dog gadgets when it comes to keeping your canine well-groomed and free of excessive shedding.

Durable stainless steel construction

Furejector loose hair cleaner and remover

Comfortable ergonomic handle 

  • Brand: Furminator
  • Model: 101007
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Cutting your pooch’s nails should not be difficult especially if you use the BOSHEL Dog Nail Clipper and Trimmer. It has safety guard for a safer trim. The cutting blades are made of strong stainless steel. It also comes with an ergonomic design so you will have a comfortable grip on the BOSHEL handles, giving you optimum control while trimming the nails.

Robust construction made of stainless steel

Ergonomic and non-slip handles

With safety stop

  • Brand: Boshel
  • Model: BA-NCOO3
  • Weight: 4 ounces


One of the best dog gadgets you could ever give to your pooch is the Petmate replendish gravity Waterer. The Replendish is a contraction from the words ‘replenish’ and ‘dish’ giving you an idea of what it does. It comes with a spacious water bowl that comes fully coated with Microban antimicrobial protection technology to help make sure the water that your pooch drinks is free from germs that can cause the water to grow stale. The same system also helps prevent water stains typically seen in vinyl products. Ensuring safer drinking water is a water filtration system that is so advanced it can remover virtually any volatile organic chemical as well as chlorine. Now, you don’t have to leave your work every now and then just to make sure if your pets have safe and clean water to drink. 

Advanced water filtration technology

Microban antimicrobial protection system

Available in 4 capacities

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 24492
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Outward Hound has just put the ‘fun’ in canine feeding with its SloBowl Fun Feeder. Designed specifically to help your pooch to slowly eat its meals so that it gets digested up to 10x more efficiently, the SloBowl is actually a food bowl that comes with 3 different mazes or puzzles. Your dog will have to follow the contours of the SloBowl for it to finish the plate up. going around in circles or even going through sections one at a time can significantly lengthen the amount of time that your pooch will feed. This dog stuff can truly aid mutts that are at risk for bloating as well as obesity. It is also perfect for portion control as the SloBowl comes in 2 sizes and can be filled with either dry kibbles or wet canned food. You can also place raw dog diets in the SloBowl. If you’re concerned about the voracious appetite of your pet, the SloBowl is the answer.

Simple concept yet perfectly executed in a fun feeding bowl

Available in 2 portion controllable sizes

Dishwasher safe 

  • Brand: Outward Hound
  • Model: 51002
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds


Whenever you’re training your mutt, be it for obedience or for behavioral correction, you’re definitely more efficient if you had the Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training pouch conveniently strapped around your waist. Rather than bringing a whole pack of your pooch’s favorite treats, it’s better to keep these in the Paw Lifestyles’ spacious storage compartment. The bright green interior provides a remarkable contrast to the otherwise dark colors of doggie treats. It comes with its own poop bag for on-the-spot cleaning. The Paw Lifestyles can also be worn in 3 different ways and is spacious enough to hold other dog stuff as well as your personal items like car keys, smartphone, and money. 

Versatile and easily wearable design

Tough and durable construction

Comes with poop bag attachment

Lightweight and weatherproof nylon material

  • Brand: Paw Lifestyles
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


Remember how you shushed your baby every time he or she is anxious? As it turns out, the same principle of applying gentle pressure on your pooch’s body can help it calm down in stressful situations like during a thunderstorm or celebrations where there are plenty of loud noises and fireworks. That being said, the ThunderShirt makes its way to our list of the best dog gadgets for the simple reason that it can help soothe and relieve the anxiety off of 4 out of 5 dogs. It is worn like any other doggie shirt but what it does will amaze you. The constant gentle pressure applied onto your mutt can calm over-excitement as well as allay fears, making it more comfortable, peaceful, and calm. It’s easy to put on and clean, too.

Snug and comfortable fit

Durable fabric material

Machine washable

  • Brand: Thundershirt
  • Model: HGXS-T01
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


Gone are the days where taking care of dogs required having only a kennel. In recent times, a variety of gadgets have been made available for dog owners, to make the relationship with their furry friends more enjoyable and exciting. The Paws & Pals Elevated Pet Bed is one of such products, and it is highly recommended for dog owners. This bed is the best solution if you’re looking for a way to keep your dog on a strict sleep schedule. It can be used both within and outside your home and can be elevated to increase the comfort of your dog. This bed is made from water-resistant fabric and is very easy to maintain. It is well suited for dogs with a weight of up to 88 pounds.

Travel Gear Approved



Holds up to 88 pounds

Rugged design

  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • Model: PTBD-02-BK
  • Weight: 6 pounds


The diet of your dog must be as consistent as possible if you want to raise a healthy canine. The ideal way to ensure consistency is to make use of the Arf Pets Food Dispenser. This is an automatic food dispenser designed for use by dogs, cats, and other small animals. It makes feeding less stressful for dog owners and also aids in the dietary wellbeing of your pet daily. It features a time recording system which allows you to program your meals within the day, a total of four meals. There is also a distribution alarm and portion control features which help you decide how much food to offer your pet within the day. For operations, the Arf dispenser relies on 3 D batteries and also has a power cable for external charging.

Automatic pet feeder

Suitable for dogs, cats & small animals

Portion control

Voice recording

Programmable timer

  • Brand: Arf Pets
  • Model: APAFNEW2
  • Weight: 6.57 pounds


The Highwave AutoDog Mug is another essential for all dog owners. It is a BPA free product that allows owners to offer water to their canines in controlled amounts, without the water leaking. The design is patented to the brand and is feature a one-handed operation system. This makes the Highwave mug user-friendly for both the dog and its owners. The bottle allows for 20 ounces of water, and its design makes it easy to fit into any standard cup holder. For a more mobile option, you can make use of an adjustable hook and loop strap. 

Bpa free

One-handed hydration system

Leak-free bottle

Adjustable hook-and-loop strap

Six bright colors

  • Brand: Highwave
  • Model: SYNCHKG071299
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


If you could enjoy a day in the great outdoors with everything that you need conveniently packed in your backpack, why couldn’t your dog have the same system, too? That’s what this dog stuff from Outward Hound is all about. The Daypak is a nifty backpack that is designed specifically for hiking and trekking dogs. Actually, you can use the Daypak to store and organize some of your smaller items, keeping them secure while hiking as no one would dare mess with your pooch. The Daypak comes with a very sleek and lightweight design and made of breathable comfortable fabric so it won’t really burden your pooch. It also comes with reflective lining to improve its visibility and afford your dog safety in darkened environments. It’s about time you and your pooch enjoy the great outdoors together.

Breathable, durable, and lightweight construction

Fully adjustable straps

Safety reflective lining 

  • Brand: Outward Hound
  • Model: 22003
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces


outward hound portable dog bowl
Outward Hound Port A Bowl

Clearly one of the best dog gadgets and truly useful ones is the Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl. This is especially true for lovers of the great outdoors. Its unique foldable and collapsible design means there are no bulky bowls to carry around. And when it’s time for a drink, simply prop it up, fill it with water or doggie food, and give your mutt its refreshing drink or amazing meal. Made of rugged nylon, the Port-A-Bowl is simply built for the outdoors.

Rugged and durable construction

Fully collapsible design

Easy to clean 

  • Brand: Outward Hound
  • Model: 23002
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


Traveling with our dogs is a great opportunity for them to see the world outside their homes. Unfortunately, smaller breeds of dogs simply cannot see the outside world from the window of your car. To help them enjoy the view without them having to stand up with their paws on your windows, you’d need these best dog gadgets from Pet Gear. The Booster Car Seat for Dogs is constructed of sturdy foam covered with soft microsuede fabric. It also comes with a plush pillow to make it more comfy for your pooch. It’s machine washable and includes a tether that can be connected to harnesses for added pet safety.

Durable and sturdy construction

Soft and comfortable cushion

Removable and washable cover 

  • Brand: Pet Gear
  • Model: PG1122CH
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Feed your pets from any location of your choice, thanks to the PetSafe Smart Feeder. This feeder is designed for operations via any smart device you own, which means you can schedule all meals of your pet even while on vacation. The PetSafe feeder allows for programming of up to 12 meals for either a dog or cat. It works for only dry foods and dispenses the menu according to the pre-selected portion sizes. This device uses D-cell batteries for operations and works even when your Wi-Fi signal is lost. It is dishwasher safe and made from BPA free materials for the safety of your pet.


Wi-Fi enabled pet feeder

Smartphone App for iPhone and Android

Schedule up to 12 meals

Dry food only

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: PFD00-15788
  • Weight: 5.65 pounds


If you’ve got a toy or small breed of canine or even a puppy, you’ll need the Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs to provide a safer connection between your floor and your sofa or any other elevated napping area for your pet. It only weighs 5 pounds but is fully capable of supporting pooches up to 120 pounds in weight. The Solvit is a safe way for small pooches to reach their elevated napping or resting areas.

Durable and sturdy yet lightweight construction

Complete with safety side rails

Padded tread covers 

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: 62460
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Pooches love to play especially fetching tennis balls. Unless you would also like to work out your biceps and triceps in addition to honing your throwing skills, you’d be better off with the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher. This dog stuff comes with 3 mini tennis balls, about the size of a ping pong ball at 1.5 inches. The iFetch can be easily adjusted to throw balls at 3 distances: 10, 20, and 30 feet. This should give you plenty of latitude to make the adjustments depending on the energy levels, behavior of your pooch, and available space. Our only lament, as this is also voiced by other consumers, is that the balls are way too small for larger breeds. So, make sure to get the iFetch Too for larger breeds.

Lightweight and portable design

Shoots mini tennis balls up to 30 feet

Easy to clean 

  • Brand: iFetch
  • Model: 1
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Grooming is essential concerning pets. From their fur to their nails, they need to take care of entirely to prevent the spread of infections and diseases. One gadget which makes grooming easy is the Pet Grooming Glove by Pet Your Pet. It is a gentle de-shedding glove made with rubber tips to work on all lengths of fur. It is well suited for use on cats, dogs, and horses, as it offers a gentle, relaxing massage with every stroke. The results achieved with this grooming glove is very admirable, which is why It comes highly recommended.

Enhanced five finger design

For cats, dogs, and horses

Gentle de-shedding brush

Perfect for sensitive & young pets.

Rubber tips

  • Brand: Pat Your Pet
  • Model: PYP270388
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces


Hygiene is essential when you have a pet. They must be kept well concerning their external bodies, to keep both you and they protected against any infections. Dogs wander a lot during their walks, coming into contact with different objects and substances that when they’re not groomed properly, they might experience some health discomforts. A part of their body that is continuously exposed to such chemicals is their paws. The Dexas MudBuster Paw Cleaner is a product that seeks to help you clean the paws of your dog without any hassle. It features thick yet gentle bristles which clears all dust and grime on your dog’s paws in the shortest possible time.

Zipper closure

Hand wash only

Thick silicone bristles

Easy-to-grip tumbler

Extra gentle

  • Brand: Dexas
  • Model: PW720383
  • Weight: 8.6 ounces
Destin Benoit
Destin Benoit
A former Special Forces Canine Handler, Destin Benoit has extensive knowledge and experience with military canine training. He has worked with multiple military dogs in the most stressful places and situations in the world. Currently, Destin is a SOC Canine Handler, aiding in the protection of the US diplomats abroad.
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