The Best Gourmet Dog Treats (Review) in 2021

Last Updated July 19, 2021

Positive reinforcement, the training method regarded as the most effective way to train dogs, has thankfully surpassed the employment of negative reinforcement. As a result, pets and owners nowadays share a bond like no other centered around mutual respect and love. And there’s nothing better to cement this extraordinary bond in training than delicious gourmet dog treats.

Dog owners have rapidly made the switch from treats with no nutrients in them to speak of to healthy treats worthy of the ‘human-grade’, gourmet label. And rightly so. After all, dogs are the heart of any family unit, man’s best friend, and your companion through thick and thin. Why shouldn’t they be equipped with the nutrients they require to thrive by our sides? In the product selection below, we’ve assembled the best gourmet dog treats out there, packed full of nutrition, flavor and made with love for your dog to enjoy.

The Best Gourmet Dog Treat


Proudly manufactured in the USA, Old Mother Hubbard’s delectable classic Bac’N’Cheez oven baked dog biscuits will have your pup slathering at sight of these goodies. With each bite they take, your pup will be blown away by the tastes of bacon, apples, and carrots – nutritional and natural ingredients that will bolster their immune system.

As these treats are wheat free, they’re even the perfect snack for dogs who suffer from wheat allergies. Not only do manufacturers make their treats suitable for dogs with allergies, they’ve even amended the shape of the kibble to suit the canines of small, medium, and large breeds. One more thing… watch out when you’re on walks, as these treats are crowd pleasers – every dog you meet will be sniffing at your pocket!

Calorie content: NA

Minmum crude protein: 12.0%

Minimum crude fat: 7.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 5.5%

Maximum moisture: 11.0%

First three ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Oatmeal, Wheat Bran

  • Brand: Old Mother Hubbard
  • Model: 10105
  • Weight: 3.31 pounds


For the introverts that treasure chilled-out evenings more than anything in the world, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying some lavender-infused tea accompanied by a candle and a good book. Although your dog won’t take any pleasure from the latter perks, they can now relax alongside you with Bocce’s Bakery’s Bedtime Tea. These wheat-free treats, made with only banana, vanilla, lavender, and oat flour, work wonders when calming down stressed-out pups.

The company demonstrate the value of their product by following scientific guidance regarding the high nutritional benefit of using single-protein food sources and limited ingredients. As Bocce’s Bakery began in a cramped West Village kitchen with the goal to improve a mutt named Bocce’s life, you can be confident knowing this family-owned US business will take your dog’s nutritional and stress-related needs seriously.

Calorie content: 3,985 kcal/kg (12 kcal/treat)

Minimum crude protein: 9.0%

Minimum crude fat: 10.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.0%

Maximum moisture:7.0%

First three ingredients: Oat Flour, Banana, Vanilla

  • Brand: Bocce’s Bakery
  • Model: Bedtime Tea
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces


Excluding their family, there are three enduring loves of any dogs life: chicken, beef, and pork. That’s why brand Good’n’Fun has successfully culminated the three together to create their delicious chews. As well as granting your pups a great source of protein, this savory treat satisfies their natural urge to chew.

Suitable for dogs of every shape and size, designate a time of day that you’ll always be around to give your dog one of these gourmet dog bakery treats. Otherwise, you’ll find your pooch breathing down your neck morning till night until they get their paws on of these healthy snacks!

Calorie content: 3,140 kcal/kg (20 kcal/treat)

Minimum crude protein: 80.0%

Minimum crude fat: 0.05%

Maximum crude fiber: 2.0%

Maximum moisture: 14.0%

First three ingredients: Rawhide, Pork Hide, Chicken

  • Brand: Good’n’Fun
  • Model: P-94188
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds


Featuring bacon as the principal ingredient, Purina don’t attempt to disguise the truth when advertising their treats – these aren’t treats focused on improving your pup’s immune system and should only be brought out when they’ve been a REALLY good boy or girl. This being said, a Purina packet contains no artificial ingredients or flavors.

Produced in USA facilities, delighted owners confirm that Purina’s dog treats are dog approved, even though they smell absolutely terrible to humans. Oh well; that’s a sacrifice most owners are willing to make in order to bond with and train their pets through positive reinforcement.

Calorie content:3,003 kcal/kg (36 kcal/piece)

Minimum crude protein: 15.0%

Minimum crude fat: 3.5%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.5%

Maximum moisture: 27.0%

First three ingredients: Pork, Barley, Rice

  • Brand: Purina Beggin’
  • Model: 00038100180247
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Despite Blue Dog Bakery’s Natural Dog Treats being on the inexpensive end of gourmet pet treats, they don’t deteriorate in quality in the slightest. In fact, one element that makes these treats so affordable is the option to bulk buy them: the company offer three delivery options, from one box up to six at a time.

Boasting a crunchy texture, natural whole wheat and real eggs to facilitate easy digestion, and a complete absence of animal by-products and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, Blue Dog Bakery’s treat are the addition to your treat cabinet you’ve been waiting for. The health of your pet is the company’s principal priority, and the bakery prove it through the handpicked ingredients and unique treat shapes they’re acclaimed for.

Calorie content: 3,594 kcal/kg (10 kcal/piece)

Minimum crude protein: 9.0%

Minimum crude fat: 6.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.0%

Maximum moisture: 8.0%

First three ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, molasses (blackstrap)

  • Brand: Blue Dog Bakery
  • Model: 18125
  • Weight: 1.12 pounds


Portland Pet Food Company All-Natural Dog Treat Biscuits

With a simply ingredients list that offers the most wholesome ingredients, it’s no surprise that this option has proven to be popular with buyers. These are human-grade biscuits that provide a tasty treat for your pup, no matter what size they are, thanks to their ability to be quickly broken down for smaller pooches.

Made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, they are naturally grain and gluten-free. As such, they’re a great choice for dogs who have sensitive stomachs or allergies, providing them with a safe treat that offers excellent nutritional value.

Crude protein           10% min

Crude fat     14% min

Crude fiber 6% max

Moisture     6% max

Grain and gluten-free

Free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

  • Brand: Portland Pet Food
  • Model: Pumpkin
  • Weight: 5.61 Ounces


Recommended for small dogs, Olvipet’s DentaBars are delicious dog treats that focus on maintaining optimal dental health for your dog. By combining omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids together, your dog’s immune system will reap the benefits – and in the tastiest way possible!

Truly, the star of the show has to be the extra virgin olive oil. Imported from Crete, this olive oil is created by employing a unique cold-pressing technique that ensures it consists of a higher concentration of health-bolstering nutrients. What’s more, the flavor will seep out these treats as a result, leaving your dog wanting more.

Calorie content: 3,070 kcal/kg (15 kcal/piece)

Minimum crude protein: 7.0%

Minimum crude fat: 4.3%

Maximum crude fiber: 2.0%

Maximum moisture: 16.0%

First three ingredients: Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Poultry Meal (preserved with mixed tocopherols)

  • Brand: OlviPet
  • Model: 79074
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces


Each small batch of Gibson’s jerky dog treats are meticulously crafted utilizing solar energy and natural wood smoking. Combined with the inclusion of first-rate, human-grade ingredients including turkey and chicken, you’ve got an unbeatable treat that every dog will adore.

Every part of this product – from the ingredients to even the bags these treats are packaged in – are made in the United States. Try bringing these treats out with you on a walk and we swear, you’ll notice a different in the behavior of your dogs immediately!

Calorie content: NA

Minimum crude protein: 28.0%

Minimum crude fat: 18.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 2.0%

Maximum moisture:22.0%

First three ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Palm Glycerin

  • Brand: Gibsons
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces

Best Gourmet Dog Treat Buying Guide

Do you have your eyes fixed on a particular bag of gourmet goodies that you think your dog would adore? Before you invest, make sure you read our thorough buying guide that details why you should always opt for gourmet dog treats before ordinary biscuits, as as well as the details that distinguish high-quality and healthy gourmet treats from the crowd.

Mature man training dogWhat Are Gourmet Dog Treats?

To fully understand the superior nature of gourmet dog treats, we must turn to analyzing the origins of the word gourmet. The etymology of the world is intriguing – originally from France meaning ‘wine-taster, wine merchant’s servant’ and influenced by the word gourmand (a person who enjoys eating), the term ‘gourmet’ has been refined throughout centuries of modernization. The adjective form has come to be understood in these times as ‘high quality, specialty food typically requiring elaborate and expert preparation’.

Therefore, gourmet dog treats are acclaimed for being highly nutritious and straight up delicious. Often shaped to resemble cookies and other well-loved human snacks, the best gourmet dog treats are freshly baked with natural ingredients. When dog owners have the means to treat their pets to high-quality nutrients that are bursting with nutrients instead of artificial gunk, investing in gourmet dog treats is the unparalleled route.

What to Look for in Gourmet Dog Treats

What ingredient comes first on the ingredient list?: Having written our fair share of articles geared towards pet nutrition, we can safely say that any dog food that contains the noun ‘by-product’ in its first ingredient is unlikely to be of high-quality. By-products – secondary products that are created as a result of the manufacturing of main products – are, in other words, what’s left over of a slaughtered animal. Advocates of by-products in dog food rightly claim that it’s all down to how by-products are handled after slaughter – put differently, if they’re refrigerated or not – but the majority of the time gourmet dog treats that features a by-product as the primary ingredient will be dodgy and questionable on the nutrition front. Instead, select treats that feature real sources of protein like chicken, beef, or salmon.

What shape are the gourmet treats?: The shape of gourmet dog treats shouldn’t be geared towards what looks appetizing to humans. Rather, the best treats are advantageously shaped to clean off plaque and reduce the stench of your dog’s breath. Opting for chews as treats, in particular, will set your dog’s teeth up nicely for their next visit to the vet.

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Our Top Pick

Even amongst the prime gourmet dog treats on the market, there’s bound to be one brand selling a bag of gourmet dog biscuits that top the lot when it comes down to delectability and nutritiousness. And we believe this bag to be Old Mother Hubbard’s Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats. Packed to the brim with natural ingredients and flavors, these treats are a return to your dog’s roots in the wild. As the company have been making dogs drool since 1926, their method of slowly baking dog treats in the oven to preserve their natural flavor is a tried and tested strategy decided upon after years of development. Containing no artificial preservatives, purchasing these treats is the best way to show your canine you care.

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