The Best Dog Jerky Treats (Review) in 2021

Last Updated January 18, 2021

Jerky treats are a delicious way to promote healthy gums and teeth for your dog along with being just plain yummy in general. What dog wouldn’t enjoy a hunk of meat to gnaw on to their heart’s content? It plays right into their instinctual wheelhouse without all of the mess, cost, and preparation of raw feeding.

But as pet owners, you struggle when it comes to trying to find the perfect dog jerky treat, the market is endless! You want to find the perfect size, texture, ingredients, flavor, nutrition, and value for money without compromising the rest, without the worry of what they may be consuming. The easiest way to find this ideal dog jerky is to cut out the middle man. We’ve trawled through limitless amounts of dog jerky options in order to whittle the choices down to what we believe to be the 10 best jerky dog treats available on the market today. So whether you looking for chicken jerky, beef jerky, turkey jerky, or any other flavor or combination, this list should provide you with exactly what you’re looking for to keep your dog happy.

The Best Dog Jerky Treats 


These treats are on the softer side of jerky, and perfect for every doggo! Finding the right dog treats can be an absolute nightmare, however many people with fussy pups have said that their dog cannot get enough of them. And with them being on the lower end of the calorie scale, you can be a bit freer when you’re handing them out, just always be sure to follow the portion advice.

Flavors: Beef or Chicken

All Natural Ingredients

No artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, or animal by-products.

27kcal per treat

Resealable bag to seal in the freshness

Best suited to adult dogs of any size

  • Brand: Nudges
  • Model: 014125
  • Weight: 1 Pounds


With no artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colorings, and the wheat, gluten, corn, and soy-free recipe, these jerky treats would be perfect for almost any dog! Their chewy, squidgy texture makes them ideal for little breeds or even dogs that may struggle to chew tougher treats. And with 3 flavor jerky treats to choose from, you can cycle the different tastes to refresh their pallet with every pack.

Flavors: Beef, Turkey or Chicken

Recommended for small breed due to soft texture

No artificial flavoring, preservatives, or dyes

Wheat, gluten, soy, and corn-free

Minimum 4% crude fat and 20% protein

Maximum 2% fiber and 25% moisture

  • Brand: Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.
  • Weight: 16oz bag


Sometimes simple is the easier choice, and Milo’s Kitchen’s jerky treats are just that. 3 ingredients are all it takes to make these tasty treats, meaning you can be sure that there is not a grain in sight. Simply chicken, glycerin, and salt to taste. The best part of such a simple recipe with this chicken jerky is that your dog is getting all of the protein and none of the unwanted added extras, just all-out real chicken.

Made with only 3 ingredients: chicken, glycerin, salt

Minimum 58% protein and 1% fat

Maximum 1% fiber and 35% moisture

No artificial preservatives, flavorings, or dyes

Suitable for all ages of dog

Grain-free – no corn, wheat, soy, or meat by-products

  • Brand: Milo’s Kitchen
  • Model: 079100992706
  • Weight: 12.48 Ounces


If you wanting your money to go to a charitable cause, the Newman’s Own Foundation gives 100% of the profits from these tasty dog treats to charity. The all-natural, grain-free recipe makes for safe and tasty jerky treats in perfect bite-sized chunks. People have also remarked on the refreshing lack of the overpowering smell from these treats, which can sometimes be rather prevalent in others.

Flavors: Beef & Sweet Potato, Chicken, Original Recipe, Turkey

Minimum30 % protein and 4% fat

Maximum 2% fiber and 20% moisture

100% of profits go to charity (Newman’s Own Foundation)

Grain-free – no corn, wheat, or soy

Resealable pouch to hold in the freshness

  • Brand: Newman’s Own
  • Model: 10057645614601
  • Weight: 5oz bags


Take your pick on the taste! This real chicken jerky also comes in 4 other flavors; beef, Turkey & Sweet Potato, Port, Duck, and a Variety Pack if you feel like mixing it up. And one thing that makes this particular jerky stand out is the simplicity of its recipe, with only two ingredients. Both are completely natural ingredients, and exactly what you’re asking for.

Also available in Beef, Turkey & Sweet Potato, Pork, Duck, Variety Pack

Only 2 ingredients: Chicken & Glycerin

No wheat, corn, or fillers

Minimum 60% protein and 2% fat

Maximum 6% fat, 1% fiber, and 18% moisture

33kcal per treat and suitable for all sizes

  • Brand: Farmland Traditions
  • Model: 948687
  • Weight: 3 Pounds


This chicken jerky contains all-natural ingredients, with an easy, grain-free, recipe that provides your pup with the protein they will need to tackle the day. But if it’s not chicken you’re after, don’t worry, it also comes in duck, with the option of either meat with sweet potato on the side. Balanced, well rounded, and absolutely delicious. There’s no reason your dog wouldn’t love this.

Flavors: Chicken, Duck, Chicken & Sweet Potato, Duck & Sweet Potato

Only 4 ingredients: Chicken, Pea Protein, Glycerine, Salt

Minimum 58% protein and 1.5% fat

Maximum 18% moisture and 1% fiber.

No added corn, wheat, soy, or gluten

71.5kcal per treat and suitable for all sizes

  • Brand: Solimo
  • Weight: 2 Pounds


Looking for some grain-free, all-natural, preservative-free, USA made chicken jerky? Then look no further! This jerky has been made with every dog in mind, from small to big, no one is left out. With an even mix of protein, fat, and moisture, it makes a mouth-watering treat for any pup. And the ideal size of these chicken jerky snacks makes them the kind of treat a dog can savor.

No corn, wheat, or soy

No artificial flavors, preservatives, or animal by-products

Suitable for all ages and sizes

Minimum 35% protein and 18% fat

Maximum 1% fiber and 27% moisture

47kcal per piece and suitable for all sizes

  • Brand: True Chews
  • Model: 019281-6303
  • Weight: 22oz bags


Jerky treats that are made to last! When it comes to beef jerky for dogs, this is the way to go. The tough tasty treats are made to last, with a rawhide center that your dog can chew and chew on, you’ll get your money worth with this yummy number. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy the added whimsy of a rib-shaped snack.

Minimum 25% protein, 3% fiber, and 2% fat

Maximum 18% moisture

Recommended for adult dogs

195kcal per piece and suitable for all sizes

Helps to clean teeth with tough center

Shaped to look like a rib

  • Brand: Purina Busy
  • Model: 00038100178398
  • Weight: 11.04 Ounces


Want to mix up the flavors for your pup? I and Love and You make a point of creating flavors that combine 2 delicious types of meat in one. These all-natural, grain-free, high protein dog treats will be ideal for the fussy pup, that can never settle on one taste. Being broken into perfect bite-sized pieces makes them ideal training treats.

Flavors: Beef & Lamb, Chicken & Duck, Salmon & Chicken, Venison & Lamb, Variety Pack

Minimum 30% protein and 14% fat

Maximum 1% fiber and 22% moisture

No artificial preservatives, additives, or dyes

No fillers or animal by-product

Grain-free – no corn, wheat, soy, or rice

104kcal per treat and suitable for all sizes

Bite-sized pieces are great for training

  • Model: T00008
  • Weight: 1 pound


Real chicken jerky, with a minimal recipe of only two ingredients. The high protein content in this jerky will give your dog the fuel to play all day, with energy to spare. There is also a chicken combo flavor option if you’re wanting to mix it up a little. The chewier texture of these chicken jerky treats makes for a snack that will last that little bit longer too.

Flavors: Chicken, and Chicken Combo

Only 2 ingredients: chicken breast and vegetable glycerin

45 kcal per piece and suitable for all sizes

Minimum 65% protein and 1% fat

Maximum 1% fiber and 16% moisture

Grain-free and corn free

  • Brand: Purina Waggin Train
  • Model: 00807020171198
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds

Dog Jerky Treats Buying Guide

So, what do you need to know when it comes to buying jerky dog treats for your pup? With such a wide selection of dog treats on the market, it can be a bit of a nightmare, but jerky treats are up there as one of the best providers of all the right nutrients if you know where to look, and we pet owners always want what’s best for our furry family.

Do Dogs Like Jerky?

The short answer: of course they do! Or at least most do. You’ll inevitably get the odd dog that couldn’t care less about jerky treats, just as you’ll get the odd human that doesn’t like cheese. But if your pup is the kind to enjoy a nice little bit of meat to munch on alongside their daily dog food, then this is a fantastic snack choice. Dog’s naturally feel drawn towards meat, and jerky can be an excellent alternative to having to cook and prepare meat for them and a nice way to introduce some of that protein into their diet.

The puppy eats a bone outside. Dog Jack Russell Terrier.

Features to Consider When Buying a Dog Jerky Treats

The most important thing to remember when looking at purchasing jerky for your dog is to avoid human jerky. Always look to an animal retailer, as human jerky tends to contain a lot of spices to flavor it, and many of these spices can be quite upsetting for a dog’s stomach.

Like when you’re buying dog food, you must always look into what a treat contains before committing to it. There are many jerky dog treats in the market that contain far more additives, preservatives, dyes, and other ingredients than you’d want to see in something that your dog will be consuming. The following things are definitely worth keeping your eye out for:

  • Simple Recipes
  • Grain-free and corn-free
  • Additive, dye, and preservative-free
  • No animal by-product
  • high protein percentage

By avoiding animal by-products you can be sure that your jerky treats aren’t being filled with rubbish that they don’t need, and be reassured that your dog is getting exactly what it says on the tin. A high protein percentage will be beneficial to give your pup the energy they need to enjoy their day to the max. And to top it off, a lack of additives and preservatives will limit your pup’s chemical consumption (that’s not to say that all additives and preservatives are evil, but quite often completely unnecessary), so long as you are sure to check the packaging of the treats for a recommended “consume by” date so that they are eaten within that time frame. For example, with chicken jerky, you wouldn’t leave a cooked chicken breast on the side and eat it a week later, so be just as mindful when it comes to your pup’s jerky treats.

Benefits of Jerky Treats for Dogs Over Other Dog Treats

Jerky treats are the simplest, and most straight-to-the-point treat that you can buy. Where so many other treats can be stuffed with sugar, fillers, chemicals, and general products that are not beneficial to your doggo, particularly as sugar can degrade their teeth just as it does humans, jerky is all about the meat. Meat comes completely naturally to every dog, and so it stands to reason that treats, like chicken jerky, that are made up of mostly meat would be the best option for them. They are high in protein, good for their teeth, easy on their digestion, and let’s face it, absolutely delicious, even humans like a bit of jerky now and then!

Jerky Treats for Dogs FAQ:

Q: Is jerky hard for dogs to chew?

A: It depends very much on the dog, but also on the jerky. Dogs are naturally made to be able to chew through flesh and in severe cases even bone, so to say that they would struggle to chew jerky is a bit of a stretch. However if your dog suffers from dental problems or has perhaps lost teeth in the past, it may prove a little bit more troublesome for them. If you are worried about your furry pal struggling to chew their new snack, we’d recommend looking for jerky that has a higher moisture content. This is going to be a softer texture, and therefore easier for them to chew.

Q: How to store jerky dog treats?

A: It comes back to the old classic of “store in a cool, dry place”. Once you have opened a packet of jerky treats, you need to be sure to seal them back up when they’re not being eaten and place them in a cool, dry place (like a fridge) until they have all been eaten. Like we said before, be sure to check the “consume by” date, to avoid making your little buddy sick.

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Our Top Picks

Nudges Grilles

A proud USA brand of jerky, which is grain-free, additive-free, and made to recreate the delicious flavor of a perfectly grilled steak. After over 10,000 happy loyal customers, it’s hard to find a fault with these yummy doggy snacks. The resealable packaging helps you to seal in the freshness, and their customers have found them to be the perfect training treat.

Eloise Hands
Eloise is the owner of a Malamute/Akita cross, a first-time mum, and an animal enthusiast from England. She comes from a family which has never gone a day without a pet (or 3!), and over the years has learned all the best tips and tricks to raising a difficult pet. A knowledge that she has put to good use, to help others navigate the limitless world of pet care.
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