The Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 31, 2021

Training a dog is no simple task but you can make it easier and more effective using positive reinforcement methods. And treats, as any pet parent will tell you, are key to successful canine training and good behavior. But carrying treats while walking with your pup can be challenging, not to mention messy, especially if you’re both fans of long hiking trails and camping trips. Thankfully, a handy portable treat pouch that you can carry however you like you can make the whole thing more convenient. To help you find the right pet treat bag, we went through dozens of different products, outlining some of the best ones down below.

The Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags


One of the most practical and convenient treat pouches out there is the Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch. This pouch is perfect for training your puppy in nature, as it’s packed with convenient and useful features. It can hold generous amounts of treats as well as other accessories your dog might need, including kibble and toys. You can think of it as a lunch bag for your dog, with all the compartments for different things. One incredible feature of this treat pouch is that there are three ways you can wear it. It comes with an adjustable waist belt of 48 inches, a removable shoulder strap, and a durable, metal belt clip for versatility. With this product, you get a built-in holder for dog poop bags as well, so that you can always be prepared. Importantly, the poop bags are easy to reach, so you’ll be ready for when it’s time to clean up the messes. The pouch also features two D rings on which you can hang clickers during training. Other features include zippers and mesh on the sides and one drawstring for closing the pouch. All of these features make the bag quite secure, capable of holding various valuable items, such as your phone, keys, or money. Importantly, the bag is made from high-quality materials so it should last for years.

48-inch waist belt

Poop bag dispenser

Two D rings

Metal belt clip

  • Brand: Paw Lifestyles
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


The second pet bag on our top list is the Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Deluxe Dog Training Bag. This is a durable pet treat pouch with accompanying features for maximum convenience. The most prominent feature though? Magnetic closure with a pull-cord for smooth open and close actions. The main compartment has a lot of room with a gray inner lining to make treats visible. You can keep three cups of treats in this dog treat bag with other compartments for extra storage. As a bonus, there is a divider panel with Velcro that can be used to store different treats to prevent the mixing of flavors. You can wear it with a clip or the beefy waist strap, but there are  also hoops available for you to attach it to a waist belt. The pouch is made with durable, machine washable 600 denier polyester and measures 5.75 inches wide, 6.75 inches high and 2.75 inches deep when open. When it is closed, it has a low profile look, which makes it look less bulky despite the ample space. There are two side pockets on the bag with one side featuring a poop bag dispenser, plus D rings on side for added convenience. The front pocket is best for keeping leashes, while the back pocket can be used for storing valuable items like your phone or credit cards as it has a zipper.

Roomy main compartment

Durable polyester material

Magnetic closure

Gray inner lining

  • Brand: Doggone Good
  • Weight: 8 ounces


PetSafe Convenient Dog Training Accessory

Working as both a wallet/purse and a dog treat pouch, this option is great if you’re looking to pop your treats in your pocket. Working to keep them out of sight of your pup until they’re needed, this dog treat pouch is ideal for those who stay active during their walks.

If you prefer to keep your treat pouch in the open and easily accessible, the loop can easily be attached and detached to your belt. Divided treat pockets keep each item where it’s needed, while the material itself is water resistant and highly durable, while remaining easy to clean.

Water-resistant and easy to clean

Easily attached/detached to belt

Divided treat pockets

Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: PTA00-13748
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces


One of the dog treat pouches that will provide ease and convenience when it comes to transporting dog treats is the PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch. This pouch functions like a tote bag with its large capacity and additional compartments for maximum functionality. It is a durable bag because of the high-grade polyester construction, so it should last a very long time. Like the other fantastic bags, this one too comes with a waste dispenser bag so you can be prepared for anything. You will feel more confident about going on walks, knowing you can hold all your essentials in this training treat bag: from kibble and treats, to valuables such as money and keys. There’s the removable 52-inch handle that’ll enable you to wear it as a waist strap or across your shoulder, and a metal belt clip to attach it to your belt. The treat bag has measurements of 7 x 6.8 x 2.5 inches with an expandable bag measuring 3.5 inches. There is a front pocket with a zipper as well as a mesh compartment to hold accessories. As a nice little bonus, you also get a collapsible bowl for food or water.

52-inch handle and front pocket

Durable olyester material

Collapsible bowl

Can be carried in 3 different ways

  • Brand: PetAmi
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces


Another great quality pouch to consider is the LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch. This bag has an excellent design and a 600D oxford cloth construction with PVC coating. The inner lining is made from nylon, and it can be pulled out when cleaning is needed. The double stitching lines make it resistant to abrasion and wear and tear, so it should last a long while. There is a zipper on the front of the bag with a cloth attached to it so opening it is easy. The main compartment features a drawstring, which is adjustable and features a cord lock for easy access. Once open, you can fit your whole hand into the bag to access its content with no issues. When it is closed, you are also assured of your items staying in place and not falling out. You get a front mesh pocket where you can keep other smaller accessories, and there are also waste dispensers on both sides to keep you on top of your pup’s hygiene game. The D rings on the bag allow you to attach things like a clicker, and a collapsible bowl. You can also attach this bag to your waist belt by the metal belt clip available. As for carrying, you can wear it either across your shoulder or on the waist using the available strap for maximum comfort.

600D oxford cloth with PVC coating

Large capacity main compartment

Nylon inner lining

Zip and mesh front pocket

  • Brand: LANNEY
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Moving away from the fabric materials, you can use the RoyalCare Silicone Dog Treat Pouch to achieve the same convenience. This small pet treat bag serves the simple purpose of holding treats without them falling out. It is one of the more colorful and stylish dog treat pouches that will make your pup look forward to going outside with you. It consists of a food-grade, BPA-free silicone body that is safe to come into contact with food. Using it is easy firstly because of the magnetic closing for easy access into the bag. This closing works automatically too, so even if you forget to close it, you don’t have to worry – the treats will stay fresh and tasty. It features a portable and lightweight design with a belt clip that allows you to attach it to your waist belt or a backpack. It will make training more manageable and effective for both you and your dog, which is more than most pet bags can provide. The material used in constructing this treat bag is straightforward to clean, as you can just wipe it with a damp cloth as needed. And thanks to the FDA certified food-grade silicone, there is a lesser chance of bacteria breeding on the bag.

BPA-free, food-grade silicone

Magnetic closing

Belt clip attachment

Compact and lightweight 

  • Brand: RoyalCare
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


The barkOutfitters Dog Treat Pouch is one of the best treat bags because of its simple yet functional features. It features a drawstring closing to the main compartment to prevent its contents from falling out. This drawstring is adjustable, and with the help of the cord lock, you can firmly secure it. Attached to the rim of the bag is a belt loop and a sturdy clip at the back convenient carrying. The front of the bag features a mesh compartment to keep anything you need, including keys, money, etc. On the side of the bag, you get a reflective strip so that even in low light settings, the bag (and, as an extension, you and your pup) will still be visible. The pouch is easily washable and also dries fast, which is a useful little bonus.

Adjustable drawstring closing with a cord lock

Belt loop

Reflective side stripes

Sturdy clip

  • Brand: barkOutfitters
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


Another stylish and classy dog treat bag you will love is the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch. This bag is best for training because it’s small and compact, perfect for carrying treats, but not much else. It consists of a roomy main compartment with a black internal lining for the visibility of treats. The bag can hold about three cups of treats because it measures 5 x 5.5 x 3 inches when open with a less bulky look when closed. The opening on the bag is magnetic, and it allows you to fit your whole hand through to reach treats. Aside from the magnetic closing, there is also a cord pull to easily open and close the pouch. There is also a zippered front compartment that can hold small items like credit cards and keys for when you need them. The bag is made with high-quality 900 denier polyester material, making it durable and more likely to last long. You can wipe or handwash the bag to keep it clean and air dry it to make it as good as new. As for carrying it, you can wear it as a dog treat belt bag with the adjustable, non-detachable belt or with the clip.

900 denier polyester

Front pocket

Magnetic closing

50-inch belt 

  • Brand: eBasics
  • Weight: 5 ounces


The ORIA Dog Training Pouch is durable, convenient and highly versatile. The first thing to note about this bag though is that it is waterproof and tough because of its polyester construction. Thanks to this material, the entire bag is easy to keep clean and neat – super-important for keeping the treats fresh and safe. You can open and close the bag using the drawstring with a cord lock for maximum security, which is always nice. For added versatility, there are multiple compartments, including a mesh pocket, two side pockets, and two zipper pockets so that you do not have to leave any accessories behind. You also get a waste bag dispenser to keep poop bags for proper waste management. You can wear it in three ways with the adjustable strap, which can be adjusted from 29.9 inches to 49.2 inches. And that’s not even all – with the bag, you also get a collapsible bowl and a free roll of disposable bags. All in all, a simple yet fantastic pet treat bag!

Multiple compartments

Waterproof polyester material

Adjustable straps and mesh pocket

Collapsible bowl and disposable bag roll included 

  • Brand: ORIA
  • Weight: 11 ounces


ChuckIt! Treat Tote

Perfect for pups who are currently training, this treat tote can quickly and easily be attached and detached to your belt. A drawstring upper keeps treats where they’re needed the most, so you can happily run around without spraying treats behind you.

A single cup design holds a larger number of treats in one go, although you won’t be able to change each treat for each section like other options on our list. That being said, it’s highly durable and so easy to use that it’s ideal for younger dogs, who are still in training.

Clip-on treat pouch

Drawstring opening

Durable material

Holds up to a cup of treats

  • Brand: Canine Hardware
  • Model: 1400
  • Weight: 0.8 Ounces

Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags Buying Guide & FAQ

Whether you want to train your puppy more effectively or make daily walks and occasional camping trips easier and more fun, a nice little pet treat pouch is sure to help. While selecting the right pet bag is all about your specific needs as a dog owner, knowing the benefits of treat pouches and what features to look for can help you make a better informed purchasing decision.

What Is a Dog Treat Pouch?

A dog treat pouch is a bag that is used for storing dog treats, plus other important items or accessories. These bags typically have a secure attachment design, either by the waist, shoulder, or belt, and are easy to maintain. They’re typically used during training as they safely keep treats, leashes and other accessories.

Woman with three dogs outdoors

Features to Consider When Buying a Dog Treat Bag

  • Material

The material used to make a dog treat pouch should be durable and easy to clean. If made of silicone or plastic, the material should also be food-grade so that it does not alter the safety of the treats or other food kept inside. The stitching on the bag should be strong and able to hold everything together, no matter how much activity you get into. Polyester is a good option as it’s breathable and safe for contact with food, but food-grade silicone is also something to consider as it’s easy to clean. That said, silicone is not as versatile as polyester but can be ideal for daily walks.

  • Design

The design of the bag plays a role in how much use you will get out of it. Things like extra compartments, zippers, drawstrings, and belt clips allow you the convenience not only carrying treats but extra accessories and items such as leashes, keys, phone, etc. The design will also decide how you will wear the bag, how comfortable it will be. A good bag should make room for more than one type of wear.

  • Size or capacity

This will depend on factors like how long the training will last and the number of dogs involved. The size you choose should be able to cater to your needs so that your hands can be free while you engage with your dog. This will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you, and it will reflect on the behavior of your dog.

Benefits of Dog Training Treat Pouches

Using dog treat pouches for training means that your hands can be free while you train your dog. This, as you can imagine, will lead to better, more effective and fun training sessions that both you and your pup are sure to appreciate. Dog training treat pouches also keep the treats fresh and tasty in a mess-free way. As a bonus, most bags can also hold a variety of other items and accessories, including collars, leashes, bug sprays, keys, money and more.

Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags FAQ:

Q: What size treats should I carry in a pet treat pouch for training?

A: Most dog treat pouches are used to hold kibble size treats which are lightweight and less likely to stain the bag.

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Q: Can I carry dog poop bags in a dog treat pouch along with treats?

A: Yes, because many dog treat pouches come with poop bag dispensers to serve that purpose. However, do not keep a used bag directly next to pet food to prevent contamination.

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Q: Are dog treat bags washable?

A: Most treat bags are hand washable, some can be washed in a machine, and others can be wiped only. The type of cleaning your bag will need will depend on the construction material.

Q: Can I use one dog treat pouch to train more than one dog?

A: Yes, you can, but you’ll have to get a bigger size of bag so that all the dogs can be adequately rewarded.

Girl with a dog treat pouch and her dog

Our Top Pick

You should not have to carry several different containers to keep treats and training accessories when you have the Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch. This treats pouch can be worn in three different ways, making it flexible and comfortable. The poop bag dispenser allows you to be on top of your hygiene game as well, while the mesh, zipper, and drawstring allow you to keep all of your items secure. You get two D rings to hang things like the clicker so that training is always smooth sailing. Overall, a roomy, versatile and lightweight model – definitely one of the best dog treat pouches on the market!


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