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FURminator DeShedding Brush Review

It is but natural for very hairy pets to shed. After all, we humans also lose a few strands of hair almost on a daily basis. We just don’t realize it. Shedding is a normal part of growth. This paves the way for new hair to grow. That is why, if you see balls of hair on your couch or even on your carpet, don’t scold your pet dog right away. It’s not its fault that it is shedding its fur this much. What you can do is to use one of those canine grooming gadgets to assist your pooch in removing the loose hair from its coat. Thankfully, the FURminator brush was designed and built specifically for this purpose.

The FURminator brush is designed as a special de-shedding tool. It is intended primarily for shedding breeds or those dogs that are more prone to excessive hair loss especially in the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. It should be understood that the FURminator, while truly effective, should not be used on dog breeds that do not have issues with excessive shedding as well as pooches with highly sensitive skin. The metal tips of the FURminator comb teeth, while not exactly allergenic, can still put pressure on the surface of the skin, leading to irritation and inflammation.  So, for best results, pet owners are advised to use the de-shedding tool only on dogs that have moderate to severe shedding and not on dogs with sensitive skin and don’t shed much.

The FURminator brush looks more like a mini hand rake complete with a manual razor-like headpiece that houses the very fine-toothed stainless steel comb. The handle is shaped like that of the handle of a manual razor complete with knobbed sections for better grip and handling. The shape of the handle is ergonomic, too, following the contours of the hand as it grips on the handle. The knobbed sections apply continuous pressure on certain points of the hand so that it won’t tire easily.

At the heart of the FURminator brush is its fine-toothed comb made of stainless steel. The individual tooth of the comb is spaced just enough to allow the passage of a few strands of pet hair at a time. The length of the teeth, while substantially shorter than most pet combs, is just of the right length to remove lose hair without necessarily getting in contact with the skin. Had it been much longer the teeth may reach well onto the skin. This is important since the shorter length of the teeth prevents cuts on the skin while also avoiding damage to the coat. It comes with a dedicated hair ejection button, too. The FURejector helps simplify the removal of loose have collected on the teeth of the FURminator brush.

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Key Features:
  • Assists in the removal of loose pet hair

Depending on the breed of your dog and the thickness of its coat, the FURminator brush can effectively remove loose hair in as short as 2 days. The key is in making sure that you regularly comb your pet’s fur to assist in the shedding process. The company claims that the device can reduce shedding by up to 90 percent. While this also means that there will still be some degree of shedding on your pooch, at the very least, you will no longer have to be frazzled about hairballs on your carpet or on your couch.

  • Reduces airborne allergens

Since you are assisting with the increased removal of dead hair that also come with dead skin cells, you are actually reducing the number of airborne allergens that can make you or your family sick. Pet dander is one of the culprits in many allergic reactions which can manifest on your skin as well as the respiratory system. When hair is shed, dead skin cells are also carried by these loose hairs. Removing the shed fur also removes the dead skin cells.

  • Won’t hurt your pooch

This is one benefit that many pet owners love. They say that their pooches actually love being brushed or combed with the FURminator brush compared to other brushes. Perhaps this has something to do in the way the teeth of the comb are designed. They are spaced rather tight and have a rather short length. This helps prevent the teeth from reaching into the skin surface of the dog where it can be irritating and causing discomfort to the poor pooch. Personally, we have yet to meet someone who complains about their dog yelping in pain every time the FURminator brush is run through its coat.

  • There’s a FURminator brush for every breed and size of dog

Unlike other brands, the FURminator brush is available in a variety of sizes that correspond to the type and length of fur that your pet has. Unfortunately, this also makes it quite expensive since, if you have multiple breeds of dogs at home, you’d have to pick quite a few FURminators to use on each one; unless, of course, they have exactly the same length and type of fur. Nevertheless, this allows absolute control over the type of de-shedding tool that will work on your pooch.

  • Comfortable on the hands 

The rubber ergonomic handle of the FURminator brush is such a joy to hold. The small knobbed sections work like massage points that apply continuous pressure on certain acupressure points of the hand. This makes it extra comfy to hold and you will also never tire holding the device. What this easily translates to is that you can spend hours upon hours brushing the coats of several dogs and your hands will still feel relaxed and comfortable. However, we cannot say the same thing about your wrist or perhaps even your arms.

The FURminator brush is a great de-shedding tool. The unique design of its combing mechanism plus its ergonomic and comfortable handle makes it such a pleasure to use on dogs. It is quite expensive, though, compared to other de-shedding tools. However, since a great majority of dogs seem to love their de-shedding sessions with the FURminator brush in the hands of their pet parents, we’d say this is a great buy.

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