Jack Russell Terrier Mixes Find Yourself a Perfect Fido

Jack Russell Terrier Mixes – Find Yourself a Perfect Fido

The Jack Russell Terrier is truly a working dog. They are known for their super high energy levels, their feisty natures, and their love for exploring. They aren’t suited to every family due to their high energy, but they will certainly creep into the hearts of all those around them in the right home. The Jack Russell hails from England and has been around for the past 200 years. They were originally bred as hunting pups (to hunt foxes) but have since become a popular and lively household pooch. They are known for their bouncy energy, high intelligence, and a stubborn streak.

There are a number of adorable hybrid mixes and many can be found in shelters. While designer breeds have become popular in recent years, there are an array of hybrid pups in shelters longing for their forever home. You might just find one of these amazing terrier mixes at your local shelter!  When opting for a hybrid breed it’s best to do your research about the diverse characteristics of both breeds. This will help you to determine whether they’re a good pick for your family. So, let’s take a look at some adorable Jack Russel Terrier mixes. These fun-loving pups are an asset to any family and are sure to bring bounce and boldness into your home. 

The Jug (An Adorable Jack Russell and Pug mix)

Puppy of the pug

This gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier Mix is a cross between the Terrier and the Pug. These darling pooches are characterized by their round heads, short muzzles, and curly-wurly tails. They boast a slightly squished face (thanks to the Pug) and embody the sprightly nature of the Jack Russel. These pups are happiest when they are digging, playing, and running around. They thrive on love and attention and are alert little pups who will be an asset to any home. If you have young children, it’s important to socialize them with your pup from the get-go and to always ensure that interactions are supervised. This terrier mix will be a gem in any family and will thrive in a space where they are cuddled, walked often, and adored.

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The Jack-A-Bee (A Stunning Hybrid Between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle)

Beagle puppy on grass

These endearing pooches are an absolute treat. Both the Beagle and the Jack Russel are hunting dogs by nature. They were traditionally bred to help their humans hunt and thus they will forever have that hunting instinct within. However, with the Jack Russell’s love for family, liveliness, and sassy nature and the Beagles zest and love for family, they make for a lovely family pet. Both breeds require a lot of activity and stimulation to keep their energy levels in check. They are best suited to active families who can give them a lot of attention. Beagles are also known for being brilliant escape artists and thus you will have to ensure that your property is extra secure if you’re considering bringing a Jack-A-Bee home.

The Jack Russell and German Shepherd Mix

Police dog (German shepherd dog)

While this mix isn’t as common as some of our other terrier hybrids on the list, they sure do make for a gorgeous pup. These pooches are bigger than the standard Jack Russell Terrier thanks to their German Shepherd roots but embody the same lively personality traits that lovers of terriers so enjoy. They also embody the loyalty, caring nature, and protection of the German Shepherd. These loving pups are super loyal to their humans and want nothing more than to be a treasured part of the family.

The Border Jack (A Dynamic Cross Between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Border Collie)

Border collie

These pooches are super sprightly since both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Border Collie are known for their high energy levels. They are thus well suited to active families where they will get ample walks and lots of high-energy fun. A big garden is a plus and will enable them to run around when they’re not on actual walks. However, a garden should never be a substitute for an actual walk. Border Jacks are loving, fun, and extremely loyal and will bring their bouncy energy and fun into any home. Border Jacks are usually a small to medium size and can come in an array of colors depending on the parents. Both breeds are highly intelligent and strong-willed and will thrive in an environment where they receive positive reinforcement training and lots of stimulation.

Cocker Jack (A Darling Mix Between the Jack Russell and the Cocker Spaniel) 

Cocker spaniel

The gorgeous Cocker Jack is a truly remarkable pooch and is a brilliant hybrid between the bold and confident Jack Russell and the gentle and affectionate Cocker Spaniel. Spaniels are super loyal companion dogs and love nothing more than snuggling with their human and being part of the family. The Jack Russel also thrives on family time and attention and thus this pick is sure to become a prominent member of the family in no time. These pups are fairly active and will do well with daily walks and mental stimulation. They will happily roam about on any outdoor adventure and once home, will be equally happy to curl up next to their human and have a cuddle. This is a great family pick and will flourish with love, attention, and kindness.

There are a diverse range of Jack Russell Terrier Mixes and plenty can be found at your local animal shelter. Mixed pups are known to be stronger medically since they often combine the best strengths of both their parents. Whatever pup you choose, if it is part Jack Russel, it will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. These intelligent pups do best in environments that meet their high-activity levels. Since they are family pooches, they will also do well in homes where they are part of the family. They love to adventure and play during the day, but are just as happy to curl up and snuggle their humans after a long day of fun.


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