Elevated dog beds are increasingly popular among pet parents who are looking for a dog bed with exceptional durability, comfort, and protection from the cold or hot and dirty floor. But you have to beware as there are plenty of knockoffs in the market promising you heaven when it comes to durability, strength, and comfort yet fail miserably in their delivery. To help you avoid such traps we’re sharing with you the 15 best-raised dog beds we’ve researched on with the help of pet parents like you, our friends in the veterinary profession, and our experts in the field.

The 15 Top-Rated Raised Dog Bed

1 K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Can hold over 150lbs
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Removable and washable bolster pillow
  • Mold and mildew resistant 600-denier nylon fabric
  • Waterproof mesh center
  • No-tool assembly

The strong and durable K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Bed is ideal for keeping your pet pooch cool during the summer months. The 600-denier nylon fabric is bacteria, mildew, and mold resistant. The fabric is also waterproof and easy to keep clean. The mesh center allows air to circulate while the removable and washable bolster pillow provides comfort and security for your dog.

The raised dog bed features non-skid rubber feet for extra safety and to protect your floors when the bed is used indoors. Assembling the bed is simple and requires no tools, and once up, it can be used just as easily outdoors; giving your dog somewhere comfortable to lay whatever the weather.

What others say about it:

Absolutely love this bed! We originally had a normal dog bed that laid on the floor, but our golden doodle would never lay on it, I decided to buy this one because it looked easier to keep clean plus it was off the floor. & let me tell you it was everything I expected & more. Our dog absolutely loves it, it’s the only place he’ll sleep now, I just run the vacuum right over it to keep it clean. Plus it matches our couches so nicely! So worth the money!

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2 AmazonBasics Raised Cooling Dog Bed

AmazonBasics Raised Cooling Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Offers 7” ground clearance
  • Reduces pressure on joints
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Washable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Available in 5 different sizes

The AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed is designed to provide comfort for your pet by taking the pressure off their joints while they relax and sleep. The mesh design allows air to flow freely, keeping your pet cool even during the warmest months. The dog cot bed can be washed with tap water and is easy to assemble with just a few simple tools. Available in five different sizes, making bed suitable for dogs of all sizes.

What others say about it:

This is a must have! My growing pup needed something he could grow into. He never really likes the typical fabric bed because of how hot he gets so this solved that problem for a fraction of the price.

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3 K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Constructed of 600D waterproof fabric material
  • Non-skid fully-rubberized feet
  • Requires no tools for assembly
  • Comes with 12-month limited warranty
  • Maximum weight limit: 150 pounds for the extra-large version

One of the most trusted names in pet accessories especially beds is K&H Pet Products. They’ve got toys, beddings, travel products, and a whole lot more for your dog, cat, poultry, and even exotic pets. You can always rely on K&H to deliver exceptionally high-quality products like their Original Pet Elevated Pet Bed that is constructed of super-durable yet ultra-comfortable 600-denier fabric material. The same material is treated with superior waterproofing technology so it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can also add a few other accessories like canopy, self-warming pet cot, cooling pet cot, and even replacement covers. Sadly you’d have to purchase these separately. The K&H Original comes with a mesh panel center which is guaranteed to repel mold and mildew while also protecting against moisture buildup and odor-causing bacteria. The only downside is that you’d have to shell out a Ulysses Grant to get one for your dog.

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What others say about it:

This is a great bed… Since it’s up off the ground good circulation the frame comes apart so that the fabric can be washed… I have two… One of them is almost 2 years old and it’s hard to tell the difference I can’t say enough good things about this dog bed!

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4 Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Sleeping surface constructed of high-density polyethylene
  • Resistant against mold, mildew, fleas, and mites
  • Powder-coated and strong yet lightweight steel frame
  • Portable, easy to clean and maintain design

Gale Pacific is especially known for creating a variety of dog beds that are precision-crafted for superior strength and durability without sacrificing doggie comfort and safety. Its Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric is one of the most loved raised dog beds on the planet primarily because of its reliably sturdy steel frame that has been finished in powder black coating. The coating is a requirement as it provides a slippery surface for insects, critters, and organisms like fleas, mites, mildew, and mold from ever reaching the sleeping surface located some 7 inches off the ground.

All materials used in the design and construction of the Coolaroo are guaranteed to be completely safe and free from any chemical that might harm your dog or any other pet that might want to use the bed for cooling or even for warming purposes. And with a really friendly price that is less than three Alexander Hamiltons.

Check out our review here.

What others say about it:

We have 2 outdoor working border collies and they love these beds. They were easy to put together and very easy to hose off of the get muddy. We bought the large so our girls had plenty of room to sprawl out. The medium would’ve sufficed but our girls are spoiled.

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5 Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed

Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Easy to clean and lightweight yet durable PVC frame
  • Orthopedic sleeping platform
  • Made of abrasion-resistant and chew-proof Cordura
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 pounds for large variant

Unlike the other 4 raised dog beds in this list, Kuranda’s Chewproof Dog Bed is unique for a number of reasons. First, it is the only one that uses high-strength, durable PVC in the construction of its frame instead of the more conventional metal or steel.
Second, its sleeping surface is constructed of Cordura, a brand of fabric that is well-known for its resistance against scuffs, tears, and abrasions giving the Kuranda an amazing chew-proof and scratch-proof design

Third, the sleeping surface is also designed to be exceptionally flexible, minimizing the application of pressure on the bony prominences on your dog’s body. Fourth, it is designed specifically for indoor use. If you need something for the outdoors, you’d better get the aluminum variant. Lastly, the Kuranda is quite expensive costing you 3 Coolaroos or 3 AmazonBasics elevated dog beds or about two K&H Originals. On the bright side, it’s tough and very easy to clean and should be a great addition to any room in your home.

What others say about it:

I only bought one but each dog spends time on it, so I suspect another on order soon. I did not put a pad on it because the 10 month old still chews those. But she has not tried to chew this at all. This is extremely well made; nice sturdy supports and no sagging in middle.

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6 Paws & Pals Raised Dog Bed

Paws & Pals Raised Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Comes with an easy-to-assemble, durable, and sturdy metal frame
  • Rip-resistant, comfortable, and breathable mesh panel
  • Easy to clean and takes very minimal space for storage
  • Maximum weight capacity: 88 pounds for large variant

For the price of less than an Andrew Jackson bill, you can already give your pet the Paws & Pals OxGord Travel Gear Approved Portable Elevated Bed. The OxGord is one of the best raised dog beds especially for folks who are looking for a more practical approach to cooling or even warming their pets in different times of the year. The only thing that you might not totally agree with Paws & Pals is that it has a maximum weight limit of 88 pounds for its large variant.

Other brands of the same size category can take at least 100 pounds. Nevertheless, because of its compact design and easy-to-assemble and disassemble construction, this is the dog cot that you can bring anywhere with you so your pet will have the most comfortable rest in its existence. The Paws & Pals can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe, too. If you have a below 88-pound dog and you don’t want to spend more than an Andrew Jackson bill, the Paws & Pals is an awesome choice.

What others say about it:

Exactly what we needed for training purposes! A little higher off the ground than I expected but I honestly didn’t look at the height dimensions

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7 Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed

Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Elevated dog bed with removable sun canopy
  • Steel frame
  • High quality 1680 denier Oxford fabric mesh
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in medium and large
  • Easy to assemble

The steel-framed Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The removable shade canopy helps shelter your dog from the sun and provides a sense of safety, security, and privacy for your pet while they are sleeping. The base of the bed is made from high quality 1680 denier Oxford fabric; the breathable mesh improves airflow to your pet and helps to keep even the fluffiest pets cool all summer long.

The elevated dog bed is available in medium and large to suit most pets and is easy to assemble. The bed is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to move to different positions in your home or yard as required.

What others say about it:

Our dog likes to be near us when we’re outside but we didn’t want her getting hot laying on the ground or grass, and she was warm on any blanket or towel we would put down. Found this awesome tent thingy with a netted base to help with air flow, and its elevated. She loves it and so do we. Super lightweight so its easy to put wherever we need it, and the canopy goes off and on easily. Sometimes we will remove the canopy when we’re working inside so she can be near us, in her own little spot instead of on the floor or being dangerously underfoot. Perfect!

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8 PETMAKER Raised Dog Bed

PETMAKER Raised Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carrycase included
  • Non-slip rubber feet, steel frame, and central mesh panel
  • Improves airflow to your pet
  • Can be washed with cold water and air-dried
  • Available in 4 different sizes

The weather resistant PETMAKER Elevated Pet Bed is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight and portable bed includes non-slip rubber feet to ensure that the bed stays in place when your dog enters or leaves the bed. The cot-style bed can be placed anywhere and comes complete with its own carry case so you can take it with you whether you are out for the day or traveling for longer periods.

The raised bed includes a mesh center panel to improve airflow, keeping your dog cooler during the warmer months. The frame is coated steel to provide strength and durability, and the bed can be hand washed in cold water to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Available in four different sizes, it is suitable for most breeds and sizes of dog, guaranteeing them a more comfortable and cooler sleep.

What others say about it:

Very happy with this purchase and will purchase again from this brand. Very durable and easy to assemble. I have a large size my puppies share and bought two small ones to use while training. My Aussie is 2 & weighs 22lb and my German Shepard is 6mo and weighs 18lb they both lay in these comfortably

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9 Best Choice Products Raised Cooling Dog Bed

Best Choice Products Raised Cooling Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Foldable raised mesh cooling bed
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Suitable for pets up to 99lbs
  • Removable sun canopy is included
  • Comes complete with a travel bag
  • Some assembly is required

If you are looking for a raised dog bed that is lightweight but built to last, then the Raised Mesh Cot Cooling Dog Bed by Best Choice Products might be just what you need. The elevated bed includes three mesh panels in the sleeping base, allowing air to circulate and cool your pet even on the warmest days.

The bed comes with a removable sun canopy so that you can let your dog enjoy relaxing outdoors while knowing that they are safe from the sun. The steel-framed bed folds easily and comes complete with its own travel bag so that it can be taken anywhere with you. The bed is suitable for pets up to 99lbs and does require some assembly.

What others say about it:

My pup loves this thing! We purchased for a camping trip, and I cant begin to tell you how nice this is! She was comfortable and off the ground as she is allergic to grass and gnats. Its easy to assemble, and so comfortable for her!

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10 GigaPet Raised Bed For Dogs

GigaPet Raised Bed For Dogs
Key features:
  • No assembly required
  • Safely holds up to 100lbs
  • Strong, durable steel frame and polyester sleeping surface
  • U-shaped legs for balance and stability
  • Folds for storage and transportation
  • Comes with heavy-duty storage bag

If you are looking for a simple, no assembly raised bed, then the GigaTent Elevated Pet Cot with Steel Frame is perfect for your needs. The bed raises your pet 8 inches off the floor, meaning they can rest comfortably on a clean surface away from dirt and dust. The durable, heavy-duty bed has a tubular steel frame and U-shaped legs that distribute your dog’s weight evenly to ensure balance and stability. The sleeping surface is made from durable polyester and designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

The bed requires no assembly and comes with its own travel/storage bag. When you want to move the bed, simply fold in the legs and fold the bed in half. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors and can be washed or wiped clean.

What others say about it:

I bought this folding cot for my 60 pound Standard Poodle. When I presented it to him, he IMMEDIATELY jumped up on it and settled in while I tended to my garden. It’s so much easier to use than typical ones- fully assembled and compact when folded to slip back unto the handy carry bag.

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11 K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Made with chew proof ripstop ballistic fabric
  • Designed to fit into most standard dog crates
  • Includes a waterproof membrane
  • Improves airflow and offers orthopedic support
  • Pre-assembled
  • Easy to wash

If you are looking for an elevated dog bed that can be used with a dog crate, then the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed might be just what you are looking for. The chew proof bed is made from ripstop ballistic fabric; it is indestructible, making it ideal for persistent chewers. The design does not contain any Velcro, zippers, or other materials or parts that would encourage chewing. It is designed to fit into most standard crates, improving your dog’s comfort and providing overall orthopedic support as well as increased airflow.

The bed arrives pre-assembled, only requiring the legs to be screwed in, which can be done without tools. The bed surface includes a waterproof membrane, while the densely woven material resists hair, dirt, and grime. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or even the garden hose when necessary.

What others say about it:

Oh when this came to the house I was very impressed with the quality of the product. The legs that support the bed are very sturdy. It’s very easy to clean and overall best elevated bed I’ve seen.

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12 Veehoo Cooling Raised Bed

Veehoo Cooling Raised Bed
Key features:
  • Made from Textilene fabric with a central mesh panel
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • No-tool assembly
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Lightweight, strong, and durable
  • Breathable, waterproof, heat resistant, and features UV stabilization

The Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed for Summer allows your dog to sleep comfortably whatever the weather. The central mesh fabric improves airflow and keeps your dog cool in the summer while being raised from the floor removes the need to lay on cold surfaces in the winter. The bed surface is made from Textilene fabric, which is breathable, waterproof, heat resistant, and features UV stabilization.

The frame is made from powder-coated steel, which provides durability, strength, and stability. The bed is easy to assemble, requiring no tools. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for camping trips and days out. The non-skid rubber feet increase the bed’s stability and ensure that it remains in place when your dog exits or enters the bed.

What others say about it:

I bought the X-Large bed for my 75 pound Swiss shepherd. She’s skiddish so I was a little worried it would wobble too much for her but she loves it and is comfortable. The bed was very easy to put together and is great quality. I love that the grips on the legs of the bed are little paws!

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13 FurHaven Reinforced Elevated Dog Bed

FurHaven Reinforced Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Mesh base with soft stitching
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, allergens, mites, fleas, and dander
  • Easy to assembly pin and hole system
  • Can be hand washed with mild soap
  • Available in 4 different sizes and a range of colors

Available in multiple colors and four different sizes, the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is suitable for most sizes and breeds of dog. The mesh base provides improved airflow to your pet pooch, and the stitching is designed with the needs of your dog’s nose and paws in mind. The mesh material is durable and resistant to mildew, mold, fleas, mites, dander, and other allergens. The bed is easy to assembly, with the pin and hole system adding to its sturdiness and providing a more comfortable sleep for your pet. The bed can be hand washed with mild soap and left to air dry.

What others say about it:

This cot bed is easy to assemble and very easy to care for and clean. It is bigger than I expected, but that is great for my big dog!! Very sturdy and my dog thinks it is extra comfortable. He likes this bed better then his other 2 fluffy and soft beds.

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14 HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed

HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed
Key features:
  • Designed for pets up to 30lbs
  • Padded bed surface with removable cover
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant frame
  • Easy to assembly
  • Ideal for use in small spaces

The HDP Elevated Napper Cot Space Saver Pet Bed is the ideal answer for owners looking for a comfortable raised bed that can be placed in small spaces. Designed for pets up to 30 pounds, the dog cot bed is made from heavy-duty water-resistant Oxford polyester and has a powder-coated, rust-resistant frame. The bed is ideal for traveling and can be assembled easily in a short space of time. The UV and water-resistant cover is removable for cleaning, and the bed is padded to provide additional comfort for older pets and those with joint issues.

What others say about it:

his has a nice thicker pad with durable material. The velcro that holds the pad onto the frame is very large and it stays in place very well. The only downside I see is that you have to remove the pad from the frame each time to put it back in the case. It does not fold up like a pop up tent

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15 Internet’s Best Elevated Pet Bed

Internet's Best Elevated Pet Bed
Key features:
  • 600 denier polyester cover
  • Steel frame with PVC pipe legs
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight, durable, and strong
  • The medium bed can hold up to 100lbs

The Internet’s Best Dog Cot protects your pet from cold and dirt floors as well as providing a cool place to sleep during the summer months. The bed’s breathable mesh improves air circulation, keeping even the fluffiest pet cool and relaxed. The bed surface is made from 600 denier polyester, while the frame is steel, and the legs are made from PVC pipe. The result is a strong, durable, and lightweight bed that is designed to last. It is finished with non-skid rubber feet that provide stability. The bed cover can be washed with water and mild soap to keep it looking and smelling fresh and clean.

What others say about it:

I had a little trouble with assembly, but a few taps with a rubber hammer took care of the problem. The fittings are tight, which is good for the weight of large dogs. My 90 lb doberman is happy and so am I. The material is more durable than a previous cot I had purchased from another vendor.

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Best Raised Dog Bed: Buying Guide

Whenever you want to buy something for your pet there are a few considerations that you really have to think about. The same is true with buying the best raised dog bed for your pet. Our buying guide should help you make that decision a lot better.

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Why Should I Get an Elevated Dog Bed?

German Shepherd on covered dog bed

One of the most fundamental questions that pet parents have about raised dog beds is whether their pets really need one. This is especially true if their dog seems really comfortable in its plush and super-comfy pet bed. But there are actually many reasons why you may want to get your dog an elevated bed. Here are some of them.

Raised Dog Beds Cool and Warm Different Breeds of Dogs All-Year-Round

Different dog breeds have different thermoregulation needs. For example, dogs that are naturally bred for cold weather environments are very easy to overheat in hot environments, especially in the summer. On the other hand, dogs that have very thin coats or those that are single-coated will typically feel very cold in a cold environment such as inside an air-conditioned room or during the winter.

Elevated beds help both kinds of dogs by facilitating the movement of air. When it is super hot outside, the space between the ground surface and the sleeping surface of raised beds allows for greater circulation of air. This has a cooling effect on your dog so they don’t overheat. Likewise, when it is too cold, the elevated platform moves the body of the dog away from the cold floor. This allows the dog to keep its warmth, preventing it from chilling.

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Raised Dog Beds are Chew Proof, Almost Indestructible

Elevated dog beds do not have stuffing or filling that needs to be protected by sewing fabric panels together. These seams are weak points in a dog bed, making it especially susceptible to chewing and utter destruction. Elevated beds are virtually indestructible dog beds since their frames are mostly made up of metal, steel, or even high-strength PVC. The sleeping surfaces are also made of materials that are tough and durable and are proven to be less appealing to dogs to chew on.

Raised Dog Beds Are More Comfortable, Especially for Dogs With Joint Problems

Since the sleeping surface is actually suspended in the air it doesn’t cause undue pressure on the joints of your dog. While an orthopedic dog bed will serve the purpose, it doesn’t come with the cooling or warming capabilities of elevated dog beds.

Raised Dog Beds Are Easier for Older Dogs to Move in and out of an Elevated Dog Bed

If senior dogs especially those with joint problems will use a standard dog bed, getting up and lying down will be especially difficult because of the distance that their joints will have to travel towards and from the floor. An elevated dog bed puts the joints only a bit higher than the sleeping surface, closing the gap between the bed and the joints making it easier for senior dogs to move in and out of their bed.

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Raised Beds Help Prevent Skin Conditions

Mold and mildew are known to grow in closed areas where there is very minimal airflow. These microorganisms can get in contact with your dog’s skin causing irritations and inflammation. Elevated dog beds can prevent such conditions from happening because of the open design of the sleeping surface. Additionally, the panel is made of mesh fabric guaranteeing excellent air circulation.

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How to Pick the Right Raised Dog Bed

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies lying on elevated dog bed

Now that you know why an elevated dog bed can be great for your pet, it’s time to look at how you can pick the right one for your hound.

Right Size

Always measure the size of your dog to have an idea of the correct size of the elevated dog bed you’re going to get. To know the size of your dog, run a tape measure from your dog’s snout all the way to the base of its tail. This is the minimum size of a dog bed that you will need in terms of its length. If you’re not sure, it is always better to get the next size.

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From the frame up to the sleeping area, the materials used should be tough and durable. Typical frame materials are made of steel or metal although some come with PVC. It is also important to look for reinforced or rounded corners as these can definitely increase the lifespan of the bed. The mesh fabric should also not extend into the corners to prevent your dog from latching onto it to chew.


Mesh panels are a standard in elevated dog beds. However, for optimum breathability, you should always go for those with high-density polyethylene as this material is well-regarded for its ability to prevent hot spots while increasing overall comfort for your dog.

Easy to Clean

Most raised beds are very easy to clean. Most only require hosing down while others with removable sleeping surfaces can be washed thoroughly in a washing machine. If you have to clean your dog bed it is important to use a cleaning agent that is safe for pets.

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Teaching Your Dog to Use a Raised Dog Bed

You may have bought the sturdiest, toughest, most comfortable, and most durable elevated dog bed in the market that is more than capable of accommodating your pet’s weight, but if you don’t train it on how to use it then you will still be seeing your dog sleeping on the floor or even cuddled up next to you on your bed. Like everything else in the dog world, training your dog to use an elevated bed requires perseverance, patience (lots of it), and consistency. You don’t want to issue a command one night and then use another the following night. Here’s how you can teach your dog to use elevated dog beds.

The “Up” Command

Always start by teaching your dog the “up” command. In teaching the “up” command, you can bring your pet at the foot of an object that has an elevated platform such as the first step on your stair or even an overturned box. The important thing to remember is to use a platform upon which your dog can be taught how to jump onto it. So the platform should be sturdy, stable, and able to hold your dog’s weight.

Issue the command “up”, show your dog a treat, and move it on the elevated platform. Your pet’s natural reaction will be to stand up on its two hind legs and try to reach for the treat with its nose. You’ll need to move the treat further away so that your dog will move its entire body onto the platform. Once it’s on the elevated platform, give the treat, and praise. You should repeat this over and over. What you want is for your dog to associate the word “up” to go on top of an elevated platform to receive its treat.

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The “Down” Command

All dogs should already be trained to respond to the “down” command. This is important since your dog will have to assume the down position in preparation for sleep.

The “Bed” Command

Once your dog has fully understood the meaning of the command “up”, you may want to start training it to respond to the command “bed” or “bedtime” or “night night”, whichever you want to use. The goal here is to teach your dog that it’s already time for bed. Using the same training technique of issuing the command, enticing your dog to follow the treat, and then giving your pet its treat if it accomplishes the task successfully, you can ensure that your dog will be going straight to bed on command.

Put the Three Together

You can now start training your dog on how to properly use the elevated dog bed. First issue the “bed” or “night night” command. Your dog should go instantly to the foot of its bed. Give its treat and reward it with extra praises. Next, issue the command “up”. Your dog should jump onto the bed, give its treat, and praise. Lastly, issue the “down” command. Your dog will now assume a sleeping position. Again be consistent in your training and always use positive reinforcement. Now practice.

Elevated bed dogs may not have fancy designs or fluffy stuffing, but they sure can offer your dog the kind of comfort that will put to shame even the plushiest dog bed you can find. And with these 15 best raised dog beds we featured, you can bet your hound will be having the most comfortable sleep all year round.


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