Rottweiler Mixes - Rottie Cross Breeds That Will Win Your Heart

Rottweiler Mixes – Rottie Cross Breeds That Will Win Your Heart

Rottweilers are some of the most sought-after pets out there, being sensitive, intelligent and very protective toward their pack and their home. However, for some, they may be a little too much to handle. Enter the rottie mix. Rottweiler mix puppies hold all of the best traits of their parents, with the added benefit of including a few nice breed traits from other dogs.

Whether you’re looking for dogs that look like rottweilers or simply want a pup with a good mix of parentage, these rottweiler mix options are superb choices for you. Take a look at our top choices in rottie mix puppies and read on to discover your new pet and how well they fit into your home.

Rottweiler-Labrador (Labrottie)

Our first choice in rottweiler mix puppies is the Labrottie. These little cuties will end up as dogs that look like rottweilers but have the added benefits that come with owning a Labrador. Easy to train and never seen far from their owner, the Labrottie is a great choice if you’re looking for a dog that is slightly softer around the edges.

In terms of looks, these guys will often hold the weight and stance of their rottweiler lineage, while holding to the larger ears and longer nose of the Labrador.

Rottweiler Mastiff (Mastweiler)

The Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds in the world, with their roots heading back to ancient periods. If you like the bulk and protective nature of both breeds but want a healthier outlook than a pedigree, then the rottweiler mastiff mix is likely to be the best breed for you.

These guys are likely to look like a bulker mastiff, with similar colorings and marking to the rottweiler and the added muscle of the Mastiff. Be aware that these are very protective breeds and therefore will need a firm hand in training.

Rottweiler Golden Retriever (Golden Rottie)

Another great choice in family dogs is the Rottweiler Golden Retriever mix. Keeping the protective nature of the rottweiler while adding in the loving and kind nature of the golden retriever means you’ll have a dog that is ideal for family life.

They tend to naturally take the floppy-eared looks from the retriever side, while keeping the coloring from the rottweiler. This gives you a unique looking dog that is a little lazier than their Rottweiler parents – making them easier to handle in terms of energy.

Rottweiler German Shepherd (German Rottie)

A great choice in rottie mix options is the German Rottie. With the benefits of being very easy to train yet gentle natured, the German Shepherd is a fantastic option for crossing with any breed. With both breeds being very strong and loyal, you won’t fail to find a great companion in these rottweiler mix breed puppies.

In terms of looks, both breeds have a tan and black array of marking, so this is likely to stay the same. However, the German Rottie is likely to be taller and less bulky than other rottie mix breeds – and be a little fluffier, too.

Rottweiler Border Collie (Borderweiler)

Border collie dog lie on hay in autumn time

There are few breeds which are more intelligent, sleek and loyal than the Border Collie. Combine this with the fierce determination of the rottweiler and you’ll find a dog that’s both energetic and loyal to a fault. These guys definitely needs lots of training, although this should come easily to this rottie mix, but the result is a dog that will obey your every command and never leave your side.

Rottweiler Husky (Rottsky)

Portrait of siberian husky in autumn

Holding the unmistakable looks of pricked-up ears and sharp eyes, the Husky is definitely one of the most beautiful dogs you could ever hope to meet. Combine this with the rottweiler and you may be taking away a touch of the fluffiness but, in exchange, you’ll receive a loyal and sweet-natured rottweiler mix breed puppy that will love you endlessly.

Rottweiler Poodle (Rottle)

With the poodle having hypoallergenic fur, this mix breed is ideal for those with allergies who may still want a larger dog that can handle themselves. These pups are very loyal and eager to please, while being incredibly easy to train thanks to both parents.

In terms of looks, the Rottle will always have the tightly curled fur of the poodle parent, but will be a little bulkier than purebred poodles. They’re a great choice for families, being both smart and loving, while still being very playful.

Rottweiler Boxer (Boxweiler)

Boxer dog

A boxweiler will definitely be a dog that looks like a rottweiler, although the coloring may be different to a purebred rottweiler. They’ll have the same ears, nose and even the stance will be very similar, although the legs may be a little longer than purebred rotties.

These dogs will be loyal, loving and a bit of a bright spark, However, the cheeky nature of the boxer can sometimes come to fruition, so lots of training is required to keep these rottweiler mix breed puppies in check.

Rottweiler Bassett Hound (Rottweiler Hound)

Basset hound on a beach

Combining a breed that was designed to herd cattle with a breed that was created to sniff out downed animals and you get a rottweiler hound mix that almost demands to use their brain. Thus, you have a rottweiler mix breed puppy that desperately wants to travel with their owner and work with them – making this a great dog to bring with you to your job.

These rottie mix puppies tend to be much smaller in height than other options on our list, making them a little better suited to smaller spaces. That said, these are both very sensitive breeds and would not do well to spend a lot of time alone.

Rottweiler Pitbull (RottBull)

Extremely strong and very protective, the Rottweiler Pitbull mix has a very high energy and plenty of muscles to boot. These dogs thrive where there are jobs to undertake, whether it be guarding, sniffing or general training – they must always be busy. Without this, they will quickly become bored and become destructive.

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Acting as a bit of a wild card, these crossbreeds may be aloof and prefer to spend time alone, or may hold a more energetic personality that craves attention. The best way to guess this personality is simply to meet the parents and try to gauge their personalities, first.

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