The Best Dog Baskets For Bikes (Review) in 2021

Destin Benoit
Published April 16, 2018

One of the best things about having a dog is that you can have the fun of enjoying days out together. Smaller pets can be carried in a backpack, but what do you do if you prefer to travel by bike? If you’re a keen cyclist and want your four-legged friend to join you on your travels, a dog basket that attaches to your bike could be the perfect solution.

Designed to keep your pet safe and secure while you pedal, these innovative baskets fit easily onto the frame of your bicycle so that you can both enjoy a pleasant ride in the great outdoors. Here, we look at five of the top sellers and why they’re so popular with dog loving cyclists everywhere.

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The Best Dog Basket For Bikes


petsafe dog bike basket
PetSafe Tagalong Dog Basket for Bikes

This traditional-looking wicker basket is one of the most stylish on the market today and is perfect for anyone who wants their pooch to travel along in classic style. Made using durable and weather resistant rattan wicker, this basket suits pets weighing up to 13 lbs, allowing them to ride in complete comfort thanks to the soft faux-sheepskin lining which gives your dog a cosy place to rest during their journey.

The wicker construction allows air to circulate freely so your pet also stays comfortably cool as you ride. Security is always paramount, however this basket comes with an extra adjustable leash so your furry friend will be completely secured and as the sheepskin liner can easily be removed and washed it’s a breeze to clean should it get dirty.


Fitted faux-sheepskin liner provides added comfort

Breathable construction

Adjustable safety leash for stability

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: 62331
  • Weight: 5.95 pounds

Sheepskin liner for comfort

Easy to clean for low maintenance

Breathable construction for coolness

Stylish traditional basket appearance

Secure extra leash

Weather resistant and durable rattan construction

Suitable for pets weighing up to 13 lbs


The basket bounces a little with heavier pets in it if it isn’t firmly secured to the frame


anzome dog bike basket
ANZOME Dog Basket for Bikes

The Anzome’s dog basket for bikes can be attached to the handlebar of the bicycle and is a great find for many cyclists. With this dog basket attached to your bicycle, you do not have to contend with the heart-wrenching look of disappointment on your dog’s face when you leave it behind when out riding. Multipurpose as this pet bike basket is, it could just as easily be used to carry food for a picnic or hats and sunscreen for a fun day at the beach. With its quick-release handlebar mount, you can remove and reattach the dog bicycle basket with ease. Lightweight as the basket is, makes for a smooth ride without added drag.


Contemporary design

Multipurpose usage

Available in a variety of colors

  • Brand: ANZOME
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds

Easy to dismount and reattach to handlebar with quick release adapter

Built onto a solid metal frame

Made with easy to clean material



Can be used to carry only small dogs weighing 11 pounds or less

No restraint to secure your dog in the basket

Assembling basket can be difficult


travelin k9 dog bike basket
Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot Dog Bike Basket

With its deep side walls and large top opening, this bike basket carrier is easy to use. Its floor is well padded and comfortable, and gives pets plenty of room for movement while the integrated two point safety leash with a strong chrome clasp ensures that your furry friend will remain securely fastened in place throughout the ride.

The steel frame handlebar mount has rubber bushings for a secure fit and the carrier features a mesh vent to the front to allow effective air flow. Available in a choice of five colours, this model also features side mesh pockets for holding essentials such as water bottles, leash and keys as well as a reflective strip on the sides and front for added safety.

Comes in 10 colors

Built-in safety leash

Designed with a patented handlebar to prevent swaying

Suitable for pets weighing 8 pounds or less

  • Brand: Travelin K9
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Reflective strips

Safety leash for added security

Front air vent for excellent airflow

Carries additional weight with no swaying when compared with similar models

Fast attachment method ensures speedy fitting


When this basket is mounted to the bike there is no room for a safety lamp


With its removable inner pad and its comfortable chin rest, the Snoozer Sporty bike basket allows pups to ride along in style and comfort. Packing completely flat to allow for easy storage and transport, this basket comes equipped with an inner leash clip as well as several handy storage pockets for keeping accessories intact. There is even a rain cover which comes supplied and stored inside one of the side pockets.

Thanks to the durable microfiber construction it can easily be wiped clean for easy maintenance and since this basket also comes in a choice of colours it is easy to find one to suit.

Chinrest for your pup’s comfort

Offers multiple storage compartments

Includes a rain cover found in the side pocket

Designed with an easy-clean microfiber fabric

  • Brand: Snoozer
  • Model: 850-BBB
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Inner removable pad with chin rest

Packs flat for storage

Rain cover supplied for added protection

Wipe clean microfiber construction

Secure inner leash clip for safety

Handy storage pockets


The water bottle mesh pocket is at a strange angle

If the bike has curved handlebars the fit may not be so secure


Suitable for dogs weighing up to 10 pounds, this dog carrier is comfortable and easy to clean thanks to its removable, machine washable pad. It features an inner leash clip for security as well as several storage pockets allowing for food and accessories to be easily transported. It also packs flat allowing for easy storage when not in use. Super simple to install, it fits securely to any standard bike rack and it also features an elastic mesh cover which allows for adequate cooling airflow while keeping pets safely inside. Simple to remove from the bike, it also effortlessly converts to a standard dog carrier with a padding shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Designed with a drawstring and safety leash to secure your pet when on the move

Solid base to prevent sliding

Breathable mesh top

Reflective, high visibility strip attached

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Model: DCC31021AZB0608
  • Weight: 3.53 pounds

Easy to clean thanks to machine washable removable pad

Inner secure leash clip

Storage pockets for water bottle and accessories

Easy to install on any standard bike rack

Mesh cover for better airflow and security

Converts to a standard dog carrier


Has a lower maximum weight than many of its rivals


In the case of this dog carrier basket from Petsafe, the name is a reminder of your beloved pet being in safe hands. With a safety leash to secure your pet during rides, users are raving over this product especially as the leash is adjustable. Able to carry up to 13 pounds, your pet does not have to be too small. With this bicycle dog carrier, you have less to worry about with the little hood to protect your dog from drizzling. Coming in at about $42.00, though a little pricey, is not too much a price to pay for one of the best dog bike basket money can buy.

Comes with an adjustable pet safety leash

Fitted with a bracket system to mount and unmount the dog bike seat

Comes with an adjustable shoulder carrier

Comes with a sunshade

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: 62330
  • Weight: 5.25 pounds

Sunshade is detachable

Can carry pets weighing up to 13 pounds

Can be used as a shoulder carrier

Comes with zippered side pouches



Comes in only one color

Bracket attachment to basket could come loose


Ideal for dogs weighing as much as 23lbs, this large dog bike carrier fits easily to the rear of a bike rack for an easier and more practical solution for taking your dog out and about. Featuring a strong reinforced plywood base, this carrier has a comfortable foam form and a removable, machine washable cover for ease of maintenance. It also features a 3 point safety strap to secure your pet inside. The reflective strip to the rear is another excellent safety feature.

Carries animals up to 24-pounds

Can be attached to the rear bike rack

Removable cover that is machine washable

Safety strap  that secures pet

1- Year limited warranty

  • Brand: Snoozer
  • Model: 85000
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

Maximum weight of 23 lbs

Fits on the rear of the bike for ease and convenience

Reinforced plywood base

Comfortable foam form

Machine washable removable cover

3 point safety strap

Reflective strip for safety in poor light


There is no integrated pocket

Not every bike can accommodate a rear bike rack


This next dog carrier for bikes, with its multi-dimensional ways of usage ranging from being used as a shoulder bag to carry your pet or grocery carrier, is a must-have for any pet owner cyclist. Made with breathable mesh, your pet enjoys optimal ventilation during rides and there is no risk of overheating with this pet bike basket. With exciting views of the outdoors and cool air rushing through its fur while riding, pets can very easily get excited and end up falling out of the basket. This dog bicycle basket comes through and saves the day with an adjustable safety leash to keep your pet securely in place. The safety leash can be attached to the dog’s collar while the drawstring feature protects your dog from falling out.

Fitted with breathable mesh for optimal cooling

Comes with an adjustable safety leash

Has a drawstring mesh cover

Comes with storage pockets

  • Brand: BARKBAY
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds

Safety leash can be attached to the collar


Doubles as a grocery carrier

Can carry loads up to 18 pounds



Side straps could give way when weighted

Available in one color only


This number from Funsport is an excellent dog bike seat for cyclers who enjoy having some canine company while out on the trail. Made with wear-resistant Oxford cloth and waterproof fabric, this dog basket for bikes would be perfect for your pet especially when riding in wet conditions. While mounting and dismounting the basket can be a challenge (with some models of bicycle dog carriers that is), it is not the case of this basket from Funsport. It is built with a one-button release system to dismount the basket. This spacious basket can be used for even a grocery run or picnic not just for carrying pets. At about $24.00 for this basket, it sure is a steal with all these perks.

Made with waterproof fabric

One button basket dismount system

Made with wear-resistant Oxford cloth

Comes with inbuilt zip pockets

  • Brand: FUNSPORT
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds

Moderately priced

Zip pocket has a rope tightening system

Can be used as a shopping basket

Made with wear-resistant fabric


Loading capacity of 11 pounds

Does not work with every bike’s handlebars

Drawstring cover may not restrain a larger dog


petall dog bike basket
Petall Dog Bicycle Basket

This dog carrier for bikes, with its vibrant purple color and an aesthetically pleasing design, has managed to walk the fine line of beauty with sturdiness. This beauty can fit on most bikes while carrying weights of up to 11 pounds. With a side and inner zipped pocket, there is plenty of room to carry all your personal goods. A drawstring closure design helps keep either your pet or any other load you may be carrying safely locked in. What’s more, a frame made of reinforced aluminum makes for a very sturdy basket capable of supporting your pet’s weight. Available in five different colors, there is an option that would appeal to everyone.

Can be used as a carrier handbag

Comes with zipped inner and side pockets

Made with waterproof fabric

Fitted with a reinforced aluminum frame

  • Brand: Petall
  • Weight: 1.61 pounds

Easy to install

Fits with most bikes

Drawstring closure provides for pet safety

One button for detachment


Instructions for assembly not provided

Could be unstable when carrying active dogs

Little breathability

Best Dog Basket For Bikes Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the right dog bike carrier for you, there are several different styles to choose from as well as various features to consider.

dog bicycle basket

Which Type of Dog Bicycle Basket Is Best?

The type of dog basket you need will depend on the size and weight of your pet and the type of bicycle which you have. Here, we look at the different types of basket on the market today:

  • Hard baskets

These are made from high quality plastic and heavy-duty polypropylene. Featuring ventilation to the sides, they are simple to clean with a simple wipe down. Ideal for smaller dogs, they are safe and sturdy.

  • Soft baskets

These carriers are similar in shape and size to a gym bag being made from a soft nylon fabric with a bottom that is hard. Mesh material to the sides offers ventilation and sometimes they feature a zip opening. Usually, they feature shoulder straps to allow for easier transportation.

  • Cardboard baskets

These are made from cardboard and feature holes to allow air to circulate. The construction features a water-resistant coating with glued joints for added strength.

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Which Types Of Dogs Do Best In Dog Bike Baskets?

Clearly, only small dogs under 20lbs should be riding in dog bike baskets, but if you have a larger pet you could always invest in a bike trailer instead to allow your furry friend to join you on bike rides. Dogs who are anxious or very lively may not do well in a bike carrier since they may try to jump out and will not enjoy themselves. It may take a little time for your pet to learn to enjoy riding in the bike carrier, so try encouraging them a few times until they feel safe and secure.

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Dog Baskets For Bikes

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing the right dog basket for you and your pet. Some of the features you may wish to consider include:

  • Harness hook ups

Most of the best bike dog baskets have a dog harness or leash attachment so your pet can stay safe and secure inside the basket without being able to jump out.

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  • Mesh or dome top

Some baskets for dogs have a mesh opening or a dome to prevent your pet from escaping mid-ride.

  • Handy pockets

If you’re heading out for the day you will probably need to take some food, dog water bottle, a dog leash and some treats with you. Many carriers have handy integrated pockets to allow you to take these things along easily

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  • Positioning

There are some basket for dogs that fit to the handlebars while others sit on the back rack. There are also some models which can fit to either. You need to decide which would be the right choice for your pet and their own temperament. A handlebar fixed basket will allow you to keep a close eye on your pet, but if your dog is larger they will need to sit at the rear of the bike.

  • Multi-use baskets

Some baskets can not only be used as a bike carrier, they can also be put into service as a portable carrier, dog bed or car seat. If you’re keen to maximize your investment you should get a multifunctional product, but remember that ease of fitting and removal is also important.

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Safety Tips When Using the Best Dog Baskets for Bike

If you’re taking your dog out for a bike ride there are a few things to consider when it comes to safety measure:

  • Ensure your carrier is correctly attached and is secure. You don’t want the basket to fall off mid-ride. Take some time to work out how the carrier attaches and make sure you secure it properly before setting off
  • Make sure that your pet is securely fastened into the basket with the leash attachment
  • Ensure that your pet will not accidentally get their feet, fur or tail trapped in any of the bicycle’s moving parts for their own safety and well-being
  • Make sure your dog stays well hydrated. They will probably get thirsty on the ride and a basket with storage compartments built in will ensure that you can conveniently take water along for them to drink
  • Protecting your pet from rain and snow is important for their comfort, and a hood or cover is a good idea for keeping your pet dry and warm. It will also be useful for calming them down if they get over excited. Some baskets also have a sunshade to protect from the hot rays too

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For short distances, your pet may be able to run alongside you, however, if you’re going on a longer journey you need to find a safe and comfortable way to bring your dog along. If you have a small pup that you’re keen to take out and about, whether around town or on a country jaunt, you could benefit from investing in one of these handy baskets that have specifically been designed for this purpose.

A dog bike basket is an affordable and safe way to allow your small dog to accompany you while your cycle, making them a perfect choice for pet loving cyclists on a budget. Investing in a bike dog carrier is an incredibly convenient way to ensure your pet can come along with you on bike rides anywhere, whether in the city or country.

When you choose the right basket to suit your own needs and those of your pet you can both enjoy many exciting and fun days out together in the great outdoors. Here, we have looked at five of the best models on the market today, examining their features, pros and cons so that you can determine easily which is the best one to meet your requirements. Also consider the breed of pooch you have so you can determine if they’ll even fit in a basket!

Make sure to take your time and check out all of the different features and advantages that each basket can offer before you make a final decision so that you and your furry friend can enjoy many fun excursions on the road.

Benefits of a Pet Bike Basket

  • Dog bicycle baskets are a great way to get your dog some outdoor time while cycling without the added burden of having to tug on a leash, your pet slowing you down while you get in some exercise.
  • Most pet bike baskets come with a restraint that helps keep your dog in place while riding. These restraints can often be attached to the dog’s collar. Some dog carriers for bikes even come with a harness type safety feature.
  • A pet bike basket is often built for a dog’s comfort with most models offering cushioning and breathability with mesh vents for cooling.

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Best Dog Basket For Bikes FAQ

Q: How do I train my dog to ride in the basket?

A: Excited as you may be to ride around with your dog safely ensconced in a bicycle dog carrier, doggy might not be as eager as you might have hoped to be in a confined space without you first training it to enjoy it or at least give it a shot. First off, introduce your dog to the basket by firstly placing it in it without mounting on the bike. Walk around with it in the pet bike basket speaking soothingly and reassuring it should it get frightened and attempt to jump out.

Next, mount the basket on the bike and push it slowly not riding all the while petting and soothing your pet till it relaxes and gets used to the bike’s movement. Once that is accomplished, it is time for an actual ride. Keep the rides slow and short as you break your dog into the world of cycling. As your dog acclimatizes, you will see it begin to enjoy the ride, taking in the sights and sounds as you go along. As part of the process, introduce your pet to a bump. It is not always smooth riding. Go over a few small bumps and watch as your securely harnessed dog reacts. Talking softly to it, keep it calm. Riding slowly, build upon length and speed of the ride till your dog gets fully settled in.

Q: How to choose the correct dog bike seat size?

A: Bicycle dog carriers typically come with weight limits letting you know how much weight it can carry. Weigh your dog first before picking out a dog seat. Look out also for features such as reinforced steel frames for added support.

Q: Will these dog baskets fit on any bicycle?

A: Dog bike seats can fit well on most bikes but even better on a hybrid or utility bike. The logic behind it is pretty simple. These two models feature more space between the tire in the front and the handlebars. That space not only makes for a perfect nestling spot for a dog bike seat but also reduces the possibility of the seat getting entangled in the brake cables. That being said, as the dog basket for bikes is designed to hang off the bicycle’s rack, every bike can carry one.


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