Monitoring your dog's daily activity isn't an easy task and if you've been scouring the internet for ways to help, we have the perfect solution. A dog activity monitor can make the world of difference in improving your pup's health in more ways than one. Below is a list of the most popular and well-rated options for you to peruse that have multiple benefits.

Primarily, these will feature pet activity trackers that can monitor your dog's sleep, behavior, and even calories burned and will provide pet owners with a deeper insight into how they can help improve their dog's health in the future. Some, with the purchase of subscriptions, will offer immediate veterinary assistance where you can pass over your dog's activity data in exchange for advice. Others will also feature GPS trackers if your pup is particularly fond of adventuring off into the unknown.

With numerous options on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the best dog fitness tracker for your fur friend so, to help, we've done the leg work for you and got 10 of the best dog activity monitors. Read on to learn more about the individual products and what they can offer you and your furry companion.

A Quick Overview of Our Favorites

Editor's PickProduct NamePriceRating
Best OverallWhistle Go Explore Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker & Health And Fitness MonitorBuy on Amazon4.0
Runner UpFitBark 2 Health MonitorBuy on Amazon4.3
With Findsters MAZE TechnologyFindster Duo + GPS Pet TrackerBuy on Chewy2.9
Best DesignLink AKC Smart Collar With GPS Tracker And Activity MonitorBuy on Amazon3.4
Budget PickTractive GPS Dog TrackerBuy on Amazon4.0
Most User-FriendlyPitPat Dog Activity And Fitness MonitorBuy on Amazon4.1
Best for Training Garmin Delta Smart On-Collar Dog Training SystemBuy on Amazon3.7
Best Battery LifePETBIZ Pet Tracker, Dog Locator, And Activity MonitorBuy on Amazon3.5
Best Protection FeaturesPawfit 2 GPS Dog TrackerBuy on Amazon3.6
Premium PickPetFon Pet GPS TrackerBuy on Amazon3.6
*Ratings are from Amazon and Chewy at the time of publication and can change

The 10 Top Rated Dog Activity Monitors


1 Whistle Go Explore Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker & Health and Fitness Monitor

Whistle Go Explore Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker & Health and Fitness Monitor
Key features:
  • Complete with night light
  • 20 days of battery life
  • Monitors fitness, health, and location
  • Set up alerts to quickly locate lost pet
  • Weekly wellness reports

Whistle’s Ultimate GPS location and dog activity tracker provides pet owners with everything they could need to keep an eye on their pet and their health. Complete with 20-day battery life, Whistle’s monitor allows you to keep track of your dog’s activity levels and their location.

If your dog is particularly skilled in escaping your yard, this tracker allows you to set up alerts to update you with their location. Using AT&T’s nationwide network, coupled with Google maps, you can receive 15-second updates to keep regular tabs on their whereabouts after they have left your designated safe zone.

Not only does this all-in-one tracker monitor the current activity that your dog engages in but it is also capable of recognizing changes in your dog’s behavior such as excessive licking, scratching, and changes to their sleep pattern. After 30 days, dog owners are able to send a report to their vet. This will enable pet parents to identify any issues and make suitable changes to benefit their dog’s health.

GPS Tracking: AT&T Network and Google maps

What others say about it:

I bought one for my sisters new puppy(6 month GSD)& then another for my 3 yr old doodle. They are very active and being able to keep up with them has been great. Customer service is fantastic. Also waterproof and mud proof! The puppy held the doodle down in a mud puddle. It wasn’t fun to clean him up but they had fun!

Read more buyer reviews at

  • The night light comes with three settings
  • Access to on-demand veterinary assistance
  • Monitors changes in behavior
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • ubscription required (30-day free trial available)
  • High in price
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2 FitBark 2 Health Monitor

FitBark 2 Health Monitor
Key features:
  • Links to your Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more
  • Fit dog collars of up to 1.5 (38 mm) inches wide
  • Battery life of up to six months
  • Monitors stress and anxiety
  • Uses Bluetooth

FitBark’s previous dog fitness tracker admittedly came with a handful of teething issues although the FitBark 2 will have owners second-guessing their initial impressions. This new and improved Fitbit for dogs not only details your dog’s activity levels such as distance walked and calories burned but also analyzes their standard routine that might imply changes to their health and wellbeing.

With this dog activity tracker, owners can sync their dog’s progress to their own Apple Healthkit, Fitbit, or Google Fit device and has an incredibly long battery life of up to six months. Owners will be able to check their dog’s quality of sleep, stress or anxiety levels, and even if there early signs of skin conditions by observing scratching or licking. Vets and trainers can also be granted access to view changes to mobility.

What others say about it:

I originally ordered 2 then got a puppy a couple months later and got a 3rd. I had an issue with one of the first two I ordered and the fitbark support team replaced it without any charge and now all 3 fitbarks work perfectly. I have 3 energetic Labrador mixes and they play rough and have not broken it off. They have made teeth marks on the covers.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Tracks itchiness and potential skin issues
  • Works worldwide
  • No monthly fees
  • Suitable for all breed sizes and life stages
  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Compatible apps are free to purchase for both android or IOS devices
  • Doesn’t have GPS tracking like other models featured here
  • Have to use zip ties every time the collar is swapped (8 available in the pack)
  • Can only be fitted to collars measuring under 1.5 inches
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3 Findster Duo + GPS Pet Tracker

Findster Duo + GPS Pet Tracker
Key features:
  • Range of up to 3 miles with no cell coverage or SIM
  • Waterproof (Immersion of 3ft)
  • Shockproof
  • Define safe areas and get an instant notification if your pet leaves
  • Uses Findsters MAZE technology

This is another GPS and dog activity monitor that is perfect for dog owners with escape artist pets due to its real-time location tracking. Pet parents can easily set up a designated safe zone and will receive an alert if your dog breaches it. With Findster’s assistance, you can also compare your dog’s activities and progress with other dogs of the same breed, weight, age, and size to check that your fur friend is on the right path.

Sturdy, waterproof, and shockproof, this GPS tracker keeps a close eye on your pet’s health, and with Findster Care, you will have access to veterinary help 24/7 should you find that your dog’s behavior and patterns change over time.

What others say about it:

We live in a heavily wooded area. We got these to find any lost dogs. Turn the device on it works correctly. Miss a step it does not work so good. What does under those conditions. Even with lots of trees. Cell phone and Gaurdian in hand we can walk into the woods and find the dog fairly quickly. The bad is how it is attached. I made a cloth sleeve that has elastic at both ends. We put the GPS unit on the collar attachment that is firmly on the collar with a zip tie not what it was sent with.. I pull the little tube over the whole device the ends are to small for it to fall out of. No more lost units to look for. I am still experimenting with my tube design. But it works super simple to make.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Suitable for all dog breeds and life stages
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes 1-year Findster care
  • Short battery life compared to other fitness trackers
  • Limited range in heavily wooded areas
  • Although advertised for cats, the product may be too big for felines and very small dogs
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4 Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor
Key features:
  • Vet records can be stored via app
  • x2 Comfortable and stylish collar designs
  • Temperature alerts
  • Adventure sharing
  • Light and sound features

This GPS location tracking smart dog collar comes in two stylish and comfortable designs: Leather and sport. And on top of this, actively and precisely monitors activity. With AKC goals can be set based on your dog’s size, weight, and breed in order to improve health and well-being. And as an additional feature, the Link AKC smart collar has a remote turn on sound which is useful when training your pup

The Link AKC service plan also offers pet owners 24/7 access to veterinary assistance in case of pet poisoning emergencies. Other safety features include a temperature monitor, that sends an alert to pet owners if you’re dog’s environment is a little too hot or cold for comfort, as well as a remote turn-on LED light so your pet can be seen in early winter morning or dark evening walks.

GPS Tracking: AT&T Network

What others say about it:

Mr Wrex likes to wander. He’s a year old Labrador Retriever and he high energy. We had the collar on for 5 minutes when he took off. I was able to find him in the dark a full lake away. Worth the price and holds up in the water… his other favorite place to roam. Great for tracking our adventure too. Thanks LinkAkc

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Owners can log vet records
  • Sizes available for all breeds
  • Free collar size exchange available
  • LED light for nighttime walks
  • Link AKC service plan required (Bundles option available)
  • Doesn’t work outside of the US
  • Short battery life compared to other dog activity monitors
  • GPS signals can be impacted by environmental factors such as heavily wooded areas or cities
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5 Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker
Key features:
  • Live tracking
  • Location history
  • Ability to make safe areas
  • GPS location tracking can be used via the app available on iOS and Android

The best dog activity trackers are ones that allow pet parents to track their dog’s movements in real-time and see where their pup has been. If your dog is a particularly talented escape artist known for venturing far into the unknown- never fear, as this locator can track your dog’s whereabouts instantly, even when visiting other countries. The Tractive GPS tracker lets you know if your dog wanders away from the safe area that you set up, and provides you with regular updates.

Fully charged within two hours, this GPS tracker also monitors your dog’s activity, including calories burned as well as rest times. Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar to start tracking their movements and habits no matter what age or breed they are.

What others say about it:

We have been very pleased with this tracker and the tools in the app. Yes it requires a subscription, but for what you get I believe it is a fair value. We live in the mountains of Colorado and have a large amount of land. I have never had an issue with being able to get service. I set up the virtual fence to cover about 10 acres of our land. The moment our dog steps outside that area I get notified. I go out and yell her name and can see her turn around on the live track and watch her come back. The only downside so far is short battery life (you have to charge it every 1.5 to 2 days). Also it would be nice if there was a way to give the dog feedback when they leave the virtual fence. Ie vibrates or plays a sound.

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  • Pet-sitters, friends, and family can access Tractive GPS locator if necessary
  • Worldwide tracking in over 150 countries
  • 14-day money-back guarantee on Tractive subscription
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Requires a subscription plan
  • White and bulky-seeming device with no other color options for subtly
  • Shorter battery life compared to other models
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6 PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor

PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor
Key features:
  • Ultra-long battery life (lasting 1+ years)
  • Fits any dog collar or harness
  • Functions via a free and easy-to-use app
  • Tough, lightweight, and waterproof

This flashy and adorable design fits securely on any collar or harness, and for those who are not completely tech-savvy, it is quick and easy to set up. Unlike other dog activity monitors, the PitPat fitness monitor doesn’t require a subscription and is useable via a free app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Designed with vets, this fitness tracker will accurately measure your dog’s exercise which will then allow owners to manage their pet’s weight effectively. Through the app, dog owners will also be able to view resting activity and calories burned in addition to being able to set and track fitness goals for their pup. Recommendations and goals can also be set to suit specific breeds. To add, this tracker has an incredible battery life that will last over a year and can be effortlessly changed by the user when needed.

What others say about it:

Love this product! We got it initial because we suspected that our pet sitter wasn’t walking our dogs. So we attached it to him and confirmed that she was not walking him and promptly discontinued services.
Yet, this product has become so much more. We use it all the time to keep tabs on his overall activity level.
I think the only detail that’s off is the miles indicator. It seems to over estimate how many miles he’s walked, but all of the other info is very detailed and astonishingly accurate.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • No subscription required
  • No charging necessary
  • Designed with vets
  • Affordable price
  • App can set up profiles for multiple dogs
  • No GPS tracker
  • Only one available color option/design
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7 Garmin Delta Smart On-Collar Dog Training System

Garmin Delta Smart On-Collar Dog Training System
Key features:
  • Effective obedience training tool
  • Customizable training features
  • Bark detection
  • Three-button functions including tone, vibration, and stimulation

Garmin’s smart dog collar device is not only a fitness tracker but also an effective tool to help dog owners train their pooch. Via the app, pet parents can view how active their dogs have been throughout the day but can also see how vocal they have been. This technology is designed to detect barking signals through vibration and logs the number of barks and the times in which they were vocal. Through this detection, owners can set levels by utilizing the correction technology to keep their home and street bark-free (or at least a little quieter).

The app also monitors your dog’s activity levels throughout the day including times they have been particularly inactive or incredibly zoomy. By the end of the month, you will be able to view all of your pet’s activities and behaviors to be able to identify patterns and progression. As an added feature, Garmin also offers ‘Keep Away Tags’ which can be used to deter naughty pets from no-go areas when you’re not around.

What others say about it:

This has been a great dog collar! Previous ones with metal nubs have caused sores on our dogs throat area. This is fantastic and gives you 2 options before shock to correct barking. My dog has learned that when the tone goes off he should stop barking. A bit jenky it doesn’t come with a collar for how much you pay but we love it after a couple months of use. Battery lasts for a LONG TIME…after the initial charge we went over 2 weeks of 8-10 hrs a day of use without charging and still had a little juice left. In the 2 months we’ve owned we’ve charged it 3 times.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Activity tracker
  • On collar behavior training device
  • Compatible with smartphone
  • Keep away tags available (sold separately or as a bundle)
  • Doesn’t track the dog’s location.
  • Limited features compared to other dog fitness trackers
  • Only useable from up to 10 meters
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8 PETBIZ Pet Tracker, Dog Locator, and Activity Monitor

PETBIZ Pet Tracker, Dog Locator, and Activity Monitor
Key features:
  • Fitness and activity tracker
  • Live GPS tracker
  • E-Fence/safe zone area set-up
  • Provide feeding recommendations

Available in black or white, PETBIZ offers a reliable and efficient dog activity monitor that reserves a percentage of its battery in case of emergencies. Whereas most 3G pet trackers only last around a week, the PETBIZ pet tracker has a 30-day battery life and will alert owners when it reaches 30%. Fortunately, it will only take around 2 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.

Unlike other dog trackers, you can also receive feeding recommendations after frequent monitoring your dog’s calories burned, traveling distance, and minutes active. So not only can you set goals to keep your pooch fit, but you can also get diet recommendations based on their activity level, breed, size, and weight.

What others say about it:

I wanted a collar for my fence jumper and I started with Fi. After Fi could not get theirs to work these guys got with AT&T and made it work so they succeeded where the other guys failed. I really like how the location can be overlayed on to Google maps. I am real happy with my choice.
P.S. It is less money as too.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Access to GPS location history
  • Battery lasts up to 30 days
  • Water and weatherproof
  • Requires subscription (One
  • Only suitable for pet’s over 8lbs
  • Can only be used in the US
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9 Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker

Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker
Key features:
  • Users can set up to 10 safety zones
  • Protection features
  • Activity monitoring
  • GPS location tracker

A great detail about this product is its protection feature which is a text-to-speech function. With the push of the power button, your dog’s ID will be broadcast from the gadget so that others who find the pooch will be able to return them home safely – that’s if you haven’t already caught up with them thanks to its live tracking and assisted positioning mode. Pet parents are able to set up numerous safe zones for your dog to peruse and will be notified if they breach or leave the areas.

The Pawfit 2 dog fitness tracker can effectively count steps, and monitor distance, calories burned, active and rest times for owners to have a better understanding of their dog’s health in order to adjust habits accordingly. The tracker will also inform owners of significant and abnormal changes in temperature and also if your monitor is removed from your pet’s collar.

GPS Tracking: T-Mobile Network. Include embedded SIM. Uses GPS, WiFi, and cellular technology

What others say about it:

Very good product. Arrived as expected, set up was easy with app and quick guide booklet. Coverage on plan for annual charge was under $55 and appears to get signal well enough. Small and lightweight, charges fast, good collar attachment.
Bought this for our Vizsla, high energy puppy. Looked at loads of options: this won the day based on price (average annual coverage fee is over $100 & initial purchase is the same for other trackers) and abilities of this device are certainly comparable. Have not needed it to find lost dog, but have tried it out in that function and seems like it would work.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • Uses WiFi and cellular technology
  • Waterproof (Can be submerged up to 3 meters)
  • Compatible for iOS 9 and Android 5 and above
  • Low battery alarm
  • Easy to set up and attach to your dog’s collar
  • Subscription needed to access full use
  • Only suitable for pets weighing 3.5kg and up
  • 4-5 days battery life but can standby for 7-10 days.
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10 PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
Key features:
  • Combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies to track pets.
  • Set up safe zones
  • Comes with a compact charging station for going off the grid
  • Owners can set up voice commands
  • Real-time location tracking

In an open area, the PetFon dog GPS tracker can locate pets within 3.5 miles/5.5KM in real-time and will update pet parents regularly. Owners can also set up danger zones and be alerted if their pet approaches them as well as safe zones which can include the boundary of your home WiFi radius.

Its lightweight and sturdy design will protect it against external damage and can withstand attempted damage from rainwater. Dog owners will also be able to choose from 11 light colors making their pooch more visible on nighttime dog walks. Furthermore, voice commands can also be set up to be able to communicate with dogs on the occasion they may stray too far.

Admittedly, PetFon is great for tracking your pet’s location but has limited detail regarding a dog’s activity levels. Whereas it won’t count steps or calories, this device will record how long pets have been active for as well as distance traveled and any time spent resting.

GPS Tracking: Bluetooth/WiFi/LoRa Network

What others say about it:

The tracker lasts all day but needs nightly charging. Probably not good for cats who (I assume) wander off for days before returning. It’s relatively accurate, but if you live in an area with a lot of houses or whatnot, it can be a little off and say your pet has left the boundaries when it didn’t. There is problem with the syncing though. The tracker that you attach to your pet sometimes doesn’t want to re-sync, or even re-scan, unless you put it in the charging box and re-sync/re-scan it there. I thought it was a defective product, it wasn’t. Despite that, it’s working nicely for me.

Read more buyer reviews at

  • No monthly fee
  • Customizable ringtone and light color
  • Rainproof
  • No cell service needed
  • Expensive compared to other dog fitness trackers
  • Tracking distance can be decreased in dense areas such as forests and cities
  • Short battery life compared to other models (8-16 hours with moderate use)
  • Won’t stand being submerged in water
  • Doesn’t count steps or calories burned
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Dog Fitness & Activity Trackers: Buying Guide

So now we’ve broken down the most popular fitness and activity trackers for dogs, we’ve continued to answer some frequently asked questions in order to narrow down your search. In addition to this, we’ve also endeavored to provide some extra and important information to help you choose the best dog activity monitor for your companion.

What is a Pet Activity Monitor?

A pet activity monitor does exactly what it says on the tin and more depending on what brand you go for. Primarily, these gadgets will do similar things to that of a Fitbit or Apple Healthkit in which it carefully monitors the activity levels of your pet and can also calculate steps and calories burned throughout the day/week/month. These devices also act as a sort of “dog Strava” for those familiar with the running app.

Modern pet trackers connect to any smartphone where users can download a helpful app to monitor their pet’s activity and progression. Pet owners can store their dog’s (or cat’s) details including breed, size, weight, and age, and be able to set targets for their companions to reach for them to become fitter and healthier. Some apps are also useful for owners to notice early signs of health issues as they can pick up on resting times, quality of sleep, and times when they are particularly anxious or stressed.

Some GPS devices or dog GPS collars will focus more on finding dogs that love to mosey away on their own but will still meet the basic requirements of a fitness tracker.

What are the Benefits of Using a Dog Activity Monitor?

Couple with a dog running outdoors.

As mentioned previously, various models will offer differing key advantages although the best fitness tracker will prioritize activity levels and their intensity, offer to set goals, and even provide feeding recommendations. However, a fitness tracker for dogs is ideally used to improve health and quality of life.

Weight Management

If your pooch is prone to obesity and needs to shed a little extra weight, a dog activity tracker can help you keep track of their progression and will allow owners to set goals based on their current weight, etc. Some apps will also provide advice on feeding your pet to keep them in the best shape possible.

Improve Overall Dog Health

Some gadgets will monitor behaviors such as barking and sleeping to help owners identify patterns that could be concerning. With the aid of these fitness trackers, dog parents can spot early indications of health issues and prevent them from progressing further.

GPS Trackers

In addition to fitness monitoring, some models will include a GPS dog tracker for you to have constant eyes on your dog’s location if they have a habit of escaping gardens or fleeting away on walks and runs.

Can you Use Fitbit on a Dog?

A Fitbit is specifically designed for humans and will not work when used on a dog which is exactly why these devices exist. Consider the items above a “dog Fitbit”. They provide accurate information tailored to the dog’s movements and build.

Features to Look for in a Dog Fitness Tracker

Whistle dog fitness tracker app features

With so many products available with numerous features and benefits, it can be arduous to sift through them to narrow down the right one for you and your companion. Look at the list below to understand more about the most valuable benefits and features to find in a dog activity tracker.


This is, without a doubt, the key feature to look for in any device. The best fitness tracker will collect accurate data and recordings of your pup’s activity levels, which will optimize how you set your goals and improve your dog’s exercise regime.


If you opt for a device that has GPS as well as standard activity monitoring, you will need to ensure that the product will have an adequate network connection at all times to be able to collect accurate information and effectively track dogs.


A dog activity tracker must be able to stand more than enough rough play. Dogs are not careful animals at times. Some love to go for a dip if a body of water presents itself, so an activity monitor must be sturdy and waterproof.


Always makes sure that a dog fitness tracker is suitable for your breed. Some trackers may not be useable for dogs of a certain weight. They may seem to work however these may not provide accurate data and your progress could be compromised.

In addition to this, always check the measurements of the device to be sure it will attach to the dog collar you own. Some are flexible and will even fit harnesses although some only fit up to a certain width.

Fitness and Activity Monitoring

When looking for a fitness tracker for dogs, the more thorough the better. Being able to input your dog’s breed, size, weight, and age will make sure that the recommendations and data you receive are more accurate. This will allow the device to give you a better idea of your dog’s current health as well as a great starting point for making changes to improve their well-being.

Progress Tracker/Weekly or Monthly Reports

To add to the point made previously, by adding your dog’s details you can see how far they’ve come over time as some dog fitness trackers will provide you with intermittent reports.

Dog Step Counter

An accurate fitness tracker for dogs will also provide a dog step tracker, or dog pedometer if you will. This will give you the distance traveled by your pooch and how long it took to progress through it.

Setting Targets

Setting fitness goals is a great motivator for pet parents to get their companions out to exercise. Hitting those goals can be invigorating too, so being able to update them regularly will be excellent encouragement.

Veterinarian Advice

Some similar fitness trackers will enable vets to access your pet’s records to be able to make helpful recommendations as well as spot any abnormalities in behavior and activity.

GPS Dog Tracker

For most looking to improve their dog’s fitness and overall health, a GPS is a desirable attribute but not compulsory and you can often save money by leaving out this feature. However, it can be an extremely useful gadget for those dog parents whose furry friends are likely to break away and go exploring by themselves.

Final Note

Take dog ownership and pet health to the next level with a Fitbit for dogs. It may seem like a lot of information to take in at once but with the help of an activity tracker, you will be able to improve your pup’s overall health and quality of life. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

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