Cat lovers everywhere are always on the prowl for the ideal present for their feline friends. If you're anything like us, you will be wanting to spoil your cat with a fantastic selection of new goodies to choose from this holiday season. You might even already have their Christmas stocking ready to be stuffed full of feline gift fabulousness! But with so much on the market to choose from, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the selection. But not to worry, we're here to support all cat parents in their endeavor to create the purrfect kitty Christmas. In this seasonal guide chock full of Christmas gift ideas, we’ve picked an eclectic range of presents for your feline friend, to help put some festive fun back into gift buying.

A Quick Overview of the Best Cat Gifts of 2022

Editor's PickProduct NamePriceRating
Best for Active CatsPetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat ToyBuy on Amazon3.8
Best for Explorer CatsFrisco 72-In Faux Fur Cat Tree & CondoBuy on Chewy4.8
Best for Inquisitive CatsFrisco Holiday Cat Tracks Cat ToyBuy on Chewy4.8
Best for Shy CatsAspen Pet Self-Warming Bolstered Cat BedBuy on Amazon4.6
Best for Multi-Cat HouseholdFrisco Plush, Teaser, Ball & Tri-Tunnel Variety PackBuy on Chewy4.7
Best for Confident CatsFrisco Naughty/Nice Cat Knitted HatBuy on Chewy4.0
Best for Christmas StockingTemptations Holiday Dinner Cat TreatsBuy on Amazon4.6
Best for Intelligent CatFrisco Festive Variety Pack Gift Box Of Cat Toys (With Catnip)Buy on Chewy5.0
Best for Playful CatsFrisco Holiday Mistletoe Teaser Cat ToyBuy on Chewy5.0
Best for Catnip LoversDisney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Plush Cat Toy With CatnipBuy on Chewy5.0
*Ratings are from Chewy and Amazon at the time of publication and can change

1 Best for Active Cats: PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy

Best for Active Cats: PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy
Key features:
  • Satisfies a cat’s hunting instinct
  • Features an 8-minute auto-shutoff
  • Includes a replacement feather
  • Built-in anti-slip feet

Time to kick things into high gear. When looking for the perfect Christmas gift for super active kitties, look no further than the PetFusion Ambush interactive toy. PetFusion has created an ingenious self-operating interactive toy that can keep your furry friend entertained for hours. The brightly colored furball pops out from the main body of this puzzle toy at random intervals, waggling and shimmying to entice your cat to come and play.

This is the perfect Christmas gift to help your cat enjoy playtime on their own time, instead of relying on their owner being available when the mood strikes them. Just keep in mind that this toy is quite rapid and may not be the best fit for a nervous or skittish kitty as it is more likely to frighten them or put them on edge.

What others say about it:

We bought this a little over a month ago hoping to help wear out our 7-month old kitten and get some of his energy away from aggravating his sister. It is a massive hit. He loves it – he runs over to it all the time and sits right next to it trying to get you to turn it on. This thing has withstood being shoved around, bunny kicked, and flipped upside down by him and still works just as well. It is great for burning off some energy and he is in love with it. Our older girl even sometimes gets interested too. All-around a great purchase.

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2 Best for Explorer Cats: Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Best for Explorer Cats: Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
Key features:
  • All-in-one play, relax, and scratch spot
  • Closed spaces for relaxation
  • Easy-climb ramps
  • 10 fully wrapped scratching posts

Cat trees are an absolute classic when it comes to kitty playtime! This perfect piece of cat furniture gives them space to not only climb but create a little cat cave in which they can settle out of the way of other pets and people if they’re feeling reclusive. Cats love to know they have a space all their own, meaning cat towers make great gifts for most cats.

As a little added bonus, this particular cat tower comes in a variety of colors. So you can pick the right one not only for your loveable little ball of fur to enjoy but also one that can match up with your home decor. This is the perfect gift if you’re looking for something that your cat can enjoy year-round, with six platforms, both open and closed, and scratch posts at every level – it’s the perfect way to redirect that crazy cat energy away from your home furniture (and Christmas tree!).

What others say about it:

This cat tree is AMAZING! It’s ginormous I didn’t think it would be as tall as it is but it’s perfect. We just got two kittens and they are so in love with it! They’re climbing all over it like crazy and cuddling in the little houses too. It’s very sturdy too! Extremely simple to put together too I thought it would be hard but it’s a breeze took me about 15 minutes to complete it! I give it 5 stars! Not to mention the price was INCREDIBLE!

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3 Best for Inquisitive Cats: Frisco Holiday Cat Tracks Cat Toy

Best for Inquisitive Cats: Frisco Holiday Cat Tracks Cat Toy
Key features:
  • Interchangeable top teaser toys
  • Three tracks with a ball for each one
  • Ideal for mental stimulation
  • Durable but not indestructible

Some kitties have highly active minds and a lot of energy to burn off – especially in those younger years. Cat owners looking to get a little reprieve from this insatiable appetite for playtime may find the Holiday Cat Tracks to be just the ticket. With three tracks, each containing a ball that can be batted around endlessly, this toy design is specifically to provide your cat with limitless entertainment.

As an additional engaging feature, this playful cat toy also has a teaser toy sticking out of the top on a bouncy metal line that can be pawed at whenever your cat decides they want a change of page. This teaser is interchangeable with a choice of two festive designs to add an extra Christmassy vibe. A great gift idea for super-active cats over the Holiday season.

What others say about it:

I bought this after my current cats started playing with and old one that was just the one level and it has a toy on it. I’ve had it for I don’t know how long and my previous cats barely touched it. So when my current ones were showing a lot of interest I decided to get one with more levels For the other room. At least two of my three have played with it and my third one may have played with it. One cat moves it all over that side of the room and seems to prefer it upside down. It is worth every penny.

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4 Best for Shy Cats: Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolstered Cat Bed

Best for Shy Cats: Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolstered Cat Bed
Key features:
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Scratch-resistant polyester material
  • Non-slip bottom for safety
  • Available in for sizes

Sweet festive colors and guaranteed comfort. These fleecy bolstered cat beds give your cat a perfect little space to curl up and get comfortable out of the way of everyone else. Like we mentioned with the cat tree, an area all their own is always going to be a win. This plushy cat bed helps your kitty to maintain their body heat on cold days and comes in four sizes so you can pick just how much lounge space they’ll get.

There is a whole bunch of rave reviews for this Christmas-colored cat bed owing to the super-soft fleece lining and washing machine-friendly construction. Something like this would be a particularly good present for senior cats that may struggle to maintain their temperature.

What others say about it:

Our little 14-year-old Princess absolutely loves her new bed! She has pretty much abandoned me and stays in her bed almost all the time lol. Highly recommend!

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5 Best for Multi-Cat Household: Frisco Plush, Teaser, Ball & Tri-Tunnel Variety Pack

Best for Multi-Cat Household: Frisco Plush, Teaser, Ball & Tri-Tunnel Variety Pack
Key features:
  • Bumper value 20-piece cat toy bundle
  • Includes catnip toys, rolling balls, and teasers
  • Large cat tunnel for playing hide and seek
  • Not suitable for kittens

With no less than 20 assorted toys, this bundle pack will keep your cat entertained throughout the Christmas holidays, and beyond. And with such a fantastic variety to choose from, your feline is sure to have a new favorite every day. From catnip-filled soft toys and fuzzy mice and pom-poms that crinkle to rolling balls and feather tease toys, there’s a toy to entertain your cat, whatever their mood.

This set contains everything from simple stimulating activities to a full-blown game of chase and everything in-between. You even get a large play tunnel to recreate a classic game of hide and seek. We also think this is a great gift for the multi-cat household, as none of your cats will feel left out. However, due to the catnip, this toy bundle is not recommended for cats under the age of six months.

What others say about it:

It was a hit for 3 kittens and their momma!!!! Momma was first to play with it… Never knew she would like it, not my cat came to my door over summer and soon was prego, didn’t know till gave birth on me…. Only down fall wish it was more stable, less moving around..

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6 Best for Confident Cats: Frisco Naughty/Nice Cat Knitted Hat

Best for Confident Cats: Frisco Naughty/Nice Cat Knitted Hat
Key features:
  • Nice or naughty message on each side
  • Made from machine-washable fabric
  • Comfort holes for their cat ears
  • Adjustable elastic chin strap

A hat made specifically for your cat? Why not – it’s the Holidays after all! Made from machine-washable yarn and in a super-seasonal red and white design, this is an ultra-fun novelty cat clothing item to go in your cat’s Christmas stocking. With holes to allow room for their ears to come through and available in three pet-friendly sizes, the Frisco hat comes complete with a cute bobble and adjustable chin strap to keep everything looking neat and in place.

And with ‘nice’ written on the front and ‘naughty’ on the back, it is a great way to let the world know that your precious little feline isn’t all they appear to be. Cat moms and dads alike are well aware of the sneaky tendencies of our furry friends. Let’s just hope Santa doesn’t catch on and land your precious kitty on the naughty list.

What others say about it:

This holiday hat is just perfect. With both the naughty and nice sides, I can capture both sides of my kitties personalities. It is well made and the photos will be adorable. This is perfect for my Holiday cards.

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7 Best for Christmas Stocking: Temptations Holiday Dinner Cat Treats

Best for Christmas Stocking: Temptations Holiday Dinner Cat Treats
Key features:
  • Christmas dinner flavored treats
  • Crispy outer and soft center
  • Two calories per treat
  • In a stay-fresh resealable pack

The Holidays are a time for feasting (in moderation, of course) so don’t let your kitty feel left out, with these delicious turkey and sweet potato Christmas treats. Designed to mirror a classic Christmas dinner, each one of these tasty treats is only two calories, so shouldn’t ruin their appetite – or their waistline. Furthermore, Temptations’ Holiday Dinner cat treats each feature a delicious soft inner and crunchy outer shell to surprise and delight your cat.

If you are keen to know the nutritional value of these treats, you can be reassured as they are 100% balanced, containing only natural flavors as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Complete with a resealable stay-fresh pack, this is certainly a gift your cat will love to find in their Christmas stocking.

What others say about it:

My cats go nuts for these treats. Precious my oldest female cat I swear she can recognize colors, I can sit these out with 3 other tubs of Temptation treats and she picks these every time!!!!!!

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8 Best for Intelligent Cats: Frisco Festive Variety Pack Gift Box of Cat Toys (with Catnip)

Best for Intelligent Cats: Frisco Festive Variety Pack Gift Box of Cat Toys (with Catnip)
Key features:
  • Contains fourteen toys in total
  • Includes scratch-resistant toys
  • Various textured for mixed stimulation
  • Catnip toy included

This is the ideal gift idea for cats with limited attention spans or perhaps a more intelligent kitty that gets easily bored when it comes to playtime. A variety pack allows you to provide your cat with a great range of cat toys including toys stuffed with catnip which is often an irresistible treat (though keep in mind that not all cats respond to catnip, so don’t be too disappointed if your feline friend shows little interest).

Pet parents looking to cover the full Christmas gift range in a single package should keep something like a goody box in mind whilst thinking of ideas. You don’t necessarily have to give all of the toys to your cat at once. In fact, some cat owners like to give their kitty a chance to pick their first toy from the selection then slowly introduce new toys from the pack throughout the day so that they don’t get overstimulated.

What others say about it:

This is a great gift, way bigger than expected. I’m confident our cat will love it. So much better than any cheap toy gift set you can buy in a store.

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9 Best for Playful Cats: Frisco Holiday Mistletoe Teaser Cat Toy

Best for Playful Cats: Frisco Holiday Mistletoe Teaser Cat Toy
Key features:
  • Wand-style teaser cat toy
  • Plastic wand and polyester/felt teaser
  • Includes a catnip stuffed mistletoe toy
  • Ideal for interactive play sessions

If your cat is a prolific pouncer or they simply like to spend some quality time playing with their favorite human, then you need to pop this mistletoe teaser toy on their list of Christmas gifts. This seasonal teaser toy helps to make sure your cat gets their daily exercise, especially if they don’t tend to go outdoors.

Although the plastic wand is not expandable, it is a generous length that is safe to use indoors. Furthermore, the line is designed to be easy to control – easily flicking and moving with even the smallest movement of the wand. Frisco has even added a seasonal touch with a mistletoe soft toy at the end, which is also stuffed with tantalizing catnip to really capture your pet’s attention. Bright, mobile, and great fun, you will thoroughly enjoy playing chase with your cat over the Christmas holidays.

What others say about it:

My cats absolutely love this toy and go bananas for whatever catnip is used in this. This is a soft felt toy, no crinkles or any noise makers-which was perfect for me, because I can play with the kitties without waking up the dogs. My little guy has been running all over chasing this for a solid hour and my older girls love it as well! Even my aggressive and grumpy old lady is playing like a kitten. ..

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10 Best for Catnip Lovers: Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

Best for Catnip Lovers: Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Plush Cat Toy with Catnip
Key features:
  • Great value two toy pack
  • Made from claw-proof polyester
  • Stuffed with irresistible catnip
  • Not suitable for kittens

Fresh out of a fairy tale (or should that be furry tail?), these gorgeous Mickey & Minnie toys will spice up your cat’s Christmas presents list. Adding a little extra Holiday spirit for your beloved pet, as they’re all dressed up and come stuffed with catnip. Made from claw-proof polyester, this durable pair of non-edible Disney pals are tough cookies when it comes to your cat’s playtime. 

While they may look super cute, this cat toy duo is actually designed for rough and tough play. Although due to the catnip inside, you do need to limit the time your cat gets to spend with their new soft playmates. And they are not quite suitable for younger cats under the age of six months.

What others say about it:

Looks super cute and the toy was made delicately. My cat fall in love with it at the first smell!

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How To Pick The Purrfect Gift

Finding the right Christmas gifts for cats relies on you knowing their distinct personalities and whether a particular gift is something they will appreciate. Here are some examples of a few different personality traits often seen in cats and how you might want to shop for them:

Hyperactive or Playful Cats

An interactive Christmas toy with multiple elements would be a great choice for particularly active cats that like to play for long periods of the day. Cat lovers often fall back on automated teaser toys or toys that can be easily operated by the cat.

Shy or Introverted Cats

If you have a shy cat, it’s not likely they’re going to want to dress up as shy kitties generally try to hide from the spotlight, not sit in it. Shy and introverted cats tend to appreciate being given the gift of privacy – like a new cat bed or cat cave to hide away in.

Catnip Lovers

Well, this one speaks for itself. There are so many choices of cat gifts filled with catnip for a little added appeal. If you know your cat responds to catnip, try looking for toys that have catnip packed inside them, or ones that perhaps come with catnip as an added extra for you to use whenever you like.

Intelligent or Inquisitive Cats

Puzzle toys! If your cat enjoys having its brain teased, and can become easily bored when they’re not being engaged, look for puzzle toys that can stimulate that clever or inquisitive mind. A puzzle toy is specifically designed to stimulate the brain and minimize boredom.

Lazy or Immobile Cats

Lazy cats don’t typically show a lot of interest in active toys. The same cat be said for cats that may struggle with their mobility. With that in mind, there are still great gift ideas they can enjoy, such as a hidey-hole tunnel or a fun bit of cat clothing in the winter. Just keep in mind that a lazy cat sometimes leads to an overweight cat, so make sure to monitor their size.

Confident or Attention Seeking Cats

If you have a cat that can’t get enough of being the center of attention, then a cute cat costume could be ideal! Also getting together toys that require your direct engagement is a good way to show them they’re still central to your life – such as a hand-held teaser toy, or balls you can throw or roll around for them.

Explorer Cats

This is where a cat tree comes into its own. For owners that don’t have a lot of space, but own a cat that likes to explore every inch of it, popping a tall and slender cat tree into the corner of the room can help to channel that curious energy into the appropriate space. Often this works as a great way to stop cats from climbing all over the furniture.

Nervous or Skittish Cats

This is more a case of what to avoid. Try not to give nervous cat toys that move suddenly or make loud noises as they can set them on edge and make them uncomfortable in their own home. It’s better to settle for non-automated toys that they can exercise full control over.

Like we said, knowing your cat is key to picking the perfect Holiday gifts! So be sure to keep your cat’s loveable personality in mind, whatever it may be, and shop to suit their needs. That way you can ensure the entire family has a happy Christmas, and your cat can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.


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