10 Best Cat Costumes You Will Fall In Love With (2019)

Dressing up is not just for children. With the right cat costumes your feline friend can also join in with the fun. If you are looking for a costume for Halloween, a family get together, or just to add to your cat’s cuteness factor where do you start? Our panel of pet experts and cat lovers have put together a list of the 10 best costumes for cats to get you started.

As you can see from our expert’s list there really is a costume type for every cat, regardless of their preferences and the theme of the party or activity you are hosting. All these costumes are likely to be the talk of the event and will help your pet win prizes in any fancy-dress costume.

Olivia Williams
Olivia is our head of content for MyPetNeedsThat.com, mum of one and a true animal lover. With 12 different types of animal in her family, it's never a dull moment. When she isn't walking the dogs, feeding the cats or playing with her pet Parrot Charlie, you will find her product researching and keeping the site freshly updated with the latest products for your pets!