The Best Heated Cat Beds (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 6, 2020

Want to keep your feline friend pain free all year around? If so, a heated cat bed is your best bet. Although cats are quite independent and low maintenance, when the cold season starts to blow, your radiator might not be enough to get through a night of sleep, which means your furry little friends will certainly need an extra helping hand to stay warm and healthy. This when a heated cat bed comes in. Designed to offer thermal heat and therapeutic benefits, heated pet beds are soothing and help to relieve aching joints. These special beds are not only functional, but they also cater to the meticulous taste of the owners and come in a variety of styles. For further information, keep reading this well-detailed guide on the best cat heated beds available in the market today.

The Best Heated Cat Bed


The snug Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed does not incorporate a heating pad, but is guaranteed to keep your cat warm nonetheless. It employs the same principle as Mylar ‘space blankets’ used by astronauts, in that the materials within the sleeping pad reflect the cat’s own heat back. If you’re worried about the safety of electrical heat pads, then this is a good option for indoor cats.

The sides are sturdy enough to take some punishment from cats that like to dig and knead before they get comfortable, while the sleeping area is soft and cushioned. The bed also features a non-skid bottom, making it safe around the home – an owner accidentally stepping on it won’t slip along the floor.

While the cover isn’t removable, the entire bed is washable; simply throw it in the machine on a cool wash with a mild detergent and line dry.

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Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor

Heater Type: Self Warming

Dimensions: 19” x 19” x 7.5” (other sizes and shapes available)

Materials: Faux Lamb’s Wool Plush (100% Polyester fill), Wide Wale Corduroy

Colors: Barn Red/ Cream

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 80135
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Best Friends by Sheri Heated Cat Beds
Best Friends by Sheri Heated Cat Beds

Cats absolutely love warmth, and for valid biological reasons too. They love to be stroked and cuddled more often than you think. Rest assured that with the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler, when you are not around, your little one will be kept in good company. It is not enough to simply lay a blanket on the floor and hope they keep warm whenever you’re out. Invest in this durable bed made with premium quality pet-safe materials. The faux fur and oxford fabrics are completely non-toxic. Not only are they free of harmful materials but is actually therapeutic for cats with aching joints.

The featured rear high walls are said to provide the much needed back support which takes the pressure off the joints eventually easing any pain your pet might be experiencing. With high walls, cats tend to feel safer since it provides a cuddly and warm feeling all night long. It also provides a comfortable head and neck rest at the front walls which are obviously shorter making this bed a perfect choice for aging cats that need the extra comfort for their orthopedic needs. What’s more, as most cats also love to stretch and scratch, this flexible bed allows them to do so without restricting their movements allowing the self-heating system to gradually reflect heat back your pet while they rest.

Pet parents who are conscious of electricity bills will love this no-power function. It requires no power cords whatsoever making it a top safety choice for pet owners who are keen about safety.

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Self-Heating Bed

High walls for secure and improved sleep

Machine washable

Waterproof bottom

  • Brand: Best Friends by Sheri
  • Model: DPD-SHE-GRY
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H Pet Products
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small

K&H Pet Products’ Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Beds come in two sizes, perfect if you have more than one kitty that wants to use the product indoors. The bed features a low watt heating pad with dual thermostat; this has been designed to be left on safely around the clock, seven days a week. Alternatively, the heater can be removed in warmer summer months. It’s been safety tested and approved by MET labs to stringent standards, so you don’t need to worry about electrical fires. The heated bed only needs to be unplugged if you’re away from home for any length of time.

The high walls are soft yet relatively sturdy, ideal to protect your cat from drafts and give them a sense of security while they sleep. It’s also easy to clean. The pillow containing the heater can simply be unzipped and the cover washed in the machine, on a cold wash. Use a very mild detergent to avoid upsetting the delicate pH of your cat’s skin.

There’s a one year limited warranty on this product, which is recommended for indoor use only.

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Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor

Heater Type: 4 Watts, MET Listed

Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 6”; 20” x 20” x 6”

Materials: Foam

Colors: Fishprint/ Orange; Mocha; Sage

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 3191
  • Weight: 1.24 pounds


Cats sleep a lot, there’s no doubt about that. In fact, cats happen to spend 70% of their lives sleeping, weird right? I guess we forgive them since their so cute and cuddly when they wake up. When it gets cold, cats need that extra assurance that even when you are away; in your absence, they should always be able to enjoy that added warmth the house is known for when you are around. The Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad ensures just that. Regardless of where your pet sleeps, this heating pad can easily be heated up and placed under their bed. It works great for outdoor pets since it doesn’t require any plug-ins or electricity to work. After heating up in the microwave, it can retain heat up to 10 hours. That’s all it takes to keep outdoor pets warm all through the day, and when reheated again, throughout the night too.

This product is absolutely safe and easy to use as long as the instructions are followed. Provided with the instruction manual is a detailed chart that shows the watts and time to properly guide users. The included thermal pool compound is non-toxic and will remain solid as long as the pad is heated accordingly. Plus, it’s quite easy to maintain as no vigorous washing is needed. It simply requires mild detergent and a wipe cloth to keep it hygienic enough to be used again. Give your pets a warm winter to remember with this budget-friendly, easy-to-use heating pad.

Microwavable heating pad

Easy maintenance

Up to 10 hours of safe and soothing warmth

Easy storage

  • Brand: Snuggle Safe
  • Model: 6250
  • Weight: 2.12 pounds


The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Heated Cat Bed is adaptable! It comes with a hooded top, perfect for cats that like to hide and feel safe when they sleep. Alternatively, the hood can be zipped off and the bed used in basket-style.

The cat bed features a 4 watt heater that’s removable for easy washing of the cat’s sleeping area when needed. The heat pad has been rigorously tested and is certified MET Listed. However, this means the bed is not as suitable for outdoor areas where damp is a possibility. The heater can be left on 24/7, and has a dual thermostat. It typically heats to 10-15o above the ambient temperature, but has been designed not to overheat your pet beyond its normal body temperature.

The walls are constructed from orthopedic foam, which can be removed so the entire cover can be thrown into the washing machine on a delicate wash, at cool temperatures. Either line or tumble drying is fine and won’t damage the bed.

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Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor

Heater Type: 4 Watts, MET Listed

Dimensions: 16” or 20”

Materials: Polyfilled Pillow

Colors: Mocha/ Leopard; Tan/ Leopard

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 3198
  • Weight: 2.01 pounds


Pet Magasin Thermal Self Heated Bed for Cat
Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cat

Another option that doesn’t use electricity is the Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed for Cats. These come in a pack of two differently sized mats, so you can position them in places your cat likes to snooze. The heat technology is supplied by the inclusion of Mylar, a reflective material used in space suits and blankets by astronauts. This absorbs, retains and reflects your pet’s body heat, keeping them cozy even when used on hard floor surfaces such as stone, linoleum and so on.

Because of this, they are great for outdoor cats as well as indoor, provided they’re placed in a sheltered area such as a garage or porch. With a rubberized underside, you won’t need to worry about slipping on these mats and they shouldn’t move around too much as your cat kneads them to get comfortable. The Mylar layer is protected by a velvet style cover and the whole bed is padded with thick hypoallergenic foam for comfort.

These beds come with a generous two year warranty and a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor or Outdoor

Heater Type: Self Heating

Dimensions: 22” x 18.5”; 17” x 11” (larger sizes available)

Materials: Velvet Style Cover, Hypoallergenic Foam, Rubberized Underside

Colors: Gray/ Black

  • Brand: Pet Magasin
  • Model: fsced
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


K&H Pet Products Heated Mat for Cats
K&H Pet Products Heated Mat for Cats

Have you ever caught your cat snuggling around warm electrical appliances in the kitchen? Or maybe it’s the constant lounging by the window – you guessed right, they are constantly searching for warmth. You may already know by bow that kittens are born with temperature receptors on their face that help them find mom before they can actually see. These receptors intensify as they grow to make them always search out warm areas. Without even knowing it we provide warmth when cuddling or snuggling up to them placing them in warmer areas of the house. However, when the temperatures drop, both you and the top cat will need a helping hand.

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat is a simple but effective heating mat that helps to keep pets warm during such seasons. As it is thermostatically controlled, it can easily adjust to temperature changes and the bed itself remains at about 15 degrees until your pet lies on it. It then starts warming up to achieve normal body temperature. With just 6W, save up on power usage while keeping your favorite pets warm all year long.

Conveniently sized to fit small and large areas

Removable covers are machine washable

MET listed for safety

1-year warranty

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 3291
  • Weight: 1.67 pounds


Another wild reason cats just love being warm may be quite unfamiliar with what humans are attuned to. Cats actually thrive on warmth and they require more external heat, which in return helps them save more metabolic energy that could’ve been used to keep them warm. They channel the untapped energy to hunt, fight and of course play with you. Considering these facts, it won’t be a bad idea to purchase a heated bed that can be used all year long.

The Furhaven Orthopaedic Round Snuggery Burrow Pet Bed is a luxury bed that provides extra warmth. For pet parents who live in extremely cold regions, this snuggly cozy bed made from faux lamb’s wool is the perfect pet bed. Although it can’t replace you, it will definitely do a good job via its embracing build. Made for pets who love to cuddle and feel loved and protected, it features a bendable hood that provides just that.

The cat bed also features an orthopedic foam that caters to cats with aching joints. The foam base evenly distributes body weight along the length of the bed to ease pressure points. It makes the perfect pet cave for cats that love snuggles and a little private time.

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Cozy burrow space

Silken sued exterior

Machine washable cover

Available in four different colors

  • Brand: Furhaven Pet
  • Model: 95208035
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed For Cats by K&H Pet Products
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Splash Heated Cat Bed

Another K&H Pet Products bed that comes with an in-built heater, the Fashion Splash is recommended for indoor use and comes in two sizes, with the larger one suitable for bigger or multiple cats. The base is constructed from orthopedic foam for support and comfort while your pet is sleeping. The cover is soft and inviting to the touch and comes in a funky design to fit in with your décor!

The heater is removable, so can be taken out when the pet bed needs washing or in summer when the heating is not required. The heating pads come in 4 or 7 Watt versions, depending on which size bed you choose. Both are certified MET Listed for safety and energy efficiency. While on, the heat pad is 10-15o warmer than the ambient temperature, and then adjusts to your pet’s body temperature when they lie on the bed.

The entire bed, once the heat pad has been removed, is machine washable and the product comes with a one-year warranty.

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Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor

Heater Type: Small – 4 Watts; Large – 7 Watts (both MET Listed)

Dimensions: Small (18”, round); Large (16” x 22”, oval)

Materials: Orthopedic foam base

Colors: Blue or Mocha

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 3601
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


The k&H Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed is an indoor/outdoor cozy orthopedic bed for cats that features a thermostatically controlled energy-efficient heater. Running on 20W, this bed is able to warm pets up to their normal body temperature. Even in extremely low temperatures below zero, this bed will still keep pets warm throughout. They boast an unbeatable patented design that provides an orthopedic indoor/outdoor foam. This means that this simple heated foam bed can be placed in sheds, basements, garages, and shelters making it quite a versatile option. What’s even better about this simple but classy design makes it very easy to store and travel with.

Another added advantage has to be the weatherproof bonus; whether it’s raining or snowing, this bed will stay in top condition and performance. Talking about the quality of the bed, the foam is covered with a soft PVC that wicks off water and moisture. A lot of pet parents have concerns with electric heating beds because of the power cords – exposing a pet to such, especially when they are alone, can be unsettling. However, the Lectro bed’s power cord is reinforced with wrapped steel to ensure optimum safety. All in all, it’s a great choice for felines and outdoor pets during extremely cold seasons.

Internal thermostat

Steel wrapped power cord

Fleece cover that is machine washable

MET listed for safety

  • Brand: K&H
  • Model: 1070
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds

Best Heated Cat Bed Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying a Heated Cat Bed

  • Heating Element

While some beds use an integrated electric heating system to warm up, others thrive on a self-healing technology that reflects heat back to your pet. Electric heaters obviously do a better job at heating up than self-heating beds. However, if you feel it’s unsafe leaving your cat at home with a plug-in electric bed, the self-heating beds are a better option.

  • Design

Heated cat beds come in various styles and designs. With different options to choose from, consider which design would best suit your cat and his lifestyle. There are rectangular flat beds that can easily be folded up and stored when not in use. Round and plush luxury beds are also available for pet owners who consider their top cat, royalty. Pet parents know their cats better; we trust you’ll pick out something that’ll leave them in pure delight.

  • Maintenance

There are cat beds that need to be washed out manually, and also others that are machine washable. To reduce the hassle of washing the beds yourself, some heated beds come with removable covers that can be simply tossed on the washer. If you don’t mind washing the bed by hand, go on and get whatever is best for your situation.

  • Materials

Take into consideration the materials used in making the heated bed. This would determine the durability, comfort, and safety of your cat. The bed should be firm but still comfy while allowing your cat to exit any time. Both the filling and fabric lining should be made with safe and comfortable materials such as polyester.

Cat in Bed

Why You Should Consider Getting a Heated Cat Bed

Cats love warmth, whether they have full luscious fur on them or not. There are several benefits they can get from having their own cuddly heated bed. However, if you’re still unsure about the necessity of getting one, the pointers below outline the vital reasons to purchase one.

  • Great for colder climates

If you live in a place with a relatively warm climate, there probably won’t be any pressing need for a heated cat bed. However, the case is different in colder regions or places where it gets quite chilly at night. Compared to heating up the whole house when it gets cold, heated beds are a more economical option.

  • Suitable for all breeds

As some breeds of cats don’t have much or any hair on their skin, this definitely means they need more warmth when they are sleeping, especially at night. The sphynx, for example, are naturally hairless cats and would benefit from heated beds more.

  • Suitable for all ages

Kittens need a lot of warmth as they are growing, they are still growing fur and are still small in size. Smaller and slimmer cats need more warmth, but on the flip hand, as cats grow older their metabolism gradually slows down. This could cause a few symptoms like tardiness, moodiness and generally feeling colder. This is when a heated cat bed comes in handy.

Types of Heated Cat Beds

  • Electrical Heated Beds

As the name implies, these beds are powered by electricity. Heated pads are inserted safely into the bed to gradually warm it up for its befitting owner. These beds usually have quite a low wattage so don’t worry about it racking up the power bills.

  • Self-Heating Beds

These beds don’t need electricity to run. A self-heating technology is used to reflect heat back to the pet. It’s an excellent choice for pet parents that may have to leave the house frequently and for long periods of time in the day.

Cat Laying on Bed

Best Heated Cat Beds FAQ:

Q: Are heated cat beds safe?

A: Heated beds are safe for cats just like electric blankets are safe for humans. However, it is important to ensure your adhering to the manuals instructions on the do’s and don’ts. For example, some heated bed manuals strictly prohibit the use of additional extension cords. This is because the available extension cord may not support the level of electricity the heated bed needs to operate. This could eventually lead to the cords burning out or even worse, spark up a fire. So the electric bed itself is safe, but you need to thoroughly read the manual and comply with the safety regulations.

Q: Will using a heated cat bed push up my electricity bills?

A: First off, there are cat heated beds that are self-warming; this means they don’t require any plug-ins to work. No electricity is required since they use body heat to warm up your pet. Heated beds that do run on electricity have quite a low wattage as they have been designed to ‘warm’ up and don’t really require so much power to do so. There are also heated cat beds that run on as low as 4W ranging up to about 30w. Even with a heated bad that runs on 15W, users still won’t spend more than $1.20 on monthly electricity bills.

Q: How do I wash a heated cat bed?

A: Depending on the type of bed purchased, it is important to read the respective instruction manuals. They will contain accurate cleaning instructions for that particular bed. In general, most heated beds have removable covers that are machine washable. This eases the stress of handwashing the fabric or worrying about unpleasant smells. The heated pad itself should not be washed, only the removable cover.


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