Best Cat Condo for Kitties That Like To Climb & Scratch

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, every cat deserves a place to call their own. Most cat owners invest in a warm, comfortable bed for their beloved pets, but sometimes, your cat craves a little more excitement. With a cat condo, you provide your feline friend with a place where they can sleep, play, and get the stimulation they need to stay happy.

From cat condos where your cat can truly be king or queen of the castle, to those that offer a multitude of fun ways to keep your cat entertained – there are plenty of excellent designs to choose from. To help you decide which condo will be perfect for your pet, we have put together our top 10 cat condo picks, along with the key features the and pros and cons of each cat condo.

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Best Cat Condo Buying Guide

What Is a Cat Condo?

A cat condo, also known as a cat tree or cat tower, is a specially designed piece of furniture created to provide cats with a place to play, sleep, and exercise. Each cat condo is designed a little differently; offering a diverse range of exciting activities that are created to mentally and physically stimulate your cat. Most also feature places to sleep and relax, often created from soft material for optimum comfort.

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Some cat condos are designed for use by one cat, while others feature multiple areas for play and relaxation that can be utilized by more than one cat at once. Often, cat condos offer cats a private space where they can relax in safety, normally with perches high off the ground where they can’t be disturbed when sleeping or playing.

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Common Cat Furniture Materials

There are three main materials areas that are normally considered when designing cat furniture; the material that the base and platforms are made from, the material for pillars, and the covering used. Normally, there are additional materials used to create the attachments, such as with scratching posts, which are generally wrapped in sisal.

Commonly, the structure is constructed from either compressed wood or particle board, with the pillars often made from strong and durable cardboard. There is a lot more variance in the fabric coverings of most cat towers, with common materials including; faux fur, carpet, faux fleece, or plush, with some towers also featuring ultra-soft versions of the materials.

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What Size Cat Tree Do You Need?

The size of cat tree that will be right for your household all depends on the size and weight of your cat, the age of your cat, and how many cats you have. Most cat towers are well-suited to kittens, but those with taller perches without any barriers, may prove to be too much of a challenge for the youngest of cats.

A large number of condos are designed to provide the extra support and endurance needed to cope with larger cats, but not all are suitable. If you have a larger cat, then you need to make sure that the condos will be a suitable size to fit your cat, the condo is constructed from heavy duty materials, and there is strong base, so your cat won’t knock it over.

For households with multiple cats, finding a condo with separate private sleeping areas can be very beneficial. These will often be included in the larger cat trees. Smaller and less active cats will only likely require a small cat tree, whilst large or very active cats may be better suited to a bigger one with more room to play and relax.

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Common Activities & Features Included

While the design of each cat tree is generally quite different, there are many similar activities and features that carry through the different designs. One of the main ones is the sisal scratching post, which helps your cat to stay groomed and keep their claws sharp. Some designs feature only a few scratching posts, whilst others can feature 10 or more.

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Other common activities and features include:

  • Perches
  • Toys
  • Condos
  • Ladders
  • Hanging rope
  • Lounging platforms
  • Sleeping tunnels

How many features are included will generally depend on the size of the condo. Larger condos are likely to feature most of the common activities, and in volume, which makes them very suitable for multiple cats or those who like plenty of variance in their play. Smaller condos may only feature a couple of the common activities listed above.

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