The Best Cat Trees (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 6, 2020

Cats are natural hunters, climbers and scratchers, but these needs can rarely – if ever – be properly met for indoor pets. To be healthy and happy, your kitty needs to play and exercise, but since taking them for a daily walk may not be the most practical solution, the next best thing is buying them a cat condo. Cat condos or cat trees are a great way to give your pet their own playground– a place where they can exercise their natural instincts by climbing, perching and scratching without actually damaging your furniture. With various nooks and crannies for privacy, cat trees are great for relaxing and sleeping too, especially if you live in a small apartment where it can get difficult for a feline to get some alone time.

To help you find the best cat condo for your pet, we reviewed dozens of different pieces of cat furniture. Below you’ll find some of the best cat trees that can help you keep your kitty physically and mentally stimulated, healthy and relaxed.

The Best Cat Tree


Go Pet Club 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
Go Pet Club 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo Beige

If you’re looking for a quality cat condo that doesn’t cost a fortune, definitely check out Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree. With several tiers where your feline companion can play and relax, as well as a few scratching areas for claw sharpening, this condo offers great value for money. The tree is made from durable compressed wood and is wrapped with faux fur which will keep your kitty cozy and warm. To keep your pet active and entertained, the 62-inch model has a condo, ladder, tunnel, hanging toys and top perch – basically, everything a cat needs to enjoy for hours on end. It’s great for both small and big cats as the construction is quite sturdy. The model comes in four colors, so it’s easy to pick one that complements your interior.

Made of compressed wood, wrapped with faux fur

4 levels with a condo, ladder, tunnel, basket, top perch and hanging toys

Multiple scratching posts, covered with sisal ropes

Suitable for kittens and adult cats

  • Brand: Go Pet Club
  • Model: F67
  • Weight: 42 pounds


AmazonBasics Cat Condo
Amazon Basics Cat Condo

Featuring a basic but highly effective design, the Cat Activity with Scratching Posts by AmazonBasics is the tree to get if you live in a smaller apartment. With three platforms and seven scratching posts wrapped in jute, this cat tree will allow your pet to exercise their natural impulses and desires without taking up much space. The tree is made of compressed wood and covered with carpeted surfaces, so it’s sturdy enough for both kittens and adult cats. Besides several scratching posts and three-levels in a tiered effect, this condo has a round top platform that makes for a great sleeping bed. While pretty sturdy and durable, this cat tree is not recommended for multiple large-sized cats as they can break the top tower. That said, kittens and regular sized adult cats are more than welcome.

Made of compressed wood, covered in carpet

3 levels plus 1 round top platform for sleeping

7 scratching posts

Suitable for kittens and regular sized adult cats

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Model: CT-114
  • Weight: 24.2 pounds


TRIXIE Cat Condo
Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Condo

Whether you live in a small apartment or you need an affordable portable cat condo, the Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower fits the bill. This top-rated cat condo is simple, compact and easy to store, but offers a great way for your cat to safely play, scratch, and of course, relax. The condo has a convenient x-shaped construction with a hammock on top and a tent-like area on the bottom with hanging ball toys on the side. There is also a scratch pad covered with natural sisal surface and a removable cushion insert that can be machine washed. Basically, there is everything your kitty needs to play, explore, scratch and relax. Thanks to its unique design, the condo can also fold shut for quick and easy storage – perfect for small spaces!

Read in-depth review.

Foldable but sturdy X-shaped design

Hideaway on the bottom, hammock on top, scratch pad and hanging ball toys

Removable and machine washable cushion insert

Suitable for kittens and regular-sized adult cats

  • Brand: TRIXIE
  • Model: 44771
  • Weight: 10 pounds


FEANDREA Cat Condo with Scratching Posts
Feandre Cat Condo with Scratching Posts

If you have multiple adult cats, you need a spacious, super-engaging cat tree. Feandrea Cat Condo is the perfect choice as it’s quite complex, with multiple levels and toys for play,  scratch posts for claw sharpening and comfy areas for relaxing. Specifically, there are five platforms, all padded with plush material, various fur balls and play rope for entertainment, two perches, a cozy hammock for napping and one spacious condo for privacy and sleeping. As for scratching areas, there are 9 sisal rope-covered posts that are resilient and strong enough to withstand constant scratches. All in all, this cat condo offers fantastic opportunities for play, exercise, mental stimulation and relaxation, making it one of the best pieces of cat furtniture, hands down.

Made of compressed and glued cardboard, CARB-certified P2-grade particle board

5 levels, 2 perches, 1 hammock and 1 condo

Various toys and ropes, multiple scratching posts

Covered in pet-friendly, plush material

Suitable for small, medium and large sized cats

  • Brand: FEANDREA
  • Model: FBA_UPCT85G
  • Weight: 40.3 pounds


Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Condo
Yaheetech 54.5

For households with multiple cats, or homes with cats that love nothing more than to play, the Cat Tree Kitten Scratcher Play House Condo is a fantastic choice. The multi-tiered design, with two different dens, provides fun-loving cats and kittens with plenty of room to stretch their legs and really let their natural instincts out to play.

The two dens are joined by multiple platforms, perches, and beds, with the highest perch at an impressive 53-inches. Constructed using soft plush and particle board, the condo is skin-friendly, and great for cats up to 22lb. With the addition of hanging balls, and scratching posts covered in sisal rope, there is plenty for your cat to explore with the Cat Tree Kitten Scratcher Play House Condo by Yaheetech.

3 sisal rope scratching pillars

2 cat condos

Made from soft plush and particle board


Heavy duty

  • Brand: Yaheetech
  • Weight: 31.5 pounds


If your feline companion is a fussy one who is only pleased with the best, the Vesper Cat Furniture may be just the product you need. Elegant, comfortable and fun, this cat tree satisfies important daily activity needs of cats without ruining your decor. It comes in many shapes and colors, but this V-High Base model is perfect for multi-cat households as it’s tall and slim with several scratching poles that encourage proper claw sharpening. The tree has three levels with rounded corners, including a spacey cave-condo with a removable memory foam cushion for napping and relaxing. There is also a fun dangling ball for playing, which, coupled with multiple scratching posts, makes for a perfect condo that two or even three cats can play in.

Made of medium-density fibreboard, NZ pine

3 tiers with rounded edges, a cube condo and a dangling ball

Multiple scratching posts wrapped in rope

Removable memory foam cushions

Suitable for multiple kittens or adult cats

  • Brand: Vesper
  • Model: 52045
  • Weight: 42.4 pounds


Towering over much of the competition at 72-inches, this enormous cat tree from Go Pet Club would make for a wonderful addition to any home with one or more active cats. Covered in faux blue fur, and with an outstanding number of levels for your cat to explore, and 3 high perches each with a small boarder, this is an outstanding option for adventurous cats.

The stylish design is also practical, with each of the 10 pillars being covered in sisal scratching rope, making the cat tree ideal for keeping your furniture safe. With the addition of multiple hanging toys, this cat condo is perfect for active kittens and older cats who just want plenty of space to relax.

72-inches high

10 sisal scratching posts

3 perches

2 condos

Multiple dangling toys

Covered in faux fur

Made from compressed wood

Includes 2 ladders

  • Brand: Go Pet Club
  • Model: F2040-Blue
  • Weight: 50 pounds


Providing the perfect combination of mental and physical stimulation, the Tiger Tough Deluxe Playground Cat Tree by Furhaven is great for highly active cats. The fun design features a great mix of comfort and play, making the Tiger Tough Deluxe Playground Cat Tree the go to location for a little of everything.

One side of the cat tree features multiple large sisal rope scratching posts, along with multiple perches, whilst the other side is reserved for comfort, with a private cat condo. The center is where most of the action is, with a hanging rope and the unique cat-IQ box, which is one of the most interesting features. With removable balls, you can really put your cat’s natural instincts to the test with games of cat and mouse – a unique bonding experience for any cat owner.

Multiple sisal covered scratching posts

Cat perch

Hanging toy and rope

Cat-IQ box

Covered in plush

Height of 55-inches

Multiple tiers

Private cat condo

  • Brand: FurHaven Pet
  • Model: 96501
  • Weight: 38 pounds


The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower Furniture Dimensions

Looking for the most beautiful, comfortable cat condo no matter the price? The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is the product for you. This sleek cat tree blends symmetry, functionality and minimalism into one, making it one of the best condos on the market. With large platforms and steeped shelves (4 levels in total) for easy climbing and convenient perching, a large scratching area, and one comfy, cushioned cubby for sleeping, the Lotus Cat Tower provides everything a feline (or several felines!) needs for a happy and active life, and then some. The entire tree is made of ply with oak veneer, guaranteeing durability, while the carpeted platforms are velcroed. There are also soft cushions with faux suede covers inside the and on top of the condo, which are easy to clean.

Made of ply with oak veneer, carpeted platforms

4 levels, 3 large platforms, 1 cubby

1 large sisal pad scratching area

The cushions are washable

  • Brand: The Refined Feline
  • Model: LOT-ES
  • Weight: 68.8 pounds


Bewishome Cat Tree Condo
Bewishome Cat Tree Condo

Roomy, cozy and fun, the Bewishome Cat Tree is a great choice for multi-cat households, as long as your feline pets are not super-big. This condo comes with 5 levels in total, where 2 cushioned platforms are for climbing and perching, and 2 hideaway condos are for napping. There is also a cozy little hammock above the base platform for comfortable relaxation. To satisfy cats’ needs for claw sharpening, the tree has several sisal scratching posts that are quite durable.  What about playing? With two jingly and plush balls and one sisal twine, your pet(s) will have a great time exercising their natural hunting instincts. Although quite big and sturdy, this cat tree is best suitable for kittens and small to regular-sized adult cats.

Sturdy support posts with plush coverings

5 levels, 2 condos, 2 platforms, 1 hammock

Multiple scratching posts plus 2 hanging balls and a rope

Suitable for multi-cats, kittens and regular sized adults

  • Brand: Bewishome
  • Model: MMJ01B
  • Weight: 40 pounds

Best Cat Condo Buying Guide

Whether you live in a big house with multiple cats or a small apartment with one kitty, having a cat condo can make both of your lives easier. A nice cat tree will allow your pet to play, exercise, scratch and relax in one place, promoting their health and well-being while keeping your furniture intact. But how to pick the best cat tower for your budget, space and your cat’s needs? Take a look at our buying guide to find out what to look for and what to avoid.

Cat Condo

What to Look for in a Cat Tree

A cat condo should provide your pet with levels to climb and perch from, surfaces to scratch, toys to play with and, yes, a nice place to relax and nap. With that in mind, here are the two most important things to focus on when selecting a condo for your cat.

A Proper Size and Construction

Size matters when it comes to cat condos. A cat tree should first and foremost be able to fit into your house or apartment. This means that you should pick the size of the condo depending on your living space: smaller condos for smaller apartments, bigger condos for bigger living spaces. Take your cat’s size into consideration too: if your feline friend is quite large, you’ll definitely need at least a slightly bigger condo with a sturdy and stable construction. Similarly, if you own multiple cats, make sure the condo can actually withstand the weight of several cats at once. On the other hand, if you have one kitten or a regular-sized adult cat, smaller cat trees are perfectly fine. As long as they’re properly constructed, the portable and easy to store ones are also great for small apartments.

Plenty of Opportunities for Playing and Exercising

One of the most important reasons pet parents buy cat condos is so their feline companions can safely play and exercise. Look for pieces with multiple levels for your cat to climb and perch from, as well as a few scratching areas so they can safely exercise their natural behavior. A nice little condo or a private area for napping can’t hurt either. Of course, the number of platforms and other accessories should depend on the space you have available – if you live in a smaller apartment, even one platform plus a toy and a scratching post is great; certainly, better than none. If you can fit larger cat condos though, definitely go for them as they typically provide plenty of fun and exercise, even for multiple cats.

Why You Should Buy a Cat Condo

Having a cat condo comes with a host of benefits. For one, instead of scratching your furniture, your kitty will have a convenient and safe place to sharpen their claws. They’ll also have proper mental and physical stimulation, which, we’re sure all apartment dwellers would agree, can sometimes be hard to provide for a cat living in a small space. Not to mention, a cat condo will give your pet some seclusion and privacy when they need some “me time”.

So, to sum up, here are the most important reasons why you may want to purchase a cat condo:


Llike it or not, all cats have to sharpen their claws. It’s a good idea to have something dedicated to your pet’s little claws so they don’t end up sharpening them all over your furniture.


All indoor pets require regular exercise in order to be healthy, cats included. Since daily walks are not particularly practical for most owners, cat condos make for the second best. With platforms for climbing and perching from, condos let cats exercise their natural behavior, which is good for their mind and body.


Most cat trees come with cat toys such as balls and ropes, which provide plenty of fun for both young and old cats. Small hideaway areas and levels with comfy materials are also great for keeping them entertained.


Finally, a cat condo will provide a safe and secluded area for your pet to relax and nap. Similarly to humans, cats sometimes need some privacy in order to relax and sleep, and cat condos are perfect for this.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Cat Tree House

Like anything new, your cat may be reluctant to accept their new condo. Thankfully, you can train your four-legged companion to use and like their new furniture in a few simple steps:

Choose the location carefully

Place the cat tree in a room or area your pet spends most of their time. If this is not possible, make sure you don’t place it in an area they don’t frequent much.

Reward spending time in a condo

To first lure your cat to the cat tree, place some cat treats or catnip on to the tree itself. Then, whenever your kitty spends their time on their new climber, reward them by offering their favorite food or some more treats. Don’t forget to pet them and shower them with affection too!

Make the tree inviting

Sometimes, a cat doesn’t like new furniture because they find it uncomfortable. To make the condo a little more inviting, try putting cushy, soft bedding (preferably their favorite material) on certain areas, which will encourage them to relax there.

Common Cat Furniture Materials

There are three main materials areas that are normally considered when designing cat furniture; the material that the base and platforms are made from, the material for pillars, and the covering used. Normally, there are additional materials used to create the attachments, such as with scratching posts, which are generally wrapped in sisal.

Commonly, the structure is constructed from either compressed wood or particle board, with the pillars often made from strong and durable cardboard. There is a lot more variance in the fabric coverings of most cat towers, with common materials including; faux fur, carpet, faux fleece, or plush, with some towers also featuring ultra-soft versions of the materials.

Cat Laying Down

Common Activities & Features Included

While the design of each cat tree is generally quite different, there are many similar activities and features that carry through the different designs. One of the main ones is the sisal scratching post, which helps your cat to stay groomed and keep their claws sharp. Some designs feature only a few scratching posts, whilst others can feature 10 or more.

Other common activities and features include:

  • Perches
  • Toys
  • Condos
  • Ladders
  • Hanging rope
  • Lounging platforms
  • Sleeping tunnels

How many features are included will generally depend on the size of the condo. Larger condos are likely to feature most of the common activities, and in volume, which makes them very suitable for multiple cats or those who like plenty of variance in their play. Smaller condos may only feature a couple of the common activities listed above.

The Best Cat Tree FAQ

Q: What is a cat tree?

A: A cat tree/condo is a piece of furniture that allows cats to play, exercise, relax and sleep on. Whether big or small in height and width, cat trees help satisfy natural feline instincts, especially if they come with scratching areas or posts. As a bonus, they’re perfect little hiding places for when your kitty needs some alone time.

Q: Why won’t my cats sleep in their cat condo anymore?

A: If your pet suddenly stops using their cat tree, including sleeping in their little condo, they may find that something is “off” with the furniture. There are a few reasons why this can happen:

  • It’s not sufficiently clean: super fussy cats will often require super clean condos. If you notice a lot of hair or stains on the carpeted areas, make sure you clean them thoroughly. Also, if any cover/cushion is machine washable, wash it on the delicate cycle to get rid of most dirt and hair.
  • It smells funny: sometimes, a cat will stop using their favorite toy or a piece of furniture if it starts smelling funny. The “strange” smell may be due to dirt or excess hair, or, more commonly, due to other pets. If you have multiple cats or other small animals who also use the condo, your kitty may not appreciate their scent.
  • It’s too hot: while it’s wonderful to have a thickly padded, cushioned little condo in the cold months, it may be too much in summer. If you find that your cat avoids the tree during high temperatures, try removing the cushions to allow for more air circulation. Speaking of which, consider moving the entire tree in a more ventilated and cooler room during summer months.

Q: How do I clean my cat climbing tree?

A: If your cat tree comes with removable covers that are washing machine safe, definitely toss them in the machine from time to time to keep everything clean and tidy. If the materials are removable but cannot be machine washed, soak them in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent and give them a little scrub. If none of the materials are removable, you can always vacuum the tree first and then use a damp microfiber cloth with a pet safe cleaning agent to remove any dirt and hair. There are also special pet hair removal brushes that are highly effective at removing fur hairs from carpets and other textiles.

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