10 Best Cat Beds in 2019

All pets require a home. Fishes have their aquariums complete with aquatic plants with which to rest. Birds have their bird cages and hamsters have their hamster cages and sleeping quarters and dogs have their kennels, crates, and beds, too. If you have a cat, then your feline friend must have its own bed as well, don’t you think? Unless, of course, you’re comfortable with your kitty sleeping anywhere, then you won’t need any of our 10 best cat beds in 2019. For sure, you want them to feel comfortable resting as well.

best cat bed
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed

Tent Bed for Pets by Best Pet Supplies

Tent Bed for Pets by Best Pet Supplies

Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed by Aspen Pet

Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed by Aspen Pet

How We Chose the Top Cat Beds in Our List

Picking the right feline sleeping quarters was kind of fun. Our researchers had a heyday scouring the various online commerce sites, going through heaps of reviews, to come up with this list. So, how did we do it?

Well, comfort was the primary parameter in our search. We knew that cats would definitely love sleeping or even resting in a place that is comfortable for them. As such, we had to examine the materials used in the manufacture of the product. It was imperative that the level of comfort is just right; not too soft, not too firm.

The ease of cleaning and maintenance of the feline bed was also duly noted. While the product may be comfortable to rest or sleep on, if it is quite tedious to maintain, then odors and stains might not be sufficiently removed. Cats don’t want to rest in a dirty environment even if it is cozy and comfy for them. As such, the product must also be easily washable either by hand or by machine, although we guess most of us would really prefer a machine washable item.

Now, since we’re talking about cleaning, repeated washings can somehow degrade the integrity of the product. Thus, this formed the third component of our search. Its construction must be durable enough to withstand repeated washings and cleanings. It should still be able to hold its original form even after how many years of feline use. If not, then you’d be spending more dollars on a cat bed that you’ll be replacing after only several months of use. Now, that wouldn’t really be practical, would it?

Other features of these products were also identified and analyzed for their usefulness and the benefits they bring to our cats. For instance, if there is memory foam or even a thermal blanket integrated into the bed, then we know that it is designed primarily for felines with skeletal and articular problems or even those that are already very old.

Like we already said above, our researchers went through heaps of comments and feedbacks about each of these products. We had to gain an idea as to their personal experiences with the use of these products. These somehow provided us a glimpse as to the cat bed’s level of comfort, ease of maintenance, and durability. If these parameters were also mentioned in the various customer reviews, then we know we’re on the right track.

Lastly, there are some companies who really do a better job at designing and manufacturing cat beds than any other pet product. So, we considered this, too.best cat bed

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Choosing a Cat Bed is All about Our Cat’s Personality

Choosing a bed for your cat should not really be difficult. While you may think that it’s all about comfort and style, it all actually boils down to how well you understand your feline pet’s personality. You see, there are cats that prefer round beds while some prefer an open area where they can conveniently and easily stretch. Still, there are other kitties that prefer to stay hidden making the prospect of tunnel and cave types of beds and houses very likely. The key therefore in choosing the perfect bed for your cat is in understanding feline language.

For instance, if you observe your pet to curl up every time it sleeps or rests, then a round bed or anything that can conform to its curled body should suffice. If you notice your kitty to be snuggling under several layers of soiled clothes, then you know that it needs something that will keep it hidden from view. This means you’ll have to get those cave-like or tent-like beds. If you see your cat preferring to lying down in the open with its body stretched out like some big kitty in the wild, then a simple mat should suffice.

Our cats provide us with the clues to what they want. That is why before clicking on that “buy me” button, you need to observe the behavior of your pet. This makes perfect sense as getting something it will not like will only be a waste of money and effort on your part.

Our pets deserve to rest and sleep in a very comfortable manner. With the 10 best cat beds, you can now give the optimum level of comfort for your cats, enabling them to develop and grow healthier and happier.

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