The Best Cat Beds (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 15, 2021

Cats, the magnificent creatures they are, deserve to live a life of luxury and comfort. And what better way to ensure your kitty’s well-being and health than to let them sleep in a soft, comfortable bed? A quality bed is good for more than just giving your cat a cozy place to sleep, though. It can also provide a safe hiding place for whenever they are feeling afraid or irritated.

The only problem is, there are hundreds of different beds available nowadays, which can make the selection process quite overwhelming, especially for first-time cat bed buyers. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we at MyPetNeedsThat have put together this comprehensive buying guide that outlines the best cat beds currently on the market, so take your pick!

The Best Cat Bed


Best Friends Sheri OrthoComfort Cuddler Cat Bed
Best Friends Sheri OrthoComfort Cuddler Cat Bed

Incredibly comfortable but also supportive for better sleep, the Best Friends by Sheri OrhtoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is, in our opinion, the best cat bed out there. There are several reasons why we believe this is the best pick for most cats, but the two most important ones are the bed’s generously filled high walls that provide a sense of security, and a cozy and flexible fabric that accommodates various sleeping positions. This offers the perfect combo of safety and comfort, both of which are absolutely necessary for good-quality feline sleep.

Importantly, the bottom of the bed is made of water and dirt resistant nylon, so if accidents ever happen, they’ll be easy to deal with. Also, the entire Deep  Dish can be vacuum cleaned or tossed in the washer and dryer when deeper cleaning is required.

Comfortable and supportive, lined with sherpa fleece

 Flexible to accommodate any sleeping position

 Higher rear bolster eases joint pain, front wall offers neck support

 Stuffed with AirLoft fibers for comfort and durability

 Water-proof nylon bottom

 The entire bed is machine washable

  • Brand: Best Friends by Sheri
  • Model: DPD-SHE-GRY
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

If you’re looking for the best heated cat bed, look no further than K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed. Featuring soft foam walls, a fluffy pillow bottom and a 4-watt heater, this pet bed will keep your feline companion safe and cozy on those cold nights. It works automatically, providing just enough warmth to keep your pet comfortable while it’s in use. This feature is especially useful if your kitty is in her golden years or suffers from arthritis, as the heat helps loosen up knotted muscles and provides a welcome boost of comfort.

Conveniently, the foam walls and the heater can be removed for easy machine washing of the cover. To ensure pet safety and meet all applicable electrical safety standards, the bed has been tested and certified by MET Labs.

 4-watt heater works automatically

 Stays 12-15 degrees above room temperature when not in use

 Warms to cat’s body temperature when in use

 Soft, fluffy polyfilled pillow and comfortable foam walls

 MET Labs tested and certified

 The cover is machine washable

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 3192
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


If you’re looking for a more affordable and simpler version of a heated cat bed, the Aspen Self-Warming Cat Bed is a fantastic option. Made with Mylar heat-reflecting technology, this little self-warming bed reflects your cat’s body heat, keeping him warm and cozy with no electricity required. The exterior is made of plush corduroy, while the interior is thickly padded and covered in faux lamb’s wool that provides soft comfort. The bed also has a non-skid bottom for safe placement on both tile and wood floors.

Thankfully, you can machine wash this durable bed, and although tumble drying is not recommended, many satisfied customers do it with no issues – just fluff up the bed with your hands after the dryer is done, and it should look as good as new.

 Heat-reflecting technology with no electricity required

 Thickly padded interior, covered in faux lamb’s wool

 Soft corduroy exterior

 Non-slip base prevents the bed from sliding

 Machine washable bed

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 80135
  • Weight: 1 pound


Best Pet Supplies Corduroy Tent Bed for Cats
Best Pet Supplies Corduroy Tent Bed for Cats

If your cat frequently needs a break from socialization and a safe place to hide, consider purchasing an enclosed cat bed such as the Pet Cave by Best Pet Supplies Inc. The interior is made of polyfoam lining which molds to your kitty’s favorite position every time, plus is plush and soft, providing support and comfort for quality sleep. The exterior, which is in the shape of a tent or cave, gives a sense of privacy and safety without compromising on convenience – the entire tent is machine washable and designed to last.

This cat bed comes with a removable cushion, which, much like the tent itself, can be machine washed for easy maintenance. As a bonus, the roof can be folded down into a super-thick pad that your kitty can comfortably sleep on without any enclosure.

 Dome-like shaped cat bed

 Gives a sense of privacy and security

 Made with polyfoam lining for soft support

 Comfortable and removable pillow

 The entire bed is machine washable

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies, Inc.
  • Model: TT609-XL
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds


Made of medical-grade orthopedic foam, the FurHaven provides joint support for more restorative feline sleep. The bed also has a lightweight and fluffy three-bolster design which, together with its cozy nooks, allows the cats to nestle, burrow and sleep in a variety of positions. The plush faux fur lines the top of the base made of orthopedic foam, making for a truly soft, comfy pet bed. Because it’s designed to provide as much comfort and support for quality sleep, this cat bed is ideal for seniors and cats with joint issues and arthritis. That said, it’s more than comfortable for younger kitties too.

The bed cover is easy to clean as it’s machine washable, while the bolster liner is not. On the plus side, this liner is suede which helps hide dirt and dander pretty well.

CertiPUR-US certified, orthopedic foam base

Soft three-bolster design

Provides joint support for more restorative sleep

The cover is machine washable

Perfect for seniors and cats with joint pains

  • Brand: FurHaven
  • Model: 45236089
  • Weight: 1.45 pounds


Curious Cat Cube Cat House by MidWest
Midwest Curious Cat Cube Condo

Cats are natural predators. That’s why we always see them perched high up on a branch of a tree or even on your fence. They always like to stay up high because, as animal behaviorists put it, they have a much better view of crawlers, critters, and other prey that may be present on the floor below them. While the Curious Cat Cube Cat House/Condo is neither a tree nor a fence, it does provide a feeling of being on top for your feline friend. Just consider a box with a large oval opening on one side and several smaller oval holes on the other sides. Covering this box is a soft and comfy bed which is perfect for perching your feline up high.

Technically, the Curious Cat serves two purposes: one for resting and one for playing. Either the private den or the padded top can serve as a sleeping area for your kitty. The private den or hideaway can also serve as a play area for your feline as it comes with two jingle balls that dangle on the sides your pet can play with. It’s the perfect tool for promoting feline wellbeing as you are not only looking after your kitty’s rest and sleep needs, you are also tending to their play and exercise requirements. Made of faux suede, the Curious Cat is easy enough to clean and should be a great addition to your collection of furniture at home.

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The integration of a private den and a bed topper is amazing. We know you’ll also love the idea that it can serve to help your feline in a variety of ways.

Show More

Cozy, comfy, and warm kitty hideaway with lounger topper

Cushioned bed topper complete with stuffed bolsters

With cutouts for hide-and-seek play

Made of soft synthetic sheepskin and faux suede

Easy to assemble, disassemble, fold, and store

12-month warranty

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 137-BR
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds


PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed
PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

PetFusion is well-known for its great-quality pet products and furniture, and this bed is no exception. Made with memory foam for superior comfort and better joint health, with recycled “green” polyfill bolsters for head and neck support, this pet bed is a joy to sleep on. For extra convenience, the solid memory foam has a waterproof liner plus a water-resistant to slow-absorption cover that is soft and comfy. The bottom is also non-skid so there will be no moving or sliding no matter how hard your cat tries. As a bonus, this pet bed blends seamlessly with any décor as it’s made of top-quality, great-looking materials with a neutral, classic design.

The removable cover is certified as skin contact safe, and is machine washable, plus easy to spot clean and remove hair from.

Solid 2.5” memory foam base

3 ‘green’ polyfill support bolsters

Provides superior comfort and excellent neck and joint support

Waterproof liner and water-resistant cover

Non-skid bottom

Machine washable cover

  • Brand: PetFusion
  • Model: PF-IBM1
  • Weight: 4 pounds


Cute, compact and comfortable, the cube bed by Kitty City is perfect for kitties who besides having their own cozy beds, also enjoy spending time in secluded condos for some privacy. The bed is also ideal for households with two cats as one can nap on the top bed while the other can feel snug and secure inside the condo. So what is the Kitty City bed made from? A strong PE board construction offers support, while a soft polyester lounging bed on top and a base cushion with fleece provide comfort. The cube itself is quite sturdy so you can stack another condo on top for multiple cat comfort, and yet it’s flexible and foldable for easy storage.

All cushions and covers are easy to clean, as they can be removed and machine washed. Bonus: they’re also dryer safe!

Private condo on the bottom, open bed on top

Sturdy yet flexible design for easy storage

The cushion is machine and dryer safe

Stackable, perfect for multi-cat households

  • Brand: Kitty City
  • Model: CM-0277-CS01
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds


Simple but super-comfy, Aspen’s oval pet bed features a nest-like design with high-loft polyester filled walls. Because these soft walls surround the “nest”, the bed offers a great sense of protection and security – ideal for kitties who like to cuddle while sleeping. The entire bed is made of plush fabric which makes it soft and cozy, accommodating to cats of all ages and sizes. In fact, even two small to medium-sized cats can fit into this bed with no issues. And thanks to its lightweight polyester construction, the bed is conveniently easy to carry and transport, making it a great pet  bed for traveling.

The bed is also super-easy to care for as it’s machine washable in its entirety. After regular washing, all you have to do is fluff it up to its original shape.

Oval, nest-like cat bed with high-loft polyester filled walls

Comfortable, provides a sense of security

Lightweight, perfect for traveling

The entire bed is machine washable

  • Brand: Aspen Pet
  • Model: 26944
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds


Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave
Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave

If you need an eco-friendly, comfortable bed for your sensitive kitty, the Meowfia’s Cat Cave is a great option. Made from 100% natural wool using a technique called felting, where the bed is molded using only soap, water and extreme pressure, this cat bed is the definition of environmentally and pet-friendly material. Designed like a small cave, the bed offers a sense of security and warmth, promoting comfortable sleep. Since the design is flexible, your cat can also lie on top of it as the bed will mold to their shape. Best of all, your kitty can change their sleeping preference (inside the cave or on top of it) daily.

Since this is a durable, all-natural material, it can withstand frequent vacuuming and hand-washing, but it shouldn’t be machine washed. The good news is that the Merino wool naturally repels odor and dirt.

Made from 100% natural wool that repels odor

Pet- and environmentally-friendly material

Cave-like design offers security and warmth

Flexible, can be folded down to a flat bed

Can be hand-washed and vacuumed

  • Brand: MEOWFIA
  • Weight: 2 pounds


Deluxe Bolster Cat Bed by MidWest Homes for Pets
MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Bed

The Midwest Homes for Pets cat bed is a compact, budget-friendly bed with a bolstered design. Although not as thickly padded as other cat beds on the list, this bed offers quite a bit of comfort thanks to its cushioned poly/cotton base and polyester-filled bolsters, plus a soft, plush faux fur cover. You can use it as a stand-alone bed or place it on your own couch, bed, sofa or even inside a cat carrier. Because it’s compact and lightweight, the bed is not only easy to store, but perfect for traveling with your feline companion.

Importantly for all messy cats, the entire bed is machine washable and dryer friendly.

Cushioned poly/cotton base with polyester filled bolsters

Can be used on top of other beds or as a stand-alone bed

Lightweight and great for travelling

Machine washable and dryer friendly

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: 40222-GY
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces


Looking for a cute yet comfy bed for your feline friend? Look no further than Petgrow’s adorable banana-shaped bed. Semi-opened in design, this bright yellow pet bed offers a sense of security and warmth. And when your kitty is in a desperate need for some alone time? You can close the lid – the banana peel – on the bed as even when closed, the design allows for plenty of air circulation. The entire bed is made of soft and plush material with elastic sponge, ensuring comfort and deep sleep.

Because it’s quite soft and flexible, the bed should not be machine washed. Instead, you can hand wash it with gentle soap when needed.

Banana-shaped, lightweight and flexible bed

Plush, soft to touch material

Provides a sense of security

Should be hand-washed only

  • Brand: Petgrow
  • Model: PG-2023
  • Weight: 12 ounces


Nest-like, stuffed with lightweight poly fiberfill, the Petmate’s Precision Snoozy pet bed is one of the comfiest beds around. With overstuffed bolsters to satisfy cats’ cuddling needs and burrowing instincts, it’s incredibly soft and cozy. Thanks to this comfortable but supportive design, the bed is especially recommended for older cats who need neck and back support. To prevent sliding over tile and wood floors, the bed has a slip-resistant bottom, so even the most rambunctious pets won’t be able to move it around. As a bonus, since it’s quite lightweight, it’s perfect for traveling.

The bed is made with completely machine washable covers, so you can chuck it whole in the machine whenever needed.

Nest-like pet bed with overstuffed bolsters

Provides head and neck support

Soft, plush and comfortable for restful sleep

Lightweight, great for traveling

The entire bed is machine washable

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 42701
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


If you need a sturdy but comfortable bed for your multi-cat household, the Kitty City Steel Claw is a great choice. With a sturdy frame and expandable environment, this pet bed offers one sleeping area on the bottom and another one on top, plus lots of room for extra accessories if want them. For extra convenience, there is a small toy attached to the bed, which your kitty can play with while using the base bed. Speaking of beds, the bottom one is padded, and has a comfy, tear-resistant fabric, while the top one is made from soft but strong fleece. There are also some Velcro stripes there in case you want to add more beds at a later date. While convenient for stacking beds, the Velcro can be a bit annoying on its own, so it’s best to place an extra blanket/soft towel on top.

The covers can be machine washed on a delicate cycle.

Expandable cat bunk bed, perfect for multi-cat households

Plastic frame with heavy-duty ABS joints

Includes hanging ball toy

The cover is machine washable

  • Brand: Kitty City
  • Model: SPO-0584
  • Weight: 1.96 pounds


The last but certainly not the least on our list is Hachikitty cat bed – a bed that is so fluffy and comfy that even the snobbiest of felines would be pleased with. Oval in shape, with thickly padded, faux fur cushion inside and soft walls all around  for head and neck support, this cat bed promotes deep, peaceful sleep. The cover is made of 300D Oxford fabric that is not only waterproof, but chew-resistant too, guaranteeing durability for years to come. This one-piece design has a non-slip bottom so there will be no sliding and moving across the floors no matter what.

The Hachikitty’s whole bed cover can be taken off and machine washed whenever needed.

Oval-shaped bed with soft walls for neck support

Extremely fluffy, soft and comfortable

Waterproof and chew-resistant cover

Non-slip base

Machine washable cover

  • Weight: 2.6 pounds

Best Cat Bed Buying Guide

While cats can sleep pretty much anywhere, there’s no doubt most prefer to sleep in nice, comfy beds. The question is, which type of cat bed is the best for your feline companion?

Since there are countless pet beds available, the first step is to consider your own cat’s behavior: where they normally like to spend their time, how they sleep, and how they behave while awake. Some cats curl up under a chair when sleeping, others sprawl out on the couch. Your kitty’s everyday behavior should give you a clue into what type of bed they would like the best. If you’re unsure and could use help in picking out a quality pet bed, you’re in the right place. In this buying guide, you can read about all things cat beds, including how to pick a quality one. Finally, we also touch upon the most controversial subject of them all: does your cat need a cat bed at all?

cat resting on bed

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed

Before making any major purchasing decisions, consider the following things.

  • Your Cat’s Behavior

Where and how your cat likes to sleep should be the first and foremost thing you think about when looking for cat beds. If your kitty likes to curl up with their tail in a swoop around their body and head tucked in toward her chest, it means they are protecting their vulnerable organs. At the same time, this position allows them to conserve precious body heat. So what does this say about your cat’s sleeping preferences? Probably that they would prefer a thickly padded (maybe even heated, depending on age and health) bed with higher walls that offer a sense of security. On the other hand, if your kitty often sleeps with their belly up, all sprawled out, consider purchasing an open pet cushion or a mat with a lot of room. This type of cat prefers sleeping in big, comfortable beds that don’t limit them in any way.

  • Build Materials

If you want your feline companion to feel comfortable and safe, always go for pet-friendly build materials. Cotton and wool are great options for covers, while foam layers and paddings make for wonderfully soft supports. Plush polyester is also popular in cat bedding as it’s durable and easy to clean. If your cat has a sensitive nose, it’s a good idea to choose only natural materials, if not, choose whatever works best for you and your budget. There’s no worse or better here, really – what’s important is to get a bed that’s easy to clean and wash, and one your kitty will actually enjoy sleeping in.

  • The Size of the Bed

Another important thing to consider is the size of the bed. There are two main reasons for this: your cat’s comfort and your own convenience. When it comes to your kitty’s sleeping comfort, a bed should be either big enough for them to freely stretch out, or small enough to safely curl up. As you can probably guess, how big or small a bed should be depends on your cat’s usual sleeping habits. As mentioned, pets that like to lounge about in the open should get large and probably open beds, while those that often hide and curl up, should prefer smaller and enclosed beds. Obviously, there’s also your convenience to think about – if you don’t have a lot of apartment space, a smaller cat bed would be a more logical choice.

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Different Types of Cat Beds

Cat beds come in various shapes and sizes, each type with its own pros and cons. The most popular types are:

  • Enclosed Cat Beds: made with a thick layer of padding for comfort, and soft walls for a sense of security and safety, enclosed beds give cats all they need for quality sleep.
  • “Cave” Cat Beds: similar to enclosed beds, cave-like pet beds offer a great feeling of security and protection, a feeling needed for proper feline sleeping. They’re ideal for cats who like to hide and occasionally have a little “me time”.
  • Open Cat Beds: a soft and comfy pillow or a large mat is all some cats need in order to sleep soundly. If your kitty likes to lounge about in the open, this simple type of a pet bed may be the perfect choice.
  • Heated Cat Beds: made with a removable heater or self-warming material, this type of a cat bed offers warmth and comfort many cats enjoy. Heated cat beds are recommended for cold environments or kitties with certain health issues.

Cat on wool blanket

Does Your Kitty Really Need a Cat Bed?

Many cats will sleep wherever and whenever – outside on a tree, inside on a chair, on their owner’s bed… basically, wherever they find it convenient. The problem is, sometimes, our feline companions find all kinds of inconvenient places very convenient to sleep in. The linen closet full of clean towels, for example, is a great napping place for many cats. Not to mention, some needy felines will only sleep on their owner’s head or right next to it! Obviously, there are far more comfortable (both you for you and your cat) places for a pet to sleep on.

That’s where cat beds come in: they provide your pet with warmth and comfort they need for sound sleeping while keeping their hair and dander away off your furniture (and head!). They’re also much easier to clean than carpets or chairs – most are machine washable, and even those that are not can be hand washed pretty easily. So while your kitty may not actually need her own bed, there’s no denying that one makes a lot of things easier and cleaner.

How to Get Your Cat Used To Their New Bed

Sometimes, no matter how comfortable and soft their new bed is, a cat will be reluctant to actually use it. Thankfully, you can help your kitty get used to their new bed by following some of these simple steps:

  • Choose the right spot

Place your cat’s new bed in a room or area they frequent often. This area should be away from the noise, preferably slightly secluded so your pet can have some peace and quiet when sleeping.

  • Offer treats and praise

If your kitty is particularly wary of new items, including their new bed, try offering some of their favorite cat treats inside/on the bed. Lure the kitty on the bed with a promise of a treat, then, place the treat next to them in bed. Praise and pet your kitty whenever they stay in the bed, too. Do this consistently for a few days and your kitty will learn to associate their new bed with a positive experience (yummy treats).

  • Make the bed comfier

If your cat has a favorite blanket, a piece of clothing or even a toy, try placing it on the bed. Often, lining the new bed with a cat’s favorite fabric will make it more familiar and therefore more inviting to the cat.

  • Keep it clean

Some cats are particularly fussy about cleanliness, so make sure their bed is as clean as possible at all times. Strange smells, stains and lots of fur hair are not very appealing, so if your cat suddenly stops using their bed, it means it’s time to wash the covers.

How to Choose a Perfect Spot For a Cat Bed

The main thing, when it comes to finding the right spot for your cat bed, is making sure your cat feels secure. This means placing the bed in an area where your cat is comfortable and confident. So, if you notice that your cat spends a lot of time hanging around in high places, then it’s worth clearing out a spot for your cat’s bed in an area that’s off the ground. For others, they might prefer being by the window, or around a radiator, for their warmth.

Secondly, it’s worth noting that cats are unlikely to use a new spot, when they’ve grown accustomed to sleeping in one area. To increase the chances of your cat adopting their pet bed, place your new purchase in the same spot – or as close to this as possible.

If your cat is new to your household and hasn’t chosen a spot yet, then you should consider the basics. Namely, that the area is free from drafts, in a place that is quiet and free from busy traffic and, ideally, in a corner or with some form of protection. Be aware that cats also like to stay informed of the goings-on in your home. As such, the spot shouldn’t be so quiet that they can’t see what you’re up to.

Is It OK for a Cat to Sleep in Your Bed?

There are no studies showing that it’s harmful to humans to have cats in their bed. Of course, you should never allow a cat to sleep near or around a baby. That being said, for adults, the concern is less about whether the cat can harm you physically than it is about your ability to get a restful night’s sleep.

Be mindful that cats are nocturnal creatures – and are therefore likely to spend their nights being restless or wanting to move around in general. When this happens, you’re less likely to get a good night’s sleep and may wake up feeling lethargic and fatigued. As a side note, it’s also worth noting that outdoor cats may bring in fleas with them – even if they’ve been defleaed, since fleas can simply hitch a ride on your cat’s fur.

Our Top Pick for Best Cat Bed

We’ve spent a lot of time reading about cat beds and testing them out, so every single product on our Top List is a quality, comfortable bed that most cats would love to sleep on. But when it comes to the best value for money and traditional cat beds, Best Friends by Sheri, OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler takes the crown. This cat bed is extremely soft and comfy, yet offers plenty of support for quality sleep and healthier joints. It’s also made of pet-safe materials that are highly durable and completely machine washable. For extra convenience, this model has a waterproof nylon base which significantly decreases the likelihood of mildew buildup. A combination of fantastic quality and durable design make the Best Friends by Sheri one of the best cat beds on the market.


  1. Jennifer Kvamme, DVM, Orthopedic Beds for Senior Cats, PetMD
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