Best Cat Hammocks (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Your cat has the habit of getting fascinated by every new thing that you buy. Whether it’s a cool furniture or a crazy toy, there’s always something for them to explore. Some owners go an extra mile and spoil their kitty with numerous cat toys for them to wander across their house.

One such special piece of furniture, built just for your cat to hang out in the house, is a cat hammock! Your cat may take some time to master the art of swinging on it, but after several creative attempts, they will neatly catch up.

Has it been too long that you haven’t bought anything for your cat? It’s high time you get them a gift and more specifically, a hammock. Plus, it makes a fun decorative piece for your house. So without further ado, here are some of the best cat hammocks for your little majesty:

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TRIXIE Pet Products Cat Tower

TRIXIE Pet Products Cat Tower

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace

Cusfull Cat Hammock Bed

Cusfull Cat Hammock Bed

Best Cat Hammocks Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying Cat Hammocks

Cat hammocks are wonderful accessories. They are cute, stylish and provide an attractive look to your house. Most importantly, it will enhance the lifestyle of your cat. Believe it or not, cats truly love hanging and swaying on the cat hammock and buying them one is definitely worth an investment! Here are some tips to consider when buying a hammock for your cat:

  • The right fabric: If you have done your research, by now you may have come across a lot of different fabrics such as polyester, cardboard, cotton, and wood. Depending on your cat and their usage, if you’re looking for something durable and lightweight, go for cotton fabrics. If you’re planning on keeping it outside of the house, wood is your answer.
  • Only a hammock or a scratching post with multi-tower activity: Be sure of what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something that has a multi-tower activity such as playing, exercise, sleep, and nap on one single thing, then the scratching tower with multiple activities are a good choice for you. But if your lazy feline loves napping out all day, you may like to choose the soft, cottony one or the one that you can hang on your chair.
  • Durability and strength: Stability is of great importance when it comes to products relating to your pets. You wouldn’t want your furry friend to fall off a tall vertical structure and get frightened, looking for a hideout. Make sure the hammock that you choose has good ability to hold your feline and no incidents occur.

hammock for cats

Benefits of Using Cat Hammocks

Cat hammocks relieve your cats from stress and anxiety. You may wonder what stress and anxiety your cat might be going through, well they have their reasons. Sleeping on a cat hammock will take their worries away and especially if it has a good view from their hammock. Sleeping on their own hammock lowers their blood pressure. Plus, when cats have their own stuff, they feel that they have their own territory and that they will not take hold of your stuff.

If your cat is a rescue cat, chances are that due to this sudden environment chance, they can get easily scared and hide under your furniture, avoiding any sort of contact. Buying them a cat hammock would mean that they can have their own room and own time for themselves. This will encourage them to bring themselves out and thus your cat is going to be brighter and more self-confident.

Moreover, cat hammocks are not only for sleeping. It is a natural safe place for them that they can run into every time they feel they are not in safe hands. Cat hammocks are extremely comfortable and provide a relaxed and cozy atmosphere that is dedicated to your cat. Getting one of these for your cat would eliminate them from scratching or damaging your furniture.

Types of Cat Hammocks

Here are some of the types of cat hammocks that you may consider buying for your cat:

  • Hanging Soft Bed

This type of cat hammock is the one that you can attach to your chairs and can easily adjust the straps according to your pet’s needs. Usually, these are the ones that have faux wool on top of it for extra comfort. Make sure to measure your chair’s limbs before purchasing this type of hammock as the straps of it might not be suitable for your chair.

  • Cage hammock

This is similar to the hanging one, but the difference is that you can hang it inside of your cat’s cage. In other words, this hammock is more suitable for hanging inside a cage. If you keep your cat inside a cage most of the time, consider this hammock. Consider the fact that your cat needs some sort of entertainment being in the cage. Hence, a hammock would be an ideal idea.

  • Stretched canvas wall hammocks

This type of hammocks is designed not only for your cats but also for your home. This is a great addition to the décor of your house. It comes in a lot of sizes to elaborate cat complexes. In addition, this hammock provokes exercise as your cat needs to jump from one place to another.

  • Burlap shelves

Since your cat loves to reside in a higher place than usual, you can fit one of these on your wall. The scratchy surface made of jute is where your cat will love to rub their face and ears on.

Cat Hammocks Maintenance

Most of the cat hammocks are washable and some of them are even machine washable. However, it’s always best to hand wash it. The reason why hand-wash is recommended is that if you notice, the hammocks have got metal clips attached to it, which might get damaged if it gets in touch with water. But you can always use an extra washing bag when washing it in the machine. In tune, let it air dry thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry it, which might ruin the texture of your cat’s favourite place.

cat's hammock


Q:  What is a cat hammock?

A:  A cat hammock is an amazing accessory for your cat. It is an innovative substitute to a cat’s bed. The cat can sit and rest on it and purr for hours.

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Q:  Why do cats love cat hammock?

A:  Why wouldn’t they? Cat hammocks take catnapping to the next level. They offer comfort and enjoyment to your cats for hours. It’s like their own territory that completely belongs to them and where no one else can have access to. Plus, if you have a dog in your dog, the cat hammock acts as a dog-free heaven for them.

Q:  How can I install a cat hammock?

A:  Most cat hammocks are very easy to install. Especially the ones that have metal attachments to it. All you need to do is adjust the straps and hang it under your chair or wherever you want to. The hammocks that come with a cat tree does not require any installments. The wall canvas hammocks require you to drill the wall and place the sisal shelves and the hammock itself. But you’re always free to choose the one that is more suitable for you.

Q:  Can a cat hammock be used outside of a cage as well?

A:  Yes! Your cat is a liberate creature. It’s always good to set them out free and let them be on their own. You can always get a cat hammock to be placed under your chair or along with a cat tree that can be used outside of a cage. This will help them to nap or enjoy their own time at your house.

Q:  Will the hammock be big enough for my cat?

A:  Most cat hammocks can accommodate your cat. You never have to worry about whether your cat is too big for it.

Q:  My cat will probably want to chew on the strings. Would this b a safety issue?

A:  Cat hammocks are always made of cat-friendly products. This is to ensure that your cat is in safe hands and they never face any trouble while using it. In that case, even if your cat chews on the strings, it will definitely not be an issue.

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Our Top Pick

Our favourite cat hammock is TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower. This is not just a cat hammock, it has all that your cat needs. This offers the best not only for your cat but also for you. That is because it is a space saving piece of cat furniture delivering utmost comfort. The intelligent design thinks of everything, starting from a hammock for lounging, a condo on the bottom for your cat’s privacy, a sisal scratch pad and dangling balls for playing. When your cat is done using it, fold it up and tuck it away! Your cat will still keep wanting to play with it as it is never going to be out of their sight neither their mind.

hammock for feline

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In Conclusion

Your cat is your family member and family deserve the best! the cat hammock provides your cat with a wonderfully elevated heaven just for themselves. The sense of warmth, security and comfort that they need is what the cat hammock is able to provide them with. Your house will look great and have an amazing décor with this cat hammock. However, if you don’t want to showcase it in anywhere in your house, choose the one that is foldable or portable. Just make sure that the quality and design stand out. Let us know which is your favourite cat hammock from our list above!


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