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Our meowing pets can’t seem to get enough of clawing on something, be it a tree trunk, the siding of your sofa or couch, or even that lovely Persian carpet of yours. Truly, scratching can be a real concern especially for those who don’t understand the reason why kitties love doing it. Thankfully, instead of punishing your feline pet for scratching on your furniture, you can check out any of these 10 best cat scratching towers. You’re essentially addressing their innate nature in a more constructive way while also providing them with the means to be happy.

Best Cat Scratching Towers
Our Top Pick

The SmartCat Pioneer cat scratching post looks more like a beautiful piece of interior home décor than it is a scratching post for our feline friends. The square pillar that towers some 32 inches is covered in natural sisal fibers that give it a remarkably elegant contrast to its mahogany-like dark-stained wooden base and top.

The supporting base structure is wide enough and the height of the SmartCat Pioneer is just right to help stabilize the platform without having to nail it to the floor or to the wall. For its simple yet elegant and stable design, it’s no wonder a lot of feline lovers consider the SmartCat Pioneer as simply the best cat scratching post.

  • Key Features:
  • 32-inch high scratching tower made of natural sisal fibers
  • Elegant interior décor-like design
  • Easy to assemble with ordinary hand tools
  • Weighs 17.64 pounds for greater stability

If you find the SmartCat Pioneer to have a great, albeit simple design but are not really prepared to shell out that much money, for less than half the price of the SmartCat you can have the TRIXIE Parla Scratching Post. The post is shorter by about 8 inches so it should be just right for shorter-build cats. The base is wide enough to allow for greater stability without the need for anchoring onto your floor or even on the wall.

The post is also wrapped in natural sisal which has become the go-to in majority of cat scratching post designs. The base is also covered in soft plush material, providing additional tactile stimulation for your feline.

  • Key Features:
  • Constructed of CARB Phase II-compliant wood
  • Wrapped with natural sisal rope
  • 24.25-inch high scratching post

This cat scratching post from Four Paws is just like the TRIXIE Parla but with the addition of a plush catnip ball and a post that comes in two sections made of carpet material and sisal fibers.

It is also priced lower than the Parla yet also comes with a much lower post height. The square base is also smaller in dimension at about 12 inches on all sides. The Four Paws should be a great scratching post for smaller kitties.

  • Key Features:
  • Comes with carpeted tube and base, sisal tube, screws, and washers
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Comes with plush catnip ball that can be hung from top of post

The Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Cat Furniture is a steal. It may not be the tallest among the cat scratching post designs in this list but it sure adds something quite fun for kitties to have. Its circular base is what Furhaven calls the Cat-IQ Busy Box, some sort of an activity center designed specifically for kitties to keep boredom at bay.

The perch comes fully covered in plush material so kitty can always climb up on top and be the predator that it really is. There are 2 hanging balls for kitties to swat, too. The 22.5-inch tall post, as usual, is wrapped in sisal.

  • Key Features:
  • With cushiony lounging perch on top of post
  • Circular Cat-IQ Busy Box bottom with holes for extended play
  • Scratching post wrapped with sisal rope

This is one cat furniture that you’d want to have in your living room. The PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher is a curved triangular block with a cubby hole in the middle. Its unique design allows you to tumble it any which way and your kitty will still have plenty of surfaces to scratch on.

The gentle curves on the PetFusion allows for adequate stretching while the hole in the middle can serve either as your cat’s sleeping den or a playful hideout. The durable construction and thoughtful design of the PetFusion make it a great piece to have. Sadly, we’re not really sure if it’s enough to justify the price.

  • Key Features:
  • Sturdy and curved triangular design with playful cubby hole
  • Multiple play, resting, and scratching surfaces
  • Constructed of recycled cardboard

With a height that is between Parla and Pioneer, Max & Marlow’s 26-inch Sisal Scratch Post provides another alternative to felines that require the right size of scratching post for them. There’s not much to say about the Max & Marlow that you don’t see in any other product of the same design, except perhaps for the fabric cover of its square base.

  • Key Features:
  • Simple yet sturdy scratching post design made with sisal rope and durable fabric
  • 26 inches high with 16-inch square base platform
  • Can be attached with pet’s favorite toy

Cat Scratching Towers Buying Guide

If you’re currently looking for the best scratching tower for your feline friend, we only ask you to keep on reading as we’ve prepared a comprehensive buying guide for you.

cat scratching post

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What is a Cat Tower?

Some folks call a cat tower a cat tree house, kitty condo, feline stand, or even a cat post. No matter how it is called they’re actually referring to the same thing. A cat tower is a type of feline furniture that is a lot similar to a birdcage stand except that there is no cage on the structure. Instead, it can be adorned with sleeping or resting quarters or perches, activity centers, and even play areas. You can think of a cat tower as a man-made structure that is designed to allow the felines in our lives to play, relax, exercise, and sleep on. It’s an all-in-one structure. Of course, the posts or some other elements of the tower can also serve as scratching surfaces to meet the need of cats to scratch.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Scratching Tower

When buying a scratching tower for your kitty it is important to keep a couple of things in mind. These can include, but not necessarily limited to, the following.

  • Scratching post only or a multi-activity tower? 

The first order of business is to determine whether you need a scratching post only or a multi-activity tower for your pet. The thing is that if you’re only looking for something that your cat will be scratching on, then you’ll most likely do a lot better if you make your very own cat scratching post. On the other hand, if you wish your feline to have a lot a activities such as play, exercise, rest, and even sleep in one convenient location, then a scratching tower that comes with multiple levels and a multitude of accessories is a good investment.

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  • The right materials 

Different products are made of different materials. Some are made of durable cardboard while others use wood or even fabric materials. If your kitty loves the outdoors, then wood is a great choice. If you want to be practical, cardboard is the answer. If you want something light yet durable, fabric is the go-to.

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  • Durability and sturdiness 

Since cat towers are vertical structures – they are taller than their width – stability is of great importance. The taller the structure the wider should be its base. Unfortunately, this will also mean it will need sufficiently larger amount of space in your home. If this is the case, then it should come with a mechanism that will allow it to be secured either on your floor or on your wall. Either way, securing the cat tower should be relatively easy. If not, better look for something else.

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Why Cats Need Scratching Towers

We have already mentioned that cats love scratching towers because it allows them to have an area that is dedicated to their playtime activities and exercise. It also gives them the opportunity to rest immediately after playing without the need to look for another place to slumber in.

Since these cat towers are also designed as cat scratching structures, these can help cats remove nail sheaths that have grown relatively old from their claws to help stimulate the growth of new layers. They also need scratching towers to exercise, stretch their backs, and tone their muscles as well. For many cats, scratching towers serve as a means to release their stress, sense of boredom, and even frustration. Lastly, like athletes and fitness buffs, scratching towers allow kitties to warm up first before engaging in a highly vigorous play activity.

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Choosing the Right Materials

One of the most important considerations, as we have already pointed out earlier, is the choice of materials for the cat scratching tower. There are a variety of materials to choose from. We did mention about wood, cardboard, and fabric being the go-to in various situations. However, to give you an idea on the best possible material for your pet, you might want to keep in mind the following.

  • Cats prefer materials that are sturdy but can also be shredded by their claws. If it cannot shred the material, it will be looking for something else. It simply is not very satisfying for a cat to scratching on something yet unable to make a dent on the surface. Call it their predatory instinct.
  • Steer clear of products that use carpet as scratching surface so that they will not be enticed to scratch on your real floor carpet. Remember to provide your cat with a material that is very different from the things you have at home. Otherwise, if they get bored with their cat tower, they’d be focusing their attention on your other items that have the same texture.
  • Always go for sisal fabric materials as these are heavy-duty. They’re tough yet allow some degree of shredding every time your cat scratches on them. For scratching posts, sisal rope is highly recommended. However, if there are platforms on the tower, you might want to stick with large panels of sisal fabrics instead.
  • If you want to economize, go for corrugated cardboard as this allow for some shredding. It also makes noise with each scratch, further adding to the sensation of going for a prey.
  • Consider a variety of scratching surfaces to stimulate your kitty. You can choose products that combine a variety of textured fabrics or ropes such as sisal, jute, faux fur, and the like.

Choosing the best cat scratching towers should not give you a headache. You can try any one of the 10 best cat scratching towers we’ve featured in this list or you can go search for your own by adhering to some of the tips we have shared with you in this guide.

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