The Best Cat Tunnels (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 12, 2020

Cats are natural predators by nature, which means that when they’re not sleeping to conserve their “hunting” energy they like to chase things and hide in small spaces as it makes them feel safe. Playing with your cat is very important as it keeps them from getting bored and also helps you to form a strong bond with your pet. It’s impossible to play with your cat 24/7 and so it’s always advisable to have toys that they can use to entertain themselves. Cat play tunnels provide a safe space for your cat to hide and play, there are lots on the market and we have reviewed the best cat tunnels below.


This cat tunnel provides very good value for money at under $15. Where most cat tunnels only provide one tunnel, this comprises three tunnels that are connected by a collapsible steel frame that folds down in a matter of seconds for easy, flat storage. There are several colorways to purchase, so you can match it with your room decor and various patterns to choose from too. Cats, small dogs, and rabbits will absolutely love exploring the three tunnels! At the center of the tunnels is a cut-out peephole, for your cat to survey its surroundings and for you to play with them. There’s also dangly bell toy at one end for your cat to play with and one of the tunnels has been lined with a special crinkly material that creates a crispy crunchy sound that will drive your feline friend wild! This is a durable product that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

3 x connected tunnels with crinkle crackle fabric, peephole & bell toy

Made from durable polyester with sprung-steel frame

Collapsible & portable

10 inch tall & 17 inches deep

  • Brand: Prosper Pet
  • Model: Cat Tunnel Black Pink
  • Weight: 11 Oz


Do not be underestimate the power of this crackle chute cat toy! It may have a simple design but cats will absolutely love crawling into the tunnel and hearing the fabric crackle as they carefully walk or run through. This is the perfect cat toy for hide-and-seek games. There’s a peephole in the center so cats can pop their heads out to see what’s going on outside of the tunnel and where you can tease them with string and feather cat toys. The tunnel folds down easily for simple storage when not in use. We chose this product because of its price too, your cat will get a lot of fun for a reasonable price.

Expands to 35 inches

9.5-inch diameter

Crinkle sound for curious cats

Collapsible & portable

  • Brand: SmartyKat
  • Model: 09939
  • Weight: 8.3 Oz


We absolutely love the trendy color and pattern of these super bright, striped cat tunnels! Another product offering great value for money, with this particular purchase you will get not one but two cat tunnels of varying lengths, which are ideal for small and large cats and can be used indoors or as an outdoor cat run (providing that you use them in an enclosed space of course!). These interactive toys are ideal for people with one or more cats. The toys will appeal to your cat’s natural instincts to hide, run, chase, hunt, and ambush! There are jangly balls attached to both cat tunnels, one with a bell and one with a faux fur texture to mimic that of a small animal. In the larger tunnel, there is a peephole and the crinkly fabric adds an extra element of interest to the product.

Two tunnels (35 inches & 18 inches in length, 10-inch diameter)


Suitable for cats of all sizes

Crinkly fabric for added interest & dangly ball toys

  • Brand: Pet Magasin
  • Model: PMCatToy
  • Weight: 1 Lb


We chose this cat tunnel because it has a great length of 47 inches. It isn’t a straight tunnel; it has a natural “S” shape which adds an additional element of interest to animals such as cats, ferrets, rabbits, and small dogs who will simply love running and crawling through to see what they can find! Perfect for cat play, this tunnel has a solid steel frame which is super durable as well as a peephole so cats can observe what’s going on “outside”.

Extra-long cat tunnel – 47 inches

S-shape for hiding out

2 x peephole windows

Strong & durable

Portable & collapsible

  • Brand: PAWZ Road
  • Model: ASIN (B01IZF2D2Y)
  • Weight: 14.1 Oz


This made our Premium Pick for several reasons; size, quality, and versatility. This is one of the most versatile cat tunnels that we have seen on the market. It’s perfect for indoor cats as you can use this inside your home or take it outside into your garden, zip up the ends, and let your kitty explore the outside world but within the confines and safety of a spacious tunnel. This product isn’t only for felines; you can also use this tunnel for other small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs. It has been made from a breathable mesh fabric that protects your cat from insects and other predators, whilst being able to see the outside world. the compact design folds up easy for simple storage and comes with a bag for travel use.

Extra-long cat tunnel – 62 inches

17 Inch diameter

Breathable mesh fabric

Collapsible for easy storage

For use with small animals

  • Brand: Outback Jack
  • Model: 10580
  • Weight: 3 Lbs


The problem with some cat tunnels is that they don’t look particularly pretty in your home! This beautiful gray, cat tunnel provides a stylish alternative that will blend in with most home decors. This cat toy is made up of three tunnels that are connected. It has been made from sturdy fabric and features adorable cat ears at two of the entrances. There’s a central peephole, a jingle ball toy, and a heart toy that is filled with catnip – the best cat tunnels have catnip to entice your furry friends! This is the perfect cat tunnel for play and rest.

Stylish gray design

44.5 Inch length & 11 inch diameter

Jingle ball toy & catnip heart

Three connected tunnels with peephole

Strong & sturdy

  • Brand: Kitty City
  • Model: CM-10023-CS01
  • Weight: 1.4 Lbs


How cute is this cat tunnel, seriously? We absolutely love the plush rainbow-colored design and sturdy fabric! This is one of the most unusual cat tunnels we have seen and for that reason alone we could not resist including it on our list. One of the highlights of this particular cat tunnel is that it is larger than many of the other tunnels on the market. The length is 47 inches and the diameter is 12 inches which means that it is perfect for small and large cats, as well as small dogs and other little animals. The strong steel frame creates a sturdy tunnel that can withstand some serious cat playing action!

Super soft & comfortable material

Two peephole windows

Large space inside the tunnel – ideal for larger and taller cats

Linking buttons so you can connect more than one tunnel

  • Brand: LUCKITTY
  • Model: ASIN (B07P4F17XN)
  • Weight: 1 Lb


Inject a little color into your home with this rainbow-colored cat tunnel which boasts two peephole windows and a faux fur dangly ball toy that your furry friend can attack! This product has been made from ultra-strong, tear-proof polyester so can hold its shape when excitable cats run through! The strong steel frame has protective ends which means that not only will the cat tunnel hold its shape, but it will also hold in place and not collapse as they play. Inside the tunnel, you will find crinkly fabric to intrigue your cat and keep them entertained for hours! It’s super lightweight and folds up easily for storage.

Strong tear-proof fabric

115cm Length

25cm Height

Two peephole windows

Crinkly fabric to excite your cat

Dangly ball toy

  • Brand: Ace One
  • Model: ASIN (B07DL18KM8)
  • Weight: 8.8 Oz


Well, if anyone knows anything about cats then it’s Jackson Galaxy! We chose this product because of its simplicity and the quality of materials used. This sturdy cat tunnel is ideal for cats looking for a place to hide, rest and play and will hold up to sharp cat claws! The green tunnel provides 35 inches of length and 10 inches of diameter and can fold up easily for storage.

Strong fabric

35-inch length

10-inch diameter


  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 31116
  • Weight: 4 Oz


Sturdy, soft, and stylish, this S-shaped cat tunnel has been designed with comfort and adventure in mind! The wonderful shape of this tunnel means that cats can have fun running through and navigating the bends. Inside the tunnel, there is a soft faux fur fabric that adds warmth and comfort for your cat – giving them the perfect spot to exercise, play, and rest. There’s a dangly play ball at one end – perfect for swatting and batting! As well as two peepholes, so your kitty can take a look outside and the family can watch as they play. This pop-up tunnel can fold down easily for storage and can also be tied to additional tunnels for an extra-long adventure!

Soft faux fur fabric

S-shape design

46-inch length

10.5-inch diameter


  • Brand: PAWZ Road
  • Model: ASIN (B07TF89JP6)
  • Weight: 14.9 Oz

What is the purpose of a cat tunnel and why are they important for cats? What should you look for and can all types of cats use them?

Read on to find out more…

What is a Cat Tunnel?

Cat tunnels are made using various different fabrics and are used to provide essential playtime, a safe spot to hide, and a place where your cat can get exercise. You can buy an outdoor cat tunnel or use them indoors, depending on the style of product that you purchase.

What to Look For in a Cat Tunnel

  • Fabric

The best cat tunnels are made from strong, durable fabric that can be easily cleaned and can withstand sharp cat claw action! Look out for tough polyester for indoor use. Softer fabrics such as fake fur can be a nice alternative too, as it offers a nice comfortable warm spot for your cat to play.

  • Size

Are you using this for a cat, small dog, guinea pig, rabbit, or any other small animal? Either way, you will need to look at the size of your pet in relation to the cat tunnel. If your cat resembles Garfield – ie slightly more “bigger boned” then it might be worth looking at extra-large tunnels so your cat doesn’t feel claustrophobic…or get stuck! Taller cats will need more space inside the tunnel too.

  • Shape

Standard cat tunnels provide plenty of entertainment for cats but an s-shaped tunnel will always add more intrigue as they will have extra bends and curves to navigate and keep them interested.

  • Extras

Look out for tunnels that provide additional features such as dangly ball toys, crinkly fabric, and peepholes. These small extras will provide more fun for your feline friend.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

Will you be using your cat tunnel inside the house for play or do you intend to use it outside? Outside cat enclosures can greatly benefit from cat tunnels, providing you buy a tunnel designed for this specific purpose, where you can close the ends safely and your cat can see the world outside. Outdoor cat runs are different from indoor cat tunnels as they have been designed for slightly different purposes, bear this in mind when doing your research.

Cute cats with playing tunnel on floor

Benefits of Using a Play Tunnel for Your Cat

Cat tunnels provide security and entertainment for your cat. Cats are natural hunters and a cat tunnel provides the perfect space for them to run, hide and stalk! You can play with your cat whilst they are in their cat tunnel and tease them with catnip, feathers, and other toys. Cats also like to hide and rest and offering them a cat tunnel gives them the perfect spot for hiding and feeling safe and secure.

Best Cat Tunnel FAQ:

Q: Do cats really like tunnels?

A: Most cats love cat tunnels as it appeals to their hunting nature! They can run, hide, stalk, chase and play in a tunnel for hours on end! Cat tunnels can also be used for resting and keeping confined – something that cats adore.

Q: Can cats of all ages use tunnels?

A: Yes! Although older and larger cats will benefit from a slightly larger tunnel with more space to turn around and rest. Older cats might also prefer softer, warmer fabrics.

Q: Where do I put a cat tunnel?

A: Anywhere you have space, providing it is safe and warm! The best place is right in your living area so you can watch as your cat goes crazy!

Q: Can I use tunnels outdoors?

A: If you have an indoor cat then it’s best to use a cat tunnel that has been specifically designed for outdoor use. Look out for tunnels that can be zipped up at each end to prevent your cat from escaping and mesh fabric so they can see the world outside. It’s always best to use a cat tunnel in an enclosed space in case your cat manages to set themselves free. Outdoor cat runs are often different from indoor cat tunnels, so please make sure you buy the right type to suit your cat’s needs.

Cute funny cat

Our Top Pick

The Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel is our favorite choice as it offers three connecting tunnels and the cutest design! This product is really good value for money too and perfect for cats, rabbits, and other small animals.

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