The Best Cat Chew Toys (Review) in 2021

Last Updated August 17, 2020

If your kit likes to chew and you want to protect your furniture or their dental hygiene could do with a helping hand, then cat chew toys could well be your answer. Designed to stand up to all that chewing, these handy toys can also help keep their teeth healthy and plaque free. And all your kit needs to do is chow down as they play. Chew toys are also a good idea if you have a kitten going through that painful teething stage, as the chance to chew can help relive the discomfort on their tender little gums.

From sturdy fabric toys with catnip, to cat sticks and interactive toys, we take a look at some of the best cat chew toys to keep your cat chew happy.

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The Best Cat Chew Toy



Our Best Choice are these super-cute toy mice that will clean your kit’s teeth while putting a smile on your face! From the Petstages range of catnip toys, the pair of mice are well made, with a net outer that keeps everything contained while helping to massage your cat’s gums and gently cleaning their teeth. The added bonus is the catnip filling to draw your kit in and give them a sense of pleasure as they chew. We also like the added knotted tail that acts like a streamer to give your feline something to bat and chase when they are ready for a little bit of play. For the price, you get a quality chew toy that multi-tasks for your money. 

Pair of mice for chewing and playing

Outer netting massages gums and flosses teeth

Lightweight enough to be carried

Added catnip to keep your cat’s attention

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 327
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


As a novelty toy, the Chi-Cat-a Banana looks the part and is bright enough to capture the inquisitive cat’s attentions. And if the fun shape is not enough to entice your kit to play, then the organically grown catnip filling should do the trick. Made from natural cotton twill that’s gentle on your cat’s mouth, there’s no sharp edges or rough stitching on this handmade cat chew toy. Plus, there’s no artificial nasties in these toys, with only pet-friendly vegetable-based dyes used. The inner catnip means this toy is best for older kits and adult cats and at seven inches in length it’s a good shape for your feline to hold and cradle as they chew while those catnip benefits keep your cat happy. 

Soft yet durable twill cotton banana

Organically grown catnip filling

Handmade in the USA

No artificial color or dyes

  • Brand: Yeowww!
  • Model: 8 12402 00004 1
  • Weight: 1.03 ounces


If sticks are your cat’s thing, then check out these all-natural sticks from WoLover. Made from 100% natural silver vine, which has long been known as a cat attractant, these sticks have no additives or preservatives so are pet safe. In each value pack, you get 20 sticks that when chewed can help to remove plaque build-up and improve your kit’s dental health. The silver vine acts in a similar way to catnip; all you need to do is remove the bark from a stick to expose the white wood which draws in your cat and keeps them entertained. Each stick is long-lasting too, as all you need to do is peel off the chewed outer after each chewing session to refresh its catnip-like powers. 

100% natural silver vine sticks

Attracts your cat in a similar way to catnip

Peel off the outer layer to refresh 

No artificial additives or preservatives

  • Brand: WoLover
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces


For cats that love their toys, this 27-piece set has everything you need to keep their chewing under control! From a teaser wand to feather toys, chew toys and catnip, there’s no chance of feline boredom when these fun toys come out to play. Made with no harmful dyes, you can leave your cat to play and chew or pick one of the interactive toys for a fun bonding session with your kit. As well as diverting any destructive chewing and helping to keep their teeth healthy, these cat chew toys are also a great way to exercise and keep an indoor cat healthy and on the go.

Great value 27-piece pack

For play, chewing and exercise

Includes a catnip fish toy

Pet-safe and durable materials

  • Brand: SenYoung
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces


Who knew cat loved pretzels…well toy versions from the Petstages catnip toy range! Super-bright with its neon colors encased in a durable yet teeth-cleaning net, the pretzel shape of this fun cat chew toy makes it easy for cats of all sizes to carry and hold. The netting is handy too, flossing their teeth without unravelling, even when your kit comes in for a serious chew session. And they are lightweight enough to be used as cat teething toys. The inner contains a quality catnip to attract your cat’s attention and with the pretzel shape, this chewing toy for cats is also good for throwing games with your pet. 

Durable pretzel round shape

Outer netting flosses their teeth

Catnip filling to attract your cat

Good for chewing, teething or playing

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 333
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


What’s not to love about the Kitty Boinks, especially when you sit back and watch the fun reaction from your cat! The Boink has been designed to spring into the air, creating an excited reaction in your cat that gets them moving. Made from flexible braided nylon, they are super-tough too and can take a chew session once you cat or cats manage to get hold of them. But they are soft on their mouths and can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Available in a host of bright colors, you get 12 Boinks in each pack, making them good value for money.

Great value 12-piece pack

Flexible braided nylon tube toy

Springs up to 30ft when compressed

Long-lasting, even when chewed

  • Brand: Kitty Boinks
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces


With the space to add in some tasty treats, this two-pack ball toy from Pelay is a long-lasting addition to your cat’s chew toy kit. Made from soft, no-toxic plastic, each ball features teethed sections to hold those treats and which clean your kit’s teeth as they chew to release the food. Plus, the durable material is more than tough enough to take some serious feline chewing. Strong enough for dogs as well as adult cats although maybe too tough for very young kits, the Pelay ball can also be used for bonding play sessions and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Suitable for cats and dogs

Treat toy that cleans their teeth

Made from non-toxic soft plastic

Durable and easy to clean

  • Brand: Pelay
  • Model: DT01PT2002006
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Our third quality cat chew toys product from Petstages in our review, this one is most definitely aimed at freshening that kitty breath! Shaped as a double-ended mint stick, you get durable fabric filled with quality dried mint. Just like catnip, mint attracts most cats and when chewed, this mint stick will both clean their teeth and freshen their breath. The outer is covered in a durable netting which also acts as a nifty flosser, whipping away plaque and left on food. And the minty effect is long-lasting too, and when it does start to diminish, simply roll and squeeze the center to get it back on its minty track!

Fabric mint stick for chewing and playing

Filled with cat-safe fresh dried mint

Outer netting flosses your cat’s teeth

Squeeze to release more minty scent

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 335
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces


Catnip, a chew toy and also a vegetable plaything and all for around $4, OurPets’ cat toy easily scoops our Best Value pick.  Made from pet safe and durable felt fabric, fashioned into a red pepper to catch your kit’s attention, the quality of the Cosmic catnip inside is also pretty impressive. Designed to stimulate your cat and encourage him to play, the shape of this catnip toy is also soft to chew without harming his gums or mouth. And if a red pepper is not the vegetable of choice for your picky cat, there are six other fun shapes to choose from! For the price, you won’t stress out either if your cat likes to simply use it for a chow-down session. Safe for cats of all ages, although it may not be tough enough for overly aggressive or stronger cats. 

Felt pepper-shaped cat toy

North American Cosmic catnip

For chewing and playing

Ideal for cats of all ages

  • Brand: OurPets
  • Model: 1050011545
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


We love the ‘fish out of water’ flapping motion of this cat toy from Charminer, which uses a built-in motion sensor to react to your kit’s inquisitive touch. The result is a fun moving fish that entices your cat into its natural prey instinct for a great game of cat and fish! And when the fish is caught, the quality plush fabric is tough enough for a chewing and one-to-one predator play session. And with its soft cotton and organic catnip filling it should also have a soothing effect on your contented cat. The outer of the fish also conveniently zips off for easy cleaning and the motion sensor can be recharged using the USB cable supplied. 

Flapping fish chew and play toy

Rechargeable motion sensor

Filled with organic cat nip

Easy wash outer cover

  • Brand: CHARMINER
  • Model: CHARMINERDeserve4902
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Best Cat Chew Toy Buying Guide & FAQ

Why Should You Buy Chew Toys for Your Cat?

While not all cats are interested in chewing, some cats can be , which if left unmanaged can leave your furniture and household items a little battle scarred. Chewing could also indicate that their teeth and dental health may benefit from a little extra help. Which is where cat chew toys come in as they can:

  • Protect your furniture, wires and anything else you would like to protect from those feline teeth
  • Help to relieve boredom and keep your kit stimulated and occupied
  • Chewing a chew toy can help to keep their teeth and gums healthy by removing tartar and massaging gums to boost their all-round dental health
  • If your kit simply doesn’t like to have their teeth brushed, a chew toy is a no-stress way to keep their teeth clean!

Things to Look For in Cat Chewing Toys

When choosing the right cat chew toy, here are the main things to consider:

Feline friendly: You want the toys to capture the unique attention of your cat so look for kit-friendly features in the design, including rattles for sound, crinkle paper for texture and noise and easy to chew shapes. Chew toys with catnip inside are also a popular choice if your kit likes this mint-like herb.

Durability: It needs to be built to withstand chewing and abuse from your kit’s sharp teeth. Look for durable, tear-resistant materials with strong stitching and hidden seams to prevent their teeth catching.

Good for their dental health: Chewing is a good way for cats to maintain their dental health and for kittens to ease teething discomfort. This means their chew toy needs to be mouth-safe and designed to help keep their teeth and gums healthy by removing plaque and food debris as they chew.

Play options: To get your money’s worth, can the chew toy also be used in other ways to keep your cats occupied? Look for cat chew toys or kitten teething toys that can also step up as a cat toy and be chased, wiggled, thrown and pounced upon for an all-round healthy piece of cat entertainment!

Best Cat Chew Toy FAQ:

Q: Do cats have a natural urge to chew on things as dogs do?

A: Unlike dogs, who are natural chewers, cats don’t have the same urge to chow down on anything – and everything – they can find. However, all cats are individuals and it may be that your cat actually enjoys chewing.  Cats also use their mouth to explore things, leading to chewing. However, chewing can become an undesirable habit for cats, and can actually indicate there’s something not quite right. If your cat suddenly starts chewing or increases their chewing habit, it could be that they have problems with their teeth. Nutritional issues can also lead to chewing, as can obsessive compulsive disorder. Or it could be a simple sign of boredom so if you’re concerned about your cat’s chewing habit, consult your vet.

Q: Are cat chew toys good for teething kittens?

A: Your kitten may become a bit of a biter as she grows, especially when she is teething. Chewing a harder object can give your little kit some relief from the discomfort of teething. So if you suspect this is the problem, then buying a couple of quality kitten chew toys can help ease teething discomfort and promote dental health.

Q: Is it safe for cats to chew on sticks?

A: If you find your cat chewing a stick or broken branch in your garden, it’s best to take it from them as they can be sharp or splinter unexpectedly. Or it could be from a tree or plant that may not agree with your kitty or contain pesticides or other chemicals that could be harmful. The safest option if your cat likes to chew sticks is to buy cat sticks that are carefully prepared to keep your cat safe and chew-satisfied.

Adorable pussy play

Our Top Pick

For cuteness and durability as well as teeth-cleaning practicality, Petstage’s catnip and dental health nice toys easily take a bite out of our review’s top pick title. As an easy to use chew toy for cats, the mice are lightweight and easy to chomp down on but are protected by an outer net that also massages and cleans their mouth. With a catnip filling for extra attraction and a playful tail to keep your cats entertained, these cat chew toys are excellent value for money too.

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