Best Cat Window Perches For Indoor Cats

Every cat owner knows just how much their fully felines like to watch the world go by from the sunniest spot in the house. However, cat owners also know how frustrating it can be when the sunny spot happens to be in the middle of the floor or on the back of your favorite chair. One answer to this conundrum is to invest in a window perch, but with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your kitty’s needs. Our panel of cat lovers and pet experts have put together this list of the ten best cat window perches to help.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Best Cat Window Perch Buying Guide

When deciding on the best cat window perch for your cat’s needs it can help to know a little more about the products and what to look for in the perfect perch. In this buying guide we look to answer some of the top questions about buying a cat window perch and help you make the right decision for you and your friendly feline.

Why Are Cat Window Perches So Important?

Cats, like most animals and humans, need stimulation and one way they achieve that is through taking in the outside world. If your cat is a house cat, either entirely or primarily, then the window is the portal through which they achieve this. Watching people, animals and birds keeps them engaged and interested in what is happening around them. A window perch allows them to do this in safety and comfort.

cat window perch

A window perch also provides a safe space, somewhere your cat can go when it doesn’t want to be troubled by other pets, you, or small hands. By placing a window perch out of the reach of other pets, dogs in particular, you can reduce fighting and disagreements over territory. By teaching children to leave the cat alone when it is on its window perch, you can create a safe space and reduce the risk of injury caused by an overwhelmed or scared pet. It also gives them the perfect escape when you get the vacuum out.

Types of Cat Window Perches

There are lots of different designs and styles of window perches to consider, but they can all be placed in one of two categories – those that hang from the window and those that sit on the windowsill. When deciding between the two you need to consider several different elements including strength, durability and convenience.

  • Strength

Window perches use suction cups to create a solid hold on your window. There are generally two suction cups at the top and two at the bottom, although some designs differ from this. Window perches that attach in this way can hold weights of around 30lbs with ease, more in some cases with advancements in suction cup technology. As windowsill perches sit on a flat surface it is often believed that they are much stronger, however this is not necessarily true. These perches are often attached with Velcro style strips and can loosen after a short time. If the windowsill is too narrow they can break or tip off after just a little use.

  • Durability

Widow perches are made from strong materials, but they also need to be kept light and not be made out of materials that can scratch or otherwise damage your windows. It is important to check the materials that are being used carefully, ensure the covers are washable and that any cords are strong enough to withstand cat bites and scratches. PVC covered stainless steel is a good choice for the hanging cords. Windowsill perches tend to be very durable, particularly those that have metal legs to aid in stability.

  • Convenience

Window perches can be stuck on most non-porous smooth surfaces, so if you don’t have a big enough window, a door or refrigerator can be used instead. They can be moved with ease for cleaning or just to give your cat a change of view. The surface you use does however, need to be cleaned before the perch is attached. If there is any dirt or dust on the surface the suction cups do not stick as well as they should. One of the biggest problems with windowsill perches is that you need to have a windowsill for it to be attached to. If you don’t have a sill, or it is very shallow, then this type of perch is of no use. If you have a radiator or other heating source under your window, you also need to take this into consideration when choosing between the two types of window perches. There is a risk of your pet over heating if you use a windowsill perch directly over a radiator.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Window Perch

When deciding on which perch is perfect for your cat it is not just as simple as choosing between a window perch and a windowsill perch.

perch window for cats

As we stated earlier, perches come in a range of shapes, styles and sizes. Different perches can take different amounts of weight and the materials that are used determine the durability of the product. Here are some of the major things to consider when buying a window perch.

  • The Size and Weight of Your Cat

It is important to your cat’s safety that you buy a perch that can hold their weight. If you have a kitten, consider their potential weight when they are fully grown, as well as their weight now. This is especially important if you have a large breed cat such as a Maine Coon. As well as their weight, consider their size. If you buy a perch that is too small for your cat, then they will be uncomfortable and not use it.

  • The Number of Cats That are Going to Use It

Do you have just one cat or many? Are you planning on getting more in the future? If you already have more than one, or are planning on adding to your feline brood, take this into account when buying your perch. Just because you intend for them to have one perch each, does not mean that they will adhere to this. Ensure that the perch can take the combined weight of your cats and is durable enough to withstand fights over space.

  • The Type of Windows You Have

If you have single pane windows, very old frames, or glass that is fragile this affects the type of perch you choose. In any of these cases a window perch is not really suitable to use against the glass. If you don’t have anywhere to place a windowsill perch, then you would need to put the window perch on another flat, smooth and non-porous surface. The sides of appliances like refrigerators are great choices.

  • Ease of Installation

How much time and effort do you want to put into building and placing the perch? Do you want one that can be easily moved or one that is fixed in place permanently? If you are in rented accommodation you may want to avoid any perches that require you to fix the legs to the walls with screws, unless you have the landlord’s permission.

  • Materials

Check the materials that are used and whether they are washable. Cats shed and get all sorts of mess in their hair. Perches with washable covers are likely to last longer than those without. An alternative is to look at beds that have wipeable surfaces. Also look to see if the materials are breathable, this is particularly important if the spot you have chosen to put the perch gets very hot during the day.

By taking into account these points when looking for the perfect window perch for your feline friend, you are bound to find one that they will love and that lasts for years to come.

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