The Best Dog Hair Brooms (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 24, 2021

Are you a proud owner of a doggo or a pupper? Are you always trying to get pet hair out of your furniture, couches or the entire home in general? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you’re in the right place! Here’s all that you need to know about the best dog hair broom products on the market today!

As we can all agree, our pets are precious. And with great pets, comes great responsibility. So if you are someone who is thinking about getting a furry pet, like most of us, you’re most probably thinking of a dog. If that’s the case, here are our top recommendations for brooms suitable for cleaning dog hair:

The Best Dog Hair Broom


evriholder dog hair broom
Evriholder Dog Hair Broom

Evrilholder’s FURemover broom has been around for quite a long time and has earned a huge name for itself since it came to the market. Many people have been using it for as long as 8 years without any complaint, and this itself should vouch for its great quality!

The head of the broom has soft rubber bristles on one side and a wide 12-inch rubber squeegee on the other. The bristles are meant for taking up fur hair from normal surfaces while the squeegee can be used to clean up spills, clean windows or doors, but customers have suggested that using the squeegee for cleaning pet hair is more efficient. The long handle extends from 36 inches to 60 inches, so you don’t have to worry about bending downwards or getting a lander to clean things at a height.

This is definitely a contender for the “best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors” title as customers have reviewed it to work magically well on hardwood surfaces. It is claimed to work on all surfaces by the manufacturer, including carpets, tiled, concrete etc., and we have failed to find one that proves them wrong!

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The natural rubber bristles make it optimum for use on various surfaces such as carpets, linoleum, hardwood etc

Will not leave scratches on your floor or furniture

Rubber squeegee really useful for cleaning windows or spills easily and efficiently

The extendable pole extends from 3 ft. to 6 ft

  • Brand: Evriholder
  • Model: SW-250I-AMZ-6
  • Weight: 14.7 ounces

Picks up a lot of hair, even if you have vacuumed just then

Very useful for hardwood surfaces


Bristles spread hair around instead of piling them up


landhope dog hair broom
LandHope Rubber Dog Hair Broom

If you want a rubber broom that is lightweight but sturdy at the same time, then you should definitely be looking into this one. Using a fur remover broom can be hard if they are heavy since you will have to use a lot of force for a long time, but using this one is much easier.

This water-resistant broom attracts hair like a magnet, let it be yours or your pets’. We find it really convenient for storage and maintenance as it stands up on its own and dries really quickly, so all you need to do is hold it under the water when you’re done sweeping and it will automatically be cleaned (no need to get your hands dirty to pull hair and dirt out).

The handle of the broom can be used in a length anywhere between 31.5” to 55” which means both kids and tall adults can use it effortlessly. It can be used on any surface and seems to work really well on hardwood floors. Unlike the previous one, the rubber bristles do their job of pulling up hair properly while the squeegee is optimum for cleaning spills or windows.

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Efficient pet hair removal, even from spots when your vacuum cleaner can’t reach

Not only pet hair, it also collects dust, paper scrape and everything else from floors and carpets

Long and customizable Handle

Easy maintenance and storage; water resistant

Can be used in both indoors and outdoors

  • Brand: LandHope
  • Model: LH017
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds

Lightweight and sturdy


Can be used by people of many heights


Head comes off at times

Hard to reach corners


If you’re looking for a quality broom dustpan set, check out TreeLen’s broom duo. Made of high-quality plastic for both durability and efficacy, this set consists of a 52-inch broom with a flexible tip and an upright dustpan with a panhandle for the broom.

The TreeLan’s broom has a flexible tip for convenience and ease of use – it conforms to the surface you’re cleaning so debris is not swept underneath it. This helps you pick up every single pet hair or dust there is without going over the surface several times. The set is also super-easy to store as the broom snaps into the dustpan for compact and upright storage. And when you need to clean the broom itself? The dustpan has a proper built-in scraper/teeth which help remove pet and human hair with ease.

Sturdy broom and dustpan set

Made of high-quality plastic

Flexible tip for maximum pickup

Built-in scraper on the dustpan

Excellent at collecting pet and human hair, dust

Dustpan locks in open position for easy disposal of contents

Upright, compact storage

  • Brand: TreeLen
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds

Ideal not only for collecting pet hair, but tiny dust, paper, etc.

The broom is easy to clean

Trash is easy to dispose of

Compact storage



The broom could be stiffer


O-cedar has quite the reputation when it comes to cleaning tools, and they’ve definitely stood up to it with this broom too. Let it be cleaning off your pet fur from the softest of carpets or from the narrowest of corners, this broom will do it all with its extra soft bristles.

Many brooms have issues with the head as they tend to get loose and come off. But with O-cedar’s Maxi-Lok® technology and socket designed for anti-rotation, you’ll definitely find it more convenient and less worrying to sweep with.

It does not have a squeegee, but is primarily designed for smooth surfaces so you can use it on any surface you want (even rough ones, as customers, have reviewed). The bristles are truly extra soft and will not harm your surfaces in anyway whatsoever. It can be used both for indoors and outdoors purposes and even for commercial purposes.

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The broom is made with anti-rotation socket and Maxi-Lok® technology which prevents the broom head from coming loose

Strong plastic body which will not mildew, warp or crack

Soft Feather-Tip® bristles

  • Brand: O-Cedar
  • Model: 124961
  • Weight: 3.05 pounds

Extra soft bristles great for sweeping up fur

Really good for sweeping tiny particles of dust


Bristles have been claimed to be “too soft” for rigorous sweeping

Quite expensive


Yocada Rubber Broom Pet Hair Fur Removal

Effective on a range of surfaces, this rubber broom from Yocada will be your go-to when you need to clean up all that pooch fur from around your house. And the beauty of this well-made pet broom is that it is a brush and squeegee in one. Use the well-sized rubber bristles to scrape up pet hair from floors or carpets, while the built-in squeegee works to mop up any liquid or spills. The result is a clean, streak and fur-free surface with not too much effort on your part! And as it can be used both wet and dry, this is a good buy for outdoor use too.

The natural rubber bristles are a good size and not too hard, so glide neatly across the floor and, thanks to the telescopic handle, you can get the length of broom just right although it isn’t the sturdiest handle under pressure. We also like how easy this pet broom is to maintain and keep clean – simply rinse in warm soapy water and leave to thoroughly dry.

Natural rubber bristles

Built-in squeegee

Can be used wet or dry

Stainless steel handle extends

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Brand: Yocada
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds

Works on a range of surfaces

Can be used outdoors as well as inside


Needs quite a bit of pressure as you sweep


Affordable and easy to use, the Primica Broom and Dustpan Set is a solid choice for pet parents on a budget. This broom and dustpan duo does a good (although not excellent) job at picking up pet and human hair, as well as dust and debris. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed, so pretty comfortable to use too.

The Primica set features a standard plastic broom and dustpan with built-in teeth for convenient cleaning. The broom clips to the dustpan handle so it’s easy to store, especially if you have a place to hang it up. It should be said that this is not the sturdiest and longest-lasting broom on our Top List, but it is one of the most affordable ones that does what it says – collects pet and human hair, dust and debris with ease.

Broom and dustpan set

Made of plastic

Built-in scraper on the dustpan

Lightweight and easy to store

  • Brand: Primica
  • Weight: 2.43 pounds


Easy to use

Compact storage


Not sturdy enough

The dustpan doesn’t always stand up on its own


ravmag rubber broom for dog hair
Ravmag Rubber Broom for Dog Hair

As the name suggests, Ravmag’s sturdy rubber broom comes with a wide built-in squeegee of 13 inches. It is great for wiping liquids as it has great absorption power, and cleaning plain surfaces like windows in one go, therefore customers have reviewed it to be really useful indeed.

The highlight of this broom is that it’s incredibly well-made and the plastic used is off really high quality. The handle is fixed at 55” length, so there is no hassle of screwing or locking the handle into place. The broom claims to have “advanced cleaning technology” and it has seen to deliver on its promise of lifting small particles of dust, dirt lint and obviously, any type of hair.

It is also a great carpet broom as it is gentle on the carpet and does not damage it while lifting out pet fur. It is water-resistant and has very low maintenance, but all these good qualities come at a very steep price.

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Efficient cleaning due to the wide broom head

Natural rubber bristles which are water-resistant and long-lasting

Good carpet broom

Made of high-quality TPA rubber

Built-in squeegee

  • Brand: RAVMAG
  • Model: A-1
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds


Strong and long-lasting


Very expensive


Adjustable and with a neat tooth design that self-cleans the brush head as you sweep, there is a lot to like about this dog hair broom from Chouqing. First up, it has an easy to extend pole, so you can avoid back ache by getting the right length for your height. And the dustpan is nicely deep, so you’re not continually emptying as you brush.

While not perfect, the brush design is effective, with heavy duty, four-row eco-fiber bristles scooping up fur and dirt. Built into the dustpan is a row of plastic comb teeth through which you can pull the broom bristles to scrape off any dog hair stragglers; handy if you have a particularly hairy dog! The poles can wobble a little if you apply too much pressure but for the price, this broom is a real time saver.

Dustpan ‘teeth’ for brush self-cleaning

Adjustable pole for the ideal height

Deep dustpan with floor-flush lip

Brush made from eco-friendly fiber

  • Brand: Chouqing
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Neat self-clean design stops the brush clogging

Adjustable pole for a custom fit


Pole connections can wobble if not fully inserted

Lightweight design so very small particles can go under the pan


Another top contender from O-Cedar is a unique one indeed. It is called a “dual-action” broom as it has a foam blade in between the 2 rows of bristles, which work together to capture dog hair or dirt. The foam blade is removable, therefore it can be cleaned easily.

Many customers do not understand the usage or need of the foam blade, while others have said that it actually works well and catches more dirt than usual. On the contrary, many have complained that it falls out while cleaning which can be a hassle. This broom is also cheaper compared to its brother mentioned earlier.

As the broom is quite light-weight, using it does not get harder with time compared to other brooms which cannot be used for more than 15 minutes at a stretch (your hands will bark with pain, otherwise). The quality of the bristles is quite good.

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Easily sweeps pet hair

Has an additional, removable foam blade

Classic angled bristles which pull debris from corners

  • Brand: O-Cedar
  • Model: AX-AY-ABHI-50096
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces

Foam blade useful for catching small dust

Cheaper compared to other O-Cedar model


Foam blade tends to fall out


Who doesn’t love a two-in-one gadget and this dog broom ticks the ‘great idea’ box! Not only are the soft plastic brush fibers good at scooping up all those dog hairs and dirt, but the brush sides have been designed to be used as a squeegee so you can wet scrub that stubborn canine grime without any marking. This gives the whole brush a multitude of uses, from carpets and hard floors to windows and even the stairs. 

Sturdy enough for outdoor as well as indoor use, and with a telescopic handle for a two-height adjustable fit, the whole broom is easily washable to keep everything fresh and clean.

Soft rubber bristles for indoor and outdoor use

Includes a squeegee scrubber edge

Leaves no stains or marks

Two height telescopic handle

  • Brand: MR.SIGA
  • Model: SJ21520
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

Soft rubber bristles work on both hard and carpeted surfaces

Side scraper effectively scrapes away grime


You need quite a bit of pressure for the squeegee

Handle is a little flimsy

Best Dog Hair Broom Buying Guide & FAQ

What Makes a Good Dog Hair Broom?

As simple as it sounds, a good broom is actually one that pulls the hair away with it when it’s done instead of making them float back into the air as most brooms do. Good brooms rarely leave any scratches on hardwood floors, neither will it dull the finish of any surface it is used on. It should also be able to reach weird places where your dog likes to venture.

sweeping dog hair

Benefits of Using a Rubber Dog Hair Broom

There are SO many advantages of a rubber dog hair broom!

  • Firstly, the rubber bristles do not come off the way they do in corn brooms or other bristle brooms
  • Rubber is way more sturdy and long-lasting compared to other materials
  • Rubber dog hair brooms are very easy to clean and sanitize
  • They do not make dust float upwards, instead, they pack the dirt and dust collected into neat piles which can be disposed of easily
  • They do not let small hair or dirt pass through the bristles and get left behind, the interlacing bristles form a strong wall which does not let anything go
  • Rubber dog hair brooms clean surfaces in one sweep
  • Most of them do not leave nasty scratches or dull the finish of any surface

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Tips on Keeping Your Floors Clean

Keeping floors clean is important for hygiene issues, and unclean floors pose quite some health risks (especially if you have pets!). Here are some steps you can do to keep your floors clean:

  • Vacuum on a weekly, if possible regular, basis. The more you vacuum, the lesser dirt will accommodate together. If you own a pet, we suggest you to use one of these brooms to comb out and collect all the pet hair first and then use your vacuum cleaner.
  • Mop regularly. If you’re doing it on a regular basis, a damp mop soaked in just plain water should be sufficient, but keep changing the water when it gets cloudy. If extra dirt builds up, use a commercial cleaner.
  • Wipe up any spilled liquid instantly. The more you let it stay on the floor, the more damage it can inflict.

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Best Dog Hair Broom FAQ:

Q:  Why do I need a great dog hair broom for my floor?

A:  A good broom ensures that your floors stay safe, do not get scratches and retain their shiny finishes for as long as possible. They also thoroughly clean your floor which prevents allergies or other diseases caused by unhygienic conditions.

Q:  What types of floors can you use a dog hair broom on?

A:  Different types of brooms are suitable for different surfaces. Rubber brooms are usually good hardwood, vinyl, concrete, tiled and even carpeted ones. For outdoors, brooms can be used on any type of surface for cleaning big debris or tiny sawdust particles.

Q:  How often should I use my dog hair broom on my floor?

A:  In easy words, as often as possible. If you can take five minutes of your day every day to broom your floor, you’ll be using much lesser elbow grease compared to when you broom once a week or month. The more time pet hair gets to accumulate on floors, the harder it gets to remove them.

Q:  How is a dog hair broom more effective than a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A:  Vacuum cleaners often fail to pull or attract tiny hairs and dust particles, while brooms can effectively pull them out!

cleaning dog hair

Our Top Pick

Out of all the brooms mentioned, the best dog hair broom, in our opinion, has to be Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee.

It has the best minimum and maximum length for sweeping, with bristles soft enough for any kind of surface, and is a bang for the buck! The con of the broom is synonymous for most of the models here, so we think it can be avoided if you’re just a bit careful while sweeping.


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