Best Broom for Dog Hair (Review & Buying Guide)

Are you a proud owner of a doggo or a pupper? Are you always trying to get pet hair out of your furniture, couches or entire home in general? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you’re in the right place! Here’s all that you need to know about fur removing brooms!

As we can all agree, our pets are precious. And with great pets, comes great responsibility. So if you are someone who is thinking about getting a furry pet, like most of us, you’re most probably thinking of a dog. If that’s the case, here are our top recommendations for brooms suitable for cleaning dog hair:

Best Broom for Dog Hair Buying Guide & FAQ

What Makes a Good Broom for Dog Hair?

As simple as it sounds, a good broom is actually one that pulls away the hair with it when it’s done instead of making them float back into the air like most brooms do. Good brooms rarely leave any scratches on hardwood floors, neither will it dull the finish of any surface it is used on. It should also be able to reach weird places where your dog likes to venture.

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Benefits of Using a Rubber Broom

There are SO many advantages of a rubber broom!

  • Firstly, the rubber bristles do not come off the way they do in corn brooms or other bristle brooms
  • Rubber is way more sturdy and long-lasting compared to other materials
  • Rubber brooms are very easy to clean and sanitize
  • They do not make dust float upwards, instead, they pack the dirt and dust collected into neat piles which can be disposed of easily
  • They do not let small hair or dirt pass through the bristles and get left behind, the interlacing bristles form a strong wall which does not let anything go
  • Rubber brooms clean surfaces in one sweep
  • Most of them do not leave nasty scratches or dull the finish of any surface

Tips on Keeping Your Floors Clean

Keeping floors clean is important for hygiene issues, and unclean floors pose quite some health risks (especially if you have pets!). Here are some steps you can do to keep your floors clean:

  • Vacuum on a weekly, if possible regular, basis. The more you vacuum, the lesser dirt will accommodate together. If you own a pet, we suggest you to use one of these brooms to comb out and collect all the pet hair first and then use your vacuum cleaner.
  • Mop regularly. If you’re doing it on a regular basis, a damp mop soaked in just plain water should be sufficient, but keep changing the water when it gets cloudy. If extra dirt builds up, use a commercial cleaner.
  • Wipe up any spilt liquid instantly. The more you let it stay on the floor, the more damage it can inflict.


Q:  Why do I need a great broom for my floor?

A:  A good broom ensures that your floors stay safe, do not get scratches and retain their shiny finishes for as long as possible. They also thoroughly clean your floor which prevents allergies or other diseases caused by unhygienic conditions.

Q:  What types of floors can you use a broom on?

A:  Different types of brooms are suitable for different surfaces. Rubber brooms are usually good hardwood, vinyl, concrete, tiled and even carpeted ones. For outdoors, brooms can be used on any type of surface for cleaning big debris or tiny sawdust particles.

Q:  How often should I broom my floor?

A:  In easy words, as often as possible. If you can take five minutes of your day every day to broom your floor, you’ll be using much lesser elbow grease compared to when you broom once a week or month. The more time pet hair gets to accumulate on floors, the harder it gets to remove them.

Q:  How is a broom more effective than a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A:  Vacuum cleaners often fail to pull or attract tiny hairs and dust particles, while brooms can effectively pull them out!

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Our top pick:

Out of all the brooms mentioned, the best broom for pet hair, in our opinion, has to be Evriholder FURemover Broom with Squeegee.

It has the best minimum and maximum length for sweeping, with bristles soft enough for any kind of surface, and is a bang for the buck! The con of the broom is synonymous for most of the models here, so we think it can be avoided if you’re just a bit careful while sweeping.