10 simple tricks for picking up dog hair

10 Simple Tricks for Picking Up Dog Hair

As a dog owner, the most common problem that you face is probably getting stray hairs off everything in your house. More than ever, in the summertime, when their coats shed the most, it becomes practically impossible to keep things clean. The fur is just everywhere; on the couch, on your clothes and even in your car! The toughest place to clean is the carpet because it’s just so visible and the fur gets embedded quite stubbornly onto it. Here’s a detailed look at the best carpet cleaners for pets.

Why Does my Dog Shed?

Hair shedding is a normal and natural process in dogs. Hair shedding helps dogs to get rid of their old winter or summer coats and promotes the growth of new ones. Normally, hair shedding is related to a dog’s diet, season, stress levels, health, atmosphere and their exposure to the sunlight. It is rare for dogs to shed unnecessary, but there might be different reasons as to why a dog sheds that include trauma, injury, and malnutrition.

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Shedding hair might be very troublesome for all dog owners out there. But you don’t have to suffer through it alone! Here we’ve listed some simple tricks for picking up dog hair around your house. You could have never guessed that cleaning up that doggie hair can be so simple!

Rubber Gloves for Easy Hair Removal

To get rid of pesky dog hair from your cushions, curtains, furniture or any other fabrics, make use of those damp rubber gloves and simply brush away your hands over the hair-ridden areas. And for the areas hard to reach, use your finger and the hair will quickly stick on to the rubber. On the other hand, baby wipes are also a good option for removing hair from clothes. The slippery solution helps to grip the hair easily.

Invest in a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Instead of spending hours after hours vacuuming the entire house yourself, just invest a few of your dollars in a robotic vacuum cleaner for dog hair, that will do it all for you. There are many companies that are developing this type of products for the convenience of their pet owners. And on top of that, they are affordable too! Programme your cleanup schedule for a particular amount of time and it will hoover up all that dog hair from around your house. It can also be a fantastic entertainment show for your dog! Find out more about Dyson Pet Vacuum here.

Use Those Tape rolls to Pick up Loose Dog Hair

Every morning when you head out to work, you notice that you’ve got dog hair all over you. Well, it’s not just you, it’s a common scene for most dog owners. A lot them reportedly keep a duct tape or tape rolls by their door for a quick solution. Just before heading out, they grab out the dog hair from their clothes and shoes to have that neat look for the day. You may also try using lint rollers, but be sure that they are going to run out much faster! For a full list of our favorite options, see our round-up of the best lint rollers for pet hair.

Use a Rubber Broom

If the floor of your house is of tile, wood or linoleum, the one tool that works wonderfully is a fine rubber broom for dog  hair. If you notice dog hair on your kitchen and bathroom floor, get a rubber broom from the nearest Walmart and use it to pick up those loose hairs. It works just like a regular broom just that the rubber bristles help in removing tough pet hair much more easily. You can also use the rubber broom in multiple surfaces like bare floor or rugs.

Water Balloons Could Help

Although it might sound weird to use water balloons as a tool to remove pet hair from your clothes or furniture, surprisingly, it works! The static electricity that an inflated balloon creates when you rub it against a fabric will attract all the dog hair to pull it off. This method is reasonably an affordable one at removing loose pet hair, but will not work on strands that are embedded. For embedded hairs, you’ll need to use a tougher solution.

Dryer Sheets Help Too

Dryer sheets are not just for dry-cleaning your clothes anymore. They have found a whole new purpose for removing pet hair from your furniture and clothing. Merely take a dryer sheet and rub it on those affected areas and you’ll see how the dog hair comes right up. The dryer sheet will cling the pet hair that is stuck on your clothing and will pull out the bunch of hair on the sheet. You can rinse and dry the sheet afterward. For a wider selection of choices, check out our Sheets for Dog Hair guide.

Wash Your Bed Covers with Baking Soda to Infuse the Smell

Although we use baking soda to bake cakes, it can make for an amazing cleaning product too! A pot of bicarbonate of baking soda can clean your home amazingly. Always choose a pet bed, the covers of which you can detach for easy washing. Use a mild detergent, not dyes, fabric softener or the ones with fragrances, and add a cup of baking soda to it. This will help you get rid of stubborn hairs, stains and neutralize the strong odours. Try to wash it on a hot cycle in order to kill bacteria and allergens that could remain in the bed cover.

Try Scrubbing Sponge

Yes, it’s the sponge that you already have in your sink (don’t use the same one though!). A sponge could also help you collect your pet hair from all over everywhere. It’d be even better if your sponge has the rough scouring side because that’s what is going to clean the dog hair quickly and easily off surfaces like carpets, upholsteries, and furniture.

Pick up That Pumice Stone

This is especially in case of carpets, the tiny hairs become embedded and make it harder for the vacuum cleaner to suck it up. In that case, make use of the pumice stone. Try rubbing a regular pumice stone in the affected areas to loosen up the trampled pet hair after which you can vacuum it. This trick is ideal for places where the hair gets stubbornly strangled and would not let go at all.

Cover Your Furniture

If you are a lazy-bone (honestly, we all are) and cleaning the house on a regular basis is a major task, all you can do is cover your couches with a pet-friendly blanket that is easily removable when you need to sleep or sit on it. This is possibly the best solution of all. Plus, you are also saving yourself from the hassle of removing dog hair becoming embedded in the first place. Therefore, no hair, no hassle! However, if you’re using a cover, tuck in tight and make sure that your pet doesn’t slide under the cover, otherwise, it’s going to be of no use!

Check out our guide on the best couches for dogs for more info.

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Consider Prevention Techniques

While cleaning is troublesome and time-consuming, there are ways you can reduce your pet’s fur from shedding. That’s going to solve a lot of your problems. Here are some ways that we’ve listed:

  • Brush your pet with the right kind of tool: There are plenty of hairbrushes available for dogs but none of them is a perfect remedy for hair fall. There are specialized dog shedding brushes for short-haired dogs that can really help stop their hair from shedding. If your pupper is nervous, use those brush mitts to make them feel like that they just get a nice and comforting back rub. If brushing your pup is causing their hair to shed even more, then you should consider changing the brush itself.
  • Consider diet supplements: Your dog’s coat reflects their overall health. If you’re feeding them a particular type of food, consider bringing a change in their diet plan. That’s because switching their food habits to a higher quality food can help with shedding issues. Many dogs shed just because they are low in Omega-3. Even if your pup is in great health with the minimal or regular amount of shedding, a little bit of Omega-3’s won’t hurt. The regular soft gels that you see at the drug stores would be fine. You don’t have to spend on those fancy pet supplements. Your dog is going to think them as treats!
  • Choose the right shampoo: If you regularly bathe your pup, make sure you are using the right dog shampoo. DO NOT use human shampoo on your pup. Dog shampoos usually contain fewer allergens, artificial elements, and fragrances than human shampoos. It’s best if you could pick a shampoo that serves a particular need for your dogs. Plus, make sure your dog’s shampoo is gentle on their eyes. If your dog has fleas, the shampoo must be able to treat that. Fleas also might cause hair shedding too. In short, the shampoo for dogs is a crucial pick. Make sure you choose the best!
  • Bathe your dog regularly: Does your dog spend most of his day outside the house rolling around mud and dirt that they shouldn’t? If yes, then your dog is should be bathed far more regularly than other dogs who spend most of their time at home. If they are not bathed regularly, the dirt clogs their skin pores and causes their hair to shed.
  • Consider clipping: If you live in a hot weathered country, your dog’s hair is likely to shed two times more. And if you own a Husky, their profuse coat is going to shed, no matter what you do. However, you may consider taking your pet dog to a professional groomer and request to shorten the coat. This will reduce their amount of hair fall by its own.
  • Brush them regularly: Brushing your pet dog with the proper kind of comb will eliminate the problem of hair floating around the house. Although you might brush your pet from time to time already, try brushing them more frequently, and by that, we mean at least once per day. And in addition, choose the right type of brush that suits your pet’s hair. Doing this daily is a great way of spending some quality time with your beloved pet as well!
  • Consult your vet: If you feel that your pup is shedding more than usual, consult your vet. Talk to an expert if you suspect that the shedding might be because of some other health-related issue. There are certain oil-based products that help in soothing and hydrating pet’s skin, which can eventually help with shedding issues. In essence, if you’re treating your pet with anything, use organic and natural products, rather than artificial, chemical-based products.

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Dog Shedding – When You Should be Worried?

There is normal hair shedding and then there is an unusual amount of shedding. It could lead to an underlying issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. While some breed of dogs is seasonal shedders, others shed all year round. Regardless of the fact of how much your dog sheds, there are certain signs that you should take note when it comes to excessive shedding:

  • Fur that has split ends
  • Fur that falls off unevenly
  • Bald spots or patches
  • If the hair falls out in clusters
  • If your dog had experienced skin problem before
  • When the fur of your dog is dry
  • If your dog doesn’t let you touch the area where there was fur

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Final Words

We hope this article helped you find effective ways to reduce the maddening hair shedding and mess in your house. Although it’s frustrating, it is a normal and healthy process for pups. We always want the best for our pets and to ensure their well-being, we’ll have to put up with a little bit of their hair. The trade-off for the extra mess is love and obedience in return.

Does your pet dog shed too much? How do you cope up with it? If you were able to come up with an even simpler trick, let us know in the comments below!

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