The Best Dog Couch Covers (Review) in 2021

Last Updated February 18, 2021

A dog couch cover is a must have for every pet parent who values time spent snuggling up close with his or her beloved dog. Every dog lover knows that one of the joys of having dogs in the house is that they can make dull moments really interesting. They can snuggle up to you while you’re watching TV or even enjoying a good read. And when you’re feeling all gloomy and down, they can comfort you, too. Unfortunately, they can also use your furniture as their personal comfort zone when you’re not around, leaving your sofa, recliner, couch, or even loveseat at their mercy. Protect your furniture with any of these dog couch cover products. It will save your furniture from pet-related damage while also simplifying their upkeep.

The Best Dog Couch Cover


Sofa Shield Original Patent Dog Couch Cover
Sofa Shield Original Patent Dog Couch Cover

One of the most trusted names when it comes to furniture covers is the Original Sofa Shield which features a variety of useful characteristics that can simplify the process of maintaining the integrity of one’s furniture which can include sofas, chairs, recliners, loveseats, chairs-and-a-half, and even futons. Designed with an elegant quilted look, the fabric used in the manufacture of the Sofa Shield gives a new dimensionality to your living room or whichever room your furniture is located. Each slipcover is designed to be fully reversible so you have the option to change the look of your furniture with relative ease.

The Sofa Shield is not waterproof so it’s best to keep this in mind. Sofa Shield says they purposely did not make the fabric waterproof because of the risk of having the liquids roll across the surface of the dog cover for furniture and onto the floor. It can withstand small drops from time to time, though. When Sofa Shield said that their slipcover isn’t waterproof, it doesn’t mean that it can no longer protect your furniture from other surface contaminants such as pet hair, food particles, and dirt and debris from everyday happenings. It cannot be used on leather furniture, unfortunately. Even with its 2-inch wide elastic strap, the cover can still move around when used on leather surfaces.

With a great combination of elegant design, ease of use and cleaning, sufficient furniture surface protection, and a very friendly price, the Original Sofa Shield surely is a great option for many pet parents.

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Made of premium quality, durable, and soft materials

Fully reversible design

Comes with 2-inch wide anti-slip, fully-adjustable elastic strap


Available for chairs, chairs-and-a-half, loveseats, futons, sofas, and recliners

  • Brand: Sofa Shield
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds


SureFit Deluxe Sofa Furniture Cover
SureFit Deluxe Furniture Dog Couch Cover

There are three things we really like about the Surefit Deluxe Sofa Furniture Cover: they way it looks, the way it feels and how well it protects the furniture. This quilted velvet dog sofa cover is plush and soft, so not only does it feel nice and comfortable, it also looks great on pretty much any type of sofa. More importantly though, it protects really well against pet odors as it’s treated with a protective Sanitized Acti-fresh finish. This special finish allows the cover to resist various odors for lasting freshness between washings. Speaking of which, the SureFit pet couch cover is machine washable, but should be washed separately on a gentle cycle.

To protect all exposed parts of the furniture, this cover is designed with arms. While this can be a huge plus, it can also be a minus if the cover doesn’t fit your sofa very well (for example, it can hang in awkward positions if a little too big). Thankfully, there are three models to choose from: chair, loveseat and sofa, so finding the right fit is not that much of an issue.

100% polyester fill and polyester microfiber

Treated with Sanitized Acti-fresh finish

Durable, thick and long-lasting

Plush, velvet-faced and quilted

Designed with arm covers for maximum protection

Machine washable

Available in 3 variants: sofa, loveseat and chair

  • Brand: SureFit
  • Model: SF39455
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds


If you’ve got a furry canine pal that is making a real mess on your sofa, loveseat, recliner, or even your bed every time you’re not home, then maybe it’s time to consider getting a really tough furniture reinforcement without sacrificing the luxurious look and feel of your furniture. This is exactly what the Mambe Blanket Company has to offer with its Furniture Cover for Pets and People.

Unlike other dog covers for furniture that can only integrate water-repellent materials into their construction, Mambe ups the ante by sandwiching a 100% waterproof membrane in between panels of super-lightweight and extra-soft fabric made of micro-fleece. But this is actually not the only thing that pet parents love about the Mambe. While the design technically calls for 3 layers of fleece-membrane-fleece arrangement, the finished product actually doesn’t show such complex layering. This is accomplished by fusing the three layers together to create a unitary fabric laminate design. What this simply means is that you’ll never have to fret about the middle waterproof membrane becoming crinkly and lumpy. Your Mambe will still look and feel like the first day you bought it.

Mambe has a very unusual design for a dog cover for furniture. Looking at it, Mambe is more like a drape than it is a dedicated furniture cover. There’s definitely a plus side to this. Since it has a more or less open-ended design, the Mambe can actually be used to cover on almost anything. Its construction is also exceptional since it works well on cloth surfaces, clinging onto the surface even without straps or any other form of secure mechanism. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well on slippery and slick surfaces like leather and glass. Also, being a drape-like furniture cover, some pet parents actually believe it is a rather expensive type of blanket that you put over your furniture to protect it from your pets. Nevertheless, the Mambe is a great choice because of its waterproof and versatile design.

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Fully reversible design constructed on soft and lightweight micro fleece fabric

With 100% waterproof membrane in between fabric panels

Single-fabric laminated design

Available for sofas, loveseats, recliners, and king or queen beds


  • Brand: Mambe
  • Weight: 5.45 pounds


There’s a lot to like about the Rose Home Fashion Velvet Sofa Slipover that will protect your furniture and provide somewhere comfortable for your dog to relax. It comes in multiple size options to fit any sofa, loveseat or chair and a range of attractive colors. The velvet plush material is both comfortable and easy to look after. When it gets dirty, you just pop it in your washing machine.

It fits over the sofa quickly and has a useful label to indicate which part goes on the back. There are no fiddly straps to tie on – it uses foam sticks and elastic bands. The slip-resistant design means that it will always stay in place without moving out of position.

Comfortable for dogs

Soft velvet plush material

Machine washable

Easy to fit with elastic bands

No fiddly straps to tie on

  • Brand: Rose Home Fashion
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces


Elaine Karen Deluxe Original Reversible Pet Couch Cover
Elaine Karen Deluxe Original Reversible Pet Couch Cover

Elaine Karen’s Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector comes in with mixed reviews. Overall, the quality of its fabric is considered by many pet parents to be generally acceptable. Sadly, it is seriously let down by inconsistencies in its sizing with a number of pet parents complaining about the exactness of fit to their respective furniture. Another concern that people have about the Elaine Karen is that the material actually moves over the surface of the furniture. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that it comes with a removable elastic strap instead of a fixed but adjustable strap.

Regardless, it is still a great choice for pet parents who want ample protection for the chairs, recliners, and sofas while adding a different kind of aesthetics to their room. The Elaine Karen is available in 10 color combinations giving you the ability to choose one that should match well with your existing interior design. Now that should help you decide in favor of the Elaine Karen.

Made of durable yet extra-soft microfiber fabric

Fully reversible, throw furniture cover design

With high-loft 100% polyester batting

Easy to use on sofa and other furniture


Comes with removable elastic strap

Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Available in 4 furniture variants: sofa, loveseat, chair, and recliner

  • Brand: Elaine Karen
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


The Furniture Fresh Heavy-Weight Luxury Textured Furniture Protector and Slipcover is this list’s most expensive, and for good reason. First, the microsuede fabric used in its construction looks and feels exceptionally luxurious. The same fabric also adds weight to the furniture protector, augmenting the security afforded by its elasticized, adjustable straps. Second, the Furniture Fresh comes with water-repellent finish; although a waterproof layer would have greatly made a difference. Third, it comes with a backing that is designed specifically to grip the surface of your furniture. At the very least you will not have to worry about the furniture protector slipping. It even works on leather surfaces, making it an invaluable dog cover for furniture that are made of leather.

What’s the downside, you ask? Well, Furniture Fresh isn’t really reversible since the backside is composed of that anti-slip material that is keeping it secured onto your furniture’s surface. If you own leather furniture, then its hefty price tag is well worth it. If you have fabric furniture you can still rely on its anti-slip features. This is actually what makes the Furniture Fresh well-loved by pet parents.

Made of water-repellent, heavy-weight upholstery fabric

Extra-thick anti-slip layer embedded onto the back of the furniture protector

Fully adjustable elastic straps

Machine-washable design

Available in 3 furniture variants: sofa, recliner chair, and loveseat

  • Brand: Link Shades
  • Model: COMINHKPR84045
  • Weight: 6.83 pounds


Stylish and comfortable, the Chiara Rose pet furniture protector is a great choice for dog owners who want to protect their sofas and chairs without compromising on the aesthetics field. Soft, elegant and designed without sofa arms, this slipcover is ideal for a number of sofas and loveseats, including leather couch covers and all kinds of fabric sofa covers. Since it’s made of 220 gsm polyester fabric, the cover is also highly durable, which is always important when dealing with overly excited and naughty pets. Furthermore, there are some water resistant properties thanks to the sturdy design and special finish, although it should be said that the cover is not 100% waterproof.

The Chiara Rose cover uses the patented plastic drop design on the back which allows it to have great anti-slip abilities – no matter the fabric of your furniture, this cover is guaranteed to stay in place. Since this is a one-piece design, meaning there are no zippers, elastic straps or anything, the couch protector is also easy to clean – you can vacuum it whenever it needs a little spruce up, and wash it in a washing machine on max 85°F or 30°C for a more thorough cleaning.

Made of 220 gsm polyester

Patented plastic drop design for anti-slip effect

Some water and dirt resistant properties

Elegant, soft and comfortable

One piece, no arms design

Machine washable

Available in 3 variants: sofa, loveseat and chair

  • Brand: Chiara Rose
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Le Benton Sofa Cover
Le Benton Sofa Cover

Looking for maximum furniture protection on a budget? Check out Le Benton’s stretchable sofa cover that boasts a unique mix of fabrics – 49% cotton, 48% polyester, 3% spandex – to provide durable and convenient protection for leather and textile sofas. This couch protector for dogs and other pets covers the entire sofa, ensuring no part is exposed to hair and messes. This is possible thanks to the cover’s combination of build materials, specifically spandex, which allows it to stretch over the entire sofa easily and conveniently. Importantly, it’s also easy to install as you can just slip it on with ease on most 3 cushion couches up to 90-inches long.

Le Benton sofa cover is also easy to take care of as it’s washing machine safe. Just make sure you wash it separately on a gentle cycle in cold water and it should look as new.

Blend of cotton, polyester and spandes

Stretchable, covers the entire furniture

Soft, thick slipcover

Covers couches up to 90”

Machine washable

4 variants: chair, loveseat, sofa and arm chair

  • Brand: Le Benton
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds


Attractive, functional and reasonably priced, the pet sofa cover by Celine Linen is a good choice for folks who want to protect their furniture from pet hair, odor and mess. Made of polyester, with a water repellent finish, this is one of the best dog couch covers as it offers high protection against various spills and messes. Durable and designed with sofa arms and longer back, it covers all important furniture parts without moving around or slipping. As for the appearance, there are multiple colors available but whichever one you choose, the material feels soft and comfortable.

The Celine Linen cover is machine washable and simple to install as well, as all you have to do it slip it over your furniture. That said, some customers note that the sizing is a bit off – although advertised to fit sofas up to 92-inches long, the cover is actually a little smaller than that, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Microfiber 100% polyester

Water repellent finish

Designed with sofa arms and longer back

Machine washable

Easy to slip on

Not recommended for leather couches

Available in 3 variants: sofa, loveseat and chair

  • Weight: 2.8 pounds


The Elegant Comfort furniture protector is a quilted, reversible cover that keeps sofas clean and neat no matter the number of pets you own (or kids you have!). Comfortable and elegant looking, the cover will not only keep you and your dogs cozy but will do so without ruining your home décor. In fact, since it’s available in a whopping 14 colors and patterns, it’s super-easy to find the model that best compliments your aesthetics. To protect furniture, the cover has a water repellent finish, so smaller spills and messes won’t even touch it. That said, this is far from being chew-proof  so it may not be a good fit for uber-rambunctious dogs or super-scratchy cats.

The Elegant Comfort cover is machine washable but should be washed on a delicate cycle. Since it’s reversible though, you won’t need to wash it very often. As for installation, it’s easy as all you have to do is slip it on your sofa and secure it in the back with tie straps.

Made from 100% polyester

Reversible, with quilted slip

Machine washable

Water repellent finish

Not recommended for leather couches

4 variants: chair, loveseat, sofa and wing chair

  • Brand: Elegant Comfort
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Best Dog Couch Cover Buying Guide & FAQ

If you own an indoor dog or a cat, you know the struggles of trying to keep both your pets comfy and your furniture clean. Thankfully, couch covers exist – by providing a barrier between your pet and your sofa, a cover can not only keep your furniture clean and neat, but prolong its life as well. But more on the benefits of pet furniture covers later; for now, let’s focus on finding the right cover for your needs and budget.

While finding the right dog sofa cover may be tricky (there are quite a few factors to consider!), it’s certainly doable. And we’re here to help – not only have we covered some of the best dog couch covers on the market, we’ve also put together a detailed buying guide. Here, we talk about the things you should look for when buying furniture covers, certain things you may want to avoid, and the various advantages of using the pet sofa covers. We also answer some of the commonly asked questions about couch covers for dogs, so stay tuned until the end of the guide!

What to Look for in a Pet Couch Cover

To find the right pet furniture cover for you and your pup, it’s important to pay attention to certain features and things before making your purchasing decision. Here are the 5 most important things to look for.

  • Quality Materials

First and foremost, look for covers that are made from good-quality materials. Here’s what we mean by that: to really protect your couch from scratches, hair, dirt and odor, a furniture cover needs to be made from a durable material that can withstand your pet’s paws and claws. Ideally, the material should also have some water resistant or repellent properties so that your furniture doesn’t get stained from drools and bathroom accidents.

  • Correct Size

You can get the best couch cover in the world, if it doesn’t fit your sofa, it’s no good. So take some time to measure your furniture and compare it with the dimensions of the cover you like. Sometimes, a cover will actually be slightly smaller or bigger than advertised, so go through several reviews as well, so you can see the experiences other customers had with the product.

  • Good Design

Another important thing to look for is a good design, meaning a cover that is easy to install and remove, and one that doesn’t move and slide the moment you sit on it. If you want 100% protection, look for stretchable covers or protectors with sofa arms as these provide more of a barrier between the couch and your pet.

  • Appropriate Style

A couch cover has more than one function – besides protecting your furniture, it should also complement your home décor. So take some time to find a cover that nicely matches or complements the style of your couch and that fits well with the rest of your room. Speaking of matching, if your dog sheds a lot, it may be a good idea to choose a cover in a color that matches your dog’s hair. This will reduce the visibility of pet hair and may make a pretty huge difference in how neat your living room looks.

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  • Convenience

Finally, it matters how easy or difficult it is to take care of the cover and maintain it. For one, you want a cover that you can easily and quickly clean and wash, meaning vacuum when necessary and machine wash when more thorough cleaning is required. Two, you want a product that doesn’t actually need to be washed frequently. In essence, a cover that does a good job of hiding pet fur and dirt and doesn’t absorb odors very much. If the cover is reversible, that’s even better as it can prolong the no-washing period, plus offer a backup surface in case the other side gets permanently stained.

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welsh corgi dog on sofa with laptop

Benefits of a Pet Sofa Cover

Using a dog sofa cover comes with many benefits, with the following two being the most important (and obvious!) ones:

  • Protects the furniture from hair, spills, and messes: if your pets shed like crazy, you know how hard it can be to remove their stuck-in hairs from the furniture. Add to that dirty paws, drooling mouths, and bathroom accidents, and you get completely ruined sofas and couches. Thankfully, a thick, water-repellent furniture cover can withstand all that and more. As a bonus, it can be easily washed and replaced, which cannot be said about most couches.
  • Protects the furniture from chewing and scratching: it’s no secret that many dogs like to chew on anything they can get their teeth on, including their owners’ sofas, couches, and chairs. Some do it not because they like it, but because they struggle with separation anxiety or they’re going through a teething period. Likewise, cats will often scratch furniture, especially if their scratch pads don’t feel particularly satisfying anymore. With a durable, thick furniture cover, you can protect your couch from chews and scratches, thereby prolonging its life and saving yourself money long-term.

Best Dog Couch Cover FAQ:

Q: How do I wash my couch covers for dogs?

A: All sofa covers in our Top List can be machine washed. That said, all covers are different, so the exact washing instructions may slightly vary from model to model. However, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with washing your furniture cover separately on a delicate cycle (often in cold water), with a gentle detergent.

Q: How often should I change my pet furniture cover?

A: This entirely depends on how quickly your sofa cover gets dirty. If you have just one pet who is either very clean and well-behaved or only occasionally sleeps on the sofa cover, you can get away with washing it once in two to three months, especially if the cover is reversible. If you own multiple pets, it’s a good idea to wash the cover at least once a month, or more, depending on your pet.

Q: What size dog couch cover should I get?

A: To get the correct size of the couch cover, you first need to measure the couch itself. Never buy covers smaller or much bigger than your furniture, as in the first case, they won’t be able to protect the whole couch well, and in the second, they will hang awkwardly and slide around when you or your dog sit on it. So get yourself some measuring tape, measure the dimensions, write them down and compare them to the dimensions of the cover you wish to buy. It’s fine if the cover is slightly bigger than the couch, but it shouldn’t be smaller.

Labrador puppies on sofa

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Protecting your furniture from pet accidents, spills, shedding, dirt, and other particles that may be brought by your dog can be made super easy by using any of these 5 best dog covers for furniture. While not all of these are waterproof, all of them will nevertheless protect your furniture while adding a new design element to your room.


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