The Best Pet-Safe Floor Cleaners (Review) in 2021

Last Updated July 7, 2021

Most pet-owners know that owning a beloved pet often means cleaning the floors on a regular basis is part and parcel of their new best friend. However, it’s not uncommon for most household floor cleaners to actually be harmful to pets. With their sensitive paws being open to the chemicals used by many big-name brands, floor cleaners that aren’t pet-friendly can often lead to sore, cracked and even burned pads. To avoid this, simply opt for pet-friendly floor cleaners instead. Below, we give you the best pet safe cleaners for your four-legged friends and get into the nitty-gritty, when it comes to which ingredients to look out for, and more.

The Best Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner


Hitting the top spot as our Best Choice option is this pet-safe hardwood floor cleaner from Better Life. Suitable for use on a wide range of sealed floors, this option provides excellent coverage and offers unbeatable value for money. A pack of two gives 32fl oz for you to work with, without the need to dilute yet still providing a surprising amount of coverage for each use.

Pet owners can use this with a steam mop, or a damp string, fabric or sponge option and users will be left with the delicate scents of bergamot and citrus – leaving your home smelling clean, too! Completely non-toxic, and not tested on animals, this is the ideal choice for animal lovers and pet owners.

No rinsing required

Citrus mint scent

Safe on all sealed floors

  • Brand: Better Life
  • Model: 24155
  • Weight: 4 pounds


Able to make up to one gallon worth of cleaning fluid, this plant-based, all-natural floor cleaner is completely safe and suitable for households with pets. Able to be used on all surfaces, thanks to its natural ingredients, this is a great option for all surfaces. You can even use this on kitchen countertops, right through to smartphones and tablets.

Providing such a great all-in-one option, this pet safe product is ideal for busy households, as well as those looking for a great all purpose cleaner. Leaving you with a natural fragrance, this is loved by pet owners across America for being gentle yet powerful, as well as being suitable for pets.

Plant-based formula

Suitable for all surfaces

Satisfaction guarantee

  • Brand: Puracy
  • Model: PMSCC16-1
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Hugely popular with buyers and providing the best price available, this white vinegar-based dog safe floor cleaner has been created with pets in mind. While most vinegar-based products can leave a bitter smell behind, this pet floor cleaner has been able to beat harsh odors with a pleasant eucalyptus scent. Although other scents are available too, we particularly love the fresh scent of this option.

Completely safe for sealed wood and stone flooring, this is an all-natural option that has proven to be a massive hit with buyers. Cruelty-free and never tested on animals, this is a great choice for any animal lovers out there, as well as being safe for kids. Customers even noted that one purchase goes a long way, making this even better value for money, overall.

Safe on hard floors, sealed wood and stone

No chemical smell


  • Brand: Aunt Fannie’s
  • Model: VFR-3201-EU
  • Weight: 2 pounds


BISSELL Multi-Surface Pet Formula

Bissell’s multi-surface formula is technically designed to be used with a Crosswave machine, however, it can also be used diluted with a standard mop. Made without the use of any heavy metals, dyes, or phosphates, it is ideal for a home with pets. It is a gentle but effective, super-fresh formula made to remove paw prints, tracked dirt, mud and a variety of other unfortunately mess you might find, whilst being perfectly safe for your pet.

Additionally, any purchase of this particular floor cleaning formula helps the Bissell Pet Foundation. The Bissell Pet Foundation was created to support and save homeless pets. They aim to shelter, rescue, and spay/neuter homeless cats to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem plaguing America.

Supports Bissell Pet Foundation

For use in Cross Wave series machines

With Febreeze freshness

  • Brand: Bissell
  • Model: 2295L
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Coming up as our Premium Pick, this all purpose cleaner from PUUR offers an unprecedented ability to clean and leaves your home looking and smelling as good as new. Suitable for a wide range of needs, including everything from cleaning down countertops and cupboards, through to wiping down your smartphone, this is a great choice for busy households.

No synthetic ingredients means that this cleaner is a great option for those with children, as well as pets, as you’ll be left with a completely non toxic purchase that can be used all around the home. In place of this, expect a pleasant, lemon lavender scent harnessed from essential oils. Best of all, as well as getting two-for-one on this purchase, with a spray and concentrated refill bottle, you can also benefit from the happiness that comes from knowing a percentage of profits are donated to charity, too.

All-purpose cleaner

No synthetic ingredients

Percentage of profits donated to charity

  • Brand: PUUR Home
  • Model: APC002-COMBO
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Best Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner Buying Guide

Why Pet Owners Need To Take Care When Cleaning Their Floors

Keeping your house clean, when owning a pet, can be a bit of minefield. As well as dealing with all the extra fur from molting, walkies and toilet time can often lead to a dirty floor that requires a deep clean on a very regular basis. This often means that owners will look to the classic floor cleaners, in order to keep on top of the extra requirements – but most cleaners will use products that can actually harm your pets. This is especially true when it comes to using the same chemicals over a long period of time.

Chemicals can often make paws sore and even lead to burns on the open skin of the pads, and these can even lead to further issues. As well as your four-legged friend requiring immediate care for these chemical burns, they will also need to be kept off their feet, in order to heal – so no more walkies until they’re all better. Worse still, dogs and cats may try to lick their poorly paws in order to make themselves feel better, therefore ingesting the problem ingredients and causing severe health problems throughout their digestive system. In the worst cases, extremely strong chemicals can lead to death.

For this reason, it’s important to invest in a good quality pet safe cleaner that ensures non-toxic and non-lethal ingredients are used. Pet owners can absolutely still have a clean and tidy home – without the risk of causing any harm to the health and wellbeing of your beloved family member.

British cat lying on the floor

What to Look For in a Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner

  • Essential oils

These should be used in place of artificial fragrances, which can be harmful to your pup. While there are many options for cleaning your home with natural, non-toxic ingredients, you should still enjoy the final product itself and scent can be a major contributor as to whether you will use these again. There’s a huge range of different oils out there to choose from, so be sure to pick one that you feel fits well with yourself and your home.

  • Cruelty-free

Most animal lovers will agree that testing on pets is wrong, so why not double-up with your purchase and opt for a floor cleaning purchase that is also cruelty-free? Check the description to ensure your next option isn’t tested on animals. Better yet, look out for the hopping bunny sign on the back of the product, which is the universal indicator of a cruelty-free product.

  • Natural ingredients

One of the biggest issues when it comes to finding a product that keeps your house clean while being suitable for pets, is the ingredients used. Harsh chemicals can lead to burns on your pups paws, so check the list given below, to ensure that your next item doesn’t include any of these. Ideally, buyers should look for natural ingredients, such as cleaning vinegar in place of ammonia.

  • Coverage

As with any cleaner, checking the value for money is key to buying a great product – and part of this is ensuring you get a good level of coverage for the price paid. Concentrated options are great for providing buyers with a much higher level of square feet for each purchase – but can mean that you’ll need to be careful when mixing the product with water. Too little and you may find that your house isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be. Too much and the scent can be overpowering or leave you with streaks on the floor, or even a clean floor that is extra slippy!

  • Effectiveness

As with coverage, buyers will natural want their next buy to actually leave their house clean. Check reviews and the ingredients to see whether the makeup given in your preferred option is able to leave you with a clean floor and house. Don’t forget to beware of options that seem too good to be true – cheap selections may seem like a good deal, but if you need to use a full bottle each time, you can end up spending more, overall.

Potentially Toxic Cleaning Ingredients for Your Pets

  • Ammonia

Used to avoid streaks on your floor, this potentially lethal option can cause severe damage to the lungs of your pet. In particular, when mixed with bleach, this ingredient can create a toxic gas that can have devastating consequences.

Instead, opt for vinegar – with white being the most widely used variant, due to its excellent finish and clear liquid. This has a low Ph that can kill bad bacteria, while leaving you with a streak-free floor.

  • Bleach

Also called chlorine on ingredient labels, this can cause damage to the sensitive mucous membranes of animals, leading to coughing and vomiting, as well as watery eyes and other problems around the mouth and face. A good alternative to this is baking soda, which is much gentler and still holds impressive cleaning power.

  • Artificial fragrances

Most artificial fragrances include phthalates, which are a major irritant to the skin. Causing peeling, dry skin and eczema, these may also be ingested by pets who often lick their paws to help sooth themselves. Opt for essential oils in place of these, as they can often come with the added benefit of being antimicrobial – as long as you buy high quality options.

  • Formaldehyde

Technically considered a natural product by most companies, many companies try to hide the worst qualities of this ingredient behind labels such as formalin, methanol and methylene oxide. This can damage the cells and membranes of your pet over longer periods of time, yet offers nothing more than a fresher smell. Instead, open the windows and allow a bit of fresh air into the home – this comes with the added benefit of drying your floors even faster!

Cleaning a parquet floor

Best Pet-Safe Floor Cleaner FAQ:

Q: Are ordinary floor cleaners dangerous to dogs?

A: Most ordinary floor cleaners will include some of the most harmful ingredients to animals, as they’re created to give the best results possible at the lowest possible price. These low-price options can seem tempting to buy at first, but if you look out for the harmful ingredients (given above), it’s likely that everyday cleaners will include multiple offenders.

For this reason, it’s much safer to look for a pet safe alternative, instead. These don’t have to be expensive, and they can even provide plenty of other benefits – such as being safe for use in households with young children.

Q: How long do I need to keep my pet off recently cleaned floors?

A: Even when using a safe alternatives, keeping your pet off the floor after cleaning is an important part of your routine. Even if the ingredients are not harmful to your pet, over exposure to any cleaning product can lead to problems with sensitive areas. Not to mention that stepping on a wet floor can often lead to little paw prints being visible, directly after cleaning!

The best thing to do here, is to wait until the floor is completely dried, before letting your four-legged friends back into the room. This can be a pain if you’re in a rush – but using warm water or even boiling water, can help speed up the drying time. Just be sure not to burn yourself when cleaning with hot or warm water.

Q: How to make a homemade floor cleaner for pets?

A: If you have a carpet, instead of a sealed floor, there are few options for making a pet cleaner at home – although these are also handy to use for those who need help in a pinch! Firstly, you can use bicarbonate of soda to soak up any accidents (especially during puppy training), you can use this as a standalone product and hoover up the soda, after it has soaked up the offending mess. Or, you can mix this with liquid soap or white vinegar and essential oils.

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The latter option can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner. Vinegar is a powerful tool against grease and grime, as well as general dirt, but can cause quite the smell when used on its own. Mix this with essential oils to overpower the harsh smell, or use lemon juice to leave you with a clean home that holds a fresh scent, too!

Pug and cute cat

Our Top Pick

This double pack from Better Life offers unbeatable value for money and comes with a wide range of added benefits. It can be used on all forms of sealed floors – including bamboo and hardwood – and is completely free of harsh chemicals, making it the best pet friendly floor cleaner on the market, today.

Offering excellent coverage, a little goes a long way with this pet safe cleaner, and it’s incredibly easy to use. No need to dilute or worry about buying the right mop, this floor cleaning product can be sprayed directly onto the floor and leaves your home with a fresh scent of citrus and bergamot.

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