Best Pet Odor Neutralizer (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Every household that has pets should invest in a good pet odor neutralizer to keep the home smelling fresh and clean and relatively free from germs that can put the health of the family and pets at risk. These special formulations of deodorizers should also be safe in themselves so that they won’t be the source of problems in the future. Unfortunately, the market can be unforgiving to pet parents who are rather clueless about the right product to get for effective and safe pet odor removal. As such our team came up with this list of the best pet odor neutralizer products to help you get started on a cleaner and fresher home while enjoying the company of your pets.

Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator by Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Strength Odor Eliminator

Super Strength Pet Odor Neutralizer by Angry Orange

Pet Odor Neutralizer by Angry Orange

Cat Litter Deodorizer Odor Control by NonScents

Cat Litter Deodorizer Odor Control by NonScents

Best Pet Odor Neutralizer Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying Pet Odor Neutralizer

There are many pet odor neutralizer products in the market to choose from. These can range from commercial- and industrial- grade odor eliminators to domestic-strength formulations. Some come with specific scents while others are unscented. Your choice of the best pet odor neutralizer actually depends on a few factors.

  • Active ingredients

As much as possible choose a pet odor eliminator that uses all-natural ingredients as its principal means of removing odors. These offer one of the safest yet equally effective ways of removing nasty odors.

pet odor

Many of these products come with bioactive enzyme systems that hasten the speed of degradation of the molecular bonds of odor molecules. This allows the odor to be managed in a more efficient manner. It is similar to the best carpet cleaner for dog urine that features enzyme systems in cleaning up carpets after a pet’s mess.

Other products may come with natural plant botanicals like oranges and citrus that serves to neutralize odors. The same is true with desiccants that work like sponges, absorbing malodorous molecules from wreaking havoc in your home.

The important thing is that the product should not contain anything that can put your dog or your family at risk for health problems.

  • Safety

In line with natural ingredients forming the core of the best pet odor eliminator it is also imperative that it is guaranteed safe not only in terms of human and pet health, but also the integrity of your carpet, upholstery, and other surfaces. Deodorizers that contain harsh chemicals may ruin your fabric materials when sprayed onto them. It is for this reason that choosing a product that is duly-certified by a reputable organization like the Carpet and Rug Institute is a sound idea.

  • Ease of application

Admit it or not, no one likes to toil when it comes to managing pet mess. That is why one major consideration is the ease of application of the pet odor neutralizer. Most products come in spray formulations, allowing them to be easily spritzed onto almost any surface. Some may require dissolving in a bucket of water to make the desired solution strength. Others may come as handy bags of desiccants. It’s basically up to you to choose which of these you think is a lot easier to perform.

Benefits of Using Pet Odor Neutralizer

There are many reasons why pet parents use the best pet odor eliminator. Here are some of the benefits that pet parents are now enjoying because of their decision to use only the best products.

  • Gets rid of nasty odors from the source

This is the inherent benefit of a good quality pet odor eliminator. Unlike air fresheners that simply emit a pleasant smell into the air so that you’ll smell the fragrance instead of the nasty odor, pet odor neutralizers work by working on the odor molecules themselves.

As we have noted above, many pet odor eliminators come with enzyme systems that eat away at the chemical bonds of odor molecules. This is how odor is effectively removed from the source. It doesn’t mask the odor; instead, it breaks the chemical bonds of the various molecules that produce the odor. Once these bonds are broken down the nasty odor naturally disappears.

The same is true with desiccants. While these products don’t necessarily destroy odor molecules, they somehow attract these molecules like magnets. Nasty pet odors are most noticeable if the source of the smell is still moist. Drying this quickly can help remove the odor as well. This is how desiccants work. They remove nasty smells by drawing out moisture at the source, helping reduce and eliminate the odor.

Some of the best pet odor neutralizer products come with a bevy of non-pathogenic bacteria. These bacteria can also engulf odor molecules which can further add to the effectiveness of the pet odor removal system. These are considered safe since the bacteria included in the formulation are of the non-pathogenic types.

  • Helps in minimizing colonization of harmful germs

There are products that come with so-called concentrated oxygen. These are actually solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide or some other compound that is able to cleave oxygen when exposed to a chemical reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide is composed of two atoms each of hydrogen and oxygen. When the solution is applied onto surfaces that have pet odors, an oxygen molecule is cleaved from the compound to produce oxygen and water of H2O. The freed oxygen is what oxidizes the odor molecules as well as harmful germs that are highly susceptible to the presence of oxygen in the environment.

Pet odor neutralizers that come with essential oils or plant extracts with known antimicrobial properties can also help provide for a relatively germ-free surface. At the very least, you’ll feel more comfortable in the knowledge that your surfaces are sanitized to a certain extent.

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  • Retains the quality of delicate fabrics and surfaces

The best pet odor eliminator doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or bleaches that can damage your fabric surfaces such as upholstery, rugs, and carpets. You don’t want your carpet to have a blotchy appearance simply because the pet odor removal product you used contained harsh bleach that ‘burned’ a certain area of your carpet or any other fabric material.

The same is true with seats, floors, and even car upholstery. You want only the best product to use on these surfaces if you want to remove that nasty smell.


Q:  What causes pet odors?

A:  Pet odors come from the bodily secretions that interact with bacteria, yeast, and other germs present on the dog’s skin. Urine, feces, and other bodily fluids excreted or released from pets also contain microorganisms that are already beginning to decompose. As these organisms, together with many other chemicals, interact with the air they release gaseous substances that are interpreted by the nose as nasty or very malodorous. Other molecules can interact with these compounds to make the smell worse.

Other causes of pet odors include bad breath, the presence of ear infections, gas formation or the passage of flatus, problems in the pet’s anal glands, and improper diet. Medical conditions such as yeast infections, kidney failure, diabetes, and cancer can also bring about a nasty odor.

Q:  Is there any way to prevent odors?

A:  There really is no single way to avoid pet odors just as there is no way to prevent your feces from smelling. What you can do however is to help minimize the length of time that these pet odors linger in your home so your place will still smell fresh and clean. The whole point about pet odor neutralizers is that these products will break down the odor molecules or somehow absorb them so that they will not be as noticeable.

That being said, it is imperative that you clean your pet’s mess as soon as possible since the longer it stays on a particular surface the more severe is the stench. This is because there is an increasing number of decaying bacteria and other microorganisms releasing malodorous fumes into the air. The sooner you clean up the mess, the fewer microorganisms are able to release such noxious fumes. Vigilance is, thus the key to preventing pet odors.

Regular and frequent grooming can also help.

Q:  How do I prepare for pet odor removal?

A:  The key to effective pet odor removal is prompt cleanup of the mess. With that in mind, you need to absorb as much fluid as possible from the affected area. You can place several sheets of paper towels or even newspapers over the damp area. Do not rub the area since doing so will only spread the wetness to the surrounding areas. This will require a larger surface area to apply your pet odor neutralizer. The idea is for you to keep on blot-drying the area until such time that the paper towels no longer show signs of dampness. This is your key that the area is already sufficiently dry so you can apply the pet odor eliminator of your choice.

Q:  How much products do I need to use in my home?

A:  You will need to look at the coverage of the product that you are using. If you intend to use desiccants as pet odor eliminators, you need to check the effective square footage of their products. For instance, some products are good only for a measly 90 square feet while others can absorb odors in rooms as large as 350 square feet. If you’re using sprays these need to be applied only on affected areas so you clearly don’t need much, unless, of course, you’ve got multiple pets that are already turning your home into their own personal commode.

Q:  Are pet odor neutralizers pet-friendly?

A:  Not all pet odor neutralizers are pet-friendly or even kid-friendly. This is why it is important to choose only those products that come with all-natural ingredients so that you can be assured of exceptional pet odor neutralization while also ensuring the safety of your pets. The point is for you to steer clear of products that contain harsh chemicals that may be toxic to your pet or, worse, may be toxic to your kids, too.

pet odor neutralizer

Our Top Pick

There were three products that earned our respect in the search for the best pet odor neutralizer: Moso, Angry Orange, and Rocco & Roxie. We found Moso to be exceptionally ideal for those who want something that is as easy as hanging or placing a pet odor neutralizer anywhere. It’s a desiccant type of odor neutralizer that works even without getting in contact with the source of the smell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with stain removal properties.

On the other hand, Angry Orange appeals to many pet parents because of its use of all-natural orange peels. As everyone already knows, orange and other citrus fruits have many applications including odor and stain removal. Unfortunately, it really isn’t as efficient as one with an enzymatic system.

It is for this reason that the Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator is our top choice for the best pet odor neutralizer. Its enzyme system and professional-grade formulation are more than enough to eliminate nasty pet odors as well as stubborn pet stains. It’s also the best carpet cleaner for dog urine primarily because of its bioactive enzyme systems. It is reasonably-priced and works well with a variety of surfaces without causing damage.

Pet odor neutralizers come in various types and forms. Some come as sprays while others as desiccants and gels. Some feature enzyme systems while others use botanicals and other safe, natural ingredients. Whatever product you choose, you’ll definitely be more confident if you start with any of the products we’ve listed herein.


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