The Best Sheets for Dog Hair (Review) in 2021

Last Updated August 24, 2020

As much as dog owners promise it won’t happen, there’s always the moment when your dog wants to get on your bed. And while it may not be the most hygienic thing to do, sometimes the opportunity for a bedtime cuddle with your pooch is too hard to resist. Bedding down with your warm, furry pet maybe enjoyable but it isn’t consequence-free, with their shedded fur collecting on your duvet cover and bed sheets.

While no bed can be totally dog hair-proof, you can shake up your bedding arrangements to make it more resistant to pesky doggo hairs. And the best place to start is with the right type of bedding. The best duvet cover and sheets for dog hair are made from fabrics low on static and repel loose pet hairs, while being comfortable and durable as well as easy to clean. We give you the lowdown on the best sheets for dog hair you can add to your laundry cupboard.


If you like your bedding to look sharp but with a soft feel you and your dog will love, our top pick from Danjor Linens won’t disappoint. Made from 1800 thread count brushed microfiber that’s wrinkle resistant, this great value bed set is also hypoallergenic, so a top performer when it comes to repelling dander and dog hair. Available in a range of 12 colors, with a good choice of those dog-hair-hiding darker shades, this is a bed set that will match any bedroom. For the price you get a flat and a fitted sheet plus four pillowcases. And, thanks to the quality microfiber, not only can you limited pet hair, but you also get a cool, comfortable sleep. The pet hair resistant sheets are machine washable too, so a hassle-free way to welcome your dog onto the bed. 

Two sheets and four pillowcases

Hotel-quality brushed microfiber

Wrinkle resistant 1800 thread count

Hypoallergenic and fade resistant

  • Brand: Danjor Linens
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Available in a choice of sizes, this pet friendly bedding set from Nestl adds a lovely touch of hotel-quality to your bedroom. Made from 1800 thread count microfiber for a smooth feel against the skin, the tight weave means there’s very little place for dog hair to hang on. You get a fitted and flat sheet, plus two matching pillowcases made from double brushed microfiber, known to be more durable than cotton and keeps its cool, whatever the weather. The fabric is also tear-resistant so can stand up to the more energetic pet or those little dog claws. Easy to care for, the fabric also wears well against pilling, maintaining the soft brushed feel for longer. Choose from an impressive 44 colors to get the perfect dog proof bedding match for your home and pet. 

Made from double brushed microfiber

Hair resistant 1800 thread count

Tear-resistant and machine washable

Available in a choice of 44 colors

  • Brand: Nestl Bedding
  • Model: B00W2CXG1Y
  • Weight: 2.99 pounds


If your pooch is a mucky pup, then these stain-resistant sheets are a good option for dog proof bedding. Made from microfiber that has a lovely soft and silky feel, there’s no compromise on looks either, as the sheets are wrinkle, shrinking and fade resistant. Each set contains a flat sheet and a well-made fitted sheet as well as two matching pillowcases and you get a choice of 17 classic colors to blend into your home. The high thread count means the fabric’s weave is super tight, giving dog hair very little choice as to where it can go and as the sheets are hypoallergenic, they are an excellent choice if you have a problem with dust and dander. The fitted sheet is also nice and deep so the set should fit most standard mattresses. This dog proof bedding set is available in a choice of sizes, from twin to king. 

Stain-resistant microfiber 

1800 thread count

Wrinkle-free and hypoallergenic

Available in 17 classic colors

  • Brand: SONORO KATE
  • Weight: 3.69 pounds


While these sheets are at the top end of our best sheets for dog hair review budget, True Luxury offer exactly that with this gorgeous 100% Egyptian cotton bed set. But while they may be high end, these sheets and pillowcases are durable enough to keep stray dog hair at bay. With a 1000 thread count, the soft touch of these dog hair resistant sheets is a delight. And as they are breathable and made from all-natural fibers, they are also a good choice for those hot summer nights. For the price you get a flat and extra-deep fitted bed sheet, as well as two standard pillowcases. The Egyptian cotton does take a little extra care to look after, but they do machine wash well. Just dry on a low setting to get rid of most of the wrinkles. Perhaps not the best bed sheets for the regular dog napper but for the occasional bedtime cuddle with your pooch, these high quality sheets will help keep stray hair at bay. 

100% pure Egyptian cotton

Hair repelling 1000 thread count

Breathable and natural fabric

Machine washable; low heat dry

  • Brand: Thread Spread
  • Weight: 4.29 pounds


Known for its microbial and hypoallergenic properties, bamboo is an excellent material for dog proof bedding. And with this popular bed set from Zen Bamboo, you get a tightly woven fabric made from 40% rayon, derived from organic bamboo. Add in brushed microfiber for durability and you get a bed sheet that’s both soft and tough. As a four-piece – a fitted sheet, and flat sheet and two pillowcases – this hair resistant bedding set is also good value for money and will last a long time with a little care. As well as resisting dust mites, pet hair and wrinkles, the sheets are stain-resistant too, so more than up to a night with the dog! Easy to clean, and no need to iron, you can also pick a pet hair resistant shade to match your pooch from the 12 bedroom chic colors in the range. 

40% rayon, from organic bamboo

60% tight woven microfiber

Good value four-piece set

Hypoallergenic and wrinkle resistant

  • Brand: Zen Bamboo
  • Weight: 3.74 pounds


This great value four-piece set from LBRO2M has a gorgeous feel that makes you think they are more expensive than they are. Made from 1800 thread microfiber that is double brushed for a luxurious touch, the sheets are also nicely pet hair resistant, thanks to the tight weave. Durable and hypoallergenic too, this all adds up to our review’s Best Price pick. For your money you get a flat and fitted sheet plus two super-soft pillowcases. These are excellent sheets for pet hair that do the job without breaking the bank. Add in the fact that they are hypoallergenic and odor resistant as well as wrinkle free, and you get a lovely cool night with your pooch. Then just shake away the hairs or pop the sheets into the washing machine and your dog proof bedspread is good to go. 

Durable 1800 thread microfiber

Bedsheet and pillowcase set

Hypoallergenic and breathable

Stain, fade and odor resistant

  • Brand: LBRO2M
  • Weight: 3.74 pounds


LIAMLAM have come up with a bumper six-piece set that has all the credentials to be hardwearing dog hair resistant sheets, without losing any style of bedroom glamor. Made from polyester microfiber, there’s a lux Egyptian cotton feel to the fabric, which also boasts a tightly woven 1800 thread count. The result is a soft to the touch bed set that repels even short dog hair. And thanks to the fabric, the sheets have the breathability you would expect from linen, so are a good choice for long, hot summer nights when you and your pooch need to keep your cool. The set offers a flat and fitted sheet, as well as four pillowcases for the complete pet hair resistant bedroom look. Hypoallergenic, the sheets are easy to clean too, although you do need to wash them in the machine on a cold setting.

Two sheets and four pillowcase set

Made from durable 1800 thread microfiber

Breathable and hypoallergenic

Machine washable (cold setting)

  • Brand: LIANLAM
  • Weight: 469 pounds


Made from 100% pure linen, our Premium Pick is a top-quality bed set that is both organic and biodegradable. This linen set is one of the best for all year use, as the fabric helps to regulate temperature keeping you cool or warm when needed as you sleep. And the tight weave of the fabric means pet hairs will struggle to get hold while the hypoallergenic properties of linen will help keep allergies from dust mites and pet dander under control. We love the chemical free stonewash finish on the linen fabric which gives it a luxuriously soft feel, but also has impressive durability, so perfect for a treat night with your pet. You do need to take care of these sheets and pillowcases to keep them hair free and long-lasting fresh, but they are machine washable on a cold gentle cycle and can even be popped into the tumble dryer. A luxurious linen bedding set for both you and your pet. 

Made from organic linen

No chemicals and biodegradable

Excellent temperature regulation

Hypoallergenic; machine washable

  • Brand: Len Linum
  • Model: Sheets set
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Best Sheets for Dog Hair Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Sheets for Dog Hair

As you are buying dog hair-repelling bed sheets for a reason, you need to ensure they are up to the job. Here are the main things you need to look for:

Thread count: Hair and dog fur cling less to materials with a high thread count, which refers to how tightly woven each thread is. Fabrics with a thread count of 600 or above also tend to be more comfortable to sleep in and have less static so it’s a win/win. Fabrics with a smooth weave, such as sateen, also repel those pesky little pet hairs.

Material: The type of material the sheet is made of is going to make all the difference to its pet hair repelling abilities. Materials with the all-important high thread counts include:

  • Thick cotton. A quality thick cotton has a super-tight weave so there are minimal spaces in the fabric for pet hair to get trapped.
  • Silk and sateen. Fabrics with a smooth weave, such as sateen, also repel those pesky little pet hairs. The tight weave of silk or sateen, as well as percale, creates a slick surface that hairs will simply slide off rather than cling to the fabric.
  • Linen. A crisp 100% linen will make a wonderful pet hair-resisting bed sheet, while being durable and breathable, especially during those hot summer months. A linen blend, with a high thread count can also work well.
  • Microfiber. Affordable and durable, this tightly woven material will see off those dog hairs. Look for a high denier which indicates the thickness of the fibers, leaving less space for pet hairs to accumulate. Microfiber also makes the best duvet cover for dog hair.

Weight and Insulation: You also need to consider the weight of your sheets to ensure they provide the right level of comfort and insulation without leaving you – or your pup – hot under the collar.

Hypoallergenic: A bed sheet that’s hypoallergenic is also going to have anti-microbial properties, which is a boon if your mucky pup is going to come in for a bedtime cuddle.

Ease of washing: Hygiene in the bedroom is essential, especially if your furry friend is going to join you. Look for bed sheets that are easy to care for and clean; stain resistance is also good to have. Avoid blankets or sheets that have specific cleaning requirements – they need to be able to be popped into the washing machine and ideally the dryer too.

Hypoallergenic: A bed sheet that’s hypoallergenic is also going to have anti-microbial properties, which is a boon if your mucky pup is going to come in for a bedtime cuddle.

Fabrics You Should Avoid

There are some fabrics you should always avoid if you are wanting to prevent hairballs in your bed, and these are fabrics with a rough texture, a high nap or an open weave. Rough fabrics such as wool will make it hard to remove pet hair that collects on the surface, while high napped fabrics such as velvet will attract those little hairs. And the open texture of knitted fabrics is a pet hair haven. Synthetic fabrics are also a real no-no as they tend to create static, which simply pulls those hairs in like a magnet.

Best Sheets for Dog Hair FAQ:

Q: What bedding color hides dog hair?

A: Get the wrong color of bedding and you will just highlight all those pet hairs, which is not a good look. Lighter colored and white bedding is just going to make pet hairs even more visible, especially if your dog is dark-haired. To keep it safe, you are best choosing darker colored bed sheets to mask all shades of dog.

Q: How do I get dog hair off my bedsheets?

A: As well as keeping your dog well-groomed and his shedding to a minimum through regular grooming, there are other ways to remove pet hair from your bed sheets. A lint roller is a good investment, especially if you get a product designed specifically to stick to all those dog hairs. Pet lint hair rollers are quick to use, and reusable if you wash them well. Another option to buy a pet hair sponge, which you use like a regular sponge to draw away any pet hair. And regular washing and changing of your bedding is a given.

Our Top Pick

For a cool and wrinkle-resistant alternative to cotton, the 1800 thread count of the microfiber in Danjor Linens Luxury Bed Sheets Set tucks it in as our review’s best choice. Affordable, easy to care for and hypoallergenic, the tight weave of the sheets and pillowcases work to repel loose pet hairs and dander while looking crisp and smooth. Available in a great choice of colors, this is a high quality set of bed sheets for dog hair that will get plenty of use in a canine-lover’s home.

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