Best Dyson Pet Vacuums (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Dyson is a brand that produces some of the world’s best vacuum cleaner appliances alongside bladeless fans, hair and hand dryers, and even heaters. They’re a relatively new company, having started in the household appliances manufacturing only in 1991. But the brand has grown to become one of the most trusted names when it comes to household and pet vacuum units. Here, we will present you with the 10 best Dyson pet vacuum reviews you can find in the market.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Features to Consider When Buying a Dyson Pet Vacuum

Picking the best Dyson pet vacuum can be surprisingly difficult as each one can look the same, differing only in a number of features. Learning what features really matter to you should help you zero in on the top Dyson pet vacuum for your home.

For a full range of the latest products on the market, check our review of the best vacuum for pet hair here.

  • Type of Dyson pet vacuum cleaner

Dyson typically comes in a variety of vacuum cleaners from uprights to cylinder vacuums, from cordless to corded, and from Animal to Multi-Floor designs. The point is that you really have to choose one that fits your purpose. If you’re looking for a pet vacuum, then the Animal version should be considered. You might also want to get the cylinder type.

  • Dyson Pet Vacuum technology

The brand features a variety of vacuum technologies like Ball vacuum, Cinetic, and the classic Radial Cyclone.

dyson pet vacuum cleaners

Each of these technologies has its pluses and minuses. Ball vacuums are quiet and very maneuverable. Cinetics are excellent for trapping and eliminating allergens and other harmful particles in the air. They’re very powerful vacuums, too. Radial Cyclones are efficient in drawing up dirt, debris, and other particles.

  • Filtration system

Many of Dyson’s pet vacuums come with whole-machine HEPA filtration system. You should always strive to get one of these units especially if you have someone in the family who has allergies or asthma. Otherwise, you can go with a more conventional filtration mechanism that you will need to maintain and replace over a certain period of time.

  • Cleaning tool attachments

A standard vacuum cleaner will clean any surface insofar as its cleaning head allows it. Sadly, there will always be areas that its standard cleaning head will not fit. Tool attachments should thus be factored into your buying decision. The more specialist cleaning tool attachments you get, the more efficient you’ll be in cleaning and vacuuming your place.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance

The technologies embedded into every Dyson product are state-of-the-art, so to speak. As such, they do require a certain level of diligence when it comes to both its operation and its maintenance. Technically, most folks don’t like very complicated operation, what more cleaning and maintenance. That being said you may want to stick with a model that is very easy to operate and quite easy to maintain.

Why Choose a Dyson Pet Vacuum?

Dyson makes some of the world’s most popular and most effective vacuum cleaners, whether it is for your home floors or for animal wastes including pet hair. The point is that the brand has been fast-tracking its technological innovations to bring to the world some of the best cleaning appliances.

Dyson integrates a variety of technologies into their vacuum cleaners. The Dyson Ball allows for greater maneuverability while allowing for a quieter operation. The Dyson Cinetic, on the other hand, comes with oscillating soft rubber tips which effectively eliminates the need for additional filtration systems. They’re usually priced higher, however. The brand’s Turbine tool is also worth mentioning since we would like to know the top vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It’s like having a really compact, lightweight, yet very powerful suction tool that picks up pet hair wherever it is. Their V-series digital motors in their classic radially-arranged cyclones are also worthy of note.

Technically, if you’re a fan of technological innovations, Dyson has it covered.

Another reason you may want to get a Dyson is the quality of its construction. Of course, you will still read some homeowners who complain about the build quality of their dog hair vacuum cleaners. Generally, however, you can expect the pet vacuum cleaner products of Dyson to be exceptionally well-built, especially the higher-end models.

Getting a Dyson entitles you to some of the industry’s longest warranties and guarantees. While most brands will give you a 12-month warranty, Dyson can give as long as 5 years, often depending on the model that you purchase.

Maintaining Your Dyson Pet Vacuum

Dyson pet vacuum cleaners are state-of-the-art cleaning appliances. Over time, however, repeated use can also lead to a reduction in their overall performance. Knowing how to maintain them in optimum operational functionality is a must.

Make it a habit to empty the dustbin after every use. While Dyson’s products are known for having large capacity bins, don’t wait until they’re full before you empty them. Make sure to clean the dustbin at least once a month or according to Dyson’s recommendations. Warm soapy water plus a good rinse should help keep it clean.

If your product came with a filter, learn how to remove this. Check the manual if you can wash it for a more thorough cleaning.

Inspect the hoses, brushes, and belts. Learn how to access these components from your owner’s manual. If these get clogged up with pet hair and other debris, physically remove these using a seam ripper. Its’ much easier this way.

Clean the outside of your vacuum cleaner. Use a rubbing alcohol-dampened microfiber cloth to wipe down every surface on the appliance. This should keep your Dyson looking good as new.

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What is HEPA Filtration and Why is it Important?

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. It is the kind of filtration system that effectively traps particles with a size of at least 3 microns, although more advanced HEPA filters can filter up to 2-micron-width particles. Any particle that is 2 microns or bigger is left trapped in the very thin, overlapping fibers of the HEPA filter. What are allowed to pass are those particles that are less than 2 microns in width.

In the biomedical industry, HEPA filters are important in the ongoing prevention of the transmission or spread of viral and bacterial infections. The best-rated HEPA units typically come with high-energy UV lights, killing 99.995% of the viruses and bacteria that are trapped by the HEPA filter.

HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners are important among allergy and asthma sufferers. Vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters trap dust mite feces, pollen, and other particles that can trigger an allergic response or even an asthmatic attack.

pet hair dyson vacuum

Our Top Pick for the Best Dyson Pet Vacuum

The V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner earns the top spot in our list of the 10 best Dyson pet vacuums because of its powerful suction, whole-machine HEPA filtration technology, hygienic dust bin emptying, more powerful brush bar, and a highly-efficient V8 Dyson digital motor. The mini motorized tool that comes with the 2-tier, 15 radial cyclone technology is perfect for picking up pet hair. And while it is only let down by its 8-minute max runtime on full suction power, it does a good job at managing pet hair and other debris.

Dyson produces some of the world’s best pet vacuum cleaners. It is best known for its powerful suction and ingenious technologies embedded into each product series. You’ll never go wrong with a Dyson in your hand; that is if you don’t mind its hefty price tag.

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