Best Doormat for Dogs (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

The whole world can be divided into two major categories – dog people and cat people. While both the groups can present strong arguments as to why their choice is superior, we can all agree both of these cuties are expert in bringing all the dirt from outdoors to indoors. Dogs are especially prone to such tendencies since they often go for long walks at the park.

No matter how much we love them, cleaning the mess made by them every now and then becomes tiring. We can keep all the dirt at bay by choosing to implant a nice doormat of high quality at the entrance and training the dogs to use it. While you take care of the training part all by yourself, let us bring you some of the best doormat for dogs as listed below:

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat

Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat

Internet's Best Chenille Dog Mat

DII Natural Coir Non Slip Backing Doormat

DII Natural Coir Non Slip Backing Doormat

Best Doormat for Dogs Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying Doormat for Dogs?

  • Absorption Power

Since the main purpose of bringing a doormat for your dog is to absorb the dirt and prevent it from spreading around the area, its absorption power is the most vital factor while deciding which one to settle for. So look for their absorption rate which should be 1500 GSM at a minimum.

  • Material

When it comes to material, the chenille microfibers exhibit the best performance by soaking in the undesirable matters every time like a pro. However, washing them in the machine can leave some fiber traces in the water supply.

  • Non-slip Bottom

The last thing you would expect a doormat to do is to slip out from under your dog’s paws every time it tries to shed the dirt. So a non-slip or non-skid bottom surface is necessary to keep the mat stable in its position.

  • Convenient and Durable

In this busy life, you would need a mat which can be easily washed in the machine or with the vacuum. The structure should support long durability to survive wear and tear efficiently.

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  • Indoor and Outdoor

Depending on where you plan to put the mat, you should determine if it should be an indoor mat, outdoor mat or both! All of these varieties are available on the market so you can choose any for your patio or front door.

  • Size

Doormats for dogs usually come in three main sizes which are medium, large and extra-large. There are also some smaller ones which are meant for compact spaces.

  • Design

Although most pet doormats feature a low-key pattern on a basic color palette of black, brown, beige and oatmeal, some doormats go that extra mile by portraying cute designs of bones or paws.

dog doormat

Benefits of Using Doormat for Dogs

As much as we love dogs, they tend to unintentionally litter everywhere with their dirty little paws. Doormats can help us by taking up all the dirt by themselves from these pets whenever they enter or leave the house. Besides, it also soaks in all the unwanted particles from shoes of your family members, keeping the house floor shiny.

It also helps the floor to last a long time by keeping it safe from any possible contaminants. Lastly, these doormats come in many colors and designs raising the style quotient of your abode.

Doormat for Dogs Maintenance

For weekly cleaning, you can shake the doormats outside while sweeping the lawn or porch. After that, vacuum it to get rid of any residue. Every month, check the mat for any suspicious smell. If you detect any, put some baking soda on and let it sit for a few minutes. Seasonally, give it a rigorous wash with mild dish soap.

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Q:  If my dog falls asleep on doormat will it hurt the dog?

A:  Your dog can sleep on the doormat as long as it is made of a comfortable material. The mats should have a thick padding or be built of fabrics like polyester.

Q:  Are doormats for dogs safe for kids?

A:  It is ideal to keep the doormats for dogs away from kids since they generally contain a lot of germs and dirt particles. Your kid should be under supervision to not pay with it too elaborate otherwise he or she might grow a disease. Even if you wash and clean the mat regularly, keep the area outside door mat inaccessible by the kids to ensure their good health.

Q:  Can I keep doormat for dogs outside my front door?

A:  If your doormat is meant to be used outdoor, of course, you can put it outside. Usually, such front door mats are made of materials like rubber which can easily rub off the mud and dust.

Q:  Can periodic vacuuming damage the doormat?

A:  Vacuuming the doormat every single day can damage its texture and absorption power. Instead, maintain a healthy interval of 3 days to a week between two consecutive vacuums.

Q:  What does GSM mean?

A:  GSM stands for grams per square meter. It is a metric unit of measuring the weight of a fabric. A fabric or mat with higher GSM would mean that it is thick enough to absorb a high amount of water or moisture.

doormat for dogs

Our Top Pick

Dog Gone Smart Large Dirty Dog Doormat is the best doormat for dogs for use since it offers premium quality and service at an affordable cost. It has a high GSM absorption rate of 3000 and can cover a large area with any of its stylish colors. Your precious pet can take advantage of its advanced microfiber technology which soaks up moisture seven times its weight. Besides, the double basting and gripper non-skid backing make it super long-lasting as well!


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