The whole world can be divided into two major categories – dog people and cat people. While both the groups can present strong arguments as to why their choice is superior, we can all agree both of these cuties are experts in bringing all the dirt from the outdoors indoors. Dogs are especially prone to such tendencies since they often go for long walks at the park.

No matter how much we love them, cleaning the mess made by them every now and then becomes tiring. We can keep all the dirt at bay by choosing to implant a nice doormat of high quality at the entrance and training the dogs to use it. While you take care of the training part all by yourself, let us bring you some of the best doormats for dogs, as listed below.

The Best Doormats for Dogs

1 Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat
Key features:
  • Six colors
  • High GSM absorption rate
  • Soaks up to 7x its weight
  • Gripper Non-skid backing
  • Double basting
  • Dries 5x faster
  • Machine washable

As you can guess from the name, Dog Gone Smart is a brand dedicated to manufacturing pet products for dogs only. Exploring this area for eight years, they have brought out many useful accessories to provide maximum convenience for the pet owners while also ensuring the dog’s comfort. Similarly, this doormat is dedicated to bringing only happiness to your pet in the house and not the dirt.

This is one of the large doormats which can provide more coverage area for the dog to soak up mud and other dirt particles. Measured at 35×26 inches, this mat comes in an array of solid colors like brown, khaki, gray, maroon, and pacific blue. Let your dog choose which one he finds the most attractive and comfortable! It is also available in medium and runner sizes.

When it comes to technological advantages, this doormat has a few features including a high GSM absorption rate, Gripper Non-Skid backing, double basting, and advanced microfiber. Usually, the mat fabrics have a GSM of 900 to 1500. The absorption rate of the Dog Gone Smart large doormat, however, is 3000 which is double the highest value of the usual range.

Combining this super-absorbent material along with the advanced microfiber technology, the mat dries up almost instantly and soaks up to seven times its weight. Since it has 50% more microfibers, it can dry up five times faster than typical doormats. You can also throw it into the machine for a quick wash.

Although it has a velvety surface on top, the back contains the heavy Gripper Non-Skid keeping the mat stable even when your dog is feeling impatient. The double basting along with even stitching makes it extremely durable. You can use it in cars, crates, and below dish bowls too!

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2 Mayshine Microfiber Doormat For Dogs

Mayshine Microfiber Doormat For Dogs
Key features:
  • Six colors
  • High GSM absorption rate
  • Soaks up to 7x its weight
  • Gripper Non-skid backing
  • Double basting
  • Dries 5x faster
  • Machine washable

The Chinese clothes manufacturer Mayshine knows a thing or two about fabrics, evident from its dog doormats. This one also covers a large area with its gigantic width of 59 inches and length of 31 inches. Two other sizes are also available, measured at 20 x 32 inches and 20 x 24U inches. You can find all of them in six gentle colors dark grey, turquoise, green, marzipan, white, dark blue, brown, and black.

It saves you from the hassle of falling fiber strands everywhere with the unique fiber-locking technique. The neatly wrapped sides also help keep the hairs on the mat instead of its surroundings. In addition, since it is made of thick chenille yarns, it can absorb water faster. Compared to cotton, it can absorb seven times more water.

It is soft on the front side with tender microfibres—a 6mm foam placed inside lets your dog relieve all pressure and rest in superior comfort. The back of this mat, in contrast, has a non-slip texture made of high-quality PVC material. As a result, it will stay stable in one place instead of slipping or sliding in other directions. It can be washed both manually and by machine.

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3 Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Doormat

Internet's Best Chenille Dog Doormat
Key features:
  • Three colors
  • Soft and absorbent microfiber
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Machine washable

Among the dog doormats made of chenille, this is one of the best and widest. It provides coverage for a 60 x 30 inches area, allowing your dog much more space to shake off its dirt. If you need smaller sizes, they are also available in 40 x 24 inches and 35 x 25 inches. In addition, you can choose between the brow, gray, and tan shades, which can hide all the accumulated dirt particles very well.

Its soft, comfortable top surface has high-quality microfiber, which absorbs a large amount of water and dries up faster than the average mats. In addition, the bristles trap the muddy residue from your dog’s paws, keeping the surroundings clean. On the other side, the bottom stays in position with the non-skid texture.

You can wash it in the machine with cold water and then air dry or tumble dry. It can be used at the front door, in cars, in the laundry room, etc. 

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4 Design Imports Doormat For Dogs

Design Imports Doormat For Dogs
Key features:
  • 25 designs
  • Coconut coir fiber
  • Strong rubber backing
  • High strength polyester
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

This dog doormat from Dii comes in a wide range of designs, including arrowhead, beer, bicycle, football, etc. There are 25 patterns like this in total, so you will have the freedom to make your choice according to your aesthetics. It comes in two sizes 18 x 30 inches and 1 x 60 inches. Select the one which most suits your pet’s size and the space you can accommodate it.

These beautiful doormats are built of 100% coconut coir fibers which are very suitable for your pet to dust its paws. The doormats have a strong rubber backing to prevent them from slipping under your feet. In addition, the high-strength polyester material will help it survive tough environments and harsh conditions.

It can be used both indoors and outdoor. This doormat is ideal for entryways in the patio, garage, laundry room, or front door. You can put it in any room with high traffic from the outside. The half-an-inch thickness is perfect for everyone to shake off the dirt and move on without getting stuck.

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5 Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat
Key features:
  • 6 designs
  • All-natural rubber
  • Polypropylene fabric
  • Heavy-duty beveled borders
  • Waterproof
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

This waterproof dog rug from Gorilla Grip is 100% high-quality, all-natural rubber. It is also built of many recycled materials. So by investing in this doormat, you would be investing in keeping the environment clean. The natural rubber keeps it strong, soft, flexible, and highly durable all at the same time.

The beveled rubber border doesn’t let the trapped moisture, dirt, and other unwanted particles spread around the space. It is also weaved with polypropylene fabric whose patterned grooves and slightly raised structure prevent abrasion. So you can use it in both indoor and outdoor areas.

This mat comes in several colors like black, gray, chocolate, dark brown, and beige. You can also find them in low-profile design patterns like quatrefoil, maze, squares, pebble, diamond, and welcome.

The mat can cover a moderate area with its 29 x 17 inches dimension. It can be cleaned with a vacuum or sweeping, but using bleach will damage its quality.

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6 My Doggy Place Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat

My Doggy Place Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat
Key features:
  • 5 colors
  • 5x GSM absorption rate
  • Double stitching
  • No-slip backing
  • Long microfiber
  • Machine washable

Bring comfort and cleanliness to your beloved dog with this doormat made of chenille. Its large version measures 36 x 26 inches, though it is also available in two other sizes – medium at 31 x 20 inches and extra-large at 5 x 3 feet. You can also find more variety with the five vibrant colors it comes in – red, navy blue, charcoal, brown, and oatmeal.

They provide the same texture with long microfibers for trapping dirt and moisture easily. Its GSM absorption rate is five times more than normal mats. Moreover, this mat dries up as fast as it soaks in water. The No-Slip rubber backing provides the necessary grip, and the double stitching ensures greater durability. If it gets too dirty, you can wash it in the machine.

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7 Grip Master Rubber Indoor Outdoor Door Mat

Grip Master Rubber Indoor Outdoor Door Mat
Key features:
  • 3 colors
  • All-natural rubber
  • Polypropylene fabric
  • Heavy-duty beveled borders
  • Low-profile design
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

Another all-natural rubber contender in our search for the best doormat for dogs is this one from Grip Master. Living up to its title, this mat really offers a superior grip with the textured bottom. On top, the surface is very soft and comfortable yet tough enough to capture all the dirt and moisture.

Besides, thick and strong polypropylene fabric is woven to enhance its breadth. This fabric is slightly raised so that its patterned consistency keeps all dirty matter inside. The heavy-duty rubber beveled borders also help in this regard. Hence, the floor remains clean and so do your adorable dog’s cute paws. Find it in any of the three colors, all of which come in a low-profile design.

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8 Soggy Doggy Doormat

Soggy Doggy Doormat

Although the brand’s name is Soggy Doggy, wet is the last thing this doormat would be for your precious pet. It has superior absorption power that can soak in the water five times more than typical mats.

Besides absorbing water like a sponge, it can also enhance your interior aesthetics with the cute dog bone design embedded in a chenille background of stylish colors like red, blue, pink, cranberry, evergreen, dark chocolate, caramel, grey and beige.

It is available in two sizes large and extra-large. The first one measures 26 x 36 inches, while the second one is 60 inches wide with the same length. It will be a soft bed to rest on for your dog because of the snuggly chenille microfibers. You can wash and dry it anytime in machines.

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9 SlipToGrip Jumbo Door Mat For Dogs

SlipToGrip Jumbo Door Mat For Dogs
Key features:
  • Anti-slip and durable Polypropylene fiber
  • Extra-absorbent and quick-drying
  • Easy cleaning
  • Washing machine and dryer friendly
  • BPA-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Effectively captures dirt and debris

The summer and winter seasons often leave their mark on dog owners; if you are not quick enough to have a towel ready, the floor is already covered with paw prints after a walk in the park. The remedy is to have a special doormat in hand like the SlipToGrip Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Door Mat. No object of an apartment or house says so much about its inhabitants. As a doormat, this special doormat from SlipToGrip can welcome visitors or send them back directly.

As a special dog doormat, it makes your home comfortable and caters to the needs of your pup. So, on the one hand, it offers high walking comfort, and on the other hand, it can turn a sterile apartment into a real oasis of well-being. So, it is not for nothing this dog doormat is so popular.

The SlipToGrip Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Door Mat consists of extra-absorbent and quick-drying, anti-slip, and durable Polypropylene fiber. Such a fabric can take up the damp dirt of the dog’s paws and that of your shoes like a sponge. At the same time, the material feels very soft and pleasant – good if you want to put it as a backing in the car, for example. This doormat needs to be sprayed with water for cleaning, and it’s good to be used again. To quickly flatten the mat if creasing takes place, it can be easily placed in the dryer on high heat for five minutes, and it will be returned to normal.

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Best Dog Doormats: Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

What to Consider When Buying Doormat for Dogs

Dog laying at the doormat

Absorption Power

Since the main purpose of bringing a doormat for your dog is to absorb the dirt and prevent it from spreading around the area, its absorption power is the most vital factor when deciding which one to settle for. So look for their absorption rate which should be 1500 GSM at a minimum.


When it comes to material, the chenille microfibers exhibit the best performance by soaking in the undesirable matters every time like a pro. However, washing them in the machine can leave some fiber traces in the water supply.

Non-slip Bottom

The last thing you would expect a doormat to do is to slip out from under your dog’s paws every time it tries to shed the dirt. So a non-slip or non-skid bottom surface is necessary to keep the mat stable in its position.

Convenient and Durable

In this busy life, you would need a mat that can be easily washed in a machine or with a vacuum. The structure should support long durability to survive wear and tear efficiently.

Check out our articles on Vacuum for Pet Hair and Dyson Pet Vacuums.

Indoor and Outdoor

Depending on where you plan to put the mat, you should determine if it should be an indoor mat, outdoor mat, or both! All of these varieties are available on the market so you can choose any for your patio or front door.


Doormats for dogs usually come in three main sizes which are medium, large, and extra-large. There are also some smaller ones that are meant for compact spaces.


Although most pet doormats feature a low-key pattern on a basic color palette of black, brown, beige, and oatmeal, some doormats go that extra mile by portraying cute designs of bones or paws.

Benefits of Using Dog Doormats

dog with a leash lying on a doormat near the front door of the apartment

As much as we love dogs, they tend to unintentionally litter everywhere with their dirty little paws. Doormats can help us by taking up all the dirt by themselves from these pets whenever they enter or leave the house. Besides, it also soaks in all the unwanted particles from the shoes of your family members, keeping the house floor shiny.

It also helps the floor to last a long time by keeping it safe from any possible contaminants. Lastly, these doormats come in many colors and designs raising the style quotient of your abode.

Take a look at our guide on the Best Pet-Safe Floor Cleaners.

How to Clean a Doormat

sanitizing front doormat using steam cleaner

For weekly cleaning, you can shake the doormats outside while sweeping the lawn or porch. After that, vacuum it to get rid of any residue. Every month, check the mat for any suspicious smell. If you detect any, put some baking soda on and let it sit for a few minutes. Seasonally, give it a rigorous wash with mild dish soap.

Our Top Pick

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat is the best doormat for dogs’ use since it offers premium quality and service at an affordable cost. It has a high GSM absorption rate of 3000 and can cover a large area with any of its stylish colors. Your precious pet can take advantage of its advanced microfiber technology which soaks up moisture seven times its weight. Besides, the double basting and gripper non-skid backing make it super long-lasting as well!


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Best Doormat for Dogs FAQs:

Your dog can sleep on the doormat as long as it is made of a comfortable material. The mats should have thick padding or be built of fabrics like polyester.

It is ideal to keep the doormats for dogs away from kids since they generally contain a lot of germs and dirt particles. Your kid should be under supervision to not pay with it too elaborate otherwise he or she might grow a disease. Even if you wash and clean the mat regularly, keep the area outside the doormat inaccessible to the kids to ensure their good health.

If your doormat is meant to be used outdoor, of course, you can put it outside. Usually, such front door mats are made of materials like rubber which can easily rub off the mud and dust.

Vacuuming the doormat every single day can damage its texture and absorption power. Instead, maintain a healthy interval of 3 days to a week between two consecutive vacuums.

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It is a metric unit for measuring the weight of a fabric. A fabric or mat with higher GSM would mean that it is thick enough to absorb a high amount of water or moisture.

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