The Best Spiked Dog Collars (Review) in 2021

Last Updated September 3, 2020

Investing in a spiked dog collar won’t only make your dog look fierce, the best spiked dog collars will boost your dog’s chances of survival if they ever find themselves in a fight with a wild coyote or angry neighborhood dog. Whether you have a small dog who is often picked on due to their size or a large dog who requires a macho collar to match their tough personality, a collar boasting sharp spikes is a worthwhile accessory to buy.

However, as with all popular items, there are always chancers who “cheap out” on the materials and skill required to make a durable product. In order to ensure our readers don’t wind up disappointed when what was advertised to them as a collar featuring “sharp spikes” arrives completely blunt, we’ve filtered out the bad collars from the good. The ten spiked dog collars included in our buying guide are bound to keep your beloved pet out of harms way.

The Best Spiked Dog Collar


Designed to protect the fragile necks of cats and puppies, AOLOVE’s durable pet collar is designed for boisterous small animals who believe they’re the size of hounds. Made of a durable combination of PU leather and alloy, dog owners are spoiled for choice between thirteen different colors of pet collar to choose from.

The functional spikes won’t even poke or cut your dog. In fact, the back of the studs are smoothly rounded at the edges to ensure your dog’s skin isn’t at all irritated. And boasting five different holes for adjusting on the go, your dog will feel both fierce and comfortable simultaneously.

Made of high-quality PU (faux) leather

Includes five different holes for adjustment

Available in five different sizes

Spikes will not poke or cut dog

  • Brand: AOLOVE
  • Weight: 1.59 ounces


Beirui’s sharp leather dog collar certainly isn’t built just for looks. The spikes are sharp to the extent that customers have taken to filing them down so they don’t run the risk of catching a stranger’s skin or fabric if your dog runs by. Yet if you often feel like your dog is in danger whenever you take them to the public dog park, this stylish dog collar serves as a necessary precaution.

Made of resilient PU leather, the collar’s durability is enhanced by the inclusion of a heavy-duty metal D ring that means the collar can be attached to your dog’s leash. And the metal buckle additionally guarantees that the collar can easily be removed when you get back from walks to prevent your dog snuggling up on the sofa and accidentally spiking you!

Heavy-duty D ring can be attached to by leash

Supple PU leather keeps collar in prime condition

High quality metal buckle contains six rigid rivets to ensure durable construction

Company offer free return policy

  • Brand: Berry Pet
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


Rachel Dog Collars is proud to present their genuine leather dog collar, ideal for small to medium dogs whose owners worry about them playing rough with larger dogs twice their size. The design consists of three lines – two being decorative rivets that surround the silver spikes.

The company want you to feel at ease watching your small pet running around in the field with larger dogs and promise that they won’t exceed 24 hours in getting back to your queries. What’s more, the buckle is included for the purpose of leash attachment. For the unbelievable price, we can’t quite believe the amount of protection it offers.

Durable leather material comfortable for your dog to wear on walks

Nine spikes and sixteen decorative rivets adorn the collar

Choice of fifteen different collar colors to choose from

Designed to protect small to medium dogs

  • Brand: Rachel Dog Collars
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


Dogs Kingdom’s Leather studded dog collar functions as a protective shield for your pooch. Whether you opt for the menacing black or red designs or the girly pink and purple shades, all different colors are made out of sturdy PU leather to guarantee product longevity

One major perk this collar offers is its wideness that covers both your dog’s neck and their jugular vein – the most sensitive areas of dogs’ bodies. Plus, although the studs are indeed sharp, they’re not deathly sharp that you become injured if your dog inadvertently brushes up against your leg.

Thick collar available in six different bright colors

Made of premium PU leather

Studs are rounded, so you don’t get poked if your dog brushes up against your leg

Sturdy enough to protect your dog’s neck and jugular vein from harm during a fight

  • Brand: Dogs Kingdom
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


If you’re a minimalist who favors uncluttered, classic designs over glitz, Enjoying’s spiked collar for dogs is the product for you. Only one row of silver rivets adorn this collar made of leather resembling the texture of crocodile skin.

To guarantee durability, the collar is reinforced at the edges to keep it in prime condition for many years to come. This leather spiked dog collar is also ideal for dogs with necks all different sizes – from extra-small (8 to 11 inch) to large (14 to 18 inch), there is bound to be a spiked studded collar for every breed of pooch.

Choice between four different sizes

Size can be adjusted between eight centimeters

Suitable for dogs and cats

Studs and spikes are made from stainless steel

  • Brand: Enjoying
  • Weight: 0.81 ounces


If your dog’s personality is a tad eccentric, why not purchase them a wide bandana style scarf to match? Bandana style studded dog collars have shot up in popularity not only because of their fashionable nature, but by virtue of them offering a larger amount of protection around the neck in comparison to smaller studded leather dog collars.

Didog are all too aware of how irresistible their piked and studded leather bandana is and accordingly, offer all customers the chance to replace it for up to thirty days and obtain a full refund. Yet once you see how comfortable your dog is parading around with their new collar on, you won’t want to return this collar for anything.

Available in Black, Golden, and Red

Manufacturers offer thirty day replacement and full refund

Built-in bandana design offers an extra area of protection

Very comfortable for dogs – even those who have sensitive skin

  • Brand: Didog
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


Now this is a spike collar worth its weight in gold. Harley-Davidson’s incredible spiked leather dog collar simply oozes quality – from the sturdy nickel plated studs to the durable D ring. Warning: this dashing accessory should only be worn by big dogs who are as tough as they come.

The two layers of sturdy black leather, beautifully sewn together with bright orange thread to guarantee a lifespan of at least a couple of years, are adorned with solid acorn spikes. What sets this spike dog collar apart from other durable models is the notorious “Bar and Shield” emblem – serving as a visual reminder of what high quality items look like.

Attractive contract between black leather collar and orange thread

Two layers of leather sewn together to ensure longevity

Spikes sharp enough for protecting your dog yet dull enough that you don’t get cut

Puppies won’t chew this spiked collar apart anytime soon!

  • Brand: Harley-Davidson
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


Crafted from black faux leather, DML’s spiked studded dog collar has been specifically designed for pitbull boxers. Two inches wide of PU leather will make your sweet pitbull look wonderfully fierce. And if it doesn’t fit round your dog’s neck immediately, there are a total of five holes to play around with to achieve an optimal fit.

Featuring nickel-plated hardware – thirty seven spikes and sixty studs to be exact – and a D-ring so the collar can be quickly attached to a lead, manufacturers have considered every way to make their studded dog collar indestructible. And given the large amount of five star reviews this collar receives, it appears as though they have succeeded.

Durable PU (faux) leather keeps collar in prime condition

Five holes for adjusting the collar to size

A commendable thirty-seven spikes and sixty studs keep dogs’ necks protected

  • Brand: DML
  • Weight: 8 ounces


The perfect model for rural dogs who live out in the mountains or countryside where dogs frequently roam, any dog who dares bite your pooch around the neck is in for a nasty shock if they’re wearing Pet Artist’s spiked dog collar. For starters, the spikes are absolutely huge and, most importantly, sharp – this is not a collar for wearing around the house or simply for vanity, that’s for sure!

Thanks to the five metal eyelets that keep the collar intact, the collar is suitable for medium to giant breeds of dog. And if you ever decide this collar is not the neck protection your pooch requires, Pet Artist are happy to grant you a full refund at any point. With the incredulous amount of orders they receive on a daily basis, refunding your collar will be but a small dent in their profits.

Owners have the option between White, Black, and Red

100% quality guarantee at any point after purchase

Protective large spikes provide perfect protection against coyotes

Five metal eyelets keep collar sturdy

  • Brand: Pet Artist
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds


Saving our final collar for customers who believe that everything looks better with a dash of bling, Beirui’s leather dog collar is awesome in terms of both looks and functionality. The bronze design in particular is an incredible accessory for a pitbull or boxer to show off their badass personality. Both Beirui’s Black and Bronze designs feature an ostentatious skull emblem as a visual symbol that other dogs should not mess with them.

With five adjustable holes that guarantee the most secure fit for each and every dog, the protective perks this collar will grant your dog don’t stop there. What’s more, a whopping thirty-six black spikes covering this collar’s surface will stop any nasty dog or coyote in their tracks. Finally, your dog can even go on walks in the rain with this collar as protection and, as a result of its waterproof construction, this collar won’t fade or look any less awesome.

Sparkly bronze and black designs include cool skull logo

The perfect size to fit Pitbull and Boxer necks

Waterproof construction makes collar idea for dog walks

Thirty-six black spikes keep dog’s neck from harm

  • Brand: Beirui
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

Best Spiked Dog Collar Buying Guide & FAQ

Are you thrilled to have discovered the ultimate spiked dog collar for your canine from our carefully curated list of nickel plated, studded dog collars, yet still have a few questions that need answering? We’re sure to have acknowledged them in our buying guide and FAQ below.

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What to Consider When Buying a Spiked Collar for Your Dog

For families who live high up in the mountains or out in the countryside, choosing the correct a spiked collar for your dog is an important decision – after all, their life may depend on it. Therefore, to guarantee you make the right decision the first time around, we’ve drawn up a list of questions you should be asking yourself during the buying process.

Can this collar be adjusted once on your dog? For dog collars that aren’t specifically designed for the necks of breeds like Pitbulls, it can be hard to get measurements right in advance based on the company’s measuring guides alone. Therefore, it’s suggested that you look for a spiked collar with adjustment holes. A collar that includes five adjustment holes should suffice.

How many spikes do you want, and are they for show or for protection? Let’s face it; spiked dog collars look unbelievably cool. There’s no better and more fashionable way to announce to the world that your dog is a boss and should not be messed with. However, as a result of their fashionable nature, many brands only design spiked dog collars to be trendy accessories for city dogs rather to serve an actual function. If you want your spiked collar to protect your pup’s neck, purchase a high-quality dog collar featuring high quality, nickel plated spikes fitted all around the collar.

Is my collar made from leather or faux leather? (Spoiler alert) leather and faux leather offer nowhere near the same quality. Faux leather, otherwise known as PU leather, is made from a plastic base and then enhanced with either polyurethane, wax, or dye to obtain the correct color and texture. When compared to real leather, it’s much less breathable and won’t last for anywhere near the same amount of time. Although we obviously recommend purchasing a collar made from real leather, faux leather is much cheaper and serves as a viable alternative when the real material is too expensive.

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Best Spiked Dog Collar FAQ:

Q: Do spiked collars hurt dogs?

A: Let’s make one thing clear; every spiked collar reviewed in this buying guide isn’t designed to and won’t hurt your dog. This misconception has originated due to prong collars. Prong collars consist of metal spikes on the inside that hurt dogs’ necks whenever they pull on the leash. They are incredibly inhumane and cause dogs to go become aggressive. Imagine if spikes jabbed into your neck whenever you stepped a bit out of line and you’ll understand why these collars cause mental and physical anguish.

On the other hand, the collars reviewed in this buying guide that contain spikes pointing outwards are not designed to hurt your dog, but protect them from wild animals and aggressive dogs. Coyotes have rapidly spread over the US to the point that these hunters frequent its main cities such as Chicago and Washington D.C. These crepuscular creatures are renowned for stalking and killing domesticated cats and dogs. Although such attacks are rare, they do happen, and dogs who sport spiked collars have an increased chance of survival.

Q: Should I take my dog’s collar off at night?

A: It ultimately depends on the type of environment your dog frequents at night to make a decision on whether they should be wearing a collar or not. If your dog spends their evenings safely snuggled up at home, a collar with spikes protruding on the outside may make it difficult for your dog to snuggle down easily. Likewise, they won’t require any protection if they’re safe inside the house.

On the other hand, if your dog enjoys spending their evenings roaming around outside on your grounds, a spiked collar will protect them from predators and angry neighborhood dogs who dare to venture near. Plus, if your dog wanders off, collars are recommended for holding your contact details. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to judge the risk.

Q: Do studded collars make dogs aggressive?

A: There is no evidence to suggest that studded collars make dogs aggressive. Unlike inhumane prong and choke collars, studded collars won’t hurt your dog in the slightest. As a result, they won’t lash out due to physical and mental stress.

Q: Will a spiked collar protect my dog?

A: Yes, a spiked collar worth its salt will protect your dog’s neck from becoming injured. In fact, spiked collars originated in Ancient Greece with their purpose being to protect herding dogs from wolf attacks. Predators knew that going for a dog’s neck – the most vulnerable part of their body – increased their chances of injuring them, thereby giving them the opportunity to feast on sheep and cattle. Nowadays, when aggressive dogs and coyotes attack a dog, they instinctively aim for the same area of the body. That’s why it’s important to browse a range of dog spiked collars, especially if you live in rural areas, to give your pup an advantage in a brawl.

Dog on a leash

Our Top Pick

AOLOVE’s Mushrooms Spiked Rivet Studded Adjustable Pu Leather Pet Collar is our preferred pick when considering size, price, and durability. Available in thirteen diverse colors, the combination of high quality faux leather, nickel plated hardware, and heavy-duty D ring work in tandem to protect your dog’s most sensitive body part from harm. Although not the appropriate size for protecting large dogs, amongst spiked collars for small dogs AOLOVE’s model emerges as a clear outlier.


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