The Best Dog Harness for Stress-Free Walking (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 19, 2021

Regular exercise, such as daily walks, is important for your dog’s physical and mental health. A brisk outdoor walk not only helps your pup maintain optimal weight and remain fit, but also improves their mood and alleviates stress. And while some dogs need nothing more than a plain dog collar and leash, others need something more comfortable as well as more secure to keep them in check. This is where dog harnesses come in – not only do they prevent excess pulling and choking, they also help with mobility issues for older or injured dogs. To help you find the right dog harness for your pup, we’ve reviewed dozens of different models, highlighting some of the best ones down below. We’ve also put together a comprehensive buying guide,  so keep on reading!

The Best Dog Harness for Stress-Free Walking


A suitable harness shouldn’t have to be overly complicated, and the Kurgo Dog Harness is an excellent proof of that. It features a really simple yet functional design that gets the job done. It’s quite lightweight and easy to put on, making it a comfortable fit for most dogs. The breed of your dog doesn’t matter that much because the harness is fully adjustable, although, of course, you want to pick the right neck size for your pup. Additionally, three quick-release plastic buckles play a huge part when slipping the harness on and off. They are great for those ‘on-the-go’ moments when there’s really no time to wait and stop for too long. 

With up to five adjustment points on its top dog harness, the leash attachment easily expands or tightens to fit a wide range of dogs. At the front and back, there’s a D-ring that instantly attaches to a leash for quick morning walks. It allows for more control, with less pull, ensuring both you and the excited walker have a great time with fewer concerns. 

Non-pull D-ring

Includes dog seat belt

Lightweight and durable

Quick-release buckles

  • Brand: Kurgo
  • Model: K00024
  • Weight: 10.7 ounces


All dog owners want the absolute best for their four-legged companions, including their daily walks.  Controlling their movement with a leash may get the job done, but it’s not the safest and most comfortable option out there. Getting a comfortable, durable harness, on the other hand, can keep dogs in check without compromising on safety and comfort. The RUFFWEAR- Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness is one of those convenient harnesses.

This harness for dogs comes with four adjustment points, ensuring a wide range of canines can wear it.  There’s the foam-padded form that keeps their back and tummies from feeling the pressure from every tug. Adding enhanced longevity to a comfortable design, this harness comes with sturdy shell fabric and a reinforced webbing loop for extra durability. And for even more functionality, this no-pull harness comes with reflective stitching that light up in the dark. 

Reinforced webbing loop for dogs that pull

4 points of adjustment

Durable quick-release buckles

ID Tag Storage

  • Brand: RUFFWEAR
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces


To walk large breed dogs with fewer concerns, you need to have a highly durable and reliable large dog harness like the EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness No-Pull Vest. This harness vest comes in larger sizes for a suitable and comfortable fit for bigger dogs. What’s more, a sturdy rubber ring is incorporated on top of the harness to allow for more control, so the harness offers a no-pull operation, allowing the dog just enough freedom to walk around. 

Even when they get out of control or suddenly lunge at an object, this no-pull dog harness allows the tension to evenly distribute along with the harness once you pull on it. Dogs will feel less suffocated and restrained while being led with just the right amount of control. Even better is the fact that this reflective dog harness comes with a quick buckle for easy wear – quick and simple to put on and off, yet so secure!

Strong rubber ring and metal D ring for better control

Designed for medium to large dogs

No-pull design

Nighttime reflective tape

  • Model: PP003-030
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces


The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Adjustable Outdoor Dog Harness comes in many colors and sizes to choose from. Yes, dogs should stay in check while going on walks, but no-one ever said they can’t do that stylishly! With sizes from S to XL and six colors available, practically any dog can rock this durable and great-looking vest. It promises a snug, yet comfortable hold on the body, with a form that’s easy to slip on. 

The harness also features an overhead design that easily slips on, with quick-release buckles that make things even easier. Thanks to the Nylon Oxford make, the material is breathable and soft on the coat with extra-padding for enhanced convenience. Equally establishing comfort and convenience during walks, the model comes with a front clip on the chest plate for front leash walking or jogging, as well as a back clip for car rides.

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No-pull design

Easy to put on

Fully adjustable

Safe and comfortable

  • Brand: Rabbitgoo
  • Model: DTCW006L
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces


ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Whether your pooch is in training, a service or working dog, or an everyday pet that needs a little extra control, this tactical dog harness from Icefang keeps them both comfortable and secure. Available in four sizes and fully adjustable across the shoulders and chest, it is easy to fit and certainly looks working dog smart.

Made from durable canvas like material that also allows a decent amount of airflow to keep things fresh, this is one hard-working vest harness. The quick release metal shoulder buckles offer a 1000-pound load bearing, so can withstand the pull pressure of a large, energetic dog. And to support your control, their leash can be attached either to a back clip or to the ‘no pull’ front clip which also helps you to train your pet to walk alongside you. There is also a sturdy grab handle at the back of the next for extra control.

Available in a choice of four sizes and six colors, we think this is one of the best control harnesses for larger dogs which also steps it up for working dogs or pet/human combos who love the adventurous, outdoor life.

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Load-bearing adjustable metal buckles

Double Leash Clip D-ring

‘No pull’ front leash clip

Hook and loop strip panels

  • Brand: Icefang
  • Weight: 1.57 pounds


With over 23 colors and 7 sizes to choose from, the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is made to fit and flatter all canies, small dogs, medium pups and large breeds included.  The harness offers a great fit, easy wearability as well as functionality and style as it’s made of a  thick, yet breathable mesh material. Even better; it’s soft on the body, lightweight, and perfect for all seasons.

On the sides, two reflective strips light up the harness, keeping you and your the dog visible during early morning runs or late evening jogs. Furthermore, no-extra hassle is required to put this breathable harness on; small dogs and even cats simply need to step in, pull up and go. For extra-security on those times out, the harness comes equipped with a hook and loop fastener, buckle and double D-rings for no-pull control.

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Soft breathable air-mesh

Suitable for all seasons

Easy to wear

Reflective bands

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies, Inc.
  • Model: 207-BUB-M
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


The Puppia Dog Harness is a simple yet functional vest that keeps dogs happy comfortable, and of course, under control. It’s made of 100% polyester, that is not only soft on the hair and skin, but is also breathable and water-repelling. What’s more, the neck opening is padded to ensure ultimate comfort, and there’s an adjustable belt that ensures a convenient fit. 

For easy on-and off wearing, there are sturdy quick-release adjustable buckles that are made with top-quality materials to ensure durability and long term use in all weather conditions. Available in different colors and sizes, the Puppia harnesses are not only comfy and secure, they’re also some of the cutest models on the market.

Double-coated D-rings

High-quality air-mesh material

Synthetic plastic buckles

Great for pups and small dogs

  • Brand: Puppia
  • Model: PDCF-AC30-RD-M
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces


If you’re looking for the best harness for traveling, the  Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is a fantastic option. Specially designed to prevents dogs from making an easy escape out of the door or window during car rides, this harness not only protects dogs in cases of sudden stops, but also reduces distractability – crucial for safe driving.

Made of breathable Oxford fabric, with soft padding and wide supportive vest, the Pawaboo allows dogs adequate movement without being constricting or suffocating. It comes equipped with a seat belt lead clip that fits into the buckle as well as a D-ring. providing maximum safety. What’s better is the snug-fitting form that’s easy to slip on. Switch from using this in the car to using it during walks by easily detaching the safety seatbelt. 

Breathable Oxford fabric

Soft-padded chest plate

Stainless steel snap hook

Detachable seat belt clip

  • Brand: PAWABOO
  • Model: FBA_P7823-7407
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces


Looking for ultra-visible dog harnesses for those night walks? Check out  Noxgear LightHound Reflective Harness. This model features 360-degree fluorescence and visibility with multicolored LED fiber optics, making it ideal for late-night walks as your pup is guaranteed to be seen from every direction (1/4 mile visibility!). It has a rechargeable and long-lasting battery, with about 12 hours of reflective walking per charge.

The harness also goes on quickly and easily as it’s simple in design and adjustable, with both front and back attachment points. Importantly, it’s also durable and weatherproof, making it perfect for any season and all weather conditions.

360-degree illumination

Recharging, long-lasting battery

Adjustable, goes on easy

Quick-release buckles

  • Brand: noxgear
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Getting around shouldn’t be much of a headache anymore with this durable safety vest harness. It’s lightweight, breathable, and allows enough flexibility and mobility to keep those tails wagging. Made with premium quality breathable mesh material plus nickel plated hardware, the Sporn Non-Pulling Pet Harness is both comfortable on the skin and durable. As a bonus, it’s also weather-proof.

The back and chest area are adequately padded for enhanced comfort, allowing for optimum level of control without choking your pet. And thanks to its simple but functional design, this no-pull harness is also easy to put on and remove, even when you and your four-legged buddy are in a hurry.

Non-pull mesh, nickel-plated hardware

Provides adequate flexibility and mobility

Great for large and giant breeds

Weather-proof material  

  • Brand: Sporn
  • Model: ZW1210 18 17
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Best Dog Harness for Stress-Free Walking Buying Guide & FAQ

Because dog harnesses come in various styles and sizes, many pet parents have a hard time deciding which model to get. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide where we cover everything you need to know about harnesses, including how to find the right fit and style for your pooch.

pet harness

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Harness

Every dog owner should consider getting a dog halter for their pet even though getting the best harness type can be a bit challenging due to the varying breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs out there. In addition to the dog harness reviews above, the following pointers should be helpful for dog owners looking for reliable dog harness brands and vests.

  • The right fit

Your dog harness needs to fit your pup perfectly; else you’ll be left with a highly uncomfortable dog! If you have a small dog or a puppy, choose a comfortable small dog harness. Likewise, if you own a medium or large dog, choose a secure, no-pull harness in medium, large or extra-large size.  Be sure to measure your dog’s neck and chest before ordering a particular model.

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  • Secure connection

Just like the right fit factor, you should look out for harnesses for dogs that will keep your dog’s front leash to the harness via the secure attachment points. Note that there are two connecting harness types; the front-clip and back-clip. The front clip harnesses are more suitable for medium and smaller dogs, as well as puppies. The back-clip harnesses, on the other hand, are ideal for bigger and stronger breeds who tend to forcefully pull on the leash when excited.

  • Price

There’s no going around this – price is an important factor when shopping for pet products. And while it’s generally true that more expensive harnesses are more durable and secure, this is not always the case. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t despair – there are many inexpensive but reliable products out there. All you have to do is pay close attention to the construction materials as well as product reviews.

  • Padded for comfort 

A good harness should be padded on its interior side as this helps prevent skin irritations and fur loss. Extra padding is also important in case your dog decides to pull on its harness as this prevents any discomfort and feelings of tightness.

  • Durability

To ensure your dog chest harness lasts a good while, choose models made of durable materials, fabric and hardware included. You can also visit online stores to check reviews for best dog harnesses, then decide on the one other people have tested to be best. Additionally, you can ask your vet or friends who own dogs and use harnesses for suggestions.

  • Maintenance

Go for materials that can be easily kept in good condition, without too much stress on your end. Harnesses that are machine washable are the best bet. However, harnesses that require minor handwashing and drying could be considered as well.

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Why You Should Use a Dog Harness

  • To avoid injury or choking

In their excitement, dogs can jump around and injure themselves while on a leash. Your good intention to help your pet lose steam and play can quickly result in a visit to the vet. A harness will prevent choking and physical injury, as well as any kind of discomfort related to unsafe restraint.

  • To control your dog

Harnesses are especially beneficial for controlling big and powerful dogs because of their strength. You don’t want your dog overpowering you and getting away on your watch (or anyone else’s for that matter!). A harness will give you better control over the dog when playing or walking outdoors. This is especially the case if the dog in question is not properly trained to maintain good leash behavior. Also, some smaller dog breeds or puppies that are fragile and easily injured require a harness to prevent excess pressure on the neck, back and other delicate areas of the body.

  • To prevent tangling

A struggling dog can easily get tangled up with its leash and end up injured. Puppies, in particular, are prone to leash tangles and are the most vulnerable when it comes to leash injuries. A harness that is securely fitted around a dog, on the other hand, makes twisting and tangling impossible.

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  • For training purposes

A good harness can help you more easily train your dog.

  • For security purposes

While your pet can find it easy to twist and turn loose with a leash, a harness makes it harder for them to break free and run into the risk of being stolen or hit by a vehicle.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses

  • Roman harness

This is a non-restrictive harness design that is fashionable yet effective. It might take a while for you and your dog to get comfortable with the fittings, however, this is an ultra-comfortable and secure design that is worth the hassle.

  • No-pull harness

A no-pull harness is known for its four sturdy, adjustable straps that securely fit around the dog. Most of them come with reflective stitching or straps for visibility, and are made from durable materials and cushioned panels for comfort as well.

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  • Multipurpose harness

As the name implies, this type of harness works for different outdoor purposes, They’re usually both comfortable and secure with no pull-designs. Basically, a multi-purpose harness combines several beneficial features into one design.

Dog Harnesses Vs. Dog Collars: What’s The Difference?

A collar is put around the dog’s neck and attached to a leash while a harness is also attached to a leash but is more securely wrapped around the dog’s ribcage, underarms and back, thereby helping you maintain security and control of your dog. You may think your dog is properly trained and well-behaved on the leash, but just wait until they get super-excited about something –  either they will turn loose or get all tangled up!

How to Put On a Dog Harness

First things first: be sure you have the right harness size for your dog. Putting on a harness can be challenging if you’re doing it for the first time, so ensure you position the harness as instructed in the manual to avoid accidentally turning it upside down or backwards. After securing the harness as seen in the directions, ensure you adjust it, until it firmly, yet snugly, hugs your pup’s body.

Hint: most good harnesses come with straps that are supposed to cross your dog’s shoulders. These straps can be fastened at the center of a dog’s chest and behinf their front legs.

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harness for dogs

Best Dog Harness for Stress-Free Walking FAQ:

Q: Will a dog harness stop my pet pulling?

A: A dog harness may not completely stop your dog from pulling (this is something that needs to be taught), but it will keep them in control and steer them rightly and gently when they start to pull.

Q: Can I keep a dog harness on my pet all day?

A: Like collars, harnesses should be used for outdoor purposes only in order to prevent chafing or discomfort for your pet.

Q: How do I choose the correct harness size?

A: By measuring your dog with a measuring tape. Measure your dog’s ribcage and chest width to get the accurate size. You can also take your dog into the pet store and have the measurement and fitting done there.  An under-sized harness will be too tight and painful, while a loose harness will make it easy for your pet to easily wiggle out of the harness, so do make sure you properly measure your pup.

Q: Are dog harnesses machine-washable?

A: This depends on the type of material used in making the harness. Most nylon harnesses and collars can be washed in the washing machine, but harnesses made with leather or one-piece units with metal attachments should be hand-cleaned only.

dog in a harness

Our Best Pick

While all harnesses on our top list are good products, one of the absolute best – if not the best dog harness for walking – is Kurgo Dog. The model has an easy-fitting design, with the assurance of a practically universal fit. Its comfortable form and functional safety features make it a good choice for both smaller and bigger dogs. Adjustable straps equally ensure the harness fits snugly on the body, and isn’t overly tight or uncomfortable. All in all,  an affordable yet reliable harness made with pet-friendly materials that ensures utmost comfort – a must-have in our opinion!


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